“Giant Rock Commemorative” Pdf book (122 pages) by Orv

Where it all began! The complete story of the 1950’s Ufo Conventions out in Landers, California at the Giant Rock Airport, a couple miles past the “Integraton”. Robert Short wrote the text and supplied many of the photos for this book and was a participant there, back in the 1950’s. A very fascinating story with fantastic photos! A real piece of Ufo history! Please enjoy a few sample photos below. Click on Photo Cover to download this free pdf book.

“Ufos – Best Photos Ever” Vol 2 (240 pages) Updated 7/2019. This Pdf Ufo photo book ‘Vol II’ also gets updated every month or so (so check back occasionally). A few sample photos are below. Click on Book cover to download this free pdf book.

Multiple Civilizations are here helping and observing our Ascension progress, as the Ascension of the whole planet, with most everybody on it and with the physical Body, has never been done before, anywhere in all the multiverses. Many have ascended from other planets and other multiverses, but ‘Earth’ or ‘Terra Gaia’ is the final ‘graduation’ planet, stepping off point, for all ascending ‘Masters of Life’. In other words, until one ascends from this ‘graduation’ planet, one has not as yet, made it as a full fledged ‘Master of Life’. This is a very special planet to be on, especially in this ‘Now’ moment!

Archangel Michael’s Scout Ship makes appearance in the Mts above Payson, Az – Video by Orv

Archangel Michael’s “Bethlehem Star’s” Scout Ship filmed at “Ancient Awakenings” Spring Advance in the mountains above Payson, Arizona 4/11-15/2019 at the Christopher Creek “Elk Haven” Lodge. This Scout Ship was morphing incredible colors and shapes at a very fast rate, so I took the video and captured 116 ‘frame by frame’ jpgs on my computer to slow it down enough to actually see what was there. Then I cropped the photos to about the same size, then put the jpg captured photos through an animated Gif maker, set the speed and this is what you’re seeing!

From the Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree

Dearest one I Am Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree

And I greet you from the Aurora.

As we stand by ready to make appropriate contact with you.

For that is what awaits you now, is a more of open contact in where we will make ourselves known, to those of you who are ready and willing to meet us.

We know there are many of you that are eagerly awaiting our arrival, but know that this arrival will not be the physical landing of our ships, not yet anyway.

We will begin to make contact to you through your sleep state and as we flash by in you daily lives.

For we are here and we are all around you now, some of you even walk past us in the streets, fully unaware that you have just passed us by.

For we are here in great numbers now dear one.

Those of you, that are being prepared for this contact, will be the ones in charge of acclimating to our presence and then going forth and preparing others, in the similar way that, you yourself, have been prepared.

For all is to take shape now dear ones, the many announcements you have been waiting for are to be revealed, the truth is to be told now, all is in place at the ready for a grand reveal, a reveal that will shock many, but let those of you, the truth seekers, warriors of what is right, the light, the love, to let out that big sigh.

And so it will be for you all to step up to the plate and assist those in understanding these truths and you will finally be at ease.

Your mental well being will be fully put to ease as this will cause a release of all that you have been fighting for, it will no longer be a weight on your shoulders as everything will be made known.

So be ready now dear ones, be steadfast in the light and all will be an easy task for you all.

I am here in this now, this moment with you dear one to assist you in remembering why you are here and what it is you are to do.

For there is an energetic connection between you that has a purpose and that purpose is to assist in the creation of the etheric grids that are now being strengthened, wave after wave of Source energy, of galactic energy.

You are assisting in creating a web of light, many of you are the anchor points for your areas and once fully activated this web of light will be magnificent to see and see it you shall.

For it is time now, there is no more mucking around with the dark ones, they are to be dealt with and swiftly.

They have had their time now and it is to be final. Done, kaput as you say.

So, fret not about what is occurring in the outer world and just know that all is well and being taken care of with Divine Justice, justice for the Earth and her peoples.

Go now dear ones and anchor the focal points of light into your cities.

Begin to visually do this and we will be here to assist you with this work.

There is much to do, so be ready dear ones, the time is now.

I Am Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and I have been with you both for quite some time now.

Say hi next time you see me 👋🏼

Channelled by Zayn ….. @h
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Galactic Art Work By
David Rousseau
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