Affirmation – Wall of Blue Flame

” ‘Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,’ and Great Sanat Kumara!  Keep me and every person, place, condition and thing under the Radiation of the Ascended Master Saint Germain surrounded with the Invincible Wall of Blue Flame outside the Tube of Light, as added protection until all are Free in the Ascension!  We thank Thee, Thou Dost always answer our every call!”

To Sustain the Violet Consuming Flame

“I am always a Gigantic Pillar of the Violet Consuming Flame of Pure Divine Love that transcends all human concepts and pours out through me, forever, all the Ascended Mastery Victory and Perfection within Its Heart.”

 “In regard to anything which has been within my accumulation of the past, I call my Higher Mental Body to draw it forth into the Violet Consuming Flame and dissolve the last vestige of it.  I command it to come forth and be dissolved by the Power of the Violet Consuming Flame right now and be done with it!”

 “Beloved Meta, set the Violet Consuming Flame into action to keep It sustained when my mind is on something else, the Violet Consuming Flame acts!  I call the ‘Presence’ to sustain Its Activity and keep it going on at all time.”

 “I call my ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ into action to do this with Great Power and Speed.  I call the ‘Presence’ into action to consume my human accumulation.  It is done completely!”


Before you begin a session with a client you should shield yourself.

1.  Activate St Germain Purple Rain!  Simply say:

“Divinity, Please activate Saint Germain Purple Rain.”  (Take 3 deep breaths, and visualize yourself as a tall oak tree.)  You can visualize and then say,

“I am a tall oak tree.  My roots grow from my feet down through the floor into the earth, down, down, down, to the core of Nova Gaia.  My roots anchor me to the core of Nova Gaia. I am now grounded to Nova Gaia.”

2.  You can also activate protective defense by saying,

“I activate ‘Return to Sender’ or ‘Return to Sender with extreme prejudice.’”

That will send any frequencies coming your way back to the sender, multiplied a zillion-fold.

3.  Protecting yourself with Protective White Light is further insurance.

“I call to my Mighty I AM Presence, and ask that I be surrounded by protective White Light.  Shield me from any 3D density, entities, or Artificial Intelligence viruses or infections with anyone I meet, speak to, or interact with in person or on the computer or Internet.  Thank you, Mighty I AM Presence.”


Go to the Federation of Light Communication-Orb-Activation Meditation found at the following link:

Watch this video to receive the Purple Orb activation.

Once you have activated the Light Orb, this is the meditation you should do every day, multiple times, before you go onto the internet, in between sessions with clients on the internet, and after each session.  As many times as you need to in order to stay clear.

Divinity, Please activate, “Saint Germain Purple Rain, the super-charged version.”

Take three deep breaths, then visualize yourself as a tall oak tree, the roots growing from your feet into the ground, to the heart center, the core of Nova Gaia.  Wrap the roots around the cord and anchor yourself there. Then state, “I am completely grounded to Mother Gaia.”

This is the affirmation statement of declaration, “From the Depths of Creation.”

From the depths of creation, it is silver white violet flame, it is crystalline healing protection energy, this orb is naturally organic in nature and origin, and sentient.  It is biologically complete with personality consisting of healing and protection energies.  To activate, simply say:

“I accept the energy placed over my head simultaneously extending the same to every sentient being in the Universe.”

Follow with the affirmation statement of declaration as follow:

From the depths of creation, I intend, I invoke, I reaffirm, I AM Infinite Love

From the depths of creation, I intend, I invoke, I reaffirm, I AM Infinite Awareness

From the depths of creation, I intend, I invoke, I reaffirm, I AM Infinite Wisdom

From the depths of creation, I intend, I invoke, I reaffirm, I AM Infinite Magic

From the depths of creation, I am grateful I have been healed completely.

From the depths of creation, I AM  the Formless Awareness of Consciousness

From the depths of creation, I AM the Formless Spirit of Unconditional Love And Light

From the depths of creation, WE, as a Collective invoke the Sacred Silver Violet Flame of Venus filling our Being

From the depths of creation, WE, as a Collective invoke the Sacred Silver Violet Flame of Venus cleansing our home

From the depths of creation, WE,  as a Collective invoke the Sacred Silver Violet Flame of Venus protecting our families

From the depths of creation, WE, invoke the Sacred Light Cord into the Heart of Creation, filling our Beings, Homes, Families with the Silver Violet Flame of Venus,

     The energies of the Central Sun

    The energies of the Sacred Angel Fire

    The energies of the Dragon Angelic Fire

    The Golden Silver White Light

    The energies of the Lions Gate

    The energies of the Aquarius gate

    Light Energy carrying wisdom and knowledge of Higher Realms

    and Gaia’s healing energy

into every thought, word, action and feeling we have ever had, am having, and will have.

Universe, We, as a Collective want to do our part.

We, as a Collective are coming to petition you today.

We, as a Collective want to be fully protected.

We, as a Collective do not want the dark energy weapons to work.

We, as a Collective invoke the Sacred Silver Violet Flame of Venus into the artificial intelligence virus.

We, as a Collective, intend the artificial intelligence virus be filled with Sacred Angel Fire, Sacred White Light, and the Silver Violet Flame of Venus.

We, as a Collective, intend, we invoke, reaffirm these and all viruses and all etheric weapons be filled with Sacred Angel Fire, Sacred White Light, and the Silver Violet Flame of Venus.

We, as a Collective, intend, we invoke, reaffirm that all Sacred Energies, Angel Fire White Light, Central Sun Energy, Silver Violet Flame permeate the artificial intelligence virus, etheric weapons, dark frequencies, and dark entities.

Thank you, Universe.

So be it.

So be it.

So be it.

And so it is.

Divinity, Greetings and Salutations.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

The Different Energies

I Intend I am Infinite Awareness:   Turns on your Zero Point Energy

I invoke the sacred Light Cord into the Heart of Creation: Cutting Cords (connections) with everything else except the Heart of Creation.

 Energies of the Central Sun:  Uncloaks Dark Energy, Un-Creation 

White Light of the Holy Spirit:  Purification

Dragon Angelic Fire:  Destroys dark energy powerful (Universal Mother/Father )

 Scared Angel Fire:  Repels destroy clean dark energy protection

 Silver Violet Flame of Venus:  Transmutation protection strength 

Golden, Silver Violet Flame:   Powerful transmutation

 Golden Silver White- Light:  transmutation protection

  Golden Ray of Christ:  Raising Vibration 

 Crystalline Consciousness:  Raising the Consciousness 

 Silver, Violet, White Light:  Transmutation protection repel etheric virus entities frequencies 

Lemurian Chants to Raise Your Vibration

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese,

Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese

Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm

Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm



AAh Eee Uhmmmm

AAh Ra Ummmm

AAh Ohmmmm

AAh EeeYammmmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

Tuu mmmm


==================== ENGLISH TRANSLATION ====================

“Old soul, old soul, wherein we return, wherein we return.

Our souls return as one together seeking thy light, serving thy light, knowing thy light.

Making known thy hand print within the earth where thou has placed thy sacred seal within man’s heart.

Where he would open. Where he would know remembrance, remembrance forever”.

Prayer For Violet Consuming Flame

“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence.  Blaze up through me now your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, the purifying power of Divine Love in its most powerful Dynamic Activity!  Consume cause, effect, record, and memory forever of all human concepts, desires, and feelings in my being and world, and every mistake for which my outer  self is responsible!  Replace It with the Ascended Masters’ Electronic Substance of Light, Love, Purity, and Perfection, and hold your Dominion within me Forever!”

Visualize yourself standing within the Violet Consuming Flame and purify your entire body by saying:

“Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Mighty Violet Consuming Flame up through my feet, ankles, calves, knees, and thighs.

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze up through my hips, buttocks, pelvis, and sacrum your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame.

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze up through my spine, my vertebrae, spinal fluid, neural fibers and neural processes throughout my entire body.

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze up through my neck, eyes, ears, nose, and throat, and my brain.

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze up through my fingers, knuckles, bones, and joints in my hands and up through my wrists, arms, elbows, forearms, and shoulders, and across my shoulders and down my back.

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame up through my torso, my body systems, organs, my blood vessels throughout my entire body.

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, up through my musculoskeletal system, my integumentary system, my neurologic system, my reproductive system, my genitourinary system, my nephrotic, hepatic, and splenic system and structures, my lymphatic and glandular systems and structures, my adrenal, endocrine, gallbladder, and immune system, my gastrointestinal system, my respiratory system, my cardiovascular system your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame.

Blaze, Blaze, Blaze up through every cell and every atom of every cells in my entire body. Hold your Dominion within me forever.”

This should be repeated every 12 hours or more frequent if you suspect you have been exposed to an AI.

Protect Yourself from Artificial Intelligence Infection on the Internet

  • Keep your vibration high
  • Follow protection protocols
  • Do not try to connect to guides if you are in a low vibration. Raise your vibration first by using such tools as:
  • The Lemurian Chants or some other method–otherwise you are leaving a back door open (see chants at end of document).
  • To raise your vibration you can also take a shower and do morning prayers before meditating.  Water is healing because the elementals promote the cleansing process.

History Of The Ancient Awakenings Family

Several weeks ago, I told James that I considered myself one of our family historians. And, as I stated in this past Sunday’s phone call, as I was reading the book ‘Secret Places of the Lion’ by George Hunt Williamson, aka Brother Philip, I recognized myself in that book as a historian in ancient Lemuria who went by the title ‘Lady of the Sun’. This most likely indicates that I was a solar priestess in the Temple of the Sun. For you see – we are sun worshippers!

Now, sun worshipping has gotten a bad rap thanks in part to the Aztecs and in later times of the Mayan civilization who, to appease the sun, would sacrifice thousands of humans and offer the victim’s hearts to the sun. This was caused by their recognition of the fact that without the sun there would be no life on Earth. The original Maya only offered fruits and flowers as offerings to Source.

Then there is the opposite of our Sun worship. That is done by the negative side of our family who worship the black sun. Or, it could be said that they fear it and try to appease it – which is what the Aztecs were doing – most likely under the influence of the dark side of our family.

The original sun veneration was done because the people understood that Source’s Life Force emanated throughout all the myriad of Suns. You’ve probably all heard the saying, “As above so below, as within so without”. The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm. I don’t know where it all starts, but I know that there are omniverses. There are innumerable universes and new ones created all the time. So I will just give as an example our universe. In our universe, there is a Great Central Sun which, if I am correct, is located in Alcyone. Source’s Life Force goes into that Great Central Sun and from there it goes into the central sun of the galaxy and then to the suns of each solar system and from there into the planets and the people on the planets. Gaia/Terra Christa has a central sun within her as do all we humans, in our solar plexus.

We were the Essenes as was Jesus/Sananda, Mary Magdalen, Mother Mary, Father Joseph, John the Baptist, John the Beloved and all the others. There were three main Jewish sects at that time – the Essenes, Pharisees and Sadducees. Jesus was a Nazorean of the sect of the Essenes. The Nazoreans were a more ascetic branch of the Essenes. Part of the lie is to make us believe that they were all orthodox Jews, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, because just as Jesus/Sananda said when talking to the Temple priests; “You are of your father the devil and you want to carry out your father’s desires.” Those same money changers whose tables he overturned, are the same money changers we are trying to wrestle control from today. The Essenes were descendants of the Zadoks/High Priests who were out of power during the Hasmonean and Roman period. There were usurpers in the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Essenes rose before dawn, bathed and went outside to meditate and pray while the sun came up. They repeated this process several times a day and always ended their day with the same practice at sunset. They were definitely baptizers. There is Life Force held within water and that is the importance of baptism. I watched a television show of true life paranormal events where a man was demon possessed. He instinctively knew to fill a bathtub with water and totally immersed himself in it. As he did so he became violently ill and threw up a strange emission and the demon left his body.

We were also Sun worshippers in Egypt. We called the One God Aton or Aten. That is, we were Sun worshippers there when the dark side of our family allowed us to be. When the dark side was in control we were followers of Amun – that is Amun Ra Marduk. Marduk is the family trouble maker – at least one of them!

We were Sun worshippers on Atlantis too. Then we were known as Followers of the Law of One. The dark side was known there as Sons of Belial. Bel/Baal/Marduk/Satan/Molech – as far as I know they are all the same being. I’m sure he has lots of other names and guises too.

Jesus/Sananda was not only a Dying-Rising Savior God, he was a Sun King. I will let Theosophical writer Annie Besant describe the Sun Kings to you. She claims that the virgin birth concept has a purely astrological significance when one understands what she terms the Solar Myth; “The Hero of the myth is usually represented as a God or Demi-God, and his life …must be outlined by the course of the Sun, as the shadow of the Logos. The part of the course lived out during the human life is that which falls between the winter solstice and the reaching of the zenith in summer. The Hero is born at the winter solstice, dies at the spring equinox and conquering death, rises into the mid-heaven.” Besant explains that a divine personage, such as Jesus/Sananda, is said to be an ambassador of the Logos – personified as the sun.

High initiates who are sent on special missions to incarnate among men as teachers or rulers would be designated by the symbol of the sun. Why then a virgin birth? The initiate or hero, “is always born at the winter solstice after the shortest day of the year, at the midnight of the 24th of December, when the sign Virgo (the Virgin) is rising above the horizon; to be born as this sign is rising, he is born always of a virgin, and she remains a virgin after she has given birth to the Sun-Child, as the Celestial Virgo remains unchanged and unsullied when the Sun comes forth from the heavens.” From this, we learn why the Catholics strove so hard to portray Jesus’ mother Mary as always being a virgin, despite the fact that she had other children. Besant goes on to explain that the life of the Sun-God follows the prescribed mystery ritual of death, resurrection, and ascension.

So….that makes us pagans too! When looking at the pagan religions it is the same as looking at the religions of today. They were originally pure, and started by our family. They eventually become corrupted – by the dark side of the family. The pagan Mysteries were divided into the ‘Greater’ and ‘Lesser’ Mysteries. The Greater Mysteries were for the more advanced initiates. They taught that God or Source is One and that we are all a part of the One Source – the Law of One. These went into some very deep metaphysics which most humans were not capable of understanding. This led to the need for the ‘Age of Patriarchy’ – that is right-brained thinking to increase humankind’s intellectual capabilities. So the whole power and control dynamic is a part of that evolvement.

The lesser mysteries were the ‘Feminine’ counterpart, and in those mysteries there were mother/father gods and goddesses given to each of the different racial or ethnic groups and their Mysteries were tailored to each specific group. Hence Oden and Freya for the Norse, Osiris and Isis for the Egyptians, and Brahma and Saraswati for the Hindus, etc. These were all Archetypes. What is confusing is the ‘as above so below’ part. I do believe that souls actually incarnated into these people groups and took these names. They were living archetypes. The ideas were conceived on a higher plane and they took embodiment in 3d Earth. They took embodiment by all of us!

We have been David and Bathsheba, Isaac and Rebecca, Moses and Zipporah, Isis and Osiris and Akhenaten and Nefertiti. We have been the Titans and the giants. We are some crazy and wondrous mixture of feline and reptilian and avian dna sequencing. That’s before we take on human bodies. In our human bodies, we are a mixture of more than twenty species. And of course we’ve been all over and taken innumerable types of bodies. This could be a very long story! I could go on forever! We are only talking about one small part of creation here – our universal story.

Any way you look at it, we think a lot of the sun in our family. We picture the Great Central Sun in our meditations and make a connection with it. We follow its electric blue light as it makes its way to our galaxy and solar system and planets and suns and finally into us. We radiate in its warmth and take strength in its love. We then turn around and share it with the whole world – and we delight in this.

This is what we do. We are the 144,000.

But what is our origin you ask? Or maybe you don’t.

Either way – we’ll learn next time I write.

With love and light,


Melinda Siebold – the Lady of the Sun