15.05.02 – “You Are No Longer Going Through Ascension Syptoms But An Ascension Journey” – Saint Germain

St. Germain-Channeled by Dr. Sue Sammarco

(Note: this message was one of several given during our Prepare For Change Flagstaff, AZ Advance/retreat on May 2, 2015)

St. Germain
I am St. Germain! Greetings, Brothers and Sisters. It is such joy to have you here with me. And yes, I wanted to play a little bit and to share with you. I will be here through the weekend at different times and will even visit with each of you individually. As you move through the processes this weekend, I am one of those who is going to be with you, as well as Sananda, Lady Nada and others to help you on this journey and to give you the tools that you need. To be ready in these NOW times and to KNOW deeply that it is the right time, the time for things to move forward.

Each of you is sitting in the circle now, enjoying the sights and the sounds and scenery of this beautiful, beautiful world (the visualization meditation took all to Hollow Earth). And what we are going to do today is, as you are sitting in your light bodies take a moment now to feel how you feel in this representation that is truly you. It is the culmination of all of those experiences up to this moment, all of those experiences you are living, all the memories you have had, everyone you have loved, everything is right here in this moment.

This particular Merkaba that you have used to bring yourself to this place to experience this or for those who did not get into the Merkaba experience and are here simply with your Light Body and that is welcome too. There is no right and there is no wrong, it just is.

​So, as you are sitting in this space we are going to pull a little quickie on you. We are going to ask you to do something you do not normally do in these experiences but you ARE ready! See yourself in this moment sitting on the ground and then, see your bodies still seated on the chairs in the room, in the home, in Flagstaff. See your body and notice that there is a perfect cord that is connecting you together. It will be up to you how you envision this. Some people see this as a golden cord. Some people see it as a silver cord. You may not see any color at all. What we are asking you today is that you take a few moments to take this cord into your hands and examine it, knowing that it is connected to your body.

Remember the tube of golden white light in the room where you are meditating. Pull your body down, down, down through the tube that it might join you in this room and this place, might join you in the field, might join in laughter with us. And when you have your body before you on the ground upon which you sit, place that sitting, resting body in front of you.

The visualization that we invite you to take as REAL right now is that you ARE in Hollow Earth and you are in the midst of your Ascension. Mother Gaia is here to support us because she has already gone through the Ascension to the Fifth Dimension. And we are bringing you along as well.

​You may hear me speak of the Fifth where earlier you heard another one talk about the Fourth. You have already arrived upon the Fourth, my friends. You are operating from the Fourth Dimension and everything you take your scrutiny and jurisdiction is from the Fourth Dimension. You still have footholds in the Third because that is where the process is for the planet. Some of you have already ascended to the Fifth. We are not going to tell you who but some of you have already done that work and that is where you reside.

But the work that is done today is the blending of that Higher Self, that Soul Self, the Merkaba Body more thoroughly with the one that is in your physical body at this time. So we would ask you to turn around now and sit in, slide yourselves into that physical body. Keep your eyes closed for the moment for we do not want you to ruin the experience. So, keep your eyes closed and move into the physical body.

This physical body has been going through changes. If you were aware of them, you have noticed that these changes started in your childhood. You may not have been aware until 5, 3, 2, maybe 1 year ago. Maybe you did not really realize that something was going on until this moment in time. But your physical body has been going through changes. And yes, changes will continue even after the move into the next dimension starts to occur. And those who are your mentors from Hollow Earth or mentors from other planets, they will indeed take you and put your physical body through that last process.

We are going to give this process a new name. No longer will we call this, “Ascension Symptoms”. You are fully in the middle of the Ascension process. The second part will speed up much more quickly! This is your, “Ascension Journey”. Your “Ascension Journey” is going to have some bumps, and lumps and grinds along the way!
Sometimes, those who expect to have a lot of memories to come for healing, may not. Others who believe they will have an easy time of it because they have been busy evaluating themselves may not. This is a change in body structure, the physical structure that never has occurred before on this planet.

And yes, as people die, as I have over several lifetimes on this planet, there is a process that takes place. The ending, whether or not you are aware of it, always contains some fear, always contains some hesitation. Part of that is just the human experience.

But when you move into the next dimension or you move onto the grounds of heaven which is simply another place for people going through that process of death and awakening, healing and possible re-birth do that.

In the article that Susan shared, she talked about “little deaths” and these are ways to experience this “Ascension Journey” more easily. For as something occurs in the body, you bless it. If there are memories or feelings for anything that occurs in the physical body, take the time to notice them, heal, them and let go! Or analyze them in such a way to assist you in letting them go.

This is no longer the time to keep guilts or have guilty feelings deep inside. It is no longer time to have feelings that are holding you back in one area of your life or another. Perhaps you thought a long lost love was gone and yet, your heart kicks that memory up again. It is time to love, bless and release.

These times are great changes to the bodies. There have been so many around, watching, because none of us totally knew how you were going to take this experience and this experiment. This is also why we are paying such close attention to YOU at night and through all your multi-dimensional lives because there are energies that pop up from area to another that take you back. It may take you back to another lifetime where you have the opportunity to release things from previous, previous, previous lives.

We know that this has been asking a lot but this is a group that can experience this and help in the great experiment in figuring out what exactly needs to be done to support the physical body as these changes are occurring. How can we assist you with advice as to food, drinks or medications? How can we assist you with advice about relationships, present or past? How can we serve you who are at the front end of these things? For you will be the ones who are available and will be available to help others as this process moves more quickly forward. There are others in the 3D world who have no knowledge of any of this.

Those in the 3D world will need to have their bodies come up to being in the position to anchor their Light Bodies in, in a very short period of time. YOU have the ability to anchor your Light Bodies in right here and right now. And you KNOW that it is happening for you! And as this is happening in the 5th dimensional world, as it is happening with all of your friends around you, you will get to a place in the next few days where you will see that many of those aches and pains that may be bothering any in this room, we will tell you that they will be vanished.

Brother, my good friend, “How are you this evening?”

“Peace and blessings. I am delighted.”

“So, I will share with you. I giggled a little last night as others who were at the table in the rooms with all of you this weekend. May I share information about your lungs, about this which seems to be afflicting you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Okay. We do not want to give advice unless it is requested. We will tell you that in the three day time you will see a great relief in your breathing challenges. In part this was healed as of last night when the revelations were shared with you and the work the group did with you. This has been suffocating you. Even if you have not yet accepted the information on a mental level, your time is shifting. As you are moving toward the New you and your new experiences and your new service, your other parts are holding back and saying “Oh, no…what is this I have been holding on to?” This is your fear Brother. This is your fear. As these times have been coming faster and faster and faster, know that these lungs are clearing right now. Your Light Body brings in full health, full capacity, full energy and full strength.

As your eyes clear and you see your path, with each revelation you will notice that there is less and less in your lungs that is holding you back. Holding you back from your race, my friend.”

“I am grateful!”

We are glad to be of assistance. Call upon us! We will be back this weekend if the need is expressed.

If any of you wish to ask questions before I complete this process, please do. Let us use this time wisely for the energies continue to be high.

Question: May I ask about my health?

What would you like to know? Be more specific.

Question: I have a growth I discovered on my upper abdominal area but they didn’t see it on the scan I had. Is there anything to worry about?
How do YOU feel about this situation? I don’t think it is anything.
Good answer, friend, good answer. You have been experiencing a lot of worry and fear about your health for a while, have you not? YES! And have you not been seeing releases coming and changes in your physical body over the past numbers of weeks even? Absolutely!

So would you accept from me that this is a manifestation that actually has no reality in this body, in this 4th dimensional body. This is a time about releasing and letting go. So what is the message of this? What is the message of the place of this? What is the message of the feel of this? We would share that the message is that this is part of that which you let “eat you away a little bit”. Your stomach was upset by a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Your energy got poured into this area of your abdomen. We would say that there is nothing to worry about. Also with the affirmations that you have been doing add something to include, “I am full of health. I am full of vibration and vitality. And all of my body, organs and systems are working perfectly! Can you do that for us? Bless you!”

Question: I feel that I am ready to drop all of my medications. What would you say?

Well, we would say that is a personal, personal opportunity. We would suggest that you take this one at a time. Find the one that feels most correct not to take. We would also suggest that you take a look inside your “health” stores, your vitamin stores, your produce stores. Find substances that are herbal in nature. That are vegetarian. Look for those products that have similar qualities to the medications you are taking. Talk to the people who are the advisors there. In this way you can continue to support your body. Move slowly because this is a new feeling for you and we would not want you to drop everything immediately but wean yourself off. Does that make sense? Bless you.
Anybody have questions about their health, their bodies or any of the information about the necessity of going through the transformation at least in part before these events start to occur?

Question: I would like to know if my joint pain has anything to do with my eating habits, am I getting enough of the proper nutrition? Is this part of the crystalline body re-arrangement and DNA?

Well, we know that you are part of this group that has become aware of the coconut oil being given to this one’s (Susan’s) body. Have you tried that product?

Comment: Yes. We ran out for a couple of weeks.

This particular product for joint pains. Now the joint pains you are having is part of the change, part of the transcendence you are going through at this time. As far as we can see in your body, we do not see any particular challenges with your body. You are taking care of it very well. You are giving it a nice balance of exercise and rest. We watched you as moved around the room, around the tables and chairs when everyone else is sitting, you move your body. That is important to continue to do. Dancing. Walking. You do not have to “kill” yourself but do things that are pleasurable to you.

We see in the body that you may make more use of more dark greens. You do take these into your body at this time however, you could increase those a little bit more at this moment. Also, we know that Susan is taking three tablespoons of the coconut oil a day but she is filled with years and years of toxins and such which is the reason we encouraged her to follow this regimen. We leave this up to you but even one tablespoon of coconut oil a day would be good for you.

Question: Should I do the coconut oil where you put a spoon in your mouth and swish it for fifteen minutes?

That is a different process that is actually pulling toxins from your body. If you take the coconut oil orally you will have the proper types of fats and balance of fats to move into your system easily to support your bones and your joints in their healing process at this time.

Question: Also, does it heal the cavities in the mouth?

If you have cavities in your mouth that are very deep and you need care for those, take care of them. The coconut oil pulling will help to clean the mouth to prevent additional cavities if used regularly. If you already have conditions in your teeth that are causing you pain or discomfort, it is good to get these taken care of!

It is part of the “Ascension Journey”. Many people are having teeth pain and teeth problems where they have never had issues in this part of the body before. This is releasing of old beliefs, old pains and old sorrows that are entrenched in the roots of your mouth! Blessings to you.

You are a good one. You are coming up quickly. You will see that things are changing for you very quickly. You will have an experience coming up this week when the moon will be speaking to you in her very own way! And you will need to pay attention to her message. Thank you very much! Blessings to you.

I KNOW that I am not one known for being a prognosticator (Thanks, the James, for the word). I am not known for being a prognosticator but that is one of the reasons I really wanted to come forward today for those of us on other dimensions look for opportunities to grow and to stretch our experiences, our talents and to be able to bring a solid message to you because we are so excited about seeing you on
“our side of the veil”. We are looking forward to seeing you for the parties that are planned everywhere! We look forward to seeing you down here in Hollow Earth!
I thought this would be a good time to reach out and speak to you in individual ways and in ways that we have not done before. I don’t think you would have found me in readings or chapters or anything else. But this is a special group and we love you. Who else would have a question for me?

Question: I have a 7 month old grandbaby that suffers a lot from allergies. Is there anything I can do to help relieve him?

Well, he is one of these new children. He is one of the new children who is coming to the planet at this time. There are lots of different souls that fall into that category of new children. But again, you are so close to your own Ascension and these children are coming in to help with that. And the world is very scary and is a place that has very harsh vibrations, especially compared to that from which this one came forth.
What we would suggest is to control the environment as much as possible in terms of softness of clothes upon his skin, softness of and such. I am sure that is what his mother is doing. This baby is having a lot of rashes on its belly and groin area and buttocks. (Yes.) The use of cloth diapers without any type of detergents or perfumes in the. Keep him in as clean a situation as possible. See if the mother can find laundry detergent that is as pure as possible and does not have a lot of additives. You will probably be able to find these, let’s see, we traveled with Susan to a Sprouts the other day so we know that we had a fun time looking through there and seeing the products.

There are other stores we are sure too. You can see me juggling those boxes in the store, can you not? It was quite a fun time!

These are things that will be helpful. Also, healing oils, not just the commercial products, may be used after the times like baby’s bath time, with perhaps a calming almond oil on the areas that are irritated. She can use some of the other products during other times of the day. Do those sound like suggestions that can be helpful for your grandson and your daughter? Yes!

Basically what I feel from this child (a little giggle from St. Germain) is that this is a tough road already. Not what he expected. This dear one comes from a planet that is very far away. He is a new soul to this system. All of this is brand new for him and you will have many questions as to what to do with this one because he does not react in ways that others may react. All the children who are coming in at this time to parents who are enlightened and soon to be more so, we will see the products changing on your world. The products will be changing so that he will have exactly what he needs to have and for your daughter to have exactly what they need. Bless you.

Question: Can I ask a question for someone else who is not here? Absolutely. Our friend has a lot of physical issues going on and she keeps going to doctors and seems to be getting worse and worse. We have attempted to get her away from the medical model but it is not happening. She is not buying into the concept that these could be “Ascension Symptoms”. Can you shed any different light on this situation with her?

Seeing that you have asked this for another and not used the name, I will address some of these. There are some things we can share in the midst of the group and we will give Susan other things to share with you after.

This one is going through a variety of situations. Some of these have been moved forward by the transformation of the “Ascension Journey” that she is on. She believes herself to be very highly spiritual although a lot of this is being brought up from her past and from things she has experienced in her past for her to examine. And yet, when she does not take responsibility for these things, she is looking outside of herself to parties that are overwhelmed at this time in the medical profession with all of these people who have these very diverse symptoms.

This changeover to the crystalline body, with the changes in the DNA these are causing other things in the body that you are going to see and that cannot be explained by the medical profession. When numbers are off in the bloodwork, the first thing of course, is for the doctors to seek “what is wrong” with this person and the person to ask, “what is wrong with me?”. The person thinks that they are paying attention to the numbers and their life and what is going wrong?

She has had waves of things happen to her over the past few months that are tied to her “Ascension Journey”. This one has actually been in a quandary about whether or not she wants to stay. Whether or not she wants to complete this journey in this physical side because she has allowed these things to overwhelm her in so many ways. And with this, it will be up to her to make the decision. She is a mother, she is a single mother and that alone keeps her to this particular time and place.

However, as her body continues to bring up these “symptoms” or “Ascension Symptoms” as you have called them, the “Ascension Journey” as we have given you to take forward. She does not completely believe in this because she believes in the 3D world. She believes fully that the 3D effect is still in effect and guiding and moving people.

We know that she is a beloved one. The greatest thing she could do is to come into her own being. To join with her Light Body too in order to help the physical move through the changes as we are doing with you. We believe this is all we can share with you now. Again, we will give Susan things to share at a later time. Is that sufficient? (Yes)

Do you request information or have questions about your own experience (Speaking to James who had asked the previous question)? We are talking about the “Ascension Journey” here. That is the theme for the day, is it not? (No, not really)

We bless you and we bless you for all the work you are doing. We have very good times with the group, “One Who Serves” and I talk about you and Susan. We are looking forward to seeing the two of you come into the dance hall so that we can thank you and appreciate you for all the work you are doing to bring this information to this planet at this time. Know we thank you and we bless you and we just wanted to have a little bit of a good time. (Absolutely!)

So, does anyone else have a question about what they are going through or their family is going through at this time before we complete the ceremony?

Question: How can I help the groups at the different agencies I work for?

You are a light! Do you know that?
You are a light where you sit. You are a light in the places you serve people. The theme of the weekend is to be of service. To be present in the NOW. To help when a question is asked. To take the opportunity to speak truth and open the gates when it presents itself. That IS your job at this time.

You have your agencies. You have your work. You have your family. You have this and other groups you visit. All of these are just asking you to show up and be who you are!
Be the blessing in their lives and in the structure of each of these organizations.

There are so many changes coming soon that these will no longer be part of your concern. Then you can join them not doing the things you are supposed to do but because now they are things you WANT to do. You will have a bigger understanding on how thing should work and how it can work. As you reach out to those you have been in service to, they believe you. Does that make sense? Bless you.

Question: I have a question about the Ascension process. I have heard that we are to eat as clean as possible and have an internal cleansing, getting off pharmaceuticals or finding replacements, I was wondering if you subscribe to that idea? How important is that to the Ascension process for all concerned?

We are so glad that you asked that question! Let us first say that while we would love to see everyone go into a vegetarian diet and not have any more wines, medications or other acidities, it is not always a practical bit of advice to give to people. Each person has to come into this understanding themselves.

We do not know if Susan shared this with you but she was with friends two weeks ago and she decided to have a second marguerite and her body told her NO! all night long in a very unpleasant way. Even one marguerite is touchy for her at this point in time and with the development she has done within her own body.

Your body will tell you when foods or drinks should no longer be taken in as medications or as pleasures or as foods. People may find that they are no longer interested in perhaps, beef or pork. Some people are being drawn to the produce sections or the organic sections of grocery stores. They are attracted to foods that are found more locally so that the nutrients are more available.

Do we tell others what to do? Well, I, myself, have been known to be a little bit of a cavorting chap let us say and have enjoyed the food and beverages. You think of me as an “Ascended Master” but I have enjoyed life on this planet. I have enjoyed food, wine, women and all the wonderful things that are to be enjoyed.

So, the “Ascension Journey”, as people walk upon it further and further, you will be internally led as to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. It is great that those in this group can ask, “One Who Serves”, “Ashira”, or any of the Ascended Masters who serve about a particular stop you may have made in your process. You can ask when you experience this or experience that. Yes, as you move into the present moment you are in NOW, the fewer medications you have in your body, the fewer heavy foods that weigh you down will make this time easier. Clean inside. Adequate water. We have seen as much as a gallon a day of clean water. We have seen as little as eight glasses of water. It is your decision!

How comfortable are you? These changes are happening and they are happening more and more quickly to move you into the experience that you will be having over the next few months. Not only are you going to be weaning yourselves off of cash and monetary goods, with the changes that are taking place, you will also see yourself weaning yourself off foods. As the new technology comes in, the food that is made in the replicators that will taste amazingly wonderful, will have nothing of substance in them that will cause you harm or slow you down in any way for the “Ascension Journey” you are on.

Does that make sense and answer your question?

Comment and Question: It does very much and more directly, as we awaken more and more, is the search for a good diet and the other changes tied to our Ascension process?)

It can make it more difficult if a person or people do not change with what their body is guiding them do to. When one awakens and begins to perhaps watch movies, documentaries or read books about this sick planet and how the people have been controlled as they have been fed food with no nutritional value, have been fed pharmaceuticals and all of this which has no value to your bodies. People will spread out and find others who have just awakened and they start that journey that way. They will start to make smarter choices about what they put into their bodies.

Many will not realize until their mentors are with them that the medications that are being prepared by and fed to you by the pharmaceutical companies are not good for you in the long range. They leave you with a lifelong dependency on medications and sickness. And as the body begins to heal it begins to make better choices about the food it takes in. And perhaps, look to stores that you can support that has solid products and talk to the people there about what could be taken instead of what has been taken.

You are absolutely right on! And even when you are eating properly, you are going to have your “Ascension Journey”. You may have times when you cannot sleep for a day or two or your sleep may change to a staggered model. For someone such as yourself, staggered sleeping models could work well for you. We know that has not come yet for you at this time. In case something changes next week and you find yourself being awakened, remember, you have time to make up the sleep.

Sleep, dear ones, is not just a time when you are resting and laying down. It is a time where you are growing new cells. This group talks of sleep patterns. These are times you are visiting ships, visiting other lives, other dimensions, carrying out other duties. If you are not able to sleep deeply or long enough, then we need to assist you to help the body fall asleep more easily and succinctly. We are helping you to sleep deeply even if for short times so that you can accomplish what you came to do.

If you do not have enough time in other dimensions because of erratic sleep patterns it causes other anxieties for you in this body. Does that make sense?

Question: When you were answering the question about the baby, I have been reading about formulas that they are almost poison to them. I have read that the skin is breaking out it is expressing toxins.

We do not believe that this is the situation with the baby we spoke about earlier. However we would verify, indeed, that the products that come from the commercial outlets for baby milk are not for the best health of the baby. Many babies come into the three year old mark being obese already having been fed formulas and baby foods.
Mothers’ milk, if possible, is always the best. And these babies are now coming to aware parents who are seeking understanding as well. The fact that the grandmother here asked the question is a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about that. We agree that mothers’ milk is always the first best choice. And if the mother cannot nurse or has made other decisions, there are old fashioned baby formula recipes. Those recipes go back to the early 1900’s to the 1930’s when formulas came in more and more. Those products and mixtures can work in lieu of mama’s milk.

You would probably have to go back to find the information but one would look for homemade baby formulas to find opportunities out there. There are also some baby formulas out there through those alternative markets that are produced by companies that have more of an understanding of what needs to be in a formula and keep those products out that need to be out of baby formulas. Look for a product that is as pure as possible. This is another opportunity to search out!

Is that satisfactory? You are a feisty one, we like you. You always present questions that are grand and pertinent not only to you but generally to the whole group! We thank you for this night and look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Question: “I would like to know how to deal with a dear friend who has been on meds his whole life?”

We will share although we know this is a difficult answer to give because friends, lovers, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, all who are in the role of loving someone who is not able to help themselves or cannot help themselves or choose not to help themselves, we know this is a message for others in this room as well. You can do what you can do by loving the person. Whatever that person is or has done, it is not something you have a responsibility for.

This is someone, again, who has come into a world that is much, much rougher than he ever expected. His early training as a young child put him into a role with things he was not ready to experience as a young child. He was not given the time he needed to give him the support while he was growing. He was not allowed to be a child. He was expected to be something more, something more adult. Something more in line with what he was expected to be. Something more. That has been very difficult.

In response to this, it is indeed a shortage we see in the brain of some of these types of hormones that are in a physical body on this planet. However, we can see that in this physical body he has had challenges that have tried to bring his physical body into a congruent state that could be managed. He needs to see more opportunities that he can have happy times. Those need to be filling his cellular memories.

So where he is with his stages of depression, we see that there is sadness. He has the expression from that which he has been unable to manage what he expected to be able to manage in his life, what he expected to do in this life and now with the depression, he does not rule his body. He would benefit from exercise and long walks. Sharing with someone who can understand and still maintain a distance.

Those of you who have family members, children and others who are not walking the paths they have been shown think of the birds. Some fly out of the nests that their children might follow them. Some of those fall to the ground, do they not? Some find their way to fly back up. Many mothers and fathers fly off for their job is done.

So we say, love him but do not become his co-dependent caretaker. Point him in the direction nudge him. Do not walk with his hand to take him there. Does that make sense to you? (It was perfect. Yes.)
Not perfect but good! Bless you.

We came into here with a presence of levity for we did not want to make the topic of “Ascension Journey” so heavy. We know that Susan has had a hard week and we did not want to bring this information with that same level of challenge that she has experienced. We wanted to have some fun!

We want to give you the information you need to move forward. We want to help you heal your hearts. Heal your minds. We know that as you go through the healing of your body too, we are all going to experience this glorious existence!

We are thrilled to be a part of these times. To be a part of the first swell of those coming into this dimension and to help others throughout the worlds to help all, all into this new reality!
Does anyone else have a question for me, St. Germain, today?

Comment: St. Germain, I just wanted to tell you that I have had such great affection for you and I am so thankful to be a part of this group and your energy today!

Bless you! You have been a faithful warrior upon the path. We appreciate your energy. We appreciate your love and we know it will only get better for you! We are so excited. You and I will hug one another and talk about those things that are special to our hearts! Bless you.
One last question?

Question: Is there a chance I can get a Third Eye from an extra parts store?

I love the levity. Thank you for asking this in a way that can be fun!
I don’t think you have lost your Third Eye, my friend. I don’t see any lying around. They are usually part of a whole being.

You are a very logical, rational being. That is the reason you have been drawn to religions in this life because they are very formal and rational. Is that not so? If you can read it, you can stand by it, you can look it up, you would pray by it and you would KNOW that was what you were doing. But you got to this group and it shook your world! It has blown your socks off, hasn’t it young man?

What we would share is as your dreams have continued to grow and give you insight and have you have come across these people who talk about the New World and new energy, are leading to you too letting go of your own personal veil from that Third Eye area.

This has been hard for many people. Especially those such as you who are very, very strong mentally. Very strong with logic. And none of this makes sense. This is all a silly experiment on this planet. Your Third Eye being blocked off until this time has suited you well. You have joined this particular group for many, many months now and you do not think of these people as crazy people, do you? And you have grown closer to your family because of this, have you not?

What you are creating is coming through your Third Eye and the Pineal Gland area. These are things you have called forth through YOUR imagination! As you have changed, the world has changed with you! And as you continue to change with the process that started last night, you will continue to see your world grow and expand and see and talk to the Masters yourself because that is WHO YOU ARE!

As each and every person in this room is! This is WHO you are. You are CREATOR beings. You are being prepared to create in an instant! So take the time to congratulate yourself on your wins. Every night write down on your pad of paper or in your electrical instruments, Sir, write down something great that happened that day that YOU called forth. And as you see this increase more and more and more, you will no longer have to ask about your Third Eye! It will be wide open and you will know it!
Does that make sense?

Question: This memory loss that I am experiencing, is it part of the “Ascension Journey”?

Yes. Each person will experience bouts of memory loss. Can’t find those keys. Can’t figure out what you want for dinner. These may pass you entirely. You may think you are too busy or too tired. But yes, this is part of the process. Don’t look for reasons to run to doctors. Share that with friends. Don’t find reasons to run to medical doctors because they are well-rooted in wanting to help but they are operating from the 3 D.
This is part of the process and you will see it pass! If you see that you have not had adequate rest, take a nap! It will help fire up the synapsis in your brain. Susan has shared this before, you are straddling at least two worlds, two dimensions and that is a lot of work in itself.

I know how I can explain this! When families are divorced and part of the time the children are with one parent and the other part of the week they are with the other parent. There are times when the homework is left at one house and forgotten to take to school. Maybe it is important books or the perfect outfit. That is kind of what you have now.

Part of you is moving and traveling through dimensions and there are times you lose, I heard someone earlier say, “You lose your marbles.” You are staying in one dimension or another and sleeping is one of those bridges. You need the connective neurons to shoot and call you back. You can talk to your brain and say, “Thank you for the message. I appreciate you. I need to know where my keys are?”

So, let us come back to our bodies in this beautiful, beautiful field or meadow. See the wide open area, trees, flowers and blue sky. Each of you is in your body here in Hollow Earth. Your Light Body, your Merkaba Body has joined with you perfectly. Everything is exactly where it is supposed to be.

See me in the middle of your circle. See my light that comes as golden white with purple, lavender, violet, however you see it, this violet light with gold streams flowing to each of you from the center of the circle. As you perceive me with this light, see as I send it to YOU and you feel it move over you, around you and through you. It moves back to me and up again. Breathe in deeply of this light and fill all corners of your being with it. Bring my light if transmutation into your bodies. As you exhale, see the light leave through your feet and back to me again.

Do this again. Breathe in deeply. Feel my light of transmutation fill you and see it as it moves up and over you, around you, through you and back to me again. Feel as this transmuting light moves and harmonizes your physical body and your Light Body into one harmonious body. Your Light Body is in perfection and now as it rests in your physical body, you feel that both fit together easily and effortlessly.

Any parts of the “Ascension Journey” will be easier from here on it because you have come to me in faith and allowed the transmutation to take place. It is SO!
So, feel this in all the parts of all of your bodies.

As you go forth this day, you will feel more aligned, more in tune, more aware. When you believe you will see it. Part of the conversation today was for you to know me, believe me, hear me, see it.

We are going to take our leave now. Mother Gaia joins us as she has been here to assist as well. Know in reality that your bodies have been adjusted, you have received downloads, you have received more information and we have created more space to come into your bodies. This will allow you to move forward in the days ahead without the same types of pains, thoughts or concerns, anything that might hold you back and not be fully present when the time is come!

We ask you to stand up and embrace yourself and thank yourself for this opportunity for healing, for balancing and for preparation for this new day and this NEW WORLD. Let it be so!

​​Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

15.05.03 – Time for you to awaken and be called into the commission for your new jobs and your new tasks – Lord Buddha, Lord Lanto, OWS

Lord Buddha, Lord Lanto, and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our Advance/retreat in Flagstaff, AZ on May 3, 2015)

 “Lord Buddha”                                                                                                                                                     

These are indeed times, times that those of you who experienced our travel, the journey you were on. Time for you to awaken and be called into the commission for your new jobs and your new tasks. Of course, I am one of those who has been with you this weekend. I have many new important jobs that I am taking on for this new millennium and many new things that I will be doing. But you are amongst the most blessed of the groups that we are working with in human form for you have been chosen. And you walked forward and stepped forward into the opportunity to serve. Many times you think you are only serving yourselves or your family but part of the opportunity to serve even more greatly is asking for that, is letting us know that this, indeed, is still the course that you choose to be upon. There is no delight in seeing people labor over something they do not choose to labor on or want to labor on. There is enough sadness in the world than to have those such as you called Lightworkers in those same places. And we know that it has been hard and at times difficult. We’ve seen that in people within your own group as well as others, those of you who are here and those of you who are still keeping the course. These are the times that you have been waiting for and as you have said these are the ones you have been waiting for. Who knew it would be you?

And so I invite you my dearest ones, let go of all old fears, angers turning to a state of forgiveness. This will release you and help you to release others in such a way that it catapults you forward. My message again to you brothers and sisters: this is been a long road, it’s been millennia to your knowledge and understanding. You have been patient, you have been kind, you are learning what it takes to take care of others first. You have stood fast, you have moved against the wind when they were there to push you down. You taking care of those things which have come within your own homes and your own beings and plucked them from your eyes and cast them down. The basis of who you are in terms of being ready for the Ascension journey as brother St. Germain talked about yesterday is the freedom, the lightness. Do not have concerns about “will your money be in the bank until you can get it processed”. These are no longer concerns for you. That worry about whether or not you’re going to be able to get time off in October to take care of another Advance or another pressing matter will no longer be on your plate to be concerned about.

All of these things I am trying to share in order to help you know that as you move through this Ascension journey process that you are indeed taking this one step at a time, one day at a time; it has been sped up even though it may not be visible to your eyes, time on this planet has been sped up. You may have felt at times during your days like you’ve already done this before. What happened to breakfast, what happened to other things you bring for snacks; they are no longer finding ways into your hearts, no longer finding ways into your stomachs. Everything is in the midst of change right now. And what you have been called this weekend to do, before you stepped foot into this life path, is to come as leaders, as teachers, as wise counsel. Each of you has a blessed role to play within this new world, each of you has roles to play. And as you see people who come into your world and your existence that look so familiar but you cannot place them because these are ones that you have been with previously in other worlds and other lifetimes. And you produce these amazing, amazing miracles for people to see. And in this life, at times, it has been a little less exciting, for some of you have had an exciting life, some of you came in to say “okay, let’s get this up and running, I’ve got things to do and get out of here”. Others have said “no let me help who I can help move along and I can change their minds that are fixed on things that do not assist them or the world”.  There are so many different ways that you can serve.

We know though that when you continue to look within the deep interests at the time, be it day or night, that you are not in a place of being able to move them away, the rest of the people away, but you know the time no longer exists. And you have been putting that into practice pretty well this weekend, we think. So we are going to bring this to an end for a moment for our brother Lord Lanto is here to visit with you for a small, small time.

“Lord Lanto”

Hello I am Lord Lanto. Last time I visited this group was only to be seen by those who had eyes to see and then I was peering into your Advance from my 20 foot or so standpoint, knocking Susan on the head, I believe, because she called over to those in the group at the time and said “who is Lord Lanto?” You required quick research on your calculators. I was known as the teacher of wisdom in my time and those who I have served have said, “please come to me for I do not understand how can 2+2 = 4” as we saw earlier yesterday in the gentlemen’s presentation for sometimes even that cannot be true in those times that traverse different realities and confuses you.

These are the days that you have been waiting for and I want to introduce you to my voice and to my vibration because I am coming to your processes, to your weekend journeys where the channelings take place. I will be out there in approximately 2 to 3 weeks. I will be with you in person to discuss your next steps for those that come to be drawn to and experiencing that which is magnificent journey upon the way at this moment in time. You are now in the place that you have the highest concern about those who come before you and those that come after you. You have a highly creative sense of concern about how to take care of teachers, how to be teachers and how to care for teachers. I do not mean teachers in classrooms, but teaching in every step along the way of your day. You are a magnificent group channeling beautiful stories from this side yes but giving us the opportunity to see your lights filling the rooms, feeling your wisdom, feeling all of those things that you were chosen for. We congratulate you. So at this time I’m going to bring back that one known as the Lord Buddha and I will see you all weekend but we shall not visit again now until the weeks to come when we visit you again in person.

“Lord Buddha”  (This Visualization Meditation was to the Wesak Festival in Tibet)

This is Lord Buddha again. We are going to take you back into your room where your bodies are sitting again. Come back with the sensations of this place that you see yourself in now. Come back with the climate, come back with the feel of the air, come back with the smell, come back with the excitement and yet the control. For those ones you see now show the happiness within mostly themselves. All of this is part of a wonderful weekend. So let us in your mind’s eye now see that golden white tunnel come back down and we walk out to the tunnel. We get in one by one coming back into this time and place. And as you step out the tunnels each of you move to your appropriate place and step in easily from the back or the front. Get into your body and shake your body and know that everything is coming into the right place at the right time. And you bring back messages and understandings that you have right here and now. So we will give you a moment dear James and allow those who are with you to come in today. So let us all share in a number of “oms” until we feel the time is right and we are ready to visit again. And then I shall come to answer questions with Ashira and also with One Who Serves.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings this is One Who Serves here with you again and Grand Lord Buddha is standing by as well as Ashira and we are here to entertain, and we literally mean to entertain, questions for you. Anything here you wish to ask of any of us here or all of us?

Question: Would you be kind enough to join us to call on our galactic friends to see if we might be able to have some connection?

(Ashira):  I’ll take this, this is Ashira. It is our plan to have an invocation and to invite everyone to your party. The invitation hardly has to go out, dear one, because this has been planned for a long time so bring your cameras, bring your different devices. And after you finish your event this evening take steps out into the front or the back yards and step into a belief system that they are there for you to greet you and see what happens. (Thank you).  Any more to add, One Who Serves?

(One Who Serves):  We recall we told you yesterday that there would be a commotion, do you remember this? (Yes, yes). This is one of the things that we were speaking of here, commotion to speak about for some time after. And we told you to get ready, remember? (Yes). See what happens. Other questions here now? You have the grand Lord Buddha to assist here – do not leave him hanging. We joke, of course, if there are no questions that is okay too.

Question: I just would like to recognize Lord Buddha and give him my gratitude. He has been my master for a long time and I really appreciate that he’s here with us. Thank you very much

(Lord Buddha): Dear one, we are so glad that we could be here on this day and that we are able to share with you in this way. The opportunities, of course, to actually sit with those that are called Ascended Masters or archangels even, and of course the Johnny-come-lately’s, the Galactics, those are all who have been in contact with each of you for such a long time but because of limitations of your own religious beliefs and other beliefs, it is not always been possible to have the conversations that we are allowed to have with you now. We are so glad, in particular, to share with you this day, person-to-person, one to one. And we look forward to the day that we can embrace in truth and in power and I acknowledge you for the paths that you have taken in this life. Namaste.

(One Who Serves): Would there be other questions here?

Question: Namaste. Peace and blessings please accept my humble oblations’ would like to understand why there were so many different religions given, different paths.  From my perspective it seems like a lot of trouble has been a result of so many options. I wanted to understand what is the reason for this and I also would like to understand if in the future we will have a similar pattern. Will there be different paths customized for culture or geography or will there be just one homogeneous message and path going forward? Thank you very much.

(One Who Serves):  We would like to address this first if we could. The idea of so many different religions comes from your idea, or rather the grand edict, of there being freedom of choice. And freedom of choice can lead to many different, various choices that come up. And some of these choices have evolved to bring about different ideas and concepts and ideals to allow for a continuance of that exact freedom of choice idea. Because of this, the various ways of looking at the world and looking at the source figure, the God, in many different aspects has brought about these different changes and individualities to come out here. And when the religions are formed they bring people together into those particular patterns that are available where they resonate to. Just as you come to this group and you resonate to what would be considered more ancient wisdom. You are not in a church, you are not in a certain religion, but yet you congregate together and you come to, what you think of as, learn the truth and to understand the truth and to be responsible for revealing the truth.  You see? Now to the second part of your question, the idea of all of the religions coming together to form one is not exactly correct but there will be the breakdown, you might say, of all of the differences, all of the things that separate one another. So as mankind comes together more and more toward a community in the oneness there will be a discontinuance of anything that creates separation. And religion, up to this point, has created a great separation among the human kind here, you see? Does this answer your question for our part? We would ask Buddha and Ashira to add to this if they wish.

(Ashira): I am Ashira and I would be pleased to step into this discussion as well. Religions have developed on this planet for thousands of years. There were times where peoples would honor, pray to, involve in their lives many, many different gods and goddesses. There was not one, there were many. Now that was prevalent throughout the many of the various religions and at that time of development the religions were more to help people have some sense of security in a very scary world. And so they may have had many gods or goddesses that were in charge of things that could be frightening, such as Earth changes, lightning, son, darkness in seasons, all of those things. And as then people moved forward and began to form more in the way of kingdoms in power, it was then that the churches were part of that which each of those kingdoms took into new colonies, new states.

And those people that at that time did not hold tightly to one religion or another. In this the time I speak of they were taken over by a new power and they assumed a new religion which gave them parameters for behavior, frameworks for their behavior, rules and directions for their sacrifices to ensure more success and to have good health, and all of those things in one life. And when you read in the history books of all of these, they were very bloody times in man’s histories. And then you move forward again and you look at those revealed religions, those religions that are considered monotheistic religions, and they too, each of them spread in different ways, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and became more and more vehicles of control. Vehicles of control and power outside even the monarchies, the Kings, the Lords of whosoever’s estates were in power at the time. And so you have very, very recent times now that you have fewer, in one’s mind, fewer religions but still all of the parameters of control. There are those who would point and say that “religions help to spread good in the world and support good”. There are those whose belief systems say “no, religions have been behind more heinous crimes and death than wars have for other things”.

We know you to be a man of great thinking power and I know that you will read these notes when they are transcribed and sent back to you so that you can look for the wisdom of One Who Serves, for the history, perhaps, that which I give you. And look at those with a balance to develop your own mindset about what the worth and value of religions have been and where are we going. Where are you going? We are going to unity, you are going to oneness, you are going to learn about how life should have worked; I don’t like the word “should” but how the way life should have worked for many, many thousands of years on this planet. You will return to that oneness, understanding, the oneness of understanding how to operate in that type of community, how to pray, how to worship, how to love and how to love all beings ever more grand than just the red, yellow, black and white upon this planet. And it shall be great for each of you to have this experience to spread your understanding and your spirituality further and further out into the galaxies. I feel this is an answer that will be complete for you; what do you think? (I am grateful, I thank you). Yes, you are welcome. Blessings.

(One Who Serves): We would like to add one thing to this and that is the idea that we have called you many times, the Wayshowers. And you are the Wayshowers now moving up to the time of the Event and all of this, but you will continue to be the Wayshowers after that. So you will lead mankind, you and all of the other awakened ones, will lead mankind into the new Golden Age, okay? (Okay, thank you.) Any other questions here?

Question: I have a question for Lord Buddha about going beyond the mind. What does that mean, going beyond the mind?

(Lord Buddha): Hello it is good to be with you. Go beyond the mind – what if we changed that word to love? Go beyond love. Mind is the construct that keeps people imprisoned in this 3-D planet. Go beyond the mind, go beyond thinking, go beyond conscious planning in ways other than that what you have been taught over these past few years here. We realize you have been here only a few months really so that’s a correction. Go beyond mind means to move into that realm of spirit in faith. You move into that realm where belief, where believing is seeing. Go beyond mind changed, go beyond love; love which you exhibit to those of your family, your children, your children to come. Go beyond the love that you have for others in your community and in those you help around the world and in the ways that you help them. Go beyond this and use that power for love to be projected into the new Golden Age for your energy used in that way is well spent for it is creating right now that world which you are moving into. Does that explain “go beyond mind” and moving into going beyond love?  (Yes, thank you). Would there be more, sir?  (No I am good thank you). Very good, bless you.

Question: One Who Serves, I have another question for you about the infinite realities that can exist in one moment. I cannot comprehend infinite realities that can exist at the same time in one reality that there might have been three, four, five already happened. This is something I read in a channeling and I want to understand why the focus and attention to this one reality when there are so many.

(One Who Serves): Yes. It is interesting first of all the first question that you asked and the appropriateness of this question in terms of what you are doing here this weekend and what you are going to work on achieving tonight here in the experience that we have planned for you. So very good that you had asked that question as you will experience it to a lesser or greater degree tonight, okay? Now as to the second part here, there are infinite applications, you might say, of an individual in terms of multiple personalities, in terms of multiple existences at one time. And all of these though are what are considered “in the now” because when you get right down to it, that is all there is. There is only the now, there is only the present moment. And even though the present moment might include or incorporate all past, all present and all future, as well as all of the multiple lives that are going on, it is still the present moment now and to completely understand at your three-dimensional consciousness level is very quite difficult.

If you were to understand this then you would be the Einstein, you would be the Tesla, you see? To understand the secrets of the universe, to go beyond the mind here and go into the higher levels of mind that are incorporated in some here, but not most. Now, when you have experienced the transition here, the Ascension process or the Ascension journey as we are saying the Ascension journey process, you will come to more fully understand that there are multiples in one at a time, you see? We know we cannot completely answer this for you because it is a very difficult concept for the 3-D mind to understand but a very simple one for the higher level vibratory consciousness to understand, you see? Does this make sense to you? (Yes a little bit but from a 3-D standpoint I cannot understand this yet). Yes you are not necessarily meant to understand this at this time. We don’t even understand this at times. Anything you wish to add to this Lord Buddha or Ashira?

(Lord Buddha or Ashira): No we believe you have answered this adequately at this time for this gentlemen we have nothing else to add.

(One Who Serves): Wonderful now we had a question earlier from our dear sister that wanted to ask her question. (No that’s okay I changed my mind). Okay she has changed her mind that is certainly her prerogative is it not? (Yes it is). Anything further here? Then we will end this session. We just wish to say here thank you so much to the one, our dear sister the Barbara here, for doing what she has done here in this day to introduce certain concepts here that bring about a more scientific understanding to all of these crazy concepts we have been giving you. (Laughter). And to take this and begin to run with it – it is very important and we know that the 3-D conscious mind is always wanting to know how, why, when and all of these things and to put it all together into a more concrete whole. Lord knows this one that we speak through always wants that. He is very inquisitive and wants it all to be put into a cohesiveness but as you know that is not always possible. But please understand that as you continue on in this weekend and again understand that it has been planed for a very, very long time and you, yourselves, were chosen yes but you had chosen to be chosen quite some time ago for this. And more will be given on this this evening as to your direct connection with all of this and how you are going to proceed forward from here. So we will release channel. Is there going to be anything from Ashira?

(Ashira): Yes I would like to say a farewell as well.

(One Who Serves): Then we would say Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Lord Buddha has left the premises, he has gone back to his festivities and the work he is doing with the Wesak Festival. We kept this hidden from Susan as it gives her opportunities to move on faith as well when she does not know what is to come. Especially for events as large as this it is good for her to have time to build her own faith as well. Know that the conversations that you have in between the events that we planned for you are as important as many of the messages that you are given. These are the times when you bind with one another in a way that is going to assist you as things continue to unfold more and more rapidly. You will have people to touch base with and we expect that you will have meetings more often than just once a week on a Sunday for in the times coming there will not be jobs to worry about for those who have those responsibilities. And know that as these things continue to unfold, other opportunities will be handled as well.

Many here are serving on committees, many of you are working in different ways behind the back rooms and that is where you feel your sense of security and your sense of faith at the moment. These are all times which you have been, each, eagerly working toward and we know that there are those here that think, “oh I just come to a Sunday meeting once a week, I don’t know what I’m doing.” But when your alarm clock wakes again into truly awakening you to your true self and shows you who you truly are then you will be ready to stand in the forefront as well. No sense in worrying about these things at these times, my friends. All of this is quickly coming upon you so take the quiet times and those private conversations in those group conversations as seriously as you take the information from these events that we have planned. For we are with you at all times, all of us, and we lead the conversations to assist you in greater understanding and applications of the truth.

Lady Nada will be with you this evening along with her beloved Sananda. It will be a wonderful event and messages with the James and with the Susan. We give you thanks for all that you have brought, all that you have done, all you are, who you are right here and right now.

Peace and blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

15.05.03 – “The Tables Are Being Set and Places At Those Tables” – Sananda

Sananda and One Who Serves (#1 and 2) channeled by James McConnell

Lady Nada and Ashira channeled by Dr Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given during our Advance in Flagstaff, AZ on May 3, 2015)


This is Sananda and my beloved Lady Nada at my side and it is always wonderful to be with you our brothers and sisters. It is also wonderful to be with you at this time and moment in this weekend that you are finding yourselves. In this time together, in this camaraderie together that you have shown for you all get along. Now can you imagine a world where all are getting along as you are? Can you imagine an entire planet with no boundaries, no separation of any kind where no one is wanting for water, for food, for shelter, for love…certainly for love?  Where everything is at anyone’s disposal in any given moment; where you can simply think a desire and it appears before you? Now is this going to be immediately after the Event? No there will be a need for, what you would call training, mentoring, so that you can get your wings you might say. Yes even some of you will have wings when the time comes.

Much is being prepared, prepared for the changes that are coming, prepared for you to be part of those changes. Places are being set, tables are being set, places are being set at those tables. And at those tables that we have spoken of, when the time is right, you will be invited to sit at those tables. There will be a need for many councils across the planet, a need for liaison between ships, between civilizations. If you wish you will be able to, as the Star Trek saying goes “boldly go”. That will be your choice. There will be those who will wish to find themselves on ships, there will be those who journey into inner earth or hollow earth, there will be those who will completely leave the galaxy and go to their home systems. All of this is in readiness but first before all of this comes, there is work.

We understand for many that is what you call a “four letter word”. We know the James is thinking that at this very moment, but understand that work does not have to be difficult – you do not have to toil at your work. It can be joyful. In the work in a new society, the work that comes after the Event and the events, all of this, will be work that will resonate with you. It will be the jobs that you want to do and there will be enough for everyone to go around. And if you think that the ones that you call the seniors now, senior citizens, you will be too old to work,, yourselves can be in brand-new body. Whatever age you wish to be, whatever body you wish to be in whether human or otherwise, that will be your choice. There will be a time when you will have the opportunity and the choice to move out away from this situation, you might say, find yourselves on ships and take some very needed R&R.

You will have earned it. And after your R&R, after your relaxation, after your vacation…and this my friends will be vacation that you have never known before. If any of you have ever been on a cruise ship or on an island and this is something you love, think what it would be like to be on one of our ships. And everything that is available to you here is available to you there and much more will be available to you.

As I said the tables await, they are being prepared. You yourselves in this group and many more when the choice is given them, you will choose to sit at the table, to be a part of our councils, to assist in all the changes that are to develop here on this planet, to be a part of making this planet pristine once again. To be a part of ending once and for all poverty, thirst, hunger. For no one will go without and we do mean no one. This is the brave New World you are creating and you, my friends, are creating this world with every thought that you have. It gives a new meaning to your thoughts does it not? Every thought is creating the world you are going to be in. So that is why it has been said, many times, “gain control of your thoughts” now work on that, for they will gain more and more and more in importance. And where you have that delay now between your thought and manifestation, that delay will get less and less until there is no delay. It will be an instantaneous creative process. You are the creators, we are all creators and we are all created at the same time.

I am Sananda. Thank you for listening. Dear Lady Nada is standing by now.

“Lada Nada”

Good evening all (good evening). It is such a joyous pleasure to be with you tonight along with Sananda. It is a joyous pleasure to be here with you to speak of things that you will find comforting and exciting and hopeful. For one of the things that I have been asked to share is to discuss the arrival of those divine partners that belong to each of you. Those of you who feel now that you have come into contact already and may have your perfect partner, we applaud for you. There are so many upon the planet who know that they had been awakening and awaiting for their complement person. For it may be male or it may be female, it may be of this planet or it may be not of this planet. And those of you who have had your hearts in discipline, not looking to build relationships that you do not believe will last for long terms, now this is the time in creation that those beloved mates are now coming to you. And knowing that you will live for very long times after the processes that take place here, you will also come to know that even though one believes that they have soulmates and they have found that person that they have been waiting for perhaps for lifetimes that may last 500 years, 800 years, and then you may choose to find another. But those who have been waiting for you have been working for this too on the other sides of all of these veils and dimensions.

Sometimes those of you who have been waiting for your soul partner are meeting now in dreams and feel them and see them. They may be with you during waking hours even, whispering in your ears, feeling you as you fall asleep. And the complement relationship is so different than that which you experience so often on this planet for it is not out of fear or regret or concern that you join with a partner that you choose and you have waited for, but you have joyous celebrations because this is indeed your complement. The one who is your perfect match and who comes into the new dimension with new opportunities to swell their lives, their loves, to have children if they so desire for having children is a new process. And those who are having children now in this moment in time, in this new process, will see these children all rise, all rise and know one another instantly. Yes these souls are moving in and out and through your existence. Do not think that one who comes as a mentor is also your beloved, for your beloved will be with you when all of the little things that you have been working out are finally released with this Event experience. And you come flowing in to your partners arms and you share with them once again; they will be familiar and you will know them in your core. It will be part of the blessings of this amazing experience that is about to happen.

So I speak of love, I speak of love with children I speak of love with parents, I speak of love with friends and families and communities such as this here. This love that is shared with one another all weekend long and yes the energy has been different from the previous two Advances. However has it not felt overwhelmingly wonderful? (Yes, yes). We have had an opportunity, those of us who have served you and have presented to you and have been with you this weekend, to have a little bit more fun with you too. To be a little more of ourselves that are not so disciplined and restricted when giving messages and bringing in messages of love, gratitude, grace and happiness. You have learned over the weekend of the need to balance out and to join your Light bodies, your Merkaba bodies with the physical body to take the next step, in the next jump, of evolution. You have heard of others that have shared with you other things that are necessary for you to have your eye on, to keep your eye on. And still we have brought you messages of joy and exclamations that are taking place. This is a glorious time and I, Lady Nada, bring to you the glorious message of love, of love that has flowed and moved through and all about you for many months now. And that love now kicks you up to an entirely new start, a new evolution. And you will find yourselves laughing morning through afternoon through evening and through your dreams. You will find yourselves wondering how in the world could you have been so lucky to have gone through all of these things. Yes, you will forget the pains, you will forget the anxieties, you will forget the challenges and you will be in the midst of the most wonderful evolution and you shall be glad.

That is my message this evening. Love and blessings to all of you. This is Lady Nada.

One Who Serves”

Greetings we are back, back to be with you again and back to answer questions if you wish, of either ourselves One Who Serves or Ashira.

Question: I have a question of Lady Nada. I’m curious about what you said about, I understood it to be, a new type of delivering of babies.

(Lady Nada): I will be happy to come back into the moment to answer questions or anything you might have. There is a difference in what will be happening with children born after the shift into the next dimensions. For those who meet up with their soulmate, their spiritual partner they have been waiting upon, their spiritual complement, they are no longer going to be limited to having children in your youth.

Youth will last a lot longer and think too that the parents are open, aware, sentient, psychic, divine being. And the divine creation of the child comes upon the discussion from both of these that are part of the relationship. However, also the generation’s Galactic locations, the locations within hollow earth, the locations that other planets provide to raise children different ways. And it is raised more with the spirit of love from a village. Many people watch, engage, share, teach the children. And yes we will tell you too that the idea of labor is a 3-D idea that is disappearing. And when you move into the next dimensions you will find the children, we will say that they are “Light lifted” from the womb as the completion takes place and then will be celebrated with the family and with all of those who come. And you will see that there is not as much need for babies because people will live longer. There is a lot of things going on and a lot of things pulling you into different directions. But should a couple decide that is part of their spiritual destiny than all of those around them will support the decision and be part of the decision. And that soul that comes into the mother’s body will also have clear, conscious conversations with the parents before the birth. So this is a snippet of what you have to look forward to and, you, do you feel this is an opportunity for you?

Laughter…well I was thinking of will I have the nerve to try when I’m 95 years old? I’ll have to think about it.

(Lady Nada): Well you will no longer be 95, ma’am. You can be whatever age you choose to be in the miracle of birth is a miracle that is part of creation. If it’s something you choose to do it will be our pleasure to join with you and watch. Thank you. Blessings.

(One Who Serves): Would there be other questions here now?

Question: Namaste. I wanted to understand these dimensions you speak of, places like inner earth, are these because they are in different vibrations? Are they considered part of heavenly planet or the heavenly dimensions?

(One Who Serves): Whenever there is movement to the higher vibrations there is always the unity, there is always the sense of oneness. So if one finds themselves in a 5th dimensional experience and even high level 4th dimensional experience, they have a sense of a connection to one and the other and there is no separation. The separation that you have here is due to the, what has been called, experiment in the offering of complete free will and the misuse, in some respects, of that free will. Now it is an experiment, it has been an experiment and it has been an experiment that has done very well in any respect. But there has been those aspects that have taken it astray a bit and led to changes that were not exactly expected over the many hundreds and thousands of years here. But that is all coming to an end so when you find yourself in inner or hollow earth, Telos or if you find yourselves on ships of various types or you find yourselves on other planets and other systems it will be as if you are where you are meant to be at that very moment.

And there will be no semblance of wishing you could be somewhere else because if you wished to be somewhere else you will be somewhere else, you see? No one will feel in- prisoned in any way, no one will feel trapped, you see? This is what you would call the coming of Utopia, the Utopian society. And we know this can be because it has already been done, all over the place, all over the galaxy. Not in every place but in many planets, in many systems, and certainly in hollow earth as well, it is being done there. They live in complete harmony, love, peace certainly, unity; it is extraordinary and you are moving toward that. Does this answer your question?

Question: Yes, thank you very much. If I may, I have one more question. In the last part of our meditation as we travel in the last seven layers, were we traveling to what is known as the 7th heavens?

(One Who Serves): We wondered who would think about this when they were going through and certainly that was the case. When the Master Yeshua talked about heaven and his Father in heaven, where did you think he was speaking of? Where you have just gone. So my dear friends here, you have been to heaven. (Wow, wow, so we’re bringing heaven to earth, aren’t we?) Yes you most certainly are, yes, and earth to heaven.

Question: Dear One Who Serves, I understand that the first heaven is inhabited by Sananda, the second heaven by the John the Baptist and the third one by Moses and the sixth one by Abraham in the seven is the heaven of the ascetics? Did we really visit these places?

(One Who Serves): Did you really visit these places? Yes very briefly and we said that you could go back anytime you wish and at some point your physical body or the bodies that you will be able to move into freely will become a part of your expression. But we would ask you not to get too entrenched in the type of thinking that creates the separation you have just spoken of here, in terms of Sananda being in the first heaven and Buddha etc. for they can be anywhere they wish. They are not kept or trapped in any way on one level or another, you see? This is a product of your various religious experiences and those who intend to compartmentalize and put into a hierarchical fashion this kingdom of heaven, you might say. And this is not something that you want to do and it is not something that will continue into the new Golden Age. For you will find that just as Sananda is where he is, so can you be. Okay? (Okay thank you). Anything you wish to add to this Ashira?

(Ashira):  No I agree with you 100%. It is such a pleasure to hear Moses with his growth that he is experienced this weekend.

(One Who Serves): Oh my yes! And that goes for all here – we have seen much growth and we will not name other names because we do not want to leave anyone out but please understand that all are growing here, all are experiencing much. And just the idea that you are here this weekend, you have no idea what has occurred here yet. You have no idea but you will, you will I can promise you that. And when you awaken one of these mornings coming, you will feel much different then you have been. But it will not be a physical difference; you will not necessarily feel anything different in your physical body but you will feel it on an emotional level and certainly at a spiritual level. And it will bring you closer and closer to what you would consider a blissful state; and a blissful state is a higher vibrational frequency. So be ready! You’re going to wake up and it’s going to be bliss all over you and through you. Whether it lasts or not is up to you, okay? Any further questions here? Moses you seem to have one more did you not want to say?

Question: One more if I may. This place that we received the light mental body from, it’s an on earth place? What do you call this place? Because it is different than the other layers we travel through.

(One Who Serves): Yes. It is the light mental plane for your understanding at this time, this will have to do. You can give it another name if you wish – you can call it Nirvana, you can call it heaven, you can call it whatever you wish but know that this is not for everyone. That is what we wish for you to understand from this weekend. You have experienced something now that everyone does not get, does not experience. Now we do not want to have you think in terms of you are privileged at an ego level because that creates separation. But we want you to know that this is a preparation and you have moved into a specific point where it could be prepared in this way because the light mental body is going to assist you in the times to come. And the more that you will use it the more it will assist you, and the more it will astound you as to what it is capable of and to help you become capable of, you see? Look at it as an overshadowing – not taking over. It will never take over but it will overshadow you and give you strength, give you support whenever there is a need to give you security. It can be used as an energy force field, you might say at times if you wish, where nothing can penetrate the emotional level. It can be used even more than this but we will leave that alone for now for you to experience and go through before we can give you more of what is capable here; you may discover that on your own. Okay does this answer your question? (Yes I am grateful thank you very much). Very good and we are grateful for you, very much so. Any further questions here?

Question: Should we go outside at the closing of this meeting?

(One Who Serves): What is your saying about this “should”? (Uh oh) There certainly are no “shoulds” but was it already recommended to you? (Yes it was) Would there be any reason you would not want to go outside? Is it too cold? Is it too hot? Or is it just right? (Laughter. It’s just perfect.) And if it is cold put a jacket on, sweater, but we would suggest to follow through for Ashira did not give that understanding to hear herself talk at least I do not think so, did you?

(Ashira): No I did not. I thought that they were sleeping at the time and wanted to make sure that they remembered. (Laughter)

(One Who Serves): We have chuckled here many times this weekend and here as you have discussed things that have been said and now you are coming to the understanding that time has become shorter is it not? We hear you say “three weeks”, “May 11th”, “it is this summer” or “it is 2016” or whatever these things are happening here. And we chuckle so much because the three-dimensional consciousness is always wanting to know when. But will give you a secret here, okay? Can we give you a secret here? (Yes, yes)  We do not know when either!! (Laughterwell that’s not what we wanted to hear). We know that but we wish for you to understand that it is not in our control, certainly. It is not completely in your control although much more so, I would say. But there is a level of expression way beyond all of us which would be the God source, the creator source, which is the one that is saying “not yet, not yet” and we are all saying “well how about now, how about now?” And He/She is saying ” no, not yet…soon”. And then when the time comes and only Prime Creator knows that moment and will say “NOW”. And it will be as if the electrical signal goes down all of the levels, all the way down one to another, and everyone gets to move around and bustling in doing their various jobs even faster than you were doing to make this happen. But we can assure you that the preparations have been made and it is only needing to have, what you might consider, a green light given and then everything goes into motion. So does this help? (Yes, thank you, thank you) Very good. But now we have said to expect things have we not?  (Yes, yes)  And we continue to say that – be ready. Any other further questions here? Anything you wish to add to this Ashira?

(Ashira): It is one of those great evenings in that you have come with open hearts and expectations of wonderful learning and wonderful camaraderie, wonderful food. We know that all of these things have been more than met and even the surprise three-hour television event yesterday in the planning and planting of that from the one Diana. Each week we share with you that this is a great choreography. A lot of work goes into everything that we do around this group and for this group and with this group. And yet when we come to events like this, when we have said that this has been years in the planning and years in your preparation, years even in making sure that this perfect property was available for you, all of this is coming together. And this for this group of people who we’ll say average 12 to 15, some of whom have gone and some who have come back, but those who are to be and to continue forward are here. And those that have not been able to make it this time will rejoin. But the time is here in the joyous moments and the joyous experiences in all of those things that came forth to teach you, share with you, help you, those are all here to prepare you to be your most amazing self as the world unfolds. I thank you – I know that there are times that those who are in this group call upon me to be with you and help you. As well as does One Who Serves who comes as called and often comes when not called to help those in this group. We love you, we bless you, we give you our peace. Namaste. (Namaste)

(One Who Serves): Yes and if there are no further questions here were going to release to “guess who?” He is wanting to make his appearance and he is “not going to go quietly into the night” he is saying. (Laughter) So, here he is! What is your saying here “here’s Johnny!” (Laughter)

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Oh my, it is so good to be here with you again in this time. We so enjoy these moments, these chances for us, not so much this time, it is just me! And to be allowed to be with you and to share and I am wanting you to understand that we are so looking forward to being with you. I know it has been said here again and again and again but the times are coming when this type of experiencing, what is called channeling here, is going away. It is not going to be a continuing process because there it is no longer going to be needed. But does that mean that we are going to leave you? No, no! Does that mean you’re not going to hear our funny little voices? No! You are going to continue to hear us, we can promise you this. But we’re going to be with you in a more personal level and that we are very much looking forward to. To see your smiling faces when we knock on the door, ring your doorbell when you are there at one of your Sunday group meetings and the James goes to the door and there is a stranger there. He does not know who it is and we come in and we say “we are new to the group” and we come in and sit down and when we are asked to share, oh my goodness what we are going to be able to share! (Laughter) Look who it is, we are here! (Laughter)  Oh we just love you so much. We love each and every one of you, you have no idea how much. And each and every one of you, we have been with you again and again Ashira and us and Sananda and all of us. All of the gang, you might say, we have been with you countless times, many lifetimes, many experiences. And you are going to be so amazed when you find out who we are. We are so looking forward to that! (So are we!)That we can finally say who we are and not be considered “The One Who Serves” anymore but we can be considered who we are individually. Now please understand and do not take that wrong; we love what we do, we love it so much. Ashira loves what she does but we know that she is certainly looking forward to being with you all as well. And sitting across the table, breaking bread, having a little wine – don’t forget the wine – you did not expect that, did you? (No) But did not Yeshua drink wine? Yes! He didn’t eat much meat that’s for sure but he drank a lot of wine, that is relatively speaking of course. (Laughter)

Question: I am a little concerned because I am on the Internet (Skype) and not present (at the Sunday meetings) and I do not want to miss your presence.

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Oh dear dear sister, no concerns there. For has not it been said that we can be in many places, many different places, all at the same time? Is there anything saying that we cannot be there in the room with all of these wonderful people, not through your television screen and your computer screen but be there in your room as well? (Yes, thank you). Yes. You really do not yet have any idea of what is coming – you do not quite, in all of the things that you have heard and that have been said, do not yet see the possibilities, the great possibilities. And we would add, the probabilities here – so please everyone be of good cheer, be of wonderment, experience your every moment, marvel in your wonderful thoughts that you have and your creative abilities. Because your creative abilities are going to create your new world. Your imagination, your visualization skills – why do you think we are working so diligently to increase your visualization, you see? Your meditations, do they not always include some type of visualization? (Yes, they sure do)  Every time you do this you are focusing on the learning to focus more and more and more. And anyone who comes into the group who has already learned to focus is learning to focus even more. And the more and more you can focus, the more you will create the exact manifestation which you wish to have, again, without the delay. So, careful what you think and wish for because it will be there instantaneously but you will not have this capability completely until you are fully prepared. For we do not want you create anything what you would call monsters or anything of this nature – understand though there is a failsafe here, there is a failsafe that when you have these higher vibrations and you are creating with thoughts, there is that failsafe that will not allow any creation of any negative essence, you see? Are you still with us Ashira? Is there anything you wish to add to any of this? I am going to sign off here.

(Ashira): No I have nothing to add – this is so great to have you with this group as well and to lead us on with fortitude and with character.

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Yes. This is my calling card, the laughter part. I am like the standup comic, standup comedian. (Laughter)  Although I must say that when Robin Williams passed over to the other side he gave me a run for my money! (Laughter- God Bless you and thank you so much for your service)  And thank you so much for your service. Shanti. Peace Be With You. Be The One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


15.05.17 – The times are coming and they are rapidly coming upon you.

One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell
Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on May 17, 2015)

“One Who Serves”
Greetings. This is “One Who Serves”. We have been telling you the times are coming. The times are coming and they are rapidly coming upon you.

We are working, not only with this group but many groups across the entire planet, are working on this level and other levels along with this. Not so much the “Light Mental Body” for this is somewhat akin to this group here that we are working with.

The “James” shared with you and we prompted him to share with you that we watch, we monitor over you and even those that are new to the group, we have been aware of you for some time now. Your Higher God Self and those that mentor to you at this time have been whispering to you to move you in certain directions and those of you who are here were moved in a direction to come here. Others that we whisper to are not here and that is OK, it is what it is. But we are doing this to get you ready to be in a position where you can be of service.

The whole idea of the Ascension, of moving to higher vibrations, is moving from the concept of service to self to service to others. For those of you who are here and being a part of this, your inclination, even if it is very deep inside you, is to come to completely to the foreground here, is to be of service to others. As you move up in vibration you cannot help but to be in this kind of situation because all of the ideas of serving self fades away somewhat. So, you are being trained to assist when the time comes, when the frequencies arrive to the right level. When these vibrations raise enough you will be in a position to assist others.

Using your Light Mental Bodies here, you will be in a greater position to assist because you have the knowing, the deep knowing within you. You will have the right words to say, ideas and knowings coming to you to be able to share with another and give them an understanding of what is being revealed to the world. This will be your opportunity to be a part of this whole process of becoming teachers and becoming mentors yourselves, becoming Ascended Masters.

The “James” was correct earlier when he said that you are being prepared to move into these positions that we occupy now. Yes, in some ways we are moving on when the frequency is right for that! We are training our replacements in many respects here.

Your Light Mental Bodies will assist you in many ways. In many ways when the emergencies come up, and we are not going to say that you are going to have emergencies, but if you do, you will have the where with all to work within that particular emergency or that particular need to respond. We are not saying to react to any particular situation but to respond because you will have a calming that comes over you as well. It will give you a sense of balance and a sense of knowing, as we have said. Even to the point of you facing a medical emergency, and you have no medical training at all, call on your Light Mental Body and it will give you that assistance needed. That knowing needed to help and then those of an advanced nature can come and assist later. You can help until they arrive.
Many things. Even the “James” used it for a different purpose but it can be used for many things. He can share this if he wishes, he already shared somewhat, but it is just an example. Your Light Mental Body is there for you, it IS you. It is not just a part of you, it IS you. You ARE it, he or she, depending on how you choose to look here.

That is our message as far as this goes. We would also share with you things that are coming VERY rapidly now. Your time is speeding up and it is speeding up purposely so that you are moving closer and closer to having a “no time” understanding, a “no time” sense. This “no time” sense is in the higher vibrations. You are knowing many times that the past, present and future are all one. Well, you are going to experience that more and more and more. You are going to have very little memories of the past because they are going to fade away. And all of these waiting’s and experiences of the Ascension Journey and all of this, are going to be in the past and are going to fade away. You will be in the present now and when you are in the present NOW, the past and future all fade into one, NOW.
The future will come as it needs to as you are in the present moment.
So, we would say to you to be in the present NOW whenever you can.

Allow the processes to move through you. Whenever that might be. Whatever this part of the journey might be, allow it to move through you and be a part of you because you are a part of it.

Now we would ask here if there are any questions for “One Who Serves” or the “Ashira” is also now with us. We would ask that for those on the contraption there to mute it so there is very little distraction here. That is better.

Question: When my friend and I were driving home from the Advance we seemed to have gone through something that was not of this world. Can you elaborate on what we experienced?

As you are describing here, we will give you some information and “Ashira” may add to it if she wishes.

There are many instances where there are those portals or gateways where it is seeming that you are not so much in this dimension anymore but it feels that you have moved through what would be considered a gateway. There can be a sense of losing time here as you go through it or feeling a sense of no time. Did you experience this? (Yes) Yes! And as you are moving through this, this is exactly what this is.

Now in times coming there will be more of these happenings across the whole planet because these gateways have been held back by those who are seemingly in control for a very long time. They have done much to eliminate these gateways by working through the various ley lines that they have established control over. Now that these ley lines, these communications points you might say, these vibratory communication points are being taken over by the Forces of Light, these gateways are opening up more and more. There will be more that experience these movements into the higher vibrations, into dimensional gateways.
This is what you experienced there and will be experiencing this more or less, those who are here too, in various times to come. Ashira, do you have anything to add?

Ashira: That was beautifully said and perfectly described. What I would add is, “How would one know if they had gone through a portal?” One of the things that will alert you are the colors. It will be a shift in the scenery. It will be a shift in the colors, in the hues of the scenery and in the auras of the plants that you might notice. And then, just as soon as your conscious mind might capture that, you may be out of that period and back to the “other side”. But that is another part that will let you know that you have passed through one of these delightful portals. Bless you!

“One Who Serves” Very good. Other questions now?
Did anyone allow those on the computer screen to ask questions? (yes)

Question: Blessings. I want to know if we can assist others in our Light Mental Bodies?

“One Who Serves” Oh yes! That is one of the reasons it has been given you. It is something that will come up in a moment. We have already said here that there is a sense, a need to respond to what might be considered a medical condition of some type, a need for assistance. Your Light Mental Body can assist you in many ways even to the point of starting another one’s heart again. These types of things can be given.

The more you allow for this process the more you believe it, the more you know it is there, the more power it will gain in working with you, the more it will be become a part of you. As soon as you call it, it will be there. So we would say to you, practice with it! Try it out! Use it with various things. If it does not work right away then keep doing it, keep working with it.

We can tell you that if you need to solve a puzzle of some type, a mystery of some type and you call upon it, it will be there to assist you and it will give you hints or even the answer right away. You will see. OK?

Other questions here? Then we will release channel but first we want to welcome the new ones here. The Darlene and the Mark, to come to this group, we welcomed the Bob earlier. We welcome you and know that you have been guided here. We are very much aware of you, have been aware for some time, as we said earlier, and you have been nudged and moved along here. Now it is up to you.

We can tell you that this particular process, this particular journey is different from some groups as you can see there are already differences here with the two who are working together here to channel our messages through and to bring understanding through and to answer questions, all of this. Those of you are coming here and those who are still coming, there are many who are coming, many who will become a part of this group directly here in this way and through your SKYPE contraption there.

It is going to grow and grow because now you are reaching into the millions and you will be reaching into even more than that as your coming process of the website is gaining momentum here. That is going to increase ten-fold or beyond what you are doing here, you will see.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


It’s been a long session today and it is not my wish to bring you another long message. So, what I would say today is that we bless you. We are so pleased with the progress and your openness of heart and love within this group.

Welcome all of those who come! Make them feel joyful at having walked through this door and to share it with you! Know that indeed, there are so many more behind them. This is the reason we talked about having more than one meeting a week and figuring out the technology to meet the needs of larger audiences spread around the globe. All of this is part of how you are in service here.

And walking through the process again or for the first time that “One Who Served” led you through today gives you more tools to put into your toolbox as the times befall you. The times grow short and you will be called into greater and greater service.

It is our pleasure to be with you this day. We give you our love. We give you our blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

15.05.24 – The Guardian of New Music of the Realms

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“We Are All One” – The Guardian of New Music of the Realms, Adama, (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira

The Guardian and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
Adama and OWS channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on May 24, 2015)

“The Guardian of New Music of the Realms”

I spoke with you maybe two months ago. We had not long been here on this planet. There have been those who have picked up on the new energy upon the planet. Of course, there are those who would say that it has to do with this or it has to do with that. We don’t know what it is but it is new. We have spoken to some but MORE it is the message that gets through and into the collective consciousness of this planet.

We have been seen in the skies when those known as chemtrail pilots have sprayed their contents expecting to have the same consequences but they have not. We have come in behind them. We have come behind them to shift their energies, to shift that which they spray turning it into something merely mists that is water in the skies. We have turned them into cloud beings. We have turned them into angels and birds. We have turned them into symbols for some.

We do this because we love you and we are you. That indeed is one of the parts of the messages that you have come to learn more and more each day. You are not separate! There is no truth to that. You are not separate from one another. You are not separate from the Mother. You are not separate from the bees and the birds and the animals. Or the waters or the land. You are one with all who are known as “Ascended Masters”. You are known as “Archangels”. You are one with all! And the Galactics too!

And what is that “Oneness? It is that truth of your being that you are here indeed! To love. To experience. To be in joy. To be light. And some of these things we have been able to gift to those upon the planet. I have been singing at the peak of my voice to share the tune others that they may pick it up in the collective and move forward with new songs. I have been able to sing songs that are angelic to some. You will find in your “YouTube” as we see it in this world that you will find more and more postings of songs of the angels. They are not songs of the angels; they are songs of the Guardians! It is all right that these are called songs of the angels for if you but listen to these you will hear these of which we speak.

What are the new songs for? They are to bring to you the patterns, the scores, those things that continue to be downloads into your physical body as well as into those other bodies that you have in this life stream, You are an amazing being and all of these things that are happening to you and through you are being supported, at least in one way, by the songs that have been brought to you at this time. And there are songs that will be picked up by those who are spiritual song and music makers and you will hear the difference of the tunes and difference of the words.

We have attempted to encourage this one to share our music with you. We have yet to be successful in getting her to let go enough to share the music with you but do know that there will be a time in the future when this group too shall be singing new songs and new tunes.

This is a time of joy. Let go! Let go of all of those things that do not seem to be of joy, do not seem to be of love or peace. For those are of the old and we are here to help with the new. New dreams. New consciousness. The new music. The new!

Last time we visited with you, we took you other places to see other worlds in their manifestations. We took you as the Guardians. You can imagine us in much the same way that “One Who Serves” comes to you. We are One in consciousness and yet there are parts of us that are one in themselves. It may not make sense in this moment but we know it shall in the next.

We will be here to give “Ashira” answers if questions come forward for us from that section of this day. We will continue to smile with you and bring you cloud formations in the skies to assure you we are near. We invite you to thank us from your cars as you are driving. Thank us and ask us for a cloud that you would like to see. Perhaps it is a dragon or perhaps it is unicorn or perhaps it is a heart. Communicate with us. Believe us! See what happens. See the gifts in the skies with that consciousness that we share. And know that we are near. This is one of our ways of communicating more directly with you.

Please do not think that you are just one of billions upon the planet. Know that you are loved. Know that you are heard. Know that you are doing all that you are to be doing at this time and so much more is to come. That will be a joyful time and a joyful thing.

We bring this to a close and we will join you in the singing of the “ohms” so that our brother, James, might be able to go forth to in order to allow those that serve through him might come through. Thank you. Blessings of plenty. We are so thankful for you!

Comment: The skies have been beautifully clear of chemtrails lately and I want to thank you for your part!

Thank you so much! More and more of those who are down in the ladder, let us say, are getting the messages not to spray, not to do this anymore. There are changes about! There are changes afoot!

What our job is is to take those things that have been sprayed and encourage you! Thank you for sharing the blessing! Know that if ANYTHING is in the skies, we are RIGHT on it and transmuting it into good. Thank you!

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. As we say, here just to pave the way and we bring the one who is standing by here.


This is “Adama”. It is so wonderful to be with you, my brothers and sisters, once again. For this group finds a fondness within my heart because of who you are. As I gaze around this room and peer upon your faces, and yes, I can do that, for I am very much here with you in your presence. And as I look upon your faces and feel your vibrations within you I feel the connection and I wonder if you also feel the connection with me, because we have been together many times before, you and I.

We are once again drawn back at a time that is fast approaching, those times that we spoke about a long time ago. If you look deep within you and search within your memories now you may remember the conversation that we had. The one when we knew all was going to go to darkness but that the light would shine through once again. When that shone through once again, we would be together and we would be part of this grand undertaking that is afoot now.

For there are many things that are changing, many things that are happening and yet, still behind the scenes in some respects but there is much that is coming forward now. Much that is being revealed in all of your various sources, your media, your movies etc. All of these things are coming together at a moment we spoke of a long time ago. We knew we would all be back together once again when we knew that those of us who reside within the Earth would join those of you who stand upon the surface.

That time is now. That time we spoke of at that time, we are entering in this moment. Many of us from within the Earth have come forth now in various ways. Some even in a physical body and we have infiltrated within you. 
Not to spy upon or anything of this nature but to integrate our vibration into yours, to bring us together at a higher vibration. Because that is what is necessary to bring us together, a higher frequency. It is all about frequency and in order for us to be together in a physical body, your frequency must raise. Yes, we can bring our’s down some but we will not do this to the point of finding ourselve’s inside this 3D vibration. You must come up to us to meet us!

And you are doing that! That is why we are here and that is why this infiltration is happening now. And very soon to be the full emergence of those of us to be ready to stand next to our brother and sister as we did before.

You are dear to me. More than you can possibly know at this time but again, if you search within your memories and they are there for you to reach now, they are being opened to you if you would but look at them. Remember those times in Lemuria in the Mother Land where life was grand beyond anything you could envision at this time. But there is an inkling, there is that small remembrance coming up within you of those times together and what our lives were like in that Golden Age.

We return together as One once again. You and I and all of those that are prepared, that the times are coming, before and after “the Event” and all of the events that make up “The Event”. We are going to find ourselves together and close as we once were.

It is wonderful to be here to share with you. And as you have been hearing, soon we will be together in a more physical matter in this sharing process. All of my peace with you, Adonai.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you once again. Yes, it is the “One Who Serves” with this funny accent coming to you. Not so funny though to Mahendrin and Raj! Raj, welcome back here. Good to have you back with us to continue this process. There are those who have been working with you who have guided you back here to this group. And it is important that you find yourself back here and you will understand this more and more as we go on here. As you have heard many times, much is happening, much is going on and there is much to be revealed very shortly.

You will continue living your daily lives and having your processes unfold but you continue to go with the flow, right? Yes! Always go with the flow and let it be what it is going to be. Because, before you know it will become so much more than what is in your wildest imagination and your wildest dreams are going to be revealed and realized.

And we can tell you this, as the “Guardian” said, the chemtrails are rapidly retreating now because what was a part of that program is coming to a close, coming to a finish now. It is not to say that you will not see one here and there but you have been aware and we think you look at the skies and you have seen less of this, have you not? This is not only here but all over the world, in many respects. These projects are coming to an end because the money is drying up. And those that are being paid for this are not going up for nothing. And this is happening and it is coming to a close because it is time. It is time for those behind all of this to come forward and take their medicine because that is what is going to happen.

They are going through a process now where they are holding on to the bitter end. But they know the time has come. They now know this is at an end. They have known this for a very long time. They have known that this Ascension process was going to be the end of understanding of life as they have it. It is the beginning of a new life, a new age, a new Golden Age. It is also, as the “Adama” said, it is the remembering of the old Golden Age. 

The one in the past that most of you were a part of in various points. You have come together once again to be a great part of this new age, this new beginning. Finding yourselves freed from all the various stresses that you have had and some continue to have. We understand that as you are having these stresses you are looking at them in a different light, not so much stresses but now in gratitude for what could have been but was not because you are already operating at a higher vibration. This is not only for the one who shared this story this day but for all of you here and all who resonate to these words, this is for all of you. Because you are all a part of this great program, this great process, and the time has come for you to settle back and watch the fireworks. There are going to be grand fireworks!

There is going to be a great party and a great celebration. Just a little while longer, as you go through and live your life, and it is very important that you do live your life. Do not let go. You must continue in it until there is no more need to! And you will know when that moment arrives. Until then, do everything you can to raise your vibrations at every moment. Be in the moment in every NOW moment. Know that as you are living your life in the NOW the past will no longer be important and the future will no longer bring stress upon you. Know that stress is causing the physical abnormalities that are still continuing on within the body. It is the relieving of stress and the letting go and the going with the flow that will bring your body into a complete unification with mind, body and spirit.

Anyone who is continuing to use those expressions of the medical sciences that are very much in many aspects poisoning the physical bodies. Do all that you can to move away from this medical science and move into the natural health and natural living. This is what you must work toward. Find a way from these various poisons and yes, they are poisoning your bodies. 

We are not saying completely let go. We are not saying go completely “cold turkey”. Let it go as much as you can. Wean yourself off these medications. Find yourself in nature as much as possible. Drink pure water. If it is not pure, purify if yourself with your Light Mental Body. That is one thing you can use it for, to purify the water.

There are many things you can do to cleanse the body and we would even say, if it is possible, to go through a cleanse process. There are many ways of doing this and there are many aspects of this. Find one that works for you. If it is a total cleanse then go for it. If it is a minor cleanse, do that. Go more and more to purge the body of all of those poisons that have been within it. Allow the vibrations within your body to purify the body, the emotions, all of this. Be at perfect unification with body, mind and spirit. Bring it all together! OK?

We are going to answer questions here. “Ashira” is standing by as is the “Guardian” to answer questions through “Ashira” and “Adama” possibly even.

Question: Thank you for the mention of the energies! Many of us have been dealing with the energies coming in. What can you tell me about the negative energies I was attacked with?

OWS: My dear sister, let me put you at ease right here and right now. You are not being attacked! No one in this room, in this group can be attacked in this way anymore. There are not those negative forces that can come in you because you are protected. You are protected by those who work with you and you are protected by your own individual barriers that you have put up.

Have you not worked with your Merkaba? Yes. Have you not worked now with your Light Mental Body? Yes. Know that is protection enough. Because of the vibrations that are out across the entire planet there is very little they can attack because vibrations are becoming too high. Those “negative” vibrations cannot interfere with the higher vibrations. You see?

You are completely at ease! Know that what is going on with you is a changeover, a shift in the process here. You have heard many times that your bodies are changing, have you not? Your bodies are changing from carbon to crystalline. Your DNA process is evolving as well and as you go through this there will be those aches and pains and those seeming “attacks”. It is simply a shift. If you look at it this way, as a shift, and a shift into the higher vibrations. It will pass each time and you will find yourself more and more at the higher vibrations and remaining there.

Yes, you will be experiencing more of the “lifting up process” seemingly like you are lifting out of your body. For in many ways is that not what you want? No one is going to disappear. When your vibrational raise happens, especially at the time of the “Event” and after, there will be more and more that sensation of seemingly disappearing. That is because of the raising of the vibration and those that did not raise up, will not see you anymore. That is yet going to happen at some point but you will be able to turn around and come back but not in the sense of being back in the third vibrations and being trapped again. Once you raise fully in the next dimensions you won’t have the feeling of being trapped as you feel now. Does this answer your question? Yes. So much.! Anything you wish to add, Ashira?

Ashira: No. We have been watching the energy fields and we see as each one continues to make the Ascension Journey. This is the reason that those in this group are here. As you experience these and understand them, you are then available and part of the force that moves out into the world as others experience these types of things with the “Event”. You will be able to be there to assist them, to explain to them so that they might move forward with more ease.

You are the warriors on the path, the “Light Warriors” on this Ascension Journey that St. Germain spoke of at the Advance. As he said, “This is not for sissies. This is tough work”. One of the reasons we enjoy working with this group so much is that you enjoy working with one another and supporting one another, understand one another and laugh your way through it after you step back a moment. Is that not correct?

Comment: Very much so. I keep getting that I cannot teach and cannot lead unless I am willing to experience this first.

Question: I wanted to know why I came back (to the group after a long absence). I have had that question in my mind for some time (which had already been answered in an earlier part).

OWS: Funny how that happens! We do not read your minds! This is not the process that is occurring. We do not move into your privacy but we do pick up on your vibrations. We, all of us working with this group and to all of those who resonate to these words we are very much aware of you at all times. By your vibration we know you! And we know where you are at any given moment within that vibration and frequency. Where you are on the path towards Ascension. OK?
Other questions here?

Question: I feel so blessed to be here. My vibration is different and how the clutter of my life is being removed. I am able to be the being I truly am. Is there something you can tell me about my life?’

OWS: Yes. We can see a picture here. You are looking forward. See the entire pathway opening up for you. See things opening up for you. That the space is opening up. There are no more dark corners there for you. We know that they have been there in the past but there is a wide open space now. What is the song? You can see clearly now! The rain is gone and there are no obstacles in our way! Nothing but clear skies! Yes, that is what we want you to have a picture of now. You see this? That will help you to go forward.

Ashira: We would just say that as you move forward in creating this new being that “OWS” talks about, if you have a bump in the road, move through the bump and don’t look back, move forward. Be nice to yourself, forgive yourself. That is a part of the process on your journey. That is a little nugget we would drop in, in addition to that which OWS shared.

OWS: Very good. You get lots of “golden nuggets” from us, do you not? You could make a good book about the sayings and messages we share. But not for this life. Not for the next one either. You will see!

Question: This person having issues with regulators in her car and now in her refrigerator. What is the significance of the regulators?

OWS: We can see here that there are various circumstances that are 
happening in this one’s life that are leading her in various directions and movements in certain ways that are bringing about many changes, mental, physical, emotion and spiritual as well. These process that are happening are bringing about what you might call obstacles in a sense in the terms of things breaking down. This is the breakdown of the old ways, the breaking down of the old ways and the bringing in of the newer processes that are coming upon her.

The new regulator is bringing about, this was the Higher Self’s way of pointing out that your life is being regulated, it is being orchestrated in the way in needs to go. Everything is happening for a reason. You are going through this, as the window fell down and would not work anymore, the regulator brought this back up. It brought back up, your process, to bring you to the next level of being. Not that you are going to get a new car or anything, but it brought you back to being fully functional again. You see?
And the refrigerator in the same way. Nothing deep or symbolic but you know that your life is being regulated by your Higher Self. Being orchestrated. You see?

Question: The hieroglyphics that came across my TV during a commercial. Can you address this with any specific meaning it might have?

OWS: We cannot give you the meaning of the symbols because they are varied but we can tell you why it was going on there, what occurred. Understand that it was a glimpse. A brief glimpse not from the “Powers that Were” but from the Light Forces you might say.
These ones sent this message out as a subliminal message. It was not meant for many to see as you have and as you have recorded it and all of this. It was sent as a subliminal message to all of those who were tuned to that show at that time so they would have this message go into their consciousness to be ready, to prepare. That there are changes coming here. 

It was done as a preliminary here. Just more will be able to see it and eventually it will come to those who will share this on your Internet. At some point it might become “viral” as it can be found throughout the Internet as it occurs more.

Question: Did the date May 11th mean anything? Did Mother Earth go into 5th dimension?

OWS: That is a different question to answer because she has been in 5th dimension previously during the shift of 2012 time. But there is a continuing process that is going on here too. She continues to leave the 3D program open but it will not be much longer. When the moment comes in what you call the “Event” you will find that this is the complete movement and shift for Gaia herself and for all of those ready to come with her. As well as all of those who are staggering behind who will be assisted by those of you who go forward. Does that answer your question? Anything more, “Ashira”?

Ashira: We find that this one straddles many worlds, do you not? You know this on some levels and some not! This vision was not by accident! It is for you to continue to have an aspect that knows the reality of these changes. It talks to that part of you that is the rationing side, that part of you that is the reasoning side. And it gives you an audience with this group that helps give you credit!

Take this knowing that this is a gift. You have been selected to hear and to see and to capture. As this continues to unfold, as “OWS” shared, you will find yourself in a similar position. Is it not wonderful that you have the technology to stop and capture this? Not all in this room have that but it is part of that which you have received at this point in time to have what you need at your disposal to capture these words.

It is easy to hold on to or capture a date that disappoints. That is the reason that those who are assisting you and helping you have moved away from the use of dates. Because it is too hard to watch you as dates pass by and you try to put a meaning to those dates. If you look at this to see if the card held before you can be retransmitted, that in itself is an amazing thing! We are so glad that you are in that position.

We look forward to hearing others in this group report that they too, received a transmission. Let us see if that happens for not one TV show but for a variety of TV shows that you are watching are listening to. Others may not have the same storage abilities but each can share. Would that be of assistance to you? Blessings.

Question: I have a question about the Kundalini energies, is it just for a few or is it changes in all of us?

OWS: That is a wonderful question and we will attempt to give you an answer that makes sense. Understand that in the past, the Kundalini energies have been worked with by those in the Eastern influences in their way of doing meditation and all of this and yoga and more. The Kundalini rising would take them through the shift, through their Kundalini process.

But the Kundalini will rise in all of you but it is not to be worked with in a similar way that has been done many thousands of years in what is called the “Ancient Mysteries” or the ancient knowledge. Now it is to be worked with in the ways we have worked with you here. We have not expected you to go into a cave and sit for days, weeks or months in meditation. That is not for you and your physical bodies cannot handle this. But your DNA changes, your Light Mental Body, your Pineal Gland, all of these are being done in more of the Western civilization here. Being done to assist your particular make-up, your physical bodies and emotional bodies too, in working to bring about the Ascension process in ways you can handle. The Kundalini Energy is part of this but it is not the full Kundalini process that has been done in those Eastern influences. Does that make sense to you?

Comment: Yes it does. I have had thoughts the past two weeks that my Kundalini was rising or I worried about my body.

OWS: Yes, And we would add to this to go with the flow. Don’t be concerned about pains or getting worse because you will draw that to you, You see? Let it be and go with the flow. Don’t let stressors come into your life. Let all of that go! Be as a reed in the wind. Go in whatever direction you are needed. Anything else, Ashira?

Áshira: No, I think you have done a splendid job!

Question: I have been having tire troubles on my car, We talked about that earlier in the group. Is there a message for me in the tires?

OWS: There is always a message for those who are aware of the message in it and you are aware. The others would look at this and say, “A flat tire here and a flat tire there. Why is God punishing me like this? You see?

You though have a different perspective here. The tires flattening is your consciousness. When we look at a car it represents movement, your changing consciousness, you have as your saying is, it is a stopping of your consciousness at that point or rather It is not a stoppage but an awareness from your Higher Consciousness that says go on! Get it fixed and move forward.

Just as you were not concerned, in your story this morning you are in control. Does that make sense to you? Anything you wish to add, Ashira?

Ashira: We would add only this. As you are moving forward in this road of life, you are moving forward and occasionally things turn up. You have a new interaction with the road, a new communication within your journey. See this, every one that has happened you have taken care of and moved forward. Look at the situation in your life to see what is happening around it and you will see that you perceived it very differently. These are the messages that give you the opportunity to examine them momentarily and then move on and continue on your journey.

OWS: Look at your past and see how things have changed. It once was, a situation rose up and it destroyed your entire day. You might lash out at others and the day may have gone to “hell in a hand basket” .
The difference though is how you respond now. How you remain in the higher vibrations and are not drawn back down. You see? We congratulate you whether it is a flat tire or a regulator going bad, or whatever it might be. Keep in the higher light and it won’t have the same effect it once did. The reactive nature that once came about here. Any more questions?

Question: This is a follow-up on cleansing. I am curious about karmic cleansing and what to do to help that cleansing to prepare us for Ascension?

Áshira: I am taking a moment to be with you. The Guardian has spoken with me and has asked me to share this message from the “Guardian” first.
The Guardian says the reason they came to the planet was because the karmic cycle was done. And so those things you continue to feel as karma from the past are also things that are being released because that is what you have decided to do as humanity. To allow those old hurts, those old issues, those times when you may have behaved in a way that is not like what you would do now, as an Ascended Master, and that is what all of you are at this moment in time!

See yourself letting go of all of this for none of this affects you at this time and at any time forward any longer. All of these things from your past are not who you are now or who you are in the future. If you choose to cleanse your body in ways such as “OWS” gave today, then you are still concerned or consumed from the past, sit in the Light of Love. Have a meditation where you have the flood of Light filling you in every way, in every memory. Allow that light to move into the past. Know you played the part you came to play. Release yourself of guilt of any perceived sins or shortness of handling things in an inappropriate way.

This is an opportunity to feel these things. We have talked about this for the past two years. How to forgive yourself. How to feel that self-forgiveness now and into the future where you are going. All of this is the NOW. Now is the time to forgive that other person fully and completely. See them in the Light. Know that all of you has played these roles out perfectly for each of that karmic game you had but it is no longer a part of who you are. This moment of one moving forward. We know that OWS also wants to share here.

OWS: We add here that as the Guardian spoke through Ashira, the karmic cleansing is done. The need for karmic cleansing is done. Now it is time to work on your physical, emotional and mental bodies. So, work in that way. 

Know that the past is past and not a part of you any longer. This is time to take care of your body. This is your vessel that you have. This is one you are going to continue on in at least until the Ascension. If you wish you can have a whole new body. You will see when the technology is shown for this process. But for now take care of what you have here in all the ways you know how. There are more things being revealed for clearing, healing and come off the old ways as much as you can and move into more natural well-being.

Question: The last weeks I have been experiencing a lot of changes in my body. I feel as though I move through a lot but that I have attachments trying to get into me.

Ashira: I can take this. OWS has spoken at great length today about issues that apply to you. Take note when you read these notes and see “OWS” message to another in the group. You are not being attacked in ways you think you are being attacked. It is what your body is reading when the energies that feel unfamiliar come to make the changes necessary throughout your entire being. These are changes in DNA, change in your Chakras and these are changes in your energy systems.

There has been an upsurge in the energies coming into the past week or so. These are having the results of working with this energy to have the body jumping around a little. Having a pain here or there. Having all these different experiences coming into many different peoples’ bodies. It is amazing to listen to people around the world talk about their physical bodies feeling so different. Their bodies are different and many have different sleep changes too. This has “caught” the attention of many.
What we would say is to do your very best to get into a meditative state. Inhale that protective Golden White Light and know that it is for the good of you, it is for the best. It is part of your Ascension Journey. It will continue as you progress. If you feel that you need to feel less, this is a task for your Light Mental Body. This is part of the reason it comes forth for you. Ask your Light Mental Body to turn things down a bit for you to recuperate. You may need to turn down the regulator a bit, to go back to that term. See if you can’t find a more peaceful state at times.

You were at the Advance and we know you heard St. Germain talk about the different things that are happening to bodies. Some are feeling more at this time. Some not so much. Instead, of having expectation in your mind of being attacked to knowing that this is something good and part of your Ascension Journey and something to be celebrated.

We know that is not what you wanted to hear but that is the message we bring forth today.

Question: I have a question about ancestors. Some cultures send prayers to ancestors. How can we assist ancestors who may not be in a good situation?

OWS: Assist ancestors? Ones who came before? The idea that you need to assist them is not something you need to be concerned about. Those that have passed on from the physical body they are continuing on their journey and they are just fine! You see?

The idea of sending prayers or love to those who passed on is wonderful but understand that when they pass on they are in better respect than you are! You see? It is not necessary that you assist them it is more that they are there to assist you! You see? Little bit different way of looking at this we know but the various cultures have called for respect for the ancestors and to help them go into the Light. But none of this is necessary. When they pass over they go perfectly into the Light all on their own!

They do not need your assistance. The more you focus on those who have passed the more you hold a connection to them and they with you. That is not always in their best interest. You see? They have their journey as you do. You might come back sometimes to be with each other.

Now with that understanding the idea of passing on is becoming passe’ for you. The death process is not something you have to become concerned about. We are not saying that nobody is going to die, we are not saying this. There is still going to be that process. Some have in their contracts to go through a death process but there are many, millions even billions that are not going to go through that process in this lifetime as you know it now.

Ashira: All of you are thinking in the higher consciousness here. This is part of the old that is being released. All of the different religions that have prescriptions for success, happiness and part of that is respect for the ancestors.

The times are changing. It is not necessary to hold on to those religious beliefs. Much like the conversation that you had with Susan about dogs on the Advance. Do you recall that? The bottom line is, as you move into the future you will find more and more people like yourselves! More people who believe in wholeness and unity and the entire experience with one human family. It has been choreographed but it has not been written in tiny squares from which people have to operate. So, does that make sense to you?

OWS: Any more questions? Here is another who wishes to share with you quickly!

“OWS #2”

It is good to share with you and experience these processes. I am here to provide you with the idea of all these fun things that are coming. To give you the idea again of another Advance but there are various activities going on that may preclude the Advance. It may not be needed or we may change it up a bit. It may not be necessary to have these Advances in the same way.

I just wished to pop in and give my two cents! Well I have more than two cents to share and I was with you more than that at the Advance. I gave you lots to think about and also had a grand time, a jovial time! One of these times I will ask you to share jokes. Good ones, funny ones. Not the other kind. I will share a couple jokes about Ascension.

We are answering about Obama and the Pope. The whole process may be a mute point because so much has been ready to celebrate. There are many things that need to happen behind the scenes. So many things have to be orchestrated, to come together and in tune at the same moment and the same frequency. You see? At one time. The maestro is orchestrating all of this. That is Prime Creator here. He She or It is bringing this together in one moment and you are all part of these processes.

Please understand, don’t look at one particular person or one particular situation that is coming up for it is all only a part of the whole. Don’t look for one thing to be the all, end all here.

We know that you hoped that you would see worlds collide but it is not quite that. It could be but that is not what we see now.

There are times we can be funny and times to be serious. What would people think out there if they heard some of our talk? They are not quite ready yet. There is time for seriousness and time for jovialness…we just made this a word! Be ready people!
Another time we will come in and joke a little more.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!


The Guardian has released her energy and thanked you for the time.
I am Ashira. What I wish to share today is the appreciation all of us have as you are going through this Ascension Journey. Each of us cares for this group, shares with this group and teaches this group. But we are also here to watch over you, to speak in your ears and to point you along your path. To help you maintain the frequency you are called to hold at this time and to continue to move higher and higher!

Watch the skies for the Guardians. Put those thoughts of gratitude in your heart minds and send them your requests for images in the skies. This will assist you in building a deeper relationship with them. Know that we are here sharing in the same way.

And yes, we have told you the times are here, the times are here. When you come to the understanding of the perceptions we have you will see how it is difficult to say this day or that. There is so much in constant flux. Everything depends on how this person is going to act or that person is going to behave.

We do not have a chess board with lines delineated or the movement on the pathway delineated. We are observers. And so we do the very best we ​​can. We share with you and we love you. Sometimes that call brings one of us to embrace you and whisper in your ear. We do our best to support you.
We thank you for all you are going through and all you are experiencing. It is so worthwhile.
We bless you, We love you. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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