Lemurian Chants to Raise Your Vibration

Ya de alla su Abba par a tese,

Ya de alla su Ebba par a tese

Pa Pa Pa Pa Ra, Pa Pa Pa Ra Pohm

Araaaa, Ara Ummmm, Ara Ummmmm



AAh Eee Uhmmmm

AAh Ra Ummmm

AAh Ohmmmm

AAh EeeYammmmm

AAh Pah Rammmm

Tuu mmmm


==================== ENGLISH TRANSLATION ====================

“Old soul, old soul, wherein we return, wherein we return.

Our souls return as one together seeking thy light, serving thy light, knowing thy light.

Making known thy hand print within the earth where thou has placed thy sacred seal within man’s heart.

Where he would open. Where he would know remembrance, remembrance forever”.

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