Light Language Codes by Christy Wallace

Clic on photos of the Light Language Codes above to enter Christy’s YouTube site to watch and listen to her channeling the Light Language! Truly an Awesome Experience!!

Christy Wallace (CW) brings forth the Universal Language of Love Light Language and written symbols/codes in Love and Peace for the highest good of all there is.  These forms of Light Language shall be received through an individual’s heart space. You simply relax into that space within your being and allow without judgment as you listen to the language or gaze into the codes.  We are entering a new consciousness, it is simply meant to be felt with the authentic heart = LOVE and not intellectualized by the mind.

What is Light Language?  Light Language is not linear therefore it is not meant to be understood by the mind, it is meant to be felt by the HEART. It is SOUND, WRITTEN SYMBOLS/CODES as well as other forms that come through individuals who channel this through their Higher God/Goddess Self or Aspects.  These forms are energy, which is encoded with frequencies, vibrations, activations, and downloads that the Higher Being (God/Goddess Self that which is totally connected to God, Source or whatever you want to call that which we were created from) within you the receiver, will integrate within your own Four Body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) Systems for your highest good.   These codices will assist in awakening your consciousness, healing your body systems, heart opening, clearing blockages, releasing discordant energy, upgrading your DNA and so much more.

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The Pleiadian Prophecy

. The history of the universe

. The Atlantian and Lemurian Civilizations

. Understanding time, timeliness, and dimensional jumping

. Multi-dimensionality, different versions of ourselves

. We are one

. The initiation process of awakening (life), the dream of time

. Life – Angelical College

. File swapping

. “You” are the first wave!

. All is happening in the “Now”

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“Ancient Awakening’s” 2019 August Advance Ufo Sighting! Once again, like last April, we captured a quickly morphing, very colorful object in the sky. Played the captured video through ‘VLC’s’ video player and moved it forward by using ‘Frame by Frame’, then capturing each one, then cropped images approximately the same size, then ran the jpg images through an animated Gif Maker and this is what you’re seeing. You can right clic on the Gif if you desire to copy it.

Ufo Sighting quickly morphing in different colors & shapes August’s 2019 Advance
Ufo Sighting quickly morphing in different colors & shapes April’s 2019 Advance

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