Message from Ashtar, St. Germain, Yeshi, Pleiadian & Arcturian Collectives, Mother & Father (5/4/19) via Galaxygirl

Greetings dear friends, I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation.I stand before you now on the bridge of the New Jerusalem with tears of joy streaming down my face. For such a momentum has been reached and we are witnessing explosions of light and love in new pockets that we have seen little light in previously. Things are definitely heating up and changing on your surface world, on precious Gaia, as she morphs and changes, resplendent in her beauty.     

Hello Friends, comrades arms, this is your St. Germaine here above and below. For many of us have many players in the game and we are all lending our mettle in our own way.  Friends, it is happening. The RV, the energy changes, the wave – all of it is happening. I know that you grow tired of these words but nonetheless it is very true, and you are witnessing the great changeover of the ages. You have prime seats to experience and to lend your light in the greatest show in the universe. Gaia is giving birth to herself, to a higher dimensional reality of herself and you all as co-creators are not only witnessing but participating, purposefully and intentionally lending your light, your frequency, your honing skills and your passion and joy. I am your St. Germaine. Be in joy. Be at peace. For all is well, my friends. You are bearing witness to these momentous, magnificent changes all the while as you morph continually with upgrade after upgrade, becoming the higher dimensional human that you were always meant to be. Many of you are having numerous ascension symptoms. Utilize my violet flame, my love, my light and make it your own. For it is. It is your right as a sovereign being to know and to wield the violet flame, in love, always in love, for it is a mighty weapon of justice, of truth, of purification. Use it well. I, St. Germaine, am signing off now as there are more who wish to speak. 

Hi-ho friends, this is your Yeshi! I know you. I love you. I am one of you! Together we carry the mantle of the Christ, of the Magdalenes.Together we ignite the Christed consciousness on Gaia, within the hearts of men and women. Today is a new day, a new dawn. Find this joy and bring it anew into your every day and you will carry the spark, the ember and it will burn a bit brighter every day. Your hope, your faith, your steadfastness is amazing to witness, friends.You are the inspiration of the Company of Heaven. You are doing what it takes to get the job done and you – we – we are all doing it together! Great will your joy and your reward be for a job well done, for a life well lived, for your sacrifices, your grit, your mettle are legendary. Have patience as these changes move through you, become you, remake you, remold you. You are literally morphing, becoming your super-hero self, emboldened by these new higher dimensional energies that are bathing you in liquid light, love and Christed awareness. Sure and true are these words, my friends. I am so excited to greet you all again with a hearty hug and handshakes. Pats on the back all around.This energy is glorious!Your love and how you are sharing it is stupendous! Share the light. Live with light, in light, be a living prayer, a living perfume of joy, uplifting the others. You have total control over your mood, over your responses to things. We see you all doing marvelously, greeting previous irritations with a lighter touch. Laughter is good for the soul! Imbibe in it. Be the life of the party. For you are life eternal. You are the light of the universe, the Christ bearers, the love givers, the way showers. And oh, I, we, the COH and I, am so proud of you. Not much longer, friends. Enjoy these higher vibe times and enjoy the show. Hold fast to me. Breathe in my essence now, my scarlet flame of passion and renewal. Peace.I am your Sananda, you may call me Yeshi, brother, friend, for I am! Be in joy!

Message from Sister Kathryn

I am Here to offer a couple of things: First;  In regard to minding our words in the MatrixI learned a technique from a former teacher. He mentioned that the tongue ( in the back of the throat ) vibrates very subtly and also that hearing is a big influence, too. So this practice can quell this vibration and calm the mind.  Like a second attention. Mindfulness.This technique that was prescribed is to place a stone, one that fits comfortably in the roof of the mouth in the indentation. Hold it there with the tongue against the roof of the mouth. (We used the jade donut shaped stones.)The exercise that accompanied this was to ask three questions before moving the stone to one side before speaking.The questions were: Is it true?   Is it kind?        Is it necessary?If so,  then the stone id moved to one side of the inside of the mouth.This is a practice that allows for pause before speaking.AND I speak from experience this works……Do remember to remove the stone befor eating.If one is prompted, with practice this can be applied for during sleep. 

I hope that this offering is clear, if not questions are freely received.
Next–  The discovery of a Cauliflower Pizza Crust is a perk in my creative cooking. There are 2 options- one vegan and the other not. It has egg in it.It’s a bit intensive and worth it.So here is the recipe for the Vegan crust:One chose feast cauliflower or frozen cauliflower rice, which is cauliflower that has been crumbled and frozen.1 1/2 pounds of Cauliflower rice (frozen or fresh)3 Tbsp Flax seeds1/2 cup almond flour or meal1/2 tsp salt1/2 tsp garlic power1/2 tsp dried oreganoINSTRUCTIONSpreheat oven  to 400*, line baking sheet with parchment paper of oil the pan wellFROZEN METHOD ( fastest): If using frozen method – the in the fridge the night before. Frozen cauliflower florets may be  used instead, ‘rice’ them briefly in a food processor, before the next step.FRESH METHOD:  Steam in a large pot with 1 inch of h2o, place in a steamer basket. Bring water to boil, once boiling, cover the pot and reduce heat to a simmer for10-15 minutes. ( or remove form heat with the lid on and allow to sit for 20 minutes or so) This allows the preparation of the toppings and to grate the cheese. <<OptionalCook till very tender.  Allow to cool. Drain once done and transfer to a food processor one the cauliflower has been squeezed of the excess liquid. ( Place cooked cauliflower into a clean thin dish towel or a nut milk bag. A clean white generous sized piece of the-shirt  is a good substitute. I used the dish towel and it ripped open. Using the hands to squeeze out the liquid. There will be quite a lot of liquid, close to a 1/2 cup.) Process briefly to large rice consistancy.Next- Place the drained cauliflower into large bowl, add the ground flax seeds or chia seeds, almond flour, salt, garlic & oregano . 

Stir and mix well, using the hands id need to get the mixture to stick together. Option- add a Tbsp of water if needed. By using hand the extra liquid may not be needed.Press dough on to pan using hands to shape to desired shape and size.The thinner and flatter in pressing the crust the better, making the crust as even as possible to get a sturdy result. This may yield a 12 – 14 in crust.Bake the crust for 45 minutes, checking on it after 30 minutes to avoid burning. (NOTE; this  crust can be delicate.) Touching it for dryness and the appeared of golden brown.TIP: while the crust is baking …place the choice of veggies toppings in the oven to roast in a separate pan. Looking on them after ’bout 15 minutes.Remove when tender yet partially cooked. Suggest from the recipe author:For the best texture, the recommendation is to flip the crust over and return to over for another 5-10 minutes, so the dry side is on the bottom making it easier to pick up the finished pizza with hands.

This is optional Enjoy !!! I will send the non vegan recipe out or the reader may search on line.

Muchas Gracias,


PS;  option freeze leftovers .

April.15 – A Historic “Super-Bowl” Showdown of The Light and The Dark

Victories of The Light

. 2019 – Paris cathedral Notre Dame catches fire, toppling its spire and destroying its roof and destroying the cabal empire symbol, for which it stood-for.

. 2019 – Continuous Cabal infiltraion attempts of elite Lightworker team fails, Mother Gaia gives birth to “The Golden Age of Gaia”.

. 2019 – The Cyrstaline-Grid is taken-over by The Light, causing the 3D Dark Matrix to be destroyed.

. 1991 – Maximum NY State unemployment benefits raised to $280 per week

. 1945 – US troops occupy concentration camp Colditz.

. 1945 – British Army liberates Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.

. 1861 – Federal army (75,000 volunteers) mobilized by US President Abraham Lincoln (US Civil War).

. 1817 – 1st American school for the deaf opens (Hartford, Connecticut).

. 1493 – Saint Germain incarnated as Columbus meets with the Spanish monarchs Isabella I and Ferdinand II in Barcelona.

Victories of The Dark Cabal

. 2019 – Measles cases jump 300% in first three months of 2019, according to World Health Organization, largest rise in Africa (700%) with 800 deaths in Madagascar.

. 2017 – Suicide car bomb targets buses carrying Syrian evacuees at Rashidin, 126 killed including 70 children.

. 2013 – Boston Marathon bombings: 3 people are killed and 183 injured after two explosions near the finish line.

. 2013 – 33 people are killed and 163 are injured in a wave of bombings across Iraq.

. 2012 – US Secret Service inappropriate conduct scandal begins with at least 11 people implicated.

. 2011 – “Black Friday” for online poker in the US: indicment United States v. Scheinberg shuts down sites, accussing companies of fraud and money laundering.

. 2009 – Even though official government sources state that Argentina’s GDP will actually grow this year, private consulting firms state that Argentine economy has actually been in recession since October 2008.

. 2002 – An Air China Boeing 767-200, flight CA129 crashes into a hillside during heavy rain and fog near Busan, South Korea, killing 128.

. 1997 – Fire sweeps through a campsite of Muslims making the Hajj pilgrimage; the official death toll is 343.

. 1989 – 96 crushed to death at Hillsborough Football Stadium, Sheffield England.

. 1988 – Meteorite explode above Indonesia.

. 1986 – The United States launches Operation El Dorado Canyon against Libya.

. 1986 – US air raids Libya, responding to La Belle disco, Berlin bombing.

. 1984 – Extremist Sikhs plunder 40 stations in Punjab India.

. 1979 – A disastrous earthquake (of M 7.1) on Montenegro coast.

. 1978 – 43 die as 2 express trains collide head-on south of Bologna, Italy.

. 1978 – Great Britain performs nuclear test

. 1974 – Military coup in Niger, president Diori Hamani deposed.

. 1970 – Libyan leader Gadaffi launches “Green Revolution”

. 1969 – North Korea shoots at US airplane above Japanese sea.

. 1962 – US national debt above $300,000,000,000

. 1955 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.

. 1952 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.

. 1952 Franklin National Bank issues 1st bank credit card

. 1948 – 1st Zionist-Arab military invasion battle (The Israel Greater Project), arabs defeated.

. 1921 – Black Friday in Britain: leaders of transport and rail unions announce a decision not to call for strike action in support of the miners; despite widespread feeling decision a breach of solidarity and a betrayal of the miners.

. 1912 – RMS Titanic sinks at 2:27 AM off Newfoundland as the band plays on, with the loss of between 1,490 and 1,635 people.

. 1892 – General Electric Company formed by merger of Thomas Edison’s General Electric Company with Thomson-Houston Electric Company, arranged by J. P. Morgan and incorporated in NY. Monopolizing technology that could had been made free to the entire world.

. 1870 – Last day US silver coins allow to circulate in Canada.

. 1865 – Abraham Lincoln dies 9 hours after he is shot attending the play “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theatre in Washington.

. 1793 – Bank of England issues first £5 note.

. 1715 – Pocotaligo Massacre triggers the start of the Yamasee War in colonial South Carolina.

. 1689 – French King Louis XIV declares war on Spain

. 1250 – Pope Innoncent III refuses Jews of Cordova, Spain, request to build a synagogue.

Ancient Awakenings Headline News 2-10-19 to 3-3-19

Here are the highlights of the Ancient Awakenings channeling from 2-10-19 to 3-3-19.

These were fabulous channelings where we were visited twice by Kara, who is a Pleiadian emmisary and a powerful Goddess of Light. Plus we were visited by Lord Melchizedek, who is a super high frequency being, as well as Lord Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light.

We also heard from our dear brother & Ascended Master One Who Serves, who answered our specific questions after the channelings.

In these channelings we learned that….
. Our Consciousness here on Earth is raising moment by moment.
. The Prime Directive has now given way to “Prime Interference.”
. We are each making a difference with every thought we have.
. We are the new Paradigm of this New world.
. There is a pecking order to the arrests that are starting to happen.

And much more…

Here is the webpage where you can access the full channelings.
Feel free to also visit the Ancient Awakenings homepage (listed in the Header.)

Here is the link to the song I mentioned “We’re Coming Out.”

And here is the Ancient Awakenings Meetup I mentioned in the video.

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