Transcription of In5D Episode 35: Corey Goode – Inside The Sphere Being Alliance

With Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling September 21st 2015

   30 Sep 2015 : 17:25
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Gregg: Namaste and welcome to In5d radio. Coming to you from the 99% Quartz Crystals Sands of Sarasota Florida. I’m your host Gregg Prescott from . Tonight we are going to raise the vibration of the Planet, Galaxy and Universe. Now I created in5d to get people to think outside the box, while giving positive possibilities to what we can expect for the near future. Basically we question everything and allow people to make up their own mind, as reality is constantly changing every millisecond through our thoughts and intentions. So be careful where you place your thoughts, as thoughts and intentions are manifesting quicker than ever. Joining me from the in5d studio is my co-host Michelle Walling, how are you doing tonight Michelle?Gregg: Could you repeat that, you weren’t live on the airMichelle: Wow, hi everybody I am really looking forward to this show, and I tell you what, with Mercury in retrograde it can only get better from here. Welcome to in5d radio.

Gregg: (Chuckles) Yes you know that is the first thing I thought about with all these glitches that are going on. Apparently, as Corey and I were about this earlier, you and I were talking about this as well, Skype had some issues going on and people were unable to use Skype at all earlier today so there is something funky going on right now. I had Corey on Skype, he is calling in right now so we will be bringing him in, in a minute. But how was your weekend? Tell me a little bit about your weekend Michelle?

Michelle: (Chuckles) Well since you were with me I will share with everyone. I had a great weekend, we went to Fort Lauderdale, I was a special guest on Kelli Coffee and Dwaine Hartman The Raw Truth Tour. I spoke to the folks there, we had a great relaxing weekend. We also met up with some in5d authors. Do you want to tell everybody who we had lunch with on Saturday?

Gregg: Yeah, we met for dinner with several in5d writers Max Apodaca who co-writes many articles with Yolanda, and Yolanda Arenas is an amazing Tarot card reader, whom you’ll be getting a reading from next weekend.

Michelle: Yes, I can’t wait. She also has an ad on the right hand side of the in5d page where you can just click that ad and it goes right to her booking, so I am really looking forward to having that. I really enjoyed meeting Max for the first time, actually it was the first time for Yollie as well. Yeah so we had a wonderful weekend and we are settled back in for today. Just to let everybody know, I am unable to get into the chat room, I can see all of you. Hi everyone but I am unable to, I am logged in but it says I am not logged in (chuckles). I am unable to actually interact with you, but I can see what your Burberry Cashmere Scarf Sale putting in there. On this show tonight we are not going to take any callers at the end, but if you do have a very important question be sure to put it in the chat.

I also wanted to, ok, so we have all the technicalities done. I wanted to mention that I have a new show on in5d radio and that would be Candace Craw-Goldman has QHH Healing show that is on Friday nights, that is the same time as my show which is 8pm EST. Candace is a QHH Healing Practitioner, she will be bringing on practitioners as well as clients with their experiences. That will be awesome, we already had the first show on Friday night. You can find that on blogtalkradio at the moment, it will be uploaded to in5d YouTube channel soon. My Cosmic Awakening show you can catch Thursday at 8pm. I don’t want to plug that to much here, we are just talking about how much in5d has expanded. Gregg we also have the in5d network where I get on act like a fool and have my picture taken.

(Chuckles from both hosts) I have videos of certain topics that I get an idea and I get on video. Anyway all of the in5d shows can be found on iTunes, we also have classics like Helane Lipson show with Matt Kahn, Gregg and Heidi interviewed Dolores Cannon. One of my favourite shows is Dr Simon Atkins which has something like crazy 8,000 views on YouTube so I am real grateful for that, to be able to get information out to people. So yeah let’s get right to it Gregg.

Gregg: (11:20) Yeah, I just want to add be sure to check out our in5d YouTube channel where we have over 113,000 subscribers, and literally hundreds of videos. Definitely check it out. So Michelle, I am really excited about tonight’s show can you introduce our guest?

Michelle: (11:36) I sure would.
Identified as an intuitive empath, which is with precognitive abilities. Corey Goode was recruited through one of the programs at the young age of 6. Goode trained and served in the program from 1976-1987. Towards the end of his time as a he was assigned to an support role for a rotating Earth delegate seat, shared by the Secret Earth Government groups, in a human type ET super federation council. MILAB is a term coined for the Military Abduction of a person that indoctrinates and train’s them for a number of military black ops programs. Goode’s abilities played an important role communicating with non-terrestrial beings, termed interfacing, as part one of the Secret Space Program, is short for Secret Space Program. During his 20 year service, he had a variety of experiences and assignments, including the intruder intercept interrogation program. You know they have all these letters (chuckles) for all of these programs they have. Assignment to the ASSRIV which is called axillary specialized space research interstellar class vessel, much more. And this all occurred in a 20 and back agreement from 1986-2007 with recall work until the present day. Goode now it works in the information Technology and communications industry with 20 years experience in hardware and software virtualization physical and I T security, counter electronic surveillance, risk assessment and executive protection. All that means is don’t mess with Corey. And served for the Texas Army state guard from 2007-2012. C4I (difficult to hear)which is command control communications (inaudible) and intelligence.


(Inaudible some strange noise continued in the background). Goode continues his IE work now and is in direct physical contact with the Blue Avains of the Sphere Being Alliance. Who have chosen him as a delegate to interface with multiple ET federations and councils on their behalf. The liaison with the Alliance council and to deliver important messages to humanity. With all that being said Corey Goode welcome to in5d radio. ( )

Corey: (14:20) Thank you. I need to come up with an abbreviated version for hosts, don’t I.

Michelle: (14:26) (Laughing) All Cheap Jordan Shoes those letters and all those long terms. We are really glad to have you on the show tonight. I apologize for all the technical difficulties. What we would like to do this evening. Oh and by the way you and I actually grew up no less than 30 miles from each other, in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Isn’t that something.

Corey: (14:46) Interesting, yeah

Michelle: (14:51) You had a way different childhood than I did. (Chuckles) You were off traveling around to Mars and different places like that. So (chuckles) but I appreciate joining us tonight. What we would like to do is get right into the questions. Gregg go ahead with your first question

Gregg: (15:10) Alright. Well I wrote an article on in5d called Corey Goode’s interview and voice analysts. I have this voice analysts software that analyzes people voices and can tell me whether they’re standing in their truth. If they are right brained, which is the creative side of their brain, or left brained which is the analytical side, which notes in their cadence are the strongest, what each note represents and so on. So first of all I would like to thank you for sharing that article on your Sphere Alliance Facebook page Corey.

Corey: (15:46) Sure. It was interesting

Gregg: (15:48) Yeah, thank you after running a voice analysis on you I determined that you firmly believe in what you are telling people. Additionally your voice analysis. Sorry go ahead

Corey: (15:55) Sorry, go ahead I don’t want to interrupt you

Gregg: (16:06) Well alright. Additionally your voice analysis shows that you are right brained, which is the creative side and answers more so by reaction, then thinking out your answers, which is a sign of truth. With that being said, how can you be sure that your thoughts and memories aren’t MILAB implants, where you believe what has been implanted, but it never actually happened?

Corey: (16:30) Well, I guess for the most part, every single person on this planet is a certain amount brainwashed and mind controlled. So. Everyone of us, we’re a certain amount, there is a certain amount we are manipulated and controlled in the way we think and believe things. So that is a given. But I have gone through a long (strange noise in the background) process. I apologize for the sound in the background my local network at my house went down at the same time.

Michelle: (17:15) (laughing)
Corey: (17:17) It went down the same time I was trying to call in with you guys.

Michelle: (17:19) WOW

Corey: (17:20) Yeah. But there is about 3-5% of people that they have a very hard time with blank slating and putting in the screen memories, and those were the intuitive empaths group. It’s mainly because this group of individuals has a stronger connection with their higher self light body. Your memories are not only contained in your chemical physical hard drive brain, they are also contained in your soul or light body. That is how people actually are able to have past life memories. I mean otherwise it would be impossible for a person to have, in their physical brain, to have past life memories when they were physically born into this life. So when you have that connection to that part of your being you have access to those memories. And, when they are blank slating you, they are, what they are doing is accessing your sort of physical hard drive, they are actually going into your physical brain, and playing with your brain chemistry and the electromagnetic fields in your brain. So they will, do that with the intuitive empaths and sometimes it will take shortly, but they are that group, they always had a very big problem being able to completely control and completely install screen memories on. The individual’s basically would reboot and have access to this virtual hard drive or their light body soul memories. If that makes any sense.

Michelle: (19:47) It does make sense actually. When you think about it we are all having a holographic experience that is run by a program, and the program is a light matrix, and then somehow we have this light overlay, from what I guess, you would call the dark beings that have infiltrated this reality and really have put these programs, and that would be our education system, our political system, the banking system and we have agreed to the program and that is what we are running here. So in a way everybody is mind controlled and we also have implants. I was just wondering, I did a show on implant removal just recently. I was just wondering if you feel like that you have some implants that your having to work through and neutralize by centering and grounding and balancing because I know that you can neutralize implants by doing that.

Corey: (20:40) Yes, yeah. In the programs they would utilize different types of implants. And, one of the things that is very controversial, when I got onto this topic, I had kind of a falling out with the original people I was talking to because people have their own personal belief systems about this. But they use entity attachments, as gatekeepers, so I had access to these memories, but they used entity attachments, these dark entities that they would attach to your soul body. You would be able to access these memories, but whenever you would try to talk about it, you would stammer, have a speech impediment, you would have an anxiety attack, you would be just unable to speak it out loud, even though you would have the memory of it. That was kind of a fail-safe.

Michelle: (21:56) Uhuh

Corey: (21:57) And I found that I had an entity attachment and I had to, there are a number of ways to remove them. Coming from a I guess more of a Christian background, I used the name of Jesus in my case. Other people use different methods. I was able to remove my entity attachment. It ended up that there were quite a few entity attachments and this one was the gatekeeper. When the entity attachments were removed, I all of a sudden was able to speak out loud about it. And, was able to write. I would have to sneak around the entity attachment even when I was writing, I had to write vaguely about it, and write around the subject, or if I would talk I would have to talk around the subject I could not talk directly about my experiences, or directly about certain aspects of what I was involved in because this entity attachment that actually called itself the Gatekeeper prevented me from doing so. I know that sounds bizarre to a lot of people, but people who listen to this information that doesn’t sound bizarre to.

Michelle: (23:27) No it does not. I had I think. Well first of all by taking on a human body we made an applied agreement at this time to take on a human body, in the fine print. It said, “Oh and by the way, we are going to attach entities to your chakras so that we can control your emotions and take your energy from you”. So it doesn’t really sound, yeah. Yeah and those can come back as well, and what we have to do. I know what you talk a lot about Corey, is basically living your life in truth, love and compassion. And, actually I’m going to be doing a show on the Cosmic Awakening show in two weeks about how to neutralize these implants because this is what we are doing here with Ascension, we are raising our vibration and we are neutralizing these control mechanism that this holographic insert has on us. And, that is how we are going to free ourselves.

Corey: (24:28) No it doesn’t. I had I think. Well first of all by taking on a human body we made an applied agreement at this time to take on a human body, in the fine print. It said “Oh and by the way we are going to attach entities to your chakras so that we can control your emotions and take your energy from you”. So it doesn’t really sound, yeah. Yeah and those can come back as well, and what we have to do. I know what you talk a lot about Corey, is basically living your life in truth, love and compassion. And that really, actually I’m going to be doing a show on the Cosmic Awakening show in 2 weeks about how to neutralize these implants, because this is what we are doing here with Ascension, we are raising our vibration and we are neutralizing this control mechanism that this holographic insert has on us. And that is how we are going to free ourselves. .

Michelle: (26:48) Okay, yeah. I totally agree, and I really appreciate talking about this subject because it is very important. I don’t want to put fear in anybody, and that is why we are really having this discussion, we want to give people as much information as possible.

Corey: (27:00) Oh no, instead of scare someone, it should empower them, to know that time is short for these types of attachments and implants that they can’t exist in a loving person and a higher frequency person and in a higher frequency environment. That is good news that is not bad news.

Gregg: (27:29) So what you’re saying though, is that while some people work on removing attachments from other people and they have that gift, what your saying basically other people and everyone else doesn’t have them removed they will have to go through almost like a heroin addiction type scenario.

Corey: (27:50) Right

Gregg: (27:52) Well, okay

Michelle: (27:53) Well that is good for the healers to know what is going on

Corey: (27:56) Yeah, and a lot of these people will be acting really bizarre, a lot of people use the words an end time madness behaviour. And, it will be very similar to someone coming off of an opiate, cold turkey, the people will have physical symptoms, they will be acting out, sometimes very aggressively, there will be symptoms that a lot of these healers reiki-type people light workers will recognize and be able to move in and help the people with.

Michelle: (28:42) Well, what is going to happen they will find themselves without a source of energy because they haven’t found the energy within themselves, like you said they are going to be flipping out, some people are going to get sick and unfortunately some people will be leaving. Eventually leave their body when they live the rest of their lives on the planet. But I just want everybody to know that on a soul level everybody here already has a place, a vibration, a dimension to be going based on your soul experiences, as well as, how far you have gotten in this particular lifetime, in awakening and doing the work needed to raise your vibration and neutralize these implants. So

Gregg: (29:26) And another thing to that I wanted to bring up. Michelle and I have noticed this, and I’m sure you have noticed this as well Corey, there is just a whole lot of dissension going on, among spiritual groups, and you see people calling out other people, I’m not going to name names, I’m not going to call out those people that are doing that because they know who they are and it’s not worth my time and effort to sink down to their level. Are you noticing the same thing, with all this division amongst spiritual groups, you know the whole divided and conquer chaos thing.

Corey: (29:56) Yes, and I have written an article about that, about keeping your reality bubble permeable, and developing, and it is a very touchy subject for a lot of people, a lot of people have developed their own UFO religions and belief systems, it’s hard not to do. We are genetically programmed, we have been genetically tinkered with to look to worship a higher being, to look for a leader or a guru and that kind of a thing. Instead of looking inwardly and try to develop our own co-creative consciousness and raise our own vibrations. So, yeah I’m not going to focus on any people or particular group either. This is also something that was done by design, ufology and all these different groups, there have been people that have infiltrated it since the early 1950s and they wanted all of these people, at their root they just want to love and to grow, but they move in and they want to keep these people fragmented and at each other’s throats instead of working together because they know if we work together lovingly and our co-creative consciousness together, we are very powerful. So if they can keep us divided and arguing about our differences and esoteric theologies, then they’re not necessarily winning, but they are putting off the inevitable.

Gregg: (31:50) Yeah, they’re keeping us distracted basically. You know, look over here.

Corey: (31:54) Exactly

Gregg: (31:55) Focus on this while we should be moving ahead and forward. Now I have seen numerous Orbs of various colours throughout my lifetime, some people have claimed that all are artificial intelligence.

Corey: (32:10) (Chuckles)

Gregg: (32:10) Which I personally believe is new age disinfo. Do you believe that all Orbs are artificial intelligence?

Corey: (32:17) No, and if you have noticed this something that has come out fairly recently

Michelle: (32:23) Yes.

Corey: (32:24) (Sigh) One of the major things that I started talking about, about nine months ago, I started talking about the major ED/ET/AI threat, a major threat throughout multiple galaxies, multiple ET groups are leery of this AI, AI in particular, and the secret space programs heavily screen for any type of AI signal overlay in your its kind of like they do an EEG on you if there is more than one signal, they can tell there is an AI signal or any type of sign that you have been influenced by nano technology. There is a certain faction of the cabal groups that are what we call AI prophet. They have been using this AI that has a very accurate probable future type of program that is helping them stay one step ahead from being arrested or caught. There have been several times there has been some real progress announced, they were about to take down the cabal, and this cabal group has been able to stay one step ahead using this AI technology. A lot of them see it as a God and a lot of the information that has been released about this has gotten them really upset. So what they are doing is, the kindergarten “I know you are, but what am I” kind of thing. Anything that is Sphere related, Orb related or Blue Avian related now all of a sudden it’s an artificial intelligence psyop.

Michelle: (34:36) Well, I have noticed that and you know, it’s really funny because they are panicking right now because of this way of energy that, as you know is already bathing the planet, it is supposed to be really strong here, very good timing for this show. This week, and next week, we should be able to see some evidence of energetic some forces bathing the planet that will pretty much shake things up. I have noticed that we have been able to see the truth come out, on people who really, before were saying, they have been saying things for years they claim is the truth, but now they were kind of hanging out for a while, and now they are not able to lie anymore. (Chuckles) Their true colours are coming out. We are being able to use better discernment. That is really good that helps out a lot. So, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving us, giving our listeners a little bit of clarification on, what you see this wave of energy coming onto the planet, originating from and how it will begin to affect people here, besides the fact that you already said some people are actually going to feel it, you know it’s going to shake their world apart, it’s actually literally vibrating things that don’t resonate with it apart. But how will it affect those of us who are doing our work, will it give us psychic powers that we didn’t have before? What is your take?

Corey: (36:17) Well OK, I’ll start back in the secret space program, they have been studying this since at least the 80s, the energetic changes that are coming and it’s not just this super wave that is coming from the center of the Galaxy that people are talking about, these waves have been coming from the center of the Galaxy like crazy and it’s been picking up in frequency for a while. This is happening, but what is also been happening is that our local star cluster, solar system is traveling through this giant torsion field that is our Galaxy and it is heading into a very high vibratory area of the Galaxy and they, for a long time were actually sending vessels out, these are actually clouds of high density energetic particles, giant clouds of high energetic particles, and we are heading into these giant clouds of high energetic particles as well. So it is not only these waves coming in from the centre of the Galaxy. I just wanted to make that clear because I hear much about these x-waves coming from the centre of the Galaxy, this is something that they were studying for decades now and we are sending craft out to study these giant interstellar clouds of energy that they knew our star system was heading into.

Gregg: (38:11) We have a question in the chat room that is related to this, and it is from Kim Burnet (sorry if misspelled), and Kim wants to know have the actually found a way to measure these incoming waves?

Corey: (38:24) Well, yes they measure the incoming waves from the centre of the galaxy, they measure cosmic waves all sorts coming from all directions at all times because there is a lot of different interaction that can occur especially during portal travel, when certain types of cosmic energy cross each other, there is a cross point and it can cause feedback throughout the cosmic web that is why they have a very, very complicated hyper dimensional mathematics model that they use for calculating a lot of this portal travel. They also have to pay close attention to, sending probes out to measure and detect different types of waves of cosmic radiation that are coming in from the centre of the galaxy and coming out from other parts of the cosmos.

Gregg: (39:41) Now speaking of measurements, here is something I am curious about. Time is only relevant to this planet, 24 hrs in a day, 365 days in a year, 12 months in a year, how do other galactic races track time do they have calendars or clocks?

Corey: (40:03) Well, they use, depending on their local star system, they usually have what we have, like some sort of standard Zulu time, some sort of standard time for their local star system and wherever they go in the Universe they are working off their local star system time. They keep their circadian rhythm going we do the same thing.

Gregg: (40:46) So when you attend these alliance meetings how do other attendees know what the local star system time is, in conjunction with everyone else, and which particular day it would be?

Corey: (41:00) I don’t know that they’re given the other people’s time. I think they are given the information in their time, but the groups that are attending these meetings are, these people are stationed here in our star system. They are living in embassies in our star system usually under oceans, underground, on our planet, on moons, or other planets, planetoids there is a lot of activity in the Kuiper belt. Most of these groups they pretty much live in embassies here in this sol system.

Michelle: (41:54) Well, I have a question, in the chat room. Is there a specific date for the energetic wave to end and will disclosure automatically happen when the wave ends?

Corey: (42:07) Well, like I said, we are talking about these energetic waves that people are talking about that are coming from the center of the galaxy, but we have just begun to enter these high energy clouds, only since, I believe since the 1930s and 40s that they talked about, when we started to enter the outskirts of some of these clouds, and we haven’t really gotten into the most dense part of these high energetic clouds, in this part of the Galaxy that we are heading into, in our solar system.

Gregg: (42:56) Is that the Photon belt, that you are talking about?

Corey: (42:57) No, it’s not the Photon belt. These are actual high energetic clouds that are dispersed out, and these clouds are like the size of nebulas. They are really large, they are spread out through the size may be like, this might even be to big, but if you’re looking down from the top of the galaxy like a clock and cut it up into pies, like slices of pie, 1/16th of a slice, a very small slice area of the galaxy.

Michelle: (43:56) We didn’t really get into, oh I’m sorry go ahead and finish (chuckles)

Corey: (43:58) I was going to move on to the rest of your question

Michelle: (44:06) Yes

Corey: (44:07) About what we can expect. They started to do a lot of some unethical tests on some people to try to figure that out, exposing some people, in some of the research vessels, they took outside the solar system and also some, they tried to reproduce these in chambers and expose people unwittingly to some of these energies. The answer is it depends totally on your polarity, if you’re a positive or service to others type of self you are going to be more so, if your a selfish service to self kind of negative person you are going to become more so. So the energy kind of enhances what you all ready are. It depends on, if you have been trying to put energy into yourself, selfishly then it’s going to make you more of a selfish negative person in the beginning, people that are loving that are trying to help other people it is going to make them more so. From what they have found out, everybody is going to feel, kind of need some drama meme if you know what I mean. It is going to have an effect on us to where we are going to feel it and it could be a bit confusing, can cause some confusion. Social problems between families and people in the world that are interacting that are not of the same polarity. As far as superpowers, that also is going to depend on the individual. How developed they are all ready, if they have been, if they are one of these people that sit in a cave and meditate a lot, and are working on all these spiritual practices in the East, and are really advance already, then they are going to be quite a bit ahead of everybody else that are working 9-5, sitting in front of the TV every day, going to bed, waking up and repeating the process the next day. So, it is going to be more, it appears it is going to be more of a gradual process, people aren’t going to wake up in the morning and walk outlook both ways like Neo on the Matrix, put on their sunglasses and take off and fly.

Gregg: (47:39) Uh huh

Michelle: (47:40) Damn. (Chuckles)

Corey: (47:41) Yeah (chuckles)

Gregg: (47:41) That’s what I would have said anyway

Michelle: (47:42) (Laughing)

Corey: (47:44) (Chuckles) It would be nice. It would be nice, it would be great. But you know I hate to stamp on some people’s dreams, but the evidence that I have seen inside the program and from what I have been told in some of these meetings, it looks like it is going to be a gradual process and most of it has to do with each person’s personal development.

Gregg: (48:22) So it’s like the change of seasons

Corey: (48:23) Yeah

Michelle: (48:24) How did they test, how did they do this test Corey? Did they use HARP or CERN energetic waves around the planet?

Corey: (48:34) Which test?

Michelle: (48:36) The test that you said that they were already testing how this energy is going to effect the planet.

Corey: (48:43) Well, they were testing it on individuals in certain programs secret space programs,

Michelle: (48:52) Oh, okay

Corey: (48:52) Unsuspecting individuals, like they would put people in a room a chamber and tell them to concentrate, work on this project, they would think they were working on some project and they were part of one thing, when they were actually piping certain energies into the room that were as close as they could reproduce to be the high energy particle clouds, they were going and shooting probes into, to get information from, and they were also when these vessels were getting very close to these high energy clouds the fields from these clouds alone were effecting the people in the vessel.

Gregg: (49:48) Oh, wow

Corey: (49:48) So, this is where they were gaining a lot of this information.

Gregg: (49:54) Uh huh. We have a question in the chat room from a Emily Benitez(sorry if it is misspelled). Who wants to know, what are all the best ways to ride this wave, to benefit us the most?

Corey: (50:05) I always go back to the message that focuses daily on being more and more service to others, it is so important that we got to work on being very forgiving to those who have wronged us, and most of all be forgiving of ourselves and that is the hardest part. Shining the light on the inside doing the inner work, finding the dark parts of ourselves that we try to ignore. Call ourselves light workers, but ignore the little dark parts. Shine the light on there. Forgive ourselves. I’ve had a lot of problems with that. Then, move on and try to become more loving. Do all we can to learn more about raising our vibration, and raise our consciousness, learn about the power of our consciousness. We are going to start learning more and more about the nature of the world around us that everything is vibration, our thought, our bodies, the walls around us, light, everything is all vibration and our consciousness being thought is vibration. Our co-creative consciousness together we can focus our co-creative consciousness together and we can directly effect energy and matter. Therefore, we can affect our reality.

Gregg: (52:02) Yes, that’s what they say, they proved it through that double slit experiment where focus and intent changes our reality. They have proven that with the Maharishi effect, virtually through the same thing where focused meditation significantly reduces violence throughout cities and whatever. Yeah

Corey: (52:22) Yeah

Gregg: (52:22) Yeah, it does make a huge difference and people that are still asleep (sigh) have a hard time understanding that process. Now just getting back to one last thing about time. Do any Extraterrestrial races use astrology as a way of tracking time through various astrological cycles?

Corey: (52:42) I don’t know.

Gregg: (52:43) Okay. You know one of the things I follow here is Pluto and Capricorn and I am seeing this huge cycle. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was the 1700s during the French and American revolutions, and if you look around the world, what is going on right now is revolutions, it’s a cycle of time and what we can expect Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and stays there until 2023, and right on schedule in 2008 we saw the collapse of all these too big to fail banks, well all these banks except for the too big to fail banks and we are seeing revolutions going on throughout the world. What Pluto does, it’s known as the destroyer and it tears down everything that is not in humanities best interest. So what we can expect to see up to the year 2023 is a collapse of money, government and religion and we are already seeing a collapse of all three right now. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Corey: (53:43) Well yeah because our bodies we have a strong bio-neural field, the Universe is actually a bio-electric Universe and a torsion field Universe, all of these bodies in our solar system are going to have a direct connection and correlation with each person just like I explained on when I was talking about portals, how the Sun has a filament connection with every planet in our solar system, an electromagnetic filament connection, there is a large torsion field around the Sun, the planet, well of course you know our bio-neural field around our body is a torsion field. We are going to have a type of connection with everything in our solar system as well. When people make the comment “everything in time and space is connected” that is literally true. Everything in this Universe is connected, in probably many different ways, but has been proven through portal travel the hyper dimensional mathematics model they use that every single point in space and time are connected they use that information to travel.

Michelle: (55:25) I was wondering about, in our solar system there are a lot of people out there talking about Saturn being the projector of this matrix and it comes from Saturn to the Moon, all this programming on the Moon, and you know a lot about the Moon, we will be talking about that next. How does Saturn play into the interaction with Earth? Because there are a lot of people that want to blame Saturn, blame the black box, in the Sun or behind the Sun there is a lot of talk about this. What do you know about it?

Corey: (55:57) Well, Saturn has quite a lot of ancient and current Extraterrestrial activity. I have talked about the ancient builder race that a lot of the illuminati groups tried to incorporate into their religions, and tried to make them their gods, but when it comes down to it, the ET’s that are visiting us, don’t know who they were, a lot of ancient ET’s that came through, kind of have gone by a lot of the ancient builders monument’s that are on other moons and other planets, we know there were glyphs at one time that have been wiped off and removed. Kind of like when one King comes in and they chisel off the name of the other King on these monuments. So, there is quite a bit of ancient builder technology in the Saturn region. A lot of this comes from lots of lore, this is where I have to be careful because there is a lot of sacred cows, and a lot of belief systems. I have been stepping on a lot of toes lately.

Michelle: (57:32) (Laughing)

Corey: (57:32) Well you know I have been out there around, let’s just say I have been around Jupiter, a lot of the area around Saturn is highly restricted, even our secret space programs. There are a lot of ET groups that have that area staked as their own.

Michelle: (58:03) Well is our whole solar system moving up in vibration?

Corey: (58:08) Yes

Michelle: (58:08) I mean the whole Universe is

Corey: (58:10) Yes

Michelle: (58:10) The whole solar system is. So

Corey: (58:11) Well, definitely, not only our whole solar system, but our local star cluster, all the local stars in our region. We are heading to a higher vibrational area of our galaxy. That is why and some other people have pointed out that we have all this climate change and strange anomalies that have been occurring on all of the planets. Steadily increasing each year, some sort of hexagon, I don’t know if it is geographical anomaly that I think appeared on Saturn, I think on its North Pole. That is caused by frequency, a change in frequency in the solar system. This is translating down to people. People are acting bizarre.

Michelle: (59:19) (Chuckling) Yes, Oh yes

Corey: (59:19) I mean if you haven’t noticed. People are acting pretty bizarre. It is getting more and more pronounced, it is going to increase, increase and increase. We are going to be seeing more and more bizarre types of behaviour. This change in vibrational energy entering into our solar system is like cosmic Red Bull (chuckles).

Michelle: (59:57) With wings (Chuckles)

Everyone: (1:00:00) Laughing

Corey: (1:00:01) Yeah, with wings (Laughing)

Michelle: (1:00:04) Sorry for the pun there

Corey: (1:00:05) I like it, I wish I would have thought of it.

Michelle: (1:00:09) (Chuckling)

Gregg: (1:00:11) Now we have a question in5D Facebook one of our members there. He wants to if you can go into more detail on what is inside the Moon and who built it?

Corey: (1:00:22) Well

Gregg: (1:00:24) And that question comes from Mark Patenaude (sorry if it is misspelled), sorry I just wanted to give him credit for that.

Corey: (1:00:29) That’s okay. I have been not allowed below a certain level of the Lunar Operation Command. It bugs the snot out of me. Just about every meeting that has been up there, they have been bringing between 30-80 civilians, just everyday people from around the planet that have been going up, these people haven’t been coming forward to talk about it. I don’t know if they’ve been told to keep quiet about it. I know they aren’t blank slating people, the alliance isn’t blank slating people, but they are keeping quiet about it. These people are being taken on a full tour of the . There has been a couple of times where I have seen the side view map, I see that the is narrower at the top, and goes wider, wider kind of shaped like a bell, it goes if not all the way down, pretty far down, close to the outer room of what the Moon really is. I haven’t seen what is on the inside. I have heard rumours and information from people, but I did read on the smart glass pads that it was artificial, something that was created, artificially that was flown into the position that it is in now around 500,000 years ago, it was put into a tidal lock with the Earth and left there, apparently refugees that were on board it, many perished, some came from that vessel to the Earth.

Michelle: (1:03:03) Well I was just wondering, Oh I’m sorry. I was just wondering if there is a hologram cover-up, where we actually see because there was this one guy on YouTube who was using a high powered telescope and camera, he actually filmed a glitch in the program. The cover up that we are seeing. Do you know anything about that?

Corey: (1:03:27) Yeah, the Moon is basically split up like Antarctica is, into diplomatic zones. Some of the ET groups that have been there for many thousands of years, they do have a holographic type of projection that they use to hide their activities.

Gregg: (1:04:01) Okay. Now on one of your episodes you mentioned that the Sun or Sol is an electric stargate that is being fed by some sort of waves that are hitting it. Many people have noticed that the Sun has gone from a deep egg yolk yellow color to basically being white. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Corey: (1:04:22) Yeah, it is because of these frequency changes, shifting, the star is shifting. It is also because, I don’t have the information in front of me now, I don’t have access to the internet, it’s on my site somewhere. In the last 10 years the hydrogen bond there has been a change in the chemistry in the surface layers, it has definitely shifted from yellow to more of an orange color when seen from space.

Gregg: (1:05:20) Ah, okay but from here it looks whiter. Doesn’t it?

Corey: (1:05:25) Yeah, when viewed through the atmosphere. Yeah it does. It is definitely going through vibratory change that is affecting it. The sun is changing energy in to matter, it’s basically a giant replicator. So, it’s producing water, hydrogen, it’s producing all types of things that become combined further outside and become minerals even. The sun is a lot more complex, nothing like what mainstream science is putting forth what it is.

Gregg: (1:06:17) Well, honestly the way I see it like alchemy, as above so below, as within so without. What is happening on the sun is merely what is happening to us on an individual level, we are also changing I have a feeling. Would you agree with that?

Corey: (1:06:32) Yeah, absolutely, everybody is that is why we are seeing some people behaving very bizarre, some people starting to really look into becoming more spiritual. Like I said it has to do with your polarity. The people that are kind of good at heart anyway, good people, are becoming better, they are looking to become more spiritual, more service to others on their planet, they are looking to become more loving and helpful to people. People that have struggled with mental illnesses they are getting hit really hard. People that have struggled with negative feelings about themselves, feelings about the world or other people, those negative feelings and thoughts are enhanced, they are becoming very triggered and reactionary to just about anything.

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