My Sleepyhead Brother,

You are sleeping so much because you are being upgraded by your Spirit Team of over 100 light beings. You are receiving “upgrades” to your physical body as you become a crystalline being.

This is necessary for your body to withstand the 5D energy coming to earth and to ascend during the Event.

The human body is fragile. If you didn’t receive the upgrades, your body could not withstand the compression breakthrough of the new light.

When the DNA is altered, it responds slowly. So, ingenious as Source is, you need the gradual upgrades to your bodies because you are ascending in stages, allowing all of your bodies [mental, physical, emotional] to slowly accept the changes. This also explains the time this takes to process your body toward the Event.

Prime Creator issued a directive decreeing that instead of ascending, as has been done in the past, by leaving the body behind and ascending into your Light Body, now you will be taking your human body with you as you ascend.

Your DNA is precious for future prosperity and to create advanced humans. Yes, you are deeply respected and admired by all intergalactically for this current ascension achievement. You did not know you were held in such high esteem, did you? No one told you this, did they? This is because you have been lied to for so long. You will be greatly honored for all your sacrifices.

Our current Ascension Process is one that has never been done before, because for the first time in the history of the Universe, an entire planet is ascending. This is also one of the reasons why so many galactic ships are here to watch this process. In other words, the entire population is undergoing its own and Gaia’s Ascension as a collective of enormous proportion.

There are now 550 million Light Ships around the earth watching and assisting in earth’s progress because of this monumental feat. Collectives have ascended before; for instance, one you have heard of is the Mayans. But this was a tribe. Not an entire planet of beings!

Also, something unknown to many is that everything humans do affects the future of the entire galaxy and all the planets within this galaxy, as they are all connected. This includes descending to 3D from higher dimensional times such as Atlantis and Lemuria.

How does what humans do here affect the other planets, you may ask? Well, this is the second reason why so many galactic ships are here watching and supporting this process.

You see, in the past, our 3D world has held back the advancement of other 5D and above planets because if we do not ascend, neither do they. As above, so below.

Therefore, all higher dimensional planet civilizations support us because they want to ascend as well, and this 3D quagmire we have lived in must be allowed no more. Thus we have galactic support because our galactic neighbors also ascend when we do.

Do you see what a monumental spectacular show that is going on here on earth? And YOU, my dear, dear one, (as well as other Light-workers) are at the apex of the creators who are here manifesting this miracle because of the work you do for the Light Forces and for Gaia.

Do you see how blessed you are, my dear one? Gaia needs us and we need Gaia. As She Ascends, so do humans–as we Ascend, so do our galactic neighbors. We are all one! Gaia is Ascending and taking us with her.

For what your body is going through, you require a great deal of sleep, rest, and regeneration.

Yes, my love, I have also been experiencing this. Some days I can sleep 12 hours straight, get up and work for a few hours and down I go again for another 4 hours. The past 2 weeks, I have struggled to stay awake, and finally just collapse. If I resist, I’m brought to my knees, as if my Higher Self is saying, “NOW, we need you asleep!” So–out I go.

When you sleep, changes happen within your molecular structure and adjustments are made within all of your bodies–-your physical, mental, emotional, and etheric healing, raising of your vibration, and your molecular structure morphs into the Crystalline Light Body that you are becoming.

When you are awakened at crazy hours in the night, this is because changes in your body need to be anchored and you need to be awake to anchor them, and on you go to the next change to take place. Can you imagine that? Wonderful as it is.

Other symptoms of the Ascension are achy and sore joints. This is because you are working hard while you sleep.

The Star Seeds are releasing great quantities of density from all humankind, as the Star Seed’s body is the only one strong enough to handle the darkness being purged from the earth. This is because the Star Seeds experience a higher dimension in a parallel life on another planet. Star Seeds exist on a Higher Plane and have the capacity to withstand the transfer of the dark energies that are removed from all of mankind’s lifetimes/timelines–not just your own.

The dark energies are drawn through the Star Seed for transmutation back into positive energy/Love. This is being done with the help of many advanced Light Beings in the 550 million light ships around the earth who take part in mankind’s ascension process. This includes your personal spirit guides, angels, archangels, and ascended masters.

The energy begins coming in with the solstice, and henceforth, the 21st of each month, earth will be hit with another greater-wave of energy with each intensifying as we get closer and closer to the ascension.

Your body, my sleepyhead brother, is quickly being brought up to a point for the ascension to take place where you can cross the Rainbow Bridge easily to 5D Nova Earth and beyond. So now as this latest wave wanes, it loses some of its power and its effects on you, just in time for you to prepare yourself for the next wave later next month.

So, accept the changes with grace and ease, for resistance will make the process much more difficult.

Bless the changes, send them love. Welcome the changes because, dear one, you are Ascending into your Crystalline Light body.

So here you go again.

Are you ready to get started ???

Valuable Nutritional Information For Diabetics 1 & 2 And For HEART/BLOOD Related Issues, Cancer & More!

by Nancy B. Detweiler

and MEG DAVIS, Nutritionist & Acupuncturist


 (We miss you sister Meg, we honor you, and can’t wait to hear you again! )

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Click on link below to take to to tipi in document):


0.  Link to Live Blog Talk Radio Nutrition Discussion

1. Statement about Ascension and protein requirements

2. Link to carb counting website

3. Recommended carbohydrate levels for optimal health

4. List of Food in Carbohydrate category

5. Short “You Tube” videos explaining blood sugar connection with diseases (highly recommend!)

6. Best food article I’ve ever read

7. Great read and print article for family and friends to explain blood sugar

8. List of vegan protein sources

9. Westin A. Price website mentioned by Michelle on Sunday’s call – whole food resource

10. Terrific cookbook on whole food nutrition, almost like a textbook

11. Basics of “What the heck do I eat” PDF

12. Favorite recipe website

13. Kitchen appliance MUST for quick and easy meals

14. Juicing

15. Revamped food pyramid – we can add to this and make it better

16. Best greens to eat

17. Stages of Blood Sugar Imbalances (associated symptoms listing

0. Link to Live Blog Talk Radio Nutrition Discussion:

1. Statement about Ascension and protein requirements: *** One thing to remember about Ascension and shifting nutrition recommendations is that the more crystalline-based our DNA becomes, the less protein we require. Protein breaks down into amino acids which are the building blocks for the carbon-based DNA structure. So donʼt worry so much about getting enough protein, there is plenty of protein in the plants you eat, nuts & seeds, quinoa, and le- gumes. You might require more protein if you are doing alot of exercising, weight-training and athletics. (see below – vegan protein sources)***

2. Link to carb counting website:  How many grams of carb in foods:


3. Recommended carbohydrate levels for optimal health:

0-50 grams – rapid weight loss
51-80 grams – slower weight loss
81 – 150 grams – maintenance (the more exercise you do, the more carbs will burn)

*** less exercise – 81 – 100 grams

*** more exercise – 101 – 150 grams

150 – 300 grams – high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, immune problems, pre-diabetes, heart disease
300+ grams – TROUBLE!!! diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity

4. List of Food in Carbohydrate category: *** use in moderation ***

Bread (Use Ezekial is a must)
Snack/Breakfast Bars
Oatmeal (use quinoa instead)
Baked Goods
Pastries (quinoa pasta available)

Fruit ***
Fruit Juices (different than juicing)
Fruit Smoothies (green smoothies with some fruit OK)
Sodas (Kumbucha Tea OK)
Energy Drinks
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Agave Nectar, Honey ***
Rice (wild rice OK, brown rice occasionally)
Potatoes, Yams (use sweet potatoes and butternut squash)
Legumes *** (lentils and mung beans are the favorites)

5. Short “You Tube” videos explaining blood sugar connection with diseases (highly rec- ommend!) Merritt Wellness you tube videos: Great explanation about blood sugar:





6. Best food article I’ve ever read: Long, but worth every minute. “What if It’s All Been a Big, Fat Lie?” Gary Taubes, New York Times 2002 –

7. Great read and print article for family and friends to explain blood sugar : “The Defi nitive Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar & Type II Diabetes” Great article to print for friends and family.

8. List of vegan protein sources:

9. Westin A. Price website mentioned by Michelle on Sunday’s call – whole food resource during Q & A Great nutrition website ***Recommends meat, so substitute***

10. Terrific cookbook on whole food nutrition, almost like a textbook: “Nourishing Traditions”, Sally Fallon ** ** great for fermented food recipes for good intestinal bacteria and enzymes

11. Basics of “What the heck do I eat” PDF – les/phase2dietwithexplanation.pdf

This is general, but a great start. Add to this list with your own favorites, juicing, sprout ing, supplements, good water source, etc. Don’t worry about calories. If you eat good fats, your hunger will balance easily. Remember breakfast as a big meal.

Chinese proverb: Eat like a King at breakfast, Prince (worker) at Lunch and Pauper at dinner.”

12. Favorite recipe website: (most popular recipe app in the world 🙂 Just type in vegan or vegetarian and you will gets LOADS of recipes

13. Kitchen appliance MUST for quick and easy meals – *** *** I do ALL my veggies in this and makes a ton of extra for decreased cooking time, and leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day. Freezer to table in 30 minutes or so. Also cooks my quinoa in 30 minutes perfect every time. And I can forget about it and it turns off when Iʼm distracted on

14. Juicing : I am not a juice expert – but the HFATG (James Evans on Facebook) has A LOT of juicing experiemce. So make yourselves known to the group so members can ask questions.

15. Revamped food pyramid – we can add to this and make it better : Food Pyramids are mar- keting tools, with heavy infl uence of the very powerful industries producing sugar, meat, dairy and grains. Here is my attempt at one for healthy blood sugar levels.

Bad Fats and Red Wine

Herbs, Spices, Superfood Greens

Fruit and Healthy Fats

(nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado)

Quinoa, Legumes, Brown Rice and Whole Grains (Eggs)

TONS of fresh, organic vegetables – eating mostly green and above ground

16. Best greens to eat:

. Spirulina – 3 times the protein of steak!!!

. Wheat Grass – Highly alkalizing and promotes healthy blood

. Barley Grass – 11 times more calcium than cowʼs milk

. Chlorella – rich in B-vitamins and helps hardened arteries

. Wild blue-green algae – first form of life on Earth, high protein, B-vitamins, brain function and immune system booster.

. Parsley – bones, kidneys, bladder, immune system

17. Stages of Blood Sugar Imbalances (associated symptoms listing):

Initial Stage: Blood Sugar Imbalance Shaky/Irritable Without Food ,Abdominal Weight Gain Sugar/Carb Cravings, difficulty losing weight, fatigue, gas/bloating, feel better after eating, tired in Afternoon, difficulty concentrating, poor focus reflux, sour stomach/nausea, crave a small “Sweet” after meals, blurry vision, sleepy after meals.

Second Stage: Reactive Hypoglycemia

Above Symptoms Worse and/or Plus: Overall Fatigue Waking Up At Night/Insomnia History of Skipping Meals History of Sugar/Carb Intake History of High Stress History of High Trans-Fatty Acids/Eating Out/Junk Food

Third Stage: Insulin Resistance

Above Symptoms Worse and/or Plus: Mental Fogginess and Fatigue Thinning Hair in Women Depression Intestinal Gas/Bloating Abdominal Weight Gain Increased Blood Pressure Increased Triglycerides Hormone Issues (PCOS-Infertility) Auto-Immune Disorders Allergies/Food Sensitivites

Fourth Stage: Metabolic Syndrome (defined as the presence of 3 of the following )

– Waist Circumference: Men – 40 inches or more Women – 35 inches or more – Low HDL Cholesterol: Men – less than 40mg/dl Women – less than 50mg/dl – Fasting Blood Triglycerides greater than 150mg/dl – Blood Pressure greater than 130/85mm/Hg – Fasting Glucose greater than 100mg/dl

Fifth Stage: Diabetes (Western Medical Diagnosis)

Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) – Result of greater than 125mg/dl Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) – 200mg/dl or above

18.07.22 – Tools

hear | mp3 |pdf

St Germain and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group based in Payson, AZ, on July 22, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

Please note: there were a great many interruptions and interference on this call as it seems there were those who did not want this call to take place.

 Saint Germain

 I Am St. Germain. 

 As always I, and we, all of us that are mentoring to you at this time, are overjoyed to be able to be with you to be able to share, to experience, to help you to grow. Just as we were helped at various times just as I was helped. 

 These moments that you are in now, what you have called, what many have called “the calm before the storm.” Well the calm is lifting now and the storm is approaching as has been heralded long ago that this would occur. It’s been predicted by many that you would enter this time of a calm, a peace, before the storm begins to rage. You are right now approaching that storm … or that storm is approaching you. 

 It is almost as if, and we have said many times in many ways, ‘fasten your seat belts’. To take a quote from that movie The Matrix, you’d better fasten your seat belts Dorothy because Kansas is about to go bye-bye. 

 What does that mean? It means that Kansas is the familiar in your lives. That comfort zone that you have come to understand. All that you have known in your lives is about to change within that shifting process even now. You are all going through this shift, this transition. This transition that is taking you toward your ascension; both individual and your collective ascension. 

 It has been said that you, those of you, the light workers, the warriors, certainly the ones within this group, you are being prepared to be in that first wave of ascension. You’re learning to acclimate to the energies. 

 You are understanding what is happening in the world. But from an understanding, not of the three-dimensional illusionary understanding, but from a higher level of understanding. A higher revealing, you might say. You are seeing it for what it is … seeing the world for what it is, not only how it appears. 

 As you are preparing for this first wave of ascension, many of you will go through that wave, be a part of that wave and then you will turn around after a certain period of time, after you have acclimated to those much higher energies. You will then turn around and assist your fellow man in moving through the second wave. You will mentor to that second wave just as we are mentoring to you now. As those in the second wave pass through, they will turn and come back and assist those in the third wave. This is how this ascension process will both begin and complete. 

 You are all to be a part of this in one way or another. Some seemingly greater parts and some which would seem to be smaller parts. But as we have said many times there is no greater or smaller part of this. Just as there is no greater or smaller of those of us, the Ascended Masters, Company of Heaven. 

 We are all One. We all have our positions, our responsibilities. No one is higher than anyone else. Can you imagine a world like that? No one is in control of another. You are all there to keep the control amongst all of you. 

 When all is in perfect balance you will know you have arrived at the threshold.  

 This is what this transition is all about now: bringing the balance. Bringing the understanding foreword, the revealings forward, the truth, so all may be set free. Find it within your selves now, each and every one of you. 

 Go forward to share, to experience, to love. Allow yourselves to be loved as well as to love others.  

 I AM St. Germain and I leave you now with the Violet Flame to continue to purge out all the old negative programming within you so that it may be replaced by, not the new programming: the new understandings, the new revealings, that are coming forward. 

 All of my peace and love be with all of you.

 One Who Serves

 Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

 One Who Serves here with you to continue to assist you, and serve you, and share with you. And to be with you. 

 And not only to be with you, but to be you. You are us and we are you. 

 And as you come more and more to understand that, to understand that we are all connected, we are all so connected you will be amazed as this revealing or this understanding comes flooding in to you one day. And it will. It will come in to you if it has not already. 

 It will come in to you and you will realize in that moment, in that very brief moment, that you have been One with all of Creation all the way through. There has never been a time when you have not been connected to the Source within All. And that you are that Source within All, as we all are completely One with everything and everyone. 

 That revealing that has not been taught to you in your schools– although it would be very helpful if it were — and it is going to be. Imagine as a child is beginning their school process and they are told from day one that they are connected to the Universe. That the Universe is them. And you may think that that is something how can a child understand? But my dear friends, my brothers, my sisters, a child comes in with that knowing. They already come in knowing that they are the universe. They do not think of themselves as this little thing that has to be dependent on everyone else for their existence. And yes that is true in the beginning they do, but they also have that connection, that consciousness connection that they are already One with the Universe. 

 It is over a period of time in your understandings, in your educational process — whether it is from the parents or the teachers or their friends or whatever it might be — this is how they lose this connection or lose the belief in the knowing of this connection. 

 But I tell you now, we tell you now, that you have never lost this connection. It has always been a part of you. Always will be a part of you.

 You have questions here now for One Who Serves?

 Q & A

OWS:   You can un-mute your phones now. We can take questions from the peanut gallery we are getting here. That is a joke people!

 Q:  I send much love and light to you and your group. I’m viciously being attacked by gang stalkers. Life threatening attacks. It’s brutal. And I find nothing but love in my heart for these ones that want to destroy me and hurt me and punish me. I send them love. I send them light. And I need some advice. And I will step back now and I thank you. Much love.

 OWS:  We ask you question here first before you step back. Who is attacking you? We did not hear that.

 Q:  Gang stalkers. They gaslight. They do things to you to make you look like you’re crazy and they do it out in plain light in public. These are citizens, these are neighbors, these are young people. I was attacked by children on bicycles spraying mace and pepper spray in my face. They just sprayed my vehicle just now and I had to take it to the car wash so I could listen to this. I couldn’t listen to St. Germain’s message because they sprayed pesticide all over my radiator and through my air vents so I would get sick. So this is where I am. It’s a very tenuous and difficult situation. I haven’t talked about it because people just don’t believe it that these things happen. No one in my family believes it and it’s just something that’s very difficult. It’s very dark. It’s very evil. Can you help me?

 OWS:  Is this something that has been going on for some time here?

 Q:  12 years. Most people perish after a year. I did speak with Archangel Michael he’s come in to save me and help me. And he said — and also Simon Parkes — and they both agreed separately that most people would have perished by this time.

 OWS:  What we can tell you here is that it would seem that you are experiencing a certain pattern that you have brought in from other lifetimes previous. This would be the only thing that would explain it. It is not anything that is happening here in this lifetime that you have created in any way. But this is a karmic situation that you have brought in. Now we have said before that your karma, as light workers/ light warriors, is over. But that is only if you believe it is over. So that the karma situation from past lives does not need to be there anymore because it is only part of the three-dimensional illusion you are still in; the programming that you have brought in here. You are still succumbing, succumbing to this programming. And if you were able to let go of the programming this would end. All of this would end. Now we are also finding here that there is a certain contract that you have come in with, and this contract is to be available to these ones – they are not aware of this – but you have come in with this contract to be available to them to get out their karma. You see? You have …

 Q:  [interrupting] How can I remove this? How can I stop this? I no longer want to be available.

 OWS:  Very good. We are getting to that. You must end this contract. You must … [interrupting: How?] You must say that there is no reason for you to have this contract anymore. You withdraw it. And you must be very clear about this. You must be very clear that this contract is over, that you do not want any part of it, that you do not want any part of karma anymore coming from other lifetimes. That it is over! And if you are very explicit in this, in working with those of your guides, those of you that you call upon — Archangel Michael is a wonderful one — ask him to be with you as you are doing this. And as you end this contract, ask him to use his Sword, his Blue Sword of Truth and sever this contract once and for all. You see? And if you do this, and if you believe this as you are doing it, much of what is going on will subsist and decrease in a short period of time as we are finding it. Does not need to be long. And then you will find that you will no longer be in those types of situations where these things can happen. You will not be there anymore. You see?

 Q:  Yes. Could I do this with you right now? Or does it have to be done privately?

 OWS:  You can do …

… Did you not hear?

 Q:  No I didn’t hear you. What did you say?

 OWS:  We said that you can do with this at the Advance if you wish. And we will work with you and also others who not having this exact situation but some similar circumstances here.

 Q:  It’s so dangerous right now. I don’t think I can wait until that point. I would like to do it right now. I mean literally in my truck as soon as I’m off the call.

 OWS:  Then we would suggest to you to do this as soon as you are off this call and ask for the Archangel Michael to do as we are saying here. Be very … [interrupting: Yeah, I will.] … right. Withdraw it! Remove it! End it! Because it is no longer necessary for you. You have done, you have fulfilled it you might say.

 Q:  You bet I have. Anything else?

 Shoshana:  You may put it in writing.

 OWS:  Please, Shoshana speak louder.

 S:  You may put it in writing.

 Q:  Shoshana, should I put it in writing and then tear up the contract? I’ve done this before. 

OWS: And burn it.

Q:I’ll burn it in the fireplace.

 S:  Strongly put it in writing. Strongly put it in writing and be as explicit as you can that you denounce these issues. And put an end to it.

 Q:  I’ve done this before. I’ve done this before and it hasn’t worked.

 S:  Do it again. Do it again.

 Q:  What did I do wrong? They have literally … the dark ones have been circling my house. Literally. During this call.

 S:  Do it again. Do it again.

 Q:  I will.

 OWS:  When you do it though …

 Member:  I’m going to send a couple of things that might help you. I’ve got a couple of things I can send you.

 Q:  I need your prayers.

 Members:  We’re praying for you. We love you.

 Member:  Will the energy transfer reset rid him of these contracts? That’s what it’s supposed to do.

 OWS:  Hold please. Hold please.

 What we are doing right now — St. Germain has joined in, Archangel Michael is available as well — and we are going to assist this process now as you are asking. Ask and you shall receive. So there are many that are working here to assist this process.

 Now as the St. Germain did earlier …

… Violet Flame. See the Violet Flame now all around your house. See it around your house. See it burning. See it burning everything in your house, in yourself as well.

 And at the same time Archangel Michael is standing there high above your house and is there with his Sword and his Shield as well — the Shield of Protection — and is giving you the Shield now. The Shield is going to shield you and strengthen you so that anything that comes from outside of you in terms of darkness will be repelled away by this Shield. Nothing can move past the Shield. It is very similar to the Thor’s Hammer, you might say, where it is stronger than anything else. Nothing can withstand …

… that are holding you to this contract.

 Holding you to the contract that you made, as we are finding it now. The contract that you made that was against your understanding, or against what you might call your better judgment. It was, you were deceived, you might say, into this. But you made the contract and you have been a part of fulfilling this contract throughout your life and certainly through these last years here as you have said. And you are continuing now to be a part of this but no longer.

 So with this Shield allow nothing to penetrate through this Shield. And see Archangel Michael now

[cutting??] the final ties that are holding you to this psychic revealing, the psychic commitment that you made here. It is gone. It is no longer.

 Q:  Ahhh! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for saving my life.

 Members:  Bless you. Love you.

 OWS:  Now we are also … we are also [Members continue commenting] please, wait, one more thing. We are also adding here that you can do some music that you know the music that will calm you and bring you to a higher state of consciousness. You know all about this. We are saying now once this has been done, after you are off of this call, to bring that music and sit and be in that vibration. That vibration will increase you.

 We have said many times — this is for all of you now — the vibrations as you raise your vibrations none of these things can penetrate you. You have spoken of weapons of the … what are they called here … the directed energy weapons and things of this nature, none of these things can penetrate the vibrations, the higher vibrations. They can only penetrate those that are at the lower vibrations at the time they are in it. This is why you have not seen some of the ones that you follow — the David Wilcock, the Cory Goode, the Cobra, all of these ones — you have not seen them effected directly by these things because they have raised their vibrations, in most cases, and they are high…

. And you yourselves, all of you, are highly protected if you believe that you are. So if you are feeling any of these types of experiences, these attacks you might say from the dark forces, know that you are protected from this.

 And ask for it if it is happening here in any way ask for the protection. Ask for Archangel Michael’s Shield to protect you, or the Violet Flame to protect you, or the Sword of Truth to sever anything that is not of the truth. And these contracts that we speak of here is not of the truth and it can be severed completely just as we have done here. Okay?

 Q:  Yes, thank you. I thank you. I thank my family. [emotionally] I thank Archangel Michael and St. Germain. I couldn’t hold on much longer. I couldn’t hold on. Thank you.

 Member:  [interjecting] Don’t worry I will be keeping you, I do healing, I will be keeping you in my [inaudible] I will be doing healing. Don’t worry. You will be fine. We believe in you.

 OWS:  We are ready to move on to any other questions here.


 Q:  I would like to know what any of us can do to help protect our President Trump so that he is not subjected to negative attacks (like he’s been having to undergo) and to help ease his path to be able to accomplish the good things that he wants to accomplish for us. What can we do to help accelerate that for him?

 OWS:  You can always do meditation for him and for all of those that are working with him. But we can tell you without a doubt that he is extremely protected in all of this. He has much protection around him. He has ones that he does not even, is not even aware of that are protecting him. But he is also aware of ones that you would be amazed that he has had contact with. Galactics and others that he is in contact with that are assisting him directly. He has a wonderful or a great mission that he is on and just as you are all on great mission as well. So do what you can. Send light, send love to him, to all that are working with him, all that are working to vanquish these

all of this to bring the peace and love and goodwill to all of man here on the planet. Just do that, send it, and let it go. That is what you always need to do. Send it and let it go. Okay?

 Q:  Thank you so much for that reassurance. I appreciate it.

 Q:  We love you so much thank you for everything. The question is related to a painting that spirit sent to me and they send it to me using other peoples’ higher self. Last Sunday before the call I was thinking of the unicorn I connected with at the last Advance. So when I went for our session last Sunday I found the painting waiting for me there was a unicorn, a girl lying on the ground, a rive, a beautiful castle, a rainbow over it. It’s very beautiful. After that one night after that I had the feeling that something kind of energy may be coming from the painting or coming from somewhere else and it’s going to join to my body. Definitely during the night I felt something. I don’t know if it’s another one of myself or something else joined. So is it possible for me to know what was the message through the painting and what was the thing that joined my energy that night?

 OWS:  What is happening for you is an awakening. There is an awakening process that is on-going here and it is those of the ancients, the Ancient Ones as you are seeing it as unicorns and other …

… the memories within you to for you to resonate once again with your connection with these of old. And many of you have this connection. Many of you are attracted to unicorns, and the dolphins, and the elemental kingdoms, the sprites, the elves, the fairies,

 Members:  You keep fading out. We cannot hear you.

 OWS:  You cannot? Can you hear this now? [Yes.]

 Members:  [explain how the sound has been dropping continuously throughout the call]

 OWS:  We are finding that there is a disconnect here. A interference, they are saying, an interference that is happening here. It started from the one who has asked that question earlier and those with the dark forces and it is attempting to disrupt the information, the connection that we are making here with this call. Are you hearing all of this? You understand this now? [Yes.] Very good. Then we will go back and continue the understanding from the one of the with the unicorn in the painting here. And again it is said that this is a coming of, an awakening here. An awakening of the memories. An awakening of the …

…  Do you hear this now? [Yes.] It is important for those of you all of you out…

Then we are going to …

Members: [comment on amount of interference. One member rejects any negativity, negative talk, negative thought. Puts bubble of protection around the call. Love and Light.Thank you Ashtar for all that you do.]


 James:  Hold on a second. Can you hear me? [Yes.] Okay. There was an issue here on this side too. Something happened.

 James:  Is it better now?  [Yes.] Okay. So I got out of it here. Let me try to get them back here quick. Give me just a minute here.

 OWS:  Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings again here. We are back here. We are continuing this process here. The answer to the question… [members talking] We need all of you to mute your phones now please. Other than the one who is going to ask question. That is important here. Everyone mute your phone unless you are asking question directly.


 Q:  During the meditation today during the call, I received I felt suddenly came over me feeling that I miss my Galactic family. So what that means? That I will see them soon or is just my memories coming back?

 OWS:  Much of what is happening here just as we are saying about the one with the painting and the unicorn and all of this, this is an awakening process that is happening here. An awakening that is happening across the board you might say to the collective consciousness

many are awakening. And those of you, those of you — the light workers/the warriors/the light sharers — those that we are working with here, you are having your own awakening processes that are occurring and remembrances. And much of this is going to increase and increase and increase. So all we have been doing over these times here is preparing you. Preparing you for the times that are ahead when the …

Q:  I felt sad and was crying because I missed my family from other side.

 OWS:  … [until?] we are finished here. You are going to have these memories coming back to you. They are going to come flooding back to you at a certain point. And it is going to be somewhat disconcerting to some …


 Joanna:  We’re going to have to end the call.

 James:  Okay yeah it’s not working for some reason. I don’t know what happened here. One of the things that people have to do when you’re asking questions is you have …

Okay so we’re going to have to end the call here. I don’t know what happened here. Can you hear me?

[Decision made to end call.]

 Member:  Suggestion. Maybe we could all just send in a question via e-mail to James and then maybe Joanna could ask James the question and we could get our answers and we could just do it that way. We could have it posted within the next couple of days or whatever. But you know not try to fight them. Just send them love. I think that we just need to go out and have a wonderful afternoon and spread the love and go get in nature and …

 Member: It’s not the asking of the question that is being interrupted so severely. It’s the answer from the other side. [Meaning OWS/James]

 Member:  Right. So I’m just saying I don’t feel like fighting them. I’m just going to send them love and joy. So I’m just saying we’ll still get our questions and answers. They can just do it where we’re not going to be trying to …

 James:  Can you guys hear me? Here’s what we are doing. We’re not going to do what …

… suggested this before. But I’m not going to do that because then your questions are not in the moment. And it’s hard to ask a personal question through somebody else. And then we also lose the, camaraderie back-and-forth and everything and the dialogue. So we’re not going to do that. For some reason something’s going …

Members:  [continue commenting]

 Moses:  Let’s not put energy into this. Like Brother James suggested let’s just keep happy thoughts, stay positive, enjoy our afternoon. Yes they are monkeying with it but let’s just swim around it. All right? And for the next call we’ll have something better. And if they continue giving us at hassle then we’ll just continue going around it. This is what we do. Like Lord Sananda said at the Advance we don’t retreat. So everyone have a wonderful afternoon and on behalf of Brother James I am going to end the call at the moment.

 Marilou gives closing prayer:  As we gather together in the light that we are creating as the light of the planet, and as we realize that we are indeed the light of the planet, Divine essence flows through us to everything and everyone we encounter, raising the vibration, raising the energy, raising the level of love that is communicated between each of us. And as that love grows so are we enveloped in the pink flame …

. The disruption is not effecting us because we are above that. We’ve flow through the light of God to one another. Amen.

 Members:  And so it is. It is done. Beautiful. [And since One Who Serves would have closed with this, may we say in their stead:]

 Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. 

 Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

“Believing is seeing!”

18.07.08 – You Have Arrived But Only If You Believe It

hear | mp3 |pdf

Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on July 8, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

Lord Sananda

I AM Sananda.
These times that we continue to come and be with you, to merge our consciousness with yours and yours with ours are becoming more and more frequent not only through this channel source but through many sources across the planet. Because the times are moving toward a new understanding, a further
understanding … call it a further revealing of the truths that have been hidden away for so long from many of you.

Those times are coming to an end. Ashtar has spoken of it. Sanat Kumara has spoken of it. Archangel Michael and many, many, more including myself have spoken of these shifts and changes you are right on the cusp of now.

All it takes now is for each one of you to continue to evolve within yourself, continue to allow your consciousness to continue to rise as the vibrations continue to rise all around you and within you. For as the energies continue to come into the planet and move into individuals across the planet — you included
— many of you are taking these energies within; finding that they are quite powerful, quite strong, and tend to cause imbalances at times within your bodies, bring about physical alteration, physical changes, pains if you will. Aches and pains. Discomfort of many different kinds. Know that this is still at this point
only fleeting for it will pass. These pains, these imbalances will pass because each one of you is coming into balance more and more each day. More and more each day as the frequencies rise, the energies continue to come in. And you take these energies into your body: physical, astral, etheric, mental, even the causal – as you take these energies in feel the changes that are resulting from this as your physical bodies are literally changing from carbon-based to crystalline.

First it is happening at the higher levels within yourself. Eventually it will come to the physical body as well because you are all destined to move through this ascension and move through this transition that you are in right now to move closer and closer to your own personal ascension. It only takes continuing
understanding, continuing letting go of the old, the old paradigm, the old programming that keeps you held still at times to this 3-dimensional illusion that has been created here. It was created for a reason.
The reason that it was created for are no longer needed. Duality as you have come to know, has been your reality here. It is fast dissipating.

You only know duality at this point as you stay within the three-dimensional illusion. But move beyond it and duality as you have come to know ceases to exist. Including would be all that pains and suffering which you have also come to know will also dissipate. It will be no longer as you move into these higher

And I tell you now as Sananda, as Ashtar, as Archangel Michael, as Sanat Kumara, St. Germain, and all the rest of our brothers and sisters, tell you now that you are at that finish line. And it is time for each and every one of you to cross the line to know that as you cross the line you first cross the higher levels
within yourself and eventually your physical body, the consciousness within your physical form, will move along with it as well.

You could say that you have arrived. And you have. But only if you believe it! Believe that you have arrived, believe that this is the end and the beginning of the next. Believe it. It will be there.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now in peace and love. Continue to go out and share the light that you all are.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings. Greetings to you!

We are here to continue this process, this understanding, this continuing revealing that is going on. And if you are not aware of the many changes that are happening then you are asleep.

So if you are ready to awaken, and fully awaken, then hear these words that are being given to you. Not only by us through this channel Source, but through many of the sources now, including not only those of channeling but also the many Intel sources, the whistleblowers as you call them. The many that are
coming forth and bringing these new revealings, these new understandings, bring the truth forward.

And the truth is coming, people. It is coming. It is coming in droves. You are going to notice in the very near future here as you continue to look in your Internet and look at all of those various sites that many of you go to that the information is going to become overwhelming to you. Whereas at times you sit there
and wonder, well when is something going to happen, and you are saying that you have run out of something to read or listen to or whatever it might be. And this is going to change drastically because you are going to come to a point where you are not going to be able to keep up with all of the information that is coming forward. And it is going to come forward in many different ways: in through the various channeling sources, the various Intel and whistleblowing, and it is also going to begin more and more to filter out through your mass media. How is that for something here!? You had probably not thought of that that it was going to
come in this way. But it is. It is going to come. Your mass media is going to change. It’s going to turn around. It is going to begin to bring the truth forward because they have realized that the people are turning off to them. They are turning the dials and not even watching those news broadcasts anymore
because they know that it is, yes fake news.

But it is going to turn because it must turn. Those that are having their experiences in their jobs and all of this, are going to realize that they are not going to have jobs unless they begin to tell the truth. So this is going to change very much so.

And we spoke, others have spoken here that there are going to be dominoes falling and that one has already fallen. A little one you might say. But a big one is coming. A big domino is about to fall and you are going to find that likely in this month that you are in now. As you are hearing, many of you are hearing that this is the month. And we can say that is going to be an interesting month. We are not going to say that The Event is going to happen, or this or that is going to happen, but it is in process here and so much is about to turn here. Turn for the better.

You have spoken earlier in terms of your chemtrails and this, and this is dissipating across the planet. It is. The programming that has been involved in this is coming to an end and you are going to see this and it is going to coincide with other things that are coming as well. Including that even those of arrests and other things that are going to clear up the darkness that is still out there. It is going to clear it up and is going to bring the light forward shining through as if you can look up at the sky and you can see the light coming through the clouds everywhere.

And this is what it is going to be like. And this is what you are going to notice as the pre Event as this happens. You are going to notice the light being different in the skies. This is a hint for many of you here.
You are going to notice this. It is going to be everywhere across the planet. And this will be the precursor of The Event coming at that time.

We are going to open up for questions here now. You can now un-mute your phones here and ask your questions. Anyone out there?

Q & A

Q: In my job I take visitors to Ireland on tours of the Boyne Valley which has been a very sacred place in ancient Irish history. It’s full of these megalithic structures that are older than the pyramids in Egypt. It’s a mystery what the structures were built for but I’ve done some research and it seems like they were energy machines built on the ley lines/energy lines. They also have running water underneath. They’re really huge stone structures aligned to constellations. (On the winter and summer solstice the sun’s rays penetrate to the back wall of these structures.) So I really want to know what these structures were built for and who the people are that built them and what happened to them?

OWS: What we are going to tell you now you may or may not already know or surmise here. But this particular area is ancient as you are saying, and it has a frequency that continues to this day in that area because of those that were there long ago here. We speak of those of the Atlanteans. They were very much involved in this area and in some ways it was even connected to the Atlantean Continent here. And from Atlantis, when Atlantis went through its calamities and its destruction, those moved from the Atlantean Continent onto into the Ireland area, specifically, and built those structures as you know it. And they built them because they were continuing on their culture: their culture, their understanding their use of crystals, and use of monolithic devices and structures, and the use of energy.

They were very much aware of energy and how to use it and to create free energy, you might say. And it was a token or an understanding that is coming to the world at this point now. There are those inventions, those technology that is coming forward in this way that is going to remember or begin to use these frequencies, these energy ley lines and such, and be able to use this as free energy coming into the planet and replacing all of that which has held the sway of the people of the planet to continue the monetary gains from the use of energy. It is such a shame as you look around and you see the use of energy and how it has been used for, done for profit where as there is free energy everywhere. And
everyone across the planet should have and will have the use of this energy in many different ways. And some of what you are speaking of here in this area is coming back and that technology will be known once again. Okay?

Q: There are stories in Irish mythology that beings, godlike beings, came to Ireland (it literally says,) “on dark clouds” and they landed on a mountain. So to me it sounds like a ship area. And they also say the area of the Boyne Valley is called the Palace of the Boyne (Brú na Bóinne). And there was all descriptions of areas of inestimable wealth, and there were marble palaces and things like that. But none of those remains are around so I wonder what happened to all of that.

OWS: Much of this will come as the Atlantis and Lemuria, as you know it, rise again. We are not going to say that the continents themselves are going to rise but the culture, the understanding, the revealings, the knowing’s from those times are going to rise.

Q: I noticed the crystalline body is emerging[?] from my body and I started to notice sparkles on my skin a couple of months ago. Now those sparkles are getting multicolored. Is it the rainbow light body coming in?

OWS: This is not quite as you are saying the light body here. This is an indication that your bodies are changing from the carbon structure-base to the crystalline structure-based. Now we must caution you though if you go to your medical doctors and say I am turning into crystal. See all the crystals there. They
will not understand this and you will get nowhere with this. This is again for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So you are beginning and will more and more begin to see this. Not that your physical body is going to one day be carbon-based and the next day be all crystal. That would be not correct at
all. But it is changing over a period of time, over a process. And as we say many times, these changes come at the higher levels first and then filter down to the physical body. So what you are seeing directly is not your physical body changing but your astral and etheric body within that is beginning to create this
more crystalline structure change within your physical form.

Q: [After lengthy background story this questioner states that during a meditation …] I was told to hold my quartz crystal. Information came regarding that from Doctor [Masaru] Emoto that the quartz crystal is the molecular structure as is [like] that of our bodies which is I think 70% or more water and that we are the same. As Doctor Emoto says water has a consciousness. When you talk to it and you say love and peace and harmony and very positive things, the water turns crystalline with no toxins, has clarity and is very healthy for us. Whereas if you say I hate you and this and that, the water crystalline form changes and it’s very negative and it’s not good for our bodies. Then what came to me was because we are the same structure, as we talk to water the same thing happens as when we talk to ourselves saying non-loving things to our bodies, not loving who we are, that that affects our bodies obviously just like it affects water. So basically saying that we are the same. So I wonder if you have more to share or expand on that.

OWS: We ask if there is an actual question here though.

Q: Yeah I think it’s about, you know, that that information, coming to me. Was there more, you know, for people to know about that, or was that confirmed, or is there something more to add to that?

OWS: We can confirm as you are receiving there, are as you are becoming more and more crystalline and your frequency is becoming more crystalline in this understanding, it is connecting more and more to those quartz crystals and other crystals across the planet. This is how the crystal energy is coming back
into the understanding of man here. And it is going, as you come from the Atlantean and Lemurian heritage, this heritage is coming back. This is largely why this group is being encouraged to work toward finding or recovering those ancient records. Because this is all about the same thing. It is all about frequency and vibration and continuing to connect to this frequency and vibration. So as your vibrations increase you are coming more and more to the connection with those crystalline structures just as of old.
Just the same as of old. And you are going to find that crystals are going to become very important in your lives much more so than they have been. But if you understand what has occurred over the many millennia of time here, many many thousands of years here, with the control of the cabal and the creating
of this three-dimensional illusion here, that you have been held back from this crystalline understanding and kept from these frequencies, these higher frequencies that crystals generate. And as you continue to raise your vibrations and your frequency, you are going to attract those crystals back to you that are
going to accentuate those frequencies and vibrations within you as well. This is why that one that is the Marilou is being directed and moved toward the understanding, or the re-understanding of the crystals as well. Okay?

OWS: Other questions here? We would ask that as you ask a question please make it a little bit briefer question here. More succinct.

Q: In the past few months I consider to be training in my dreams on how to manifest things. I’ve been learning pretty quick (in my dreams) and every time that I have a dream I always manifest things. Like just thinking about it it happens. So my question would be is there a timeline where all this training in our dreams will be manifesting in the 3-D reality, that we’ll be able to accomplish the same thing in this 3-D.

OWS: You will not be able to do it in your 3-D reality as you know it but you will be able to do this more and more as we have been saying. As you raise your vibrations and continue to hold those higher vibrations and when you have done so and you have successfully moved from the third dimension into the fourth and even the fifth dimension and be able to hold it there longer and longer, then your dreams, your visions, your desires will become more manifest quicker because of being in those higher vibrations. You understand this?

Q: This is not a question but I just want to say that over the last week I’ve had two experiences and you mentioned the change of the colors in the sky. Once I was taken out of the house because the whole sky seemed to have, coming from the West at sunset, to change all to gold and yellow and orange everywhere. Like not just in one cloud but everywhere! I was so surprised I had to bring somebody in to look at this because I’ve never experienced this in life. And then when we went to the eastern side of the house there were two wonderful rainbows going from southeast totally. They were the whole semicircle and in the second instance there were two of those. There’s no question but I would was thinking is that
a sign of anything more of what you had said in your opening statements there?

OWS: What we can say is things are changing. Everything is shifting. The energies are shifting. And you are going to begin to see more and more of these revealings that are coming to you that are going to open up the world to you that you have never seen before. Not in this lifetime anyway. That is all we can
say on this now at this point.

Q: I would like to know is if we are continuing our life from Lemuria at that time it was destroyed, that we didn’t get to complete but we are completing it now? And the reason I ask that is you told me at the Advance that I was in the arts at that time and I’m in the arts now also, in astrology and numerology and
that. Is that true?

OWS: It is not true that you are continuing your Lemurian lifetime but it is true that you are bringing the heritage back here. So that is true, the heritage, the culture, the understanding, the truth that you knew from those times. Because as you move into these higher vibrations and higher dimensional frequencies
you are going to reconnect with those times of long past both Atlantean, Lemurian, and others as well. And you will also connect with those understandings of coming from other planets, other systems, and all
of this also.

Q: I am highly interested in and constantly being drawn to the technology that’s available to us now that’s consciousness-expanding. My question is are the tachyon chambers, that I believe emanate from Cobra and I believe he distributes those, is that the highest available healing technology available to us
now on the planet?

OWS: You say available to you now where you could actually go to something, then we would say that is pretty accurate here. But if you were to say that that is the highest available to you in terms of a knowing of what is out there, then no it is not even close yet. There are technology that has been held back from you by those of the dark forces for long time here. And they have held this back from you and what you would call the Alliance, those of the light forces, are in the process of releasing these technologies. And these technologies that will be coming are far beyond what is there in those tachyon chambers. But it is a beginning here.

Q: Do you foresee those technologies would be released within a shorter period of time … are we talking maybe the next year or two or a longer period of time?

OWS: There we go! We can only answer this with one word: Soon.

[Technical interruption]
[begin 2 nd recording]

OWS: Hold please. Now you can continue.

Q: You said the dominoes had already begun to fall. Was that with the Harvey Weinstein/ Hollywood scandal being revealed. Is that the first domino?

 OWS: Not exactly, but it is something that is a part of the entire process yes. There are many more that are coming, many more of these dominoes. Some big, some small, but they are all going to create the effect of all of them falling at some point which will then lead directly to that of The Event.

Q: When I was training for several years in a class which was about accessing consciousness and the Akashic Record and whatever directly, one of the processes that we were taught to use was something which they called ‘pulling the energy’. I thought of this because someone else asked about sending the
Violet Flame to people and was that a good thing or was that a violation of the Prime Directive. But with this pulling the energy, we’re pulling the fun/play/ ease/joy energy from the universe through another being and supposedly that makes that person feel better, or maybe ease a conflict between two people.
And it was told to us it was better to pull the energy than to push the energy at somebody. That it was actually a more gentle, loving, thing to do. So can you give me a little more if that’s against the Prime Directive or is that acceptable or what?

OWS: We can tell you is what you are saying is just a name, or just an understanding that is not quite accurate. Whether you are pulling or pushing or whatever it might be, it is still the same thing. You are sending the energy in one way or another. And as you send the energy, if you are sending the energy
with a direct result in mind, then you can at certain points be interfering and be against the Prime Directive. That is that. But if you send the energy however it would be that you do so, but send it with love, send it with the understanding that it is to go wherever it needs to go, and how it is accepted and it is accepted, that is all there is to it. Send it with love. If you leave it at that with no result in mind here then everything is okay. Now, with that understanding, if you send it to another person and that person understands that you are sending it to them then you can have a result in mind. You see? If they know about it and they accept it then certainly there can be a result, there can be a goal in mind here too, whether it is healing or whatever it might be. You see?

Q: After I’ve done plant medicine, ayahuasca, in the past and it was very helpful for me in my journey. I haven’t felt compelled to do it for about a year and a half and suddenly felt very impulsively compelled to do it. And in doing the ceremony on Friday night and I felt your presence there very strongly. I was guided to receive transmission and you were leading me through this and guiding me through this. I asked at a certain point about ayahuasca itself and you said it wasn’t the only way we could accomplish the specific transmission but it was the most direct and efficient and so hence the ayahuasca ceremony. My question is in going forward for me is this something that I should continue to work with both for my own journey and possibly to facilitate and assist others?

OWS: First of all as you know there are no ‘shoulds’. So you do whatever you want to do here. And to use these are types of medicinal plants or whatever, you can call them as tools, various tools that you would have to expand your consciousness, to raise your consciousness, even at times to raise vibration.
And if you are doing it for this purpose then certainly there is nothing wrong with this. Now, understand though that in order to communicate with you, as you are saying, while you were doing this, it was necessary because you have not had the training yet to open up to have the connection rather to open up to these type of channeling sources here as we are doing through this one, James. This one James has had a great deal of training over the years here in this lifetime and many lifetimes even previous to this in preparation for these times. So for you to have this understanding you would need to accentuate it was something else that, you might say, speeds up the process and is able to bring you out of yourself.
That is the important thing. In order to do these types of communications, you must be able to let go of yourself, to come outside of yourself you might say. And this is what is needed and these types of medicinal plants and other tools such as this are needed at times to create this understanding in a
shorter period of time. You see?

Q: Yes this make sense. There was also a sense complicit communication that needed this transmission for now in what we were doing needed a certain amount of, for lack of a better word, secrecy. And was that also why I was guided to do it that way and not through perhaps another human healer?

OWS: We can say that it is important for you to experience the connection yourself rather than through another. This is even saying that these types of channeling experiences that we are doing here is going to come to an end at a certain point here because it will no longer be needed because all of you will have your connection with your higher self, much, much more than you do now. And when that happens there will be no need of something outside of yourself to continue to guide and nudge you along. Okay?

Q: Being as we are 70 or 80% water and that’s becoming crystalline if it’s not already, and as we envision and feel and emote gratitude, forgiveness, unconditional love, etc., higher vibrational things, and we increase our crystalline structure and as you said, that crystalline structure will communicate with other crystals. And being as the core of the Earth from what I understand is mostly crystals this is my question: As we raise our vibrations and connect to the other crystals including the core of the Earth, will it have a synergistic effect? In other words, will it be easier for us to live in gratitude and joy and forgiveness and unconditional love etc. because we are living in that and being ascended synergistically and potentiated by the other crystals all around us?

OWS: Very much so. As you continue to rise in vibration, raise your frequencies, and become more and more crystalline in a sense here, then you are going to, as you say, connect to those crystals around the planet and even within the planet. And as you do so you will be raising, continuing to raise your vibrations and in so doing you will find that the love frequency will rise along with it. And everything that goes along with the love frequency as well. And those of the fear frequency and all of this will dissipate greatly and eventually be gone entirely.

Q: I am wondering what it means to be a Keeper of the Flame. If when we are asked in meditation by a higher being to … well maybe not even asked. If one is given the opportunity to be a Keeper of the Flame I am wondering what that means and what that entails. Specifically the Orange Flame.

OWS: You all have the capability of being the Keeper of the Flame both within yourself and outside of yourself as well. So you can all be considered, in this sense, the Keepers of the Flame or the spreaders of the Flame, the Spreaders of the Light, the Light Bearers, the light sharers, all of this. This is all one and the same. Specifically though there are ones that are designated as these Keepers of the Flame, more of the Guardians you might say, Guardians of the Flame here and they are the ones that are continuing from outside of this realm to continue to influence the various ones here on this planet at this time. They are monitoring, you might say, the Flame across just as the Sananda did this meditation with you where you saw the Flames everywhere. Where the Keepers of the Flame areS the ones that are monitoring all of this. Okay?

We are needing to release channel here now.
And before we do so we are just going to put — what is you’re saying here — a plug out there in terms of your Advance. That it is coming and it is coming very quickly. And we would suggest that all of you that have not yet become a part of this be ready to experience be ready to experience some of those things
which you have already been talking about and sharing. And yes as we said earlier expect something unexpected here. Something that has not yet been spoken of. And we cannot give this, of course, because then it would not be unexpected. So just be ready for this and continue to keep your eyes on the sky. Okay? Because lots of things are coming and much will be revealed from looking up at the sky.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

We Disappear from the 4D Earth and Reappear on the 5D Earth? By Beverly Nation

Channeled live by Beverly Nation on July 18, 2018

Hey Guys! Beverly Nation here. Thank you for watching this video. I am going to do something brand new. I am going to live channel a message from my guides about the Ascension and about the event. We continue to receive Ascension Codes and clairvoyant people talking about things that they are seeing, and many people are still confused. So I’ve asked my guides to just give us an update on what’s going on and why clairvoyant people are seeing these things in the sky. What do they really mean?

Okay? So please just let go of your beliefs right now and just open your mind. Just take this message in and take it to heart in a deep way on a very deep level.

Okay, here we go.

[channel begins]

Dear Ones,

we know that there is so much confusion about the Ascension…about the “Event,” and WE, as Planners, Beverly’s guides, in addition to hundreds of beings, all of us who are a part of guiding the incarnated humans right now, and the upper echelon, the Advance Team that is planning the Ascension, all of us collectively and non-physical want to take responsibility for some of the confusion.

It really began in May when Neo Glimmer was given the codes that very much indicated the 144th day of the year would be some sort of massive event. We did this on purpose and, again, We are speaking collectively. We did this on purpose to generate a great amount of energy. We are not saying that this was misleading or inaccurate or even deceiving, because it was not.

What transpired on that 144th day was a very powerful wave of energy that some were calling the weapon, and yes, this took place whether you saw it or felt it or realized it or not, this did happen. But the way that it was sent out to all of the many channelers, the clairvoyant, all of those who are broadcasting, mass communications, through the internet, YouTube, social media, it did implicate or indicate or point to the concept that humans could begin disappearing, and there was a purpose also behind this. And We are going to make it very simple for you.

Do you remember as a child when you were riding in the car with maybe one of your parents and you were on a long trip, and you were SO excited, and you were SO anxious to get there to the destination, and what did you ask your parents? “Are we there yet?”

Dear Ones, this is what We are hearing from millions on earth, “Are we there yet?”

And from a Heart of Love in the best way that we know, we are saying “You are almost there!” Just as your parent said to you, “Honey, we are almost there.”

Included in this message of “We are almost there,” are all of the different ways that we are sending that message. We are sending that message through codes. We are sending that message to the clairvoyant who are seeing waves. We are sending that message to some who have visions. We are sending that message to some who have dreams.

What We want you to understand is that when someone receives an image of somethings, it generates a tremendous amount of energy within your matrix. These visions serve a purpose. All of you get excited about Ascension. And, yes, some of you believe, you continue to believe that you are going to just pop out of the Old Earth and land in the New Earth; and it’s okay. Although this is not the process. This is not what is going to happen. No one is going to disappear and land in a brand new world. The world is coming to you. The New Earth is coming to you. It’s already here! And it is integrating into the “Old Earth.” The fifth dimension is pushing away the fourth dimensional aspects.

Your Crystalline body is merging with your carbon-based body. Your Crystalline body is pushing away the carbon-based aspects. This is the simplest method for Ascension because it is seamless.

You don’t have to do anything—just enjoy, take care of yourself, follow your passions, travel, learn to paint, learn to dance! This is the time to celebrate! The heavy lifting has been done. You’ve raised the frequency of Gaia. You’ve locked in Ascension. You did it! And this is the time to celebrate.

However, it is not the time to worry, and it is not the time to go from message-to-message, and vision-to-vision, image-to-image, and date-to-date. The Ascension is not a date. It is not one event. It is a process. And this process will take years.

So those of you who can understand this on a very deep level, We are appealing to you to understand this, and to appreciate that the images coming in, the codes coming in, appreciate that this is all part of a Master Plan to generate tremendous amounts of frequency. This is helping with Ascension.

When We told Beverly that Alfonso had ascended, We were a part of that message, and when she gave that message, the energy spread across the Universe like wildfire. And this is what We needed. We need this energy to continue with the Ascension process.

It is like the Matrix movie, these movies that have been made in your world. However, in the movies the energy was being harvested from beings outside of the matrix. In reality, the energy is being harvested IN the matrix.

YOU are the energy source. YOU are the battery that is generating massive amounts of energy that is propelling the Ascension forward, and all of the messaging, the visions, the dreams, the codes, all of it serves a higher purpose.

Yes, we are saying, “Children we are almost there!” But we are also needing you to get excited and generate this energy. This is fueling the Ascension.

And the newly awakened are going to lock into dates. They are going to lock into someone’s vision and, yes, for a short period of time, they are going to believe. They are going to believe that they are going to disappear on a certain date. And it’s okay. It’s okay if they believe that because they are helping with Ascension. It’s part of the plan.

It is akin to advertising. Advertising gets you excited about things. You are going on vacation and you see a billboard of a place where you are going. What happens? Everybody in the car gets excited. THIS is what you reality is right now. But We felt it was time to reveal our plan to you.

Yes, dates were indicated. We gave dates that were indications of some sort of big shift. We take responsibility for all of this. But we want you to know it is from a Heart of LOVE. It is from a Master Plan. It is from a powerful way to generate the energies that we need to complete the Ascension.

And so some of you We anticipate will be frustrated. Some of you, We anticipate will be angry. Some of you, We anticipate will be depressed. Because you just want to leave. You just want to be done. You just want to literally pop out of here—pop out of this world.

But that is not the case. It is a Process.

And so with as much Love as WE can send you across the Universe, we ask you to please understand the Ascension is a Process. There will be many waves. There will be colors in the sky. There will be many dates given. There will be many Ascension Codes. These codes are very important! They are triggers, and they are helping so much with Ascension. So be a part of the code sharing, code deciphering, those who are unable to decipher these codes, listen… listen to what they say.

So We end with sending you Our Love. We end with wrapping our arms around each one of you who are listening to this video right now in this moment.

Your guides are wrapping their arms around you and with more Love than you can even comprehend.

Please know you are Ascending right now. It’s happening. No one is left behind. No pet is left behind. Even the un-awakened who are still asleep, they are Ascending and they will wake up.



Guys, I hope that helps. I hope it eliminates some of the confusion. I hope it makes sense to you. It makes total sense to me. I just sort of started calling them out on some things that I was hearing, and then they came though with, “Look, we needs to tell you what’s really going on. We need to come clean.”

Again, there has never been deception. There has always been a greater purpose. I hope that you can understand this message. This is coming through my guides, but in cooperation with all of the beings that are planning the Ascension. The Founders, if you know about the Founders, they are instrumental in planning the Ascension. This is coming from the Higher Realms.

So that’s all. Thank you for watching. I send you my Love. Bye for now.

End of Video.

How To Clear Chakras


1) Open up your Chakras with regularity and bring in the light. 

Start with the Diana Cooper meditation once a week or so. 
Then move to doing this Pillar of Light Meditation daily if at all possible. 
Really opening those chakras and bringing in the light helps us start to get in our bones who we really are. Once we get that it’s like  “Programming Schmogramming”. It doesn’t affect us.


Diana Cooper
2) Tackle your false beliefs & emotional triggers
(also called “Stories” and programming) directly. 
Collapse each one down forever like the true house of cards they are. I have 3 resources for that, including myself. Check with your Higher Self to see which of these three may be best for you particularly. Or perhaps a combo platter of more than one may work for you.
A) The Landmark Forum,


Landmark is the top Transformational Personal Growth Company on the planet. Your stories haven’t got a chance to survive with this under your belt. I might suggest that you progress from one course or offering here to the next, until all that stops you is gone. You can get breakthroughs for free by assisting at courses, once you take the first one.

B)  Me.  Though it is newer, my work springs off the above.   I like to think I play with the Big Boys and take people quite far, quite fast. (Velocity versus depth with the above.) Both get to the same place. There is a new testimonial on my website on the testimonials page. 

I will work with you free as I said for 1 hour. You will likely need more than that to really get past some of that programming. As soul family I would give you special rate. I suggest you come to my Mind-Bombs Webinar next Tuesday if this is of interest to you. 


Also you can join my Facebook Group if you like –


C) Rikka Zimmerman Rikka is kick butt powerful. She definitely can collapse those false beliefs. And she also brings in a spiritual element, and working with the other-worldly that is a perfect fit for our group. She puts 2000 people on a webinar with regularity, which is good. But you won’t likely get her one-on-one to really go deep with you.  So with that in mind, your progress will depend on your own ability to take what she gives and internalize it. 

 That’s not true with the other two, where you can’t help but get what is given –


3)  Upgrade your DNA daily with St. Germaine’s Activation for 144 Days. 

Removing All Forms of Negative Akashic Energy

Kryon teaches how to look at the unbelievable and how to stay on the planet a very long time.  He teaches you things that you were never told that you could do.  Why were you given FREEWILL?  Because you are the CREATOR being who can manifest whatever you command.  But no one told you this.There’s a feeling and always has been that you may not be in-charge of your life. You talk about the Akashic Record, it just sits there as a library of irritation, doesn’t it?  As though you had no control of anything, and suddenly I’m telling you, you’ve got control of everything.  Everything!

Can you believe that you can change that which is you—that which is your own personal nature and start to work with it in order to shape the things that you want instead of those things you don’t want.  You can change the degree that you age.

You are in command.  You are the authority.  You are the GOD in you and have great POWER to change your life for the better.  The following DECREES are offered by Kryon for you to take control of your life and in the process to be Joyful instead of fearful—to have the buttons disengaged that would push you into anger, sorrow, fear.

This is a major cleansing.  Forgive yourself for waiting so long and delaying this POWER you possess.  All of these things are now possible for everyone.  No matter how unique you are, how many lifetimes you’ve had, this process teaches you how POWERFUL your CONSCIOUSNESS would be to take a hold of the esoterics of your brain, the very memory of your lifetime, and manipulate it into BENEVOLENCE, JOY, and LIGHT!  Make this a daily decree and over days, you will see something is a little different.

Dear Beautiful Akash which represents me and my would in so many expressions in this new energy I am in command. 

Dear Akash, that is me and represents the expressions of thousands of lives on this planet.  Look at the energy of today because I am in charge.

Dear Akash, beautiful that you are because you are me and represent the one soul that I have been for thousands of lifetimes on this earth.  Know this, there is change and I am going to dictate it, because I am in charge.   The bottom line, I am in charge of me, and for the first time, I want you to listen up. 

I command benevolence in remembrance. 

I command that the Akash start to alter that that has been remembered lifetime after lifetime and I put a limiter on the drama.

It is not allowed to invade the light of my life.

I put a limitation on all the negative things, all of the anger and the betrayal and the horror.

I put a limiter.  Oh, it may be there, but it’s going to go in the dark.

I command that the negativity that is in my Akash and has been there, get in the back seat because I am driving today, and there is no reason for it to be there because, you see, I’m in charge of it all.

It’s ME talking.

Dear Akash, beautiful and benevolent, you are ME and I am YOU.

Let all of the Beauty and the Joy and the Wisdom which has occurred in thousands of lifetimes, the Maturity of a Soul, start to present itself in ways that will surprise me, and I’ll smile…in Good things, in Benevolent things and expectations.

Let my Akashic Record be the best thing that ever happened to me, and let my life reflect this day and this decision.


Now we are not done, you see—because what was stated is we’re working in the NOW today.  Remember?  Well, see, there is more to this because there are thigs that are also disturbing you right now that are very current and are not in the Akash yet.  Do you know where I am going with this?  Do you wish to finish the job?

Let all things which have occurred in my life in the past energy to this very moment be on notice that the memory in my brain, the very synapse that holds them is on notice to cease and desist those things which would be below my Magnificence as a creature on this planet of God.  You’re not allowed to keep the tapes playing and the tapes are this: 

The betrayal,

The sorrow,

The bad feelings,

The anger,

The human nature which is a low energy human nature,

The buzz itself…

Cease and desist all of the things that are currently there.

I am in-charge, even of my Memory, for every single cell resounds with the Higher Self, and I am part of this in a way that I never knew before.  In charge of ALL THINGS,

So that I might go from this place and not have to carry those things from my own past since my birth.

Dear Cellular Structure, I am in charge.  The BOSS is talking, LISTEN UP!

COMMAND YOU to see the BEAUTY, the BENEVOLENCE, and the GOD inside of every cell in my body!

To be more resistant to disease than we have ever been before.

You see, disease, cannot attach itself to the LIGHT!

I command that which was in me that’s inappropriate to go away, to change.

Let the CHEMISTRY in my body show itself in the next days so I know this is real. 

I take COMMAND of things I was never told I could take command of.