Hello Everyone,

As Program Director of the Ancient Awakening Mentoring Program, I would like to invite any of you who would like to join me in the Mentoring Program. As we have been told, an expected number of new members will be joining the Ancient Awakening Group and many will require and want to be mentored.

Many potential mentors may need to be put on a waiting list until they are ready or needed to mentor others (this way we won’t necessarily have to turn anyone away); and this will give the Mentors more preparation for the newcomers they will mentor later.

There are some initial requirements for this program:

1. Become a member of Ancient Awakenings.

2. Attend at least 8 Sunday meetings.

3. Submit an application and begin being mentored by a member of the Mentoring Program (time to be determined by the Mentor).

Keep in mind what your role as a mentor will be – “A mentor is one who guides another by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his/her role is to be engaged, dependable, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the one who is receiving the mentoring.”

Thank you to all of you who will accept this task of Mentoring.

Love and Light!

Dr. Wanda