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Are you ready to answer the ‘light-warrior’ clarion call? While a ‘light-worker’ is an individual working on their individual ascension inner-work, a ‘light-warrior’ is a ‘light-worker’ who is ready to take action.

Distributing the updated messages of the ‘all-that-is’ as always been a priority. As the new and updated message continues to be downloaded through so many channelers and with the help of so many technologies, we are in need of a few ‘light-warrior’ volunteers to assist the mission:

Audio Engineer – Are you a person of routine?    Are you interested in the responsibility of being the one in charge of all of AA audio needs?    We are looking for you!    Please only volunteers that can connect every Sunday without fail.

Bloggers – Are you willing to post the weekly channelings on your facebook?   Please reach out so that we may add you to the list of bloggers.

Translators – We are actively seeking for a special soul to volunteer to translate weekly channeling to other languages on a weekly basis.

Please email us via the CONTACT link to discuss further.