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Fast Road to Happiness: Journey Into Now
Learn how to break through the time, space barriers to heal your life.  This book is a road map to heal phobias and fears from a past life that create irrational behavior. It may be the missing link to healing that Psychologist and the medical field overlook. It covers Spiritual Healing, and conscious past life regressions documented successful healing for individuals.


Life Is Forever – Get Used To It
My true-life story is an adventure into realms of the paranormal to learn about life, here and hereafter. This book provides proof of survival after physical death to comfort the mourner and inspire the truth seeker.  Both the skeptic and the curious can glimpse new worlds and find contentment.


The Forever Principles/Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head
Use this book to contact the inner spiritual essence to improve the quality of life as well as ideas to consider about exterior concepts of reality. Be in control of your future-this book shows you how in a humorous way. What if you were an angel? Would you just play the harp all the time or want to experience the different dimensions of the Universe and continue to grow in wisdom? This is a fun How To book as well as What If? Decide for yourself.

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