How Do I Deal With All The Suffering I See In The World?

My Sleepyhead Brother,

I can feel your angst when you look around at all the suffering of others. I can only offer a higher perspective to help ease this misery you feel. I can say, I have been there too. I remember it well. It was a turning point in my life.

One night as I was star gazing, wondering what is out there that calls to me, I spoke to the stars–my Star Family, as I know they have been watching me. I spoke to them the way one speaks to their Heavenly Guides. At the time, I was living through a very difficult time. At this point in time, I was living in a beautiful home on the river, and had achieved all of my life goals but one. As I stood by this beautiful river, I cried out:

“This life is so damn hard. I’m not sure I can do this anymore! I’m not sure I want to do this anymore!”

This was a cry for help to give me a way to see my way through the storm of my life.

I was about to lose my business, my home, all my years of hard work slipping away from me. It wasn’t long after this that I said to my husband, “You know, we could lose everything.”

He gave me a solemn look and replied, “So what?”

I could hear the resignation in his voice. He had been suffering as had I, and had come to the point of an understanding of what really mattered in life. This understanding could be a beautiful thing.

As he said this to me, I felt something within me shift as I saw a higher perspective of my life.

I slowly began to smile and replied, “Yeah, so what?”

I had realized, we don’t need all this “stuff.” Why did we ever think we needed all this? I was referring to the materialism, the big house, the cars, the money, the life that the money brought to us. When I was truly honest with myself, I knew deep down, I didn’t need any of this.

Then an epiphany occurred, “So this is my lesson to learn, isn’t it?” THIS is all a TRAP that was laid for us.

I had gone through my lifetime of drama, trauma, pain, and sorrow to realize, none of it meant anything. Not really.

The most surprising thing happened then. I felt something lift off of me. A heaviness just lifted off of my shoulder as I realized that I had not been looking at life in the right way. Was this a fracture of clarity I had just healed? Had I been carrying this burden for lifetimes to finally release it?

This was a higher perspective that could save me from all the programming in life, the judgment I had been subjected to even as a child, the pain of the loneliness when I realized that after all of my achievements, I had no real true friends.

The purpose of my striving so high was to prove something to myself — that I am worthy!

But all it proved is that I was surrounded by people who either wanted what I had achieved or who wanted to take it away from me.

Isn’t this what our lives are all about? The cabal wanted all the money, all the prestige, the power and the POWER OVER everyone else.

They created this matrix, this hell and misery for all of us to endure as they rubbed their greedy hands together in glee and counted the money they had stolen from us, from all the back-breaking work we had done to make something of ourselves, to have some self-esteem, something for us to be proud of, to find a value within ourselves, because all our lives we have been told we are not good enough, not worthy, only THEY are worthy.

Well, guess what? Now THEY are the ones suffering. They are the ones on the run, so to speak. They are the ones who are losing everything. They tables have turned. Why? Because the people are taking their power back.

My beloved brother, how many years have you lived on this earth? What is three more months? We are in the throes of “the Storm,” yes, we are. BUT…don’t forget what you have.

You now have the power, you now have the upper hand, you are about to be freed, you are about to inherit all that you were supposed to have from the beginning and all that was stolen from you.

My big realization was a shift of perspective that literally saved me from myself. I decided that very day of my great epiphany to take back control of my life with a vengeance. All I had to do was change the way I saw life, change my perspective on life, and take back my power.

I began letting go of the programming. I stopped looking at all my misery and pain, and began decreeing what I wanted in my life. I gave away everything that I did not need for survival.

Over the years since, I have given away furniture, and made many people very happy because they never would have enjoyed such nice furniture on their own as long as those taking power over us kept them down.

I gave away all my rich clothes, all my expensive shoes, all my jewelry, and money. I gave it all away. I let it all go because it was the trap laid for me to keep me wanting and then they have control, or so the elitist think.

Well, guess what? When you have nothing to lose, and you are not afraid anymore, they no longer have power over you.

That was MY lesson to learn. I learned how to give and not to take. I learned how to love and not to hate. I deprogrammed myself. This is a powerful mindset!

My dear beloved brother, you are not under anyone’s control unless you allow it. The Mighty Lord Tabor once said, “When you turn wholly to your ‘Presence’ for everything, and sooner or later you will come to the place where you will meet the condition when you MUST stand wholly with your ‘Presence,’ not looking to a single thing outside of yourself, the moment you really do that, your troubles will cease, precious one.”

The moment you can turn wholly to your “Presence” and say, “‘Mighty I AM Presence,’ I am just looking to you,” you cannot fail to have results. This is the mindset that will give you the power you seek.

What does this mean? It means everyone, every individual on this earth has the right of Free Will to make the decision of what he or she wants in life. Every mindset you have IS what you create.

You can look at all the suffering of the people around you, have compassion, but DO NOT pity them. They have lessons to learn and choices to make that create their world.

I say this because compassion is very different from pity. In a world with so much suffering and pain, compassion has the ability to connect and heal.

Starting with our families and friends, and extending into larger communities, and out to the world in general, compassion can open our hearts and souls to a greater way of living. This has a positive effect on both you and the other individual.

However, pity is a pitfall. It’s a trap. It is the emotion that the dark ones used to take control over us, because they knew we felt pity and we walked right into their trap. They took advantage of our pure loving hearts.

While it is true that there is tremendous suffering in this world, assuming that another is suffering has the potential to make matters worse. In some cases, a sympathetic reaction to the suffering of another may perpetuate their level of pain.

Be careful, my brother.

“To curse the act of falling down on the path may be to curse the very thing you needed to experience to take the next step.” In other words, if you take pity on the experience of another, you may prevent them from finding the deeper lesson they are about to gain.

The downside of pity is that you are potentially seeing the person as being “less than,” and may in some way contribute to their suffering. In the extreme, seeing someone as a victim holds that person in the space of being a victim.

It is time to elevate yourself and your thoughts and the way you look at life.

Remember, Prime Creator said, “This is a game we are trapped in.”

It’s only a game of dark versus Light. The game is almost over.

We are about to be freed. The best thing you could do for another is NOT support them with pity, or try to fix them, but rather teach them a higher perspective on life and how to change the outcome of their life by changing the way they see life.

That is the power we each possess. Manifesting our own world as we want to see it, not AS WE THINK WE SEE IT, translated to mean, as we have been programed to see it!

Many do not want to hear that their conditions are the result of their own choices and beliefs. In reality, this is true. We cannot blame the world for our woes because we are in control of our own world. When we have the power, the strength, and the fortitude to change within ourselves, we can make new choices and change our conditions.

One Who Serves says, “Everything is perfect as it is,” no matter what it looks like, because when one can see life through the eyes of compassion and love, let go of the pity and judgment, stop doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, then one may rise above the fray, and is no longer controlled by the old paradigm.

I send you all my love and support, dear brother. Now you know it is a great gift to teach, because helping another awaken is the greatest gift one could give.

See a higher perspective as it will ease your pain.

Blessings, Love, and Light, my precious brother.

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