18.04.21- One Who Serves Reveals His Identity (April Advance)

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One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during The April Advance group, Saturday Night, in Payson, AZ on April 21, 2018.  (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

 The transcription begins following a guided meditation

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

We were going to have crazy one come on but we decided not to because that might have ruined the mood a little bit here.  We cannot go from complete seriousness and love and expression to craziness that that one sometimes brings.  But do not be concerned, he is still here, and will be with you and all of this.  Because he is so much in love with everyone of you, you have no idea.  We all are.

We are so excited for who you are all becoming, all you are all remembering who you are, and for everything that you are bringing to the table.  Or should we say, the tables, because as you know, there are many of these tables that have been spoken of.  Sananda has shared this several times.  More is coming again in the future about this.  Where even more will be revealed and how your particular mission will be associated with these 12 and 12 tables.  But more to come on that.

We understand and we are excited!  We are excited for a number of reasons.  We are excited because those of you in this group are ready to move out, you might say, go out and conquer.  Isn’t that the right word.  Go out and conquer, not the evil, not the evil of the world.  You are not going to be able to conquer that, but to go out and conquer the ignorance, conquer the sleepiness that is still out there.

Those that are still asleep, but that are ready to awaken, and you will come across them as Sananda said, more and more now.  They are going to begin to come in droves.  And this particular group is going to grow tremendously in the times ahead here.  You are going to see your phone audience is going to explode at a certain point here.  This is just the way it is and it is almost nothing you can do to stop it now, other than to just keep the phone off.  But we know that is not going to happen!

Now we are also excited about the revelation that the James came up with here.  We were wondering when is he going to want to go back down to that place, that crater and continue the journey?  Not begin the journey because that was already begun.  But to continue the journey and if there are those that re ready and willing to go and be a part of that, we will way anything is possible here.  Anything at all.

And if you have the right group together and if you have the right dedication and the right intention and you are ready and willing to find yourself down there and be a part of this, you may be very surprised at what can be not so much found there, or even recovered there because there records there.  Many of you that are associated here were involved in putting them there, and you are going to be the ones that can go back down and recover them.

But there is more to this than that.  It is more of the continuing journey that is involved in all of this and that includes the new journey you are also speaking of, of going down and maybe even coming and visiting us.  Us being those that are there in the Turabian area, in the secret place of the Andes.  You might say Secret Place of the Brotherhood.  It is secret to most, not secret to us, but it is there and from time-to-time, ones that are ready for this, ones who are awakened enough, ones who have raised their vibration enough, are able to come in and be with us.  So wouldn’t that be something?  Rather than we come into you, you come into us!

Wow.  Yes!  We are what are called the Great White Brotherhood of Light.  And we are in that area.  In Peru, we are also called the ??Abbathistine Order.  Or the order of the Seven Rays.  And it may sound strange with this crazy accent of Tibet coming through, that I would be down there in Peru or any of us would be down there.  Most predominantly, we come from the Tibetan area, but we travel a lot.  That is worth a lot!  We do not need to use your strange contraptions, the planes and the trains and automobiles and all these things.  We can just simply almost tap our heels and we are there.

We cannot teach you that, but you can teach yourselves that.  You can remember that.  It is about bi-location.  You can do it.  Isn’t that a saying from a movie too?  “You can do it!!  You can do it!!”  You will do it!  All of you will do it.  You just are not sure yet how to do it, or how it is even possible, but once you get past the idea that it is not possible or is possible, then you will be able to consider doing that process.  It is really not very hard.  You just need to know how to do it.  Okay?

So much to be excited about.  Much to be looking forward to, and that is not even to mention that crazy thing called “The Event!”  That is still coming.  And all these other things that have been spoken of again and again, but always remember and we must reiterate this over and over.  And by the way, we hear you mentioning it more and more as well.

Stop thinking about what is coming in the future and start being in the NOW.  Live your life NOW.  And we hear you saying that more and more now.  We hear you saying, be joy in every moment, rather than constantly just looking, going through life as most of your friends, your families.  They go through their entire life looking for a few moments of joy here and there.  But YOU have come to understand that it is most beneficial to all of you to find constantly the joy in every moment now.  And that is where you are all headed.  And as we say, we are SO excited.

Now we are going to share something with you, but in order to do that, we are going to ask you a question.  Okay?  Are you ready for this?

First, we speak about who we are as the One Who Serves.  We are a collective.  We are a collective of Ascended Masters that have come to this particular ??Abbathistine Order as you know now, the Order Of the Seven Rays.  And when we came here, we took a vow.  We took a vow, not of silence, no certainly we could never be silent.  But we took a vow of being anonymous, you might say, in some respects.  So that those that we worked with as us being the mentors to them, would not necessarily know who we were before.  Who we were in the past.  What our connections are in all of this.

So you know now that we are part of this brotherhood.  We are, the six of us that have taken on the title, and it is a title, it is a title that we have accepted and taken on, and in some respects you could say we earned it.  It is the title of The One Who Serves.  Because that is what we are about, is serving.

But, now here we are at this moment NOW, and because of things that are developing very, very rapidly now, it is time now to begin to share more closely with all of you, because we have become so close with you.  You see, you are the only ones that hear from us.  Do you know this?  Directly you are the only ones that hear from us.  As The One Who Serves, we use no other channel at this point.  We are only coming through this one, James.

Now that is not to say that he is anything special or anything.  He is pretty special to us, but not that he is anything beyond anyone else.  But because of this idea and in coming to this group and being so directly involved with this particular group, Ancient Awakenings, we have decided that we are going to give up some of our anonymity here.

We are going to share with you who we were.  But in order to do that and one at a time, by the way, it is not going to be all of us at once tonight.  But I, as the “I” here that is speaking for the Collective, I am going to be one that is going to open that up here.

And I was the original one that came to the aide here before James, and then to the James.  I was the one who spoke more directly with him and through him.  Others have come through as well over the time here, but I was always the one more directly involved with this one, James.

Now, I would ask you, if you want to know this, you need to go into yourself now, I am not going to tell you.  You need to go into yourself and visualize what I would look like.  Who I might have been before.  And if you are able to come to it, then I will reveal it.  If not, not yet.

So allow yourselves to go deep now, and look at what I might look like, not so much even what I look like now, although I am showing you something right now.  If you see me, and I am just above you, I am here in this body, yes, as well, but actually we will do this.  I will descend back over this body and over-light it here now. And show myself to you with your open physical eyes if you can, or if you must, you can close your eyes and see this over-lighting that is occurring here now.

I am showing you what I looked like at that time long ago that I am most famous for.

[Long pause here while everyone envisions who is talking]

Okay.  That is enough time.  I am not going to play a game with you, hot or cold or anything of that nature.  You either get it or you don’t get it.  But this is an exercise for you in your visualization abilities and your believing abilities.  Because someone might come up with it and not want to share it because they will think they are wrong or they will be laughed at or something, and I can assure you, no one will be.  Anyone wish to take a stab at this?

I will tell you if you are wrong or you are right.

AUDIENCE:   No hints?

You look like Yeshua to me.

OWS:  No.

AUDIENCE:   Moses.

That was my first thought, was Moses.

OWS:  Oh my goodness!!  That didn’t take much at all!


Why do you think we say all those times, “Moses!

[Laughter, applause]

AUDIENCE:  And here he is right here in this room!

OWS:  Always go with your first, your gut, your intuition.  The little voice within you.

AUDIENCE:  Did you have any other incarnations?

OWS:  We are not going to go there now.  That will come, possibly later.  We will go with the one that came first, and that is certainly the one, and now I will also share with you that James has known this for a long time here.  For he asked a long time ago.  We gave him the same vision that we gave to you here.  And the first thing he said was, “Moses,” and we said “Yes!”

But we said, now you must keep this to yourself for as long as you need to.  And he has.  So, now you know and we may still go by The One Who Serves here, but we can open that up a little bit more now.

See, we can be funny too!  But you must understand, we love you all so much, you have no idea how much, how close we have come to all of you.  Not only you here in the room, ALL of you who are on the phone, that are with us Sunday after Sunday, week after week, and then when you are here, especially for these Advances, and we love the idea that you have accepted that they are no longer called Retreats.  They are now Advances, as you know.  Because you are certainly advancing on and on and on.  If you would look at yourselves five years ago…as we look at you five years ago, and what you have turned into now, what you have remembered about yourself now…

The discussions that you have now.  My goodness!  Quantum entanglement!  Who would have spoken of that three years ago?  You know?  You know what we say here?  Even Ascension!  We spoke of Ascension to James and to the Cynthia here, and to the JoAnna here, thirty years ago or something like that.  But we did not use that term “Ascension.”

We said, “ready to jump off a cliff,” and they looked at us so sure, like what are they talking about?  They’re crazy!


But that is what we were saying back then.

JOANNA:   The ninety-degree phase shift.

OWS:  Yes!  That, especially that.  The ninety-degree phase shift!  That is what Ascension is, by the way.  A ninety-degree phase shift!  And if you read that book, “The Secret of the Andes” that James spoke of here, it speaks of that—The Ninety-Degree Phase Shift—that a civilization here on the earth before humanity, they took that ninety-degree phase shift.  They Ascended en mass all of them at once.  They left one behind, one is still here today.  Here in the brotherhood here, in the ??Abbathistine Order.

Audience:  Mehru.

OWS:  Yes!  Mehru.  He is one still here from that civilization of the Elves.  Ancient.  Very ancient.

Audience:  Yes.  I finally figured out what those stairs meant.  You know, matter and all of that with the steps going up?  And they were all ninety-degree phase shifts.

OWS:  Yes!  They were!

Audience:  It took a while to figure it out.

OWS:  Yes.  Everybody is saying, what are they talking about?


And have the James share or the Cynthia share if they would a little bit more of that.  We believe that James even has that particular reading that was given on this.  If he could find it again.  Cynthia, you say you have it?

CYNTHIA:  Yes, I have it.  I have it all drawn out too.

OWS:  Very good.  Then here is our suggestion to you.  Bring that to the next Advance.  That will be very important and it will be incorporated into the entire program.  It is all about this ninety-degree phase shift that you are all in the process of going through.  Ninety-degrees is moving from one dimension into a higher dimension, in a shift, because you are all going through a shift, and it can be that quick, or it can be slow over a period of time.  That is what this is about.  And this is about a ninety-degree phase shift of an entire planet and much of the population on the planet over phases or stages, if you will.

Any questions here before we release channel?


Q & A

Q What did you do in wandering for forty years? 

OWSWhat did we do?

Q What was the purpose of that?  What was the status or the history, I don’t know, in the desert for forty years with Moses, what were you doing out there?

OWS:  First of all, not everything that you read or everything that you hear is accurate.


Or is a metaphor.  Yes.

Q:  It was only four weeks. 


OWS:   We are not going to say the time-frame here.  But we are going to say that there was a period of time where there was the wandering, where there was the movement from one area to the next, almost as if you were moving from one—in a sense—dimension, to another dimension.  We were moving through a shift, rather.  That is what we will say here.  Moving through a shift.  The shift in this case was being the slaves of the Egyptians, of the Pharaoh, that part was true.  And we did move away from that.  We did leave that.  The idea of the parting of the Red Sea—somewhat accurate—but it had the forces of nature involved in that moment as well.  You see? 

Q:  Is that like the second chakra?  I mean, that’s what we were explained years ago.  Like the first chakra, it was kind of like a metaphor, it was from the first chakra through the desert, the parting of the waters and then it moves up to the third chakra.

OWS:  Yes.  But the Red Sea at that time was not as you would think it was.  You see?  We cannot tell you too much more on that.  But we can give you other information when I went up that mountain and met with the “I AM Presence,” and I did—that was the “I AM Presence”–that was true.  But it was not God reaching down his hand from clouds and this type of thing.  It was a being in a spaceship!  In a ship there!  Coming through the clouds.  Yes! 

Q:  What was that beings name? 

“I AM!”

OWS:  That is what we will say here.  “I AM that I AM.”  You do not need to think of it in terms of Yahweh or any of these other terminologies at this point.  Just think of it as the “I AM PRESENCE.”

Q:  Was Hatshepsut your adopted mother?

OWS:  We are being told here, we cannot answer some of these questions because it is not quite time yet for some things.  There is reason for this.  I can answer some things, but we are not going to make an entire show of this now.


Q:  I have a comment.  This is Sheryl.  I have a comment.  I had a vivid dream experience about being with you and I knew you were Moses.  I could see your house.  And I saw a body of water in the distance.  I don’t know if it was an ocean, but I was with you.

OWS:  Sheryl, you were with us there.  You were. 

Q:  I love you!

OWS:  I will not say who you were.  You will come to that on your own, but you were there.  As were some others of you as well at that time.  Some very close to myself in that life. 

Q:  I never quite could buy any kind of slaughter of the first-born sons.  Are you able to tell us what was the straight dope on that whole world?

OWS:  What you are talking about here at that time was the cabal.  It was called something different certainly.  But it was those that were attempting to prevent the rising of a Messiah.  Even at that time.  So it was attempting to hold back those that could rise forward and bring the light. 

Q:  And then they flipped it around to make it look like God did that.  Isn’t that sick?

OWS:  Yes.

Q:  God never does that.  He loves us.

OWS:  Now there are different versions of God here. You must understand this.  There is Prime Creator God, Source of All Things, Source of all Love, and only Love.  That is not the God that you would want to be involved here.  So that was not the God that was involved there.  See?

Q:  So this was one of those gods that came here…

OWS:  Yes.  Think of it in terms of those in the family of the Annunaki.  You are seeing who they are, more and more.  And since you have, we can share more of those kinds of things now with you.  Before we could not. 

Q:  Can you give us some guidance on…some of us are struggling with the fact that we have yet to be able to see.  Because I know that the statement resonates with a lot of us that “if you have eyes to see and you have ears to hear,” but a lot of us are still struggling with the fact that we cannot see as we could.  Would you have any guidance on that?

OWS:  You can see exactly what you need to see.  You are seeing what you need to see, you are hearing what you need to hear.  Based on your consciousness and your belief system at this point.  Raise your consciousness, raise your belief system, and you will see so much more.  You will hear so much more. 

Q:  I just want to make a comment or kind of like ask for a confirmation if that was okay.  When you brought up the “L” from way back from the beginning of creation, that there are still on the planet or there is one or a few, or what have you.  I did come across someone who claimed to be an “L” and listening to this particular person being interviewed, and they are doing their own show and they are trying to raise the vibration and inform the people, I am always dumbfounded by the amount of articulate incredible deep information that he says.  It comes from within.  He just knows everything and anything.  And he finally said that one day.  They had to pick and probe and probe, and he finally gave up that he was an “L.”  And I was dumbfounded when you said that today.  And his name is Drake.

OWS:   What we will tell you about this one that you are speaking of.  He is very knowledgeable as you are saying.  Does not know everything.  As no one knows everything.  He is somewhat as he says he is, but as an aspect of that.  You see?  He was an “L” as you are saying but at a higher level of his being.  He is a personality as an aspect of that being that would have been an “L” there. 

Q:  I understand.  Thank you.  I really enjoy what he has to contribute.  It is very enlightening and very helpful.  And thank you for that confirmation, One Who Serves.

OWS:  Yes.

Q:  I have a question?  This is Naija and thank you so much One Who Serves, Moses. The question is about your Staff and Rod.  I was given a version of your staff.  I found it on the beach.  And the thought I got was it was given to me from Spirit.  It was unclear if it was from the Father or from you, and I was told in a meditation.  Any confirmation on that?  And any suggestion of how to…

OWS:  We apologize here.  I apologize here.  Because I did not quite understand what you are asking here.

Q:  Yeah.  So the question is about Moses’ Staff and Rod.

OWS:  Staff and Rod, yes.  Okay, very good.  Now we’ve got it.

Q:  So I was given one by Spirit.  So I don’t know if it was given to me by the Father or if it was you.  So any comments on that?

OWS:  As you were given a Staff and Rod?

Q:  Yeah.

OWS:  And you are wondering if it is the same Staff and Rod which I carried?  Or something similar?

Q:  Right.  Not the same, kind of a representation or a version of it.

OWS:  Or something similar.  Okay, now we understand.  We can tell you that the Rod or the Staff that I carried at that time was not a stick as some would depict there—the limb of some type.  It was a drill rod that was found in the—or rather I was guided to—in a secret area in the pyramids.  I was told to take that from that secret area, again as I was guided to it, and was able to use it as it was an Atlantean Drill Rod.  So, as to what you have now, we do not think it is an Atlantean Drill Rod, but it is a facsimile of that.  Okay?

Q:   Yes!  Very helpful.  Thank you so much.

OWS:  The Atlantean Drill Rods, by the way, are secreted away at this time.  They have, as we find it, there is one that is in someone’s possession, but they are not doing any thing with it and they are holding it until the right time to bring it out.  They do not want the cabal to get a hold of it.  

Any other questions here?

Q:  I have a question.

OWS:  Yes.  We have to, what you call, wrap this up here pretty quickly.  We have already shared probably much more than what those around me were expecting here maybe.


Anyway, yes?

Q:  Okay, the One Who Serves, Moses.  Did you design the Arc of the Covenant?  Was it done at your time and what was that really meant for?  And can I possibly ask you where it is now?

OWS:  In a building that the government is holding in a great big storage area as in Indiana Jones.


No, we are joking!


The Arc of the Covenant, just so you know, is secreted away.  It is being held also, kept away from those who are not ready to be able to utilize the spirit in which it was developed.  And no, I did not design it.

Q:  Could I just ask one more little question about that, and I know that’s not the answer, but is it under water?

OWS:  No.  It is not under water.

Q:   Is it in a cave in Kentucky. 


OWS:  Oh, please! 


We don’t go there.

Q:  Higher dimension.  A question about the Ten Commandments.  I just want to check if this is true and correct.  I was once given that it actually wasn’t actually commandments, but it was more like along the lines of—you will kind of know you have arrived or you have gotten there, if you will, when you do not kill people—not thou shalt not, as in a command, but you won’t kill people, you won’t covet your friend’s wife, you won’t steal, all that kind of stuff, like these are the signs where you’ll know like you have gotten to that place.  Is that correct?

OWS:  They were commandments. 

Q:  Oh, they WERE commandments.  Okay.

OWS:  Yes.  They came from a High Source, and they were taken very seriously. 

Q:  Was it because of the consciousness of the people at that time because that’s all they could understand was “Don’t do this.  Don’t do that?” 

OWS:  Yes.  You could look at it that way.  Yes.  Working with the consciousness of the people at the time.

Q:  And was it true that if they go against that or touched it,  that it would kill them?

OWS:  That is not true.  They were stone tablets. 

Q:  I was talking about the Arc.

OWS:  Oh, the Arc.

Q:  Yeah.  If anybody fell against it or touched it?

OWS:  Okay.  We will share here, you have to understand that much in the way of your movies and books and these things are based largely on reality, and also sometimes very much on fantasy.  Now to understand the Arc of the Covenant, it would only operate by those who were in the light.  It would only work as it was meant to do by those who knew the secrets of it and could work directly with it in terms of the consciousness that was within the Arc.  You see?  So a consciousness that was not in tune with the Arc would have a rough time of it.  Let’s just say that.  And someone very similar in this vision we are getting here in your movie, yes, the Indiana Jones movie is somewhat accurate.  It would destroy as much as it would create. 

Q: What were they trying to protect?  The Ten Commandments? 

OWS:  That is correct.

Q:  Were there any type of …?

OWS:  Okay, now …


We cannot take anymore questions.


We think that we need to move on to a different subject here. Okay?


We may come back to this at another time, after you have thought this over and not to try to … yes, like we say, play twenty questions here.  Because if it gets to be too much, then those who are mentoring to me, and yes, I have my mentors as well, and those who are mentoring to me will say, “Okay, that’s enough, Moses, dear…that’s enough!”  We cannot continue to do this at this point.  They must travel their own journey here.

Q:  So, can I ask why…

OWS:   There you go again!  There is another one there.  We need to move on to something else here.

Q:  Can I ask why is it that that information won’t serve us when…I mean, I’m just curious about that.  Why would it not serve us to know?  Just so we understand.

OWS:   It is not that it will not serve you to know, it will not serve you to know without looking within yourself.  You see?

Q:  This is Kimmie.  May I say something on the lighter side? 

OWS:   Yes, please do.

Q:  Okay.  Although I did have the very briefest actually flash of Moses, I moved right on, and for some reason, I saw Willie Shakespeare.  Where did that come from?

OWS:  We don’t know.  That wasn’t one of MY incarnations.  That is a hint for you.  Not one of MY incarnations. 

Q:  Another One Who Serves…Oh.  Okay. 

OWS:  Surely that is a hint.

Q:  Oh…Saint Germain. 

OWS:   Yes.  There you go.

Q:  Saint Germain was Shakespeare. 

Was that the funny guy?

OWS: No.  Now Saint Germain would say he was pretty funny, yes.  But no, it is not that one.  Saint Germain is very much associated with us here in the ??Abbathistine Order, so that may be why you were getting some of that. 

Q:  I got Ghandi. 

Yeah.  I saw Saint Germain.

OWS:  Ghandi is associated with a great deal.  He was a great being that you had here.  One that opened up a great understanding, raised vibration all around him.  And then moved on, as to who he was in other times, we are not able to say that, but we will just say that he an ascended being, yes.

Q:  One Who Serves, I thought I saw like Lantos.  Was that close? 

OWS:  Close to what?

Q:  One of the members of the One Who Serves. 

OWS:   Did we not say that we were not ready to share the others yet? That will be up to each one of them.  I only agreed to this because I have been associated with this group and through this one James for a fair amount of time, amount of YOUR time, anyway, not so much OUR time, but your time.  So that is why we figured it was time here.  But the others will, if they want to, they will come forward on their own here.

Q:  One Who Serves, I would like to ask about a healing ability.  Did you believe that you are a healer, is that all we need to become healing other people?

OWS:  That is a big part of it.  You need to have the intention.  You need to have the belief.  And you need to go forward with the action.  You need to take the action.  Just simply believing it, having intention of it, and then doing nothing about it, won’t help too much.  You have to actually reach out and touch someone.


But it doesn’t even have to be a physical touch.  It can be an astral or an etheric touch from far away even.  Remote healing is what you can call it.

Q:  Is it necessary that the other person or the Higher Self of the other person authorize me to do it?  Or not?

OWS:  When you are working on healing another being, it is very important for that one that you are working with, that consciousness, that personality that you are working with, accept the healing.  That is number one.  They have to accept the healing.   If you are trying to heal someone that is not ready for it, or does not want it, then you are interfering with their life path here.  You see?  And you can actually create karma for yourself by doing this. 

So always ask and get their acceptance first, before you do so.  You do not know if they are meant to go through pain and suffering and all of this, even though it is abhorrent to you to think of, they might be having to go through with this as their contract that they came in with, and if you interfere with that, in a sense, you are breaking the prime directive, and bring Karma on yourself.

Q:   Would that apply to animals as well? 

OWS:  Yes.  In a sense, that is also correct, because you can ask the animal as well.  And if you are open to it, they will answer you, and can receive it.  Now we make a distinction here.  If the animal is sick, and is in pain, then it is up to you to do something to alleviate that pain.  Even if it is to the point of what you call, euthanasia or putting them to sleep.  For it is for their better good here to do so, than to have one of your dear friends, you pets, suffering.  See? 

Q:   When you say giving permission, is it something they have to say verbally or can it be an energy that you feel that permission is given kind of thing?

OWS:  It is best if it is a verbal permission or a telepathic permission of some type but you must get their permission.  Do you know, here we give you an example.  When Yeshua did those healing miracles, you call them, did he not ask every single one of them, “Do you want to be healed?”  “Do you  have _____???, Do you believe?”  And if they said no, to not heal them.  He did not.  He did not touch them.  He respects their free will.  Yes.  And as you must also do.  As we must also do.  As those in the ships certainly must also do. 

We all respect your free will and we will not interfere, they will not interfere until you have fully accepted them to come down from in their ships and land and all of this.  It must come from the population of the planet.

Now if the government suddenly turned and said, “You are not alone.  We have been lying to you,” or whatever they might come out and say, if they were to do that and give permission and put that out to the public, and the public then was in acceptance, they would not even need to say anything, but those that are watching over this can tell when those are ready to accept, then they will come.  Kind of like, if you will build it, they will come.

Q:   If you know someone that is suffering in some way, can you ask—I’ve done this before and I’m wondering if I have permission to do this—can you ask other beings to assist that one to find the way of healing on their own? 

OWS:  Certainly, yes. 

Q:   And in an accelerated process instead of taking years or something like that? 

OWS:   Yes.  You can always ask for help from those that—we do not like to use the term are “higher than you” because we are not higher than you.  But when you ask for those who are—say were mentoring to you, or have a little bit more understanding than you might have the ability to bring the healing to an individual, then certainly yes.  Ask for their help, and they will assist you.  They will not do it for you, but they will assist you.  They will send their energy down through you as the conduit.  Just as Sananda and the Christ sent their energy down through Yeshua’s hands into those that he worked with.

Q:   One more question about my dragon, if I can ask you about that? I was wondering, I was told by someone who is very familiar with dragons that you can ask the dragon to assist in some way to help another individual or several individuals, so what I did is for weeks I would meditate and ask my dragon to go help my daughter because she was really sick, and find a healing for her.  So he brought her—I think he brought her her boyfriend which created a love connection which helped her see things differently.  Is that true?

OWS:  Yes.  What you did is you put it out there.  Bring healing to her.  If she is ready for this, bring healing to her.  And you put it out and you let it go.  Is that correct? 

Q:    Yes.

OWS:  And you did not put any specifications on how it would happen or when it would happen or anything of this nature.  And you expected it to happen and the dragon, as you are saying, which is a dear friend to you, this dragon—and dragons are very perceptual—they have a great deal of compassion.  Not like you would think of a dragon with fiery breath and fierce.  They have so much compassion, and they are ready to assist, if they are called upon. 

But humankind has had a fear created around dragons.  And this was also done by your cabal purposefully.  Because they knew that if you kept in touch with the elemental kingdom that they would eventually bring you around.  They would eventually help you raise out of the situation that you found yourselves in over a long period of time.

In this way, and many other ways, they have done everything they can to curtail and postpone and hold off your Ascension process.  They have known for a long, long time about your Ascension and they have done everything they can to prevent it.  But, as you know, those times are over.  They can no longer prevent it.  It is a done deal and it is going through whether they like it or not.  And if they do not like it, they will be removed from the situation.

Just one more question, and then we need to release channel.

Q:   Dear One Who Serves, I address all of you, and we want to thank you for all of the labor of love that you have given us in getting us to this point.  We look forward to being of further service and I just wanted to acknowledge how grateful we are and thank you.  

OWS:  Wonderful!

Q:   Yes, thank you.  Thank you so much.  

OWS:  My dear Moses, you have your marching orders, again! 

MOSES:  Thank you!

OWS:  We are going to release channel now. We appreciate your time, your efforts, your sharing with us.  We appreciate your patience in working with us.  We know that we are not the _____?? ones, when you ask your questions and the answers that we give sometimes, but what is your saying?  “That’s just the way it is.  That is not going to change any time soon.  Just so you know.  So get over it.  Let it be.  Let it be!”  Yes.

Shanti, peace be with you.  Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”


18.04.21- You Just Have To Be In The Moment, Randy Joy Conference (April Advance)

hear | mp3 |pdf

This conference was presented y Randi Joy during the April Advance on Saturday morning in Payson, AZ on April 21, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

RANDI:  I’m changing things up a little bit from what you might have read on the class of what it was going to be about which you will find is pretty typical of me because I always let Spirit be the guide and it usually guides me in different directions than I had initially planned.  So, this is what happened last night after I went to bed.  I started getting a whole bunch of new awareness of things that have happened through the day that were teaching me.  So I’m sharing with you what came through to me from all of the experience all over everything that we talked about here that I learned that was a new “ah-ha” and a new something for me.  And I know when those things come that it is showing me that there is something that I was missing yesterday and so I hope we can maybe bring that in today.

And whatever time we have after that, if there is time, then we will go into the other material about healing the body, which we have an hour also set aside for that in the next session.  So we will get through it. It just maybe slightly different timing than originally planned.

JAMES:  Go with the flow.

RANDI:   Go with the flow.  That’s right!  Let the Divine be the guide, because it always ends up much more beautiful than I would ever make it with my own thinking of what I think it should look like, or my plan.

So, anyhow, it came to me last night, that I wasn’t fully understanding the Eagle Energy.  It was so interesting because as I was listening to the words that, before we started in here, Peter used a Shaman technique of Opening Sacred Space.  With the Shaman way, he opened Sacred Space in this room we are in for healing, learning, and everything that happens inside the Sacred Space, which if you think of that Sacred Space, especially in a lot of native tradition, they say Sacred Space, and it is usually referred back to womb energy.  Because the womb is a Sacred Space where the infant develops and it is given what it needs for nourishment.  So they use that a lot when they are talking about the Sacred Space.

In this Sacred Space, we are all developing and growing and learning, and I thought back to the Eagle Energy and what I was missing there.  Then, it came to me last night that the purpose of the Eagle Energy, just like Peter said, if you listened to what he was saying, is to see things from a higher perspective, from a new perspective.  Which is exactly what we are doing here today.  Which is exactly what our conversation was about yesterday.  It is kind of thinking about things differently.  And in thinking about them differently, didn’t we start to see things from a different perspective?

AUDIENCE:  Absolutely!

RANDI:   So that whole thing yesterday was about this Eagle Energy coming in and I was like missing that aspect of it, if that makes sense.  I knew that, before this session today, I felt, “Oh, I need to bring in Eagle Energy.”  And I didn’t even really have a sense of what that meant. I thought this and I was actually infusing this Eagle Energy into my water, and not knowing why, and the next thing that happened is when Peter opened Sacred Space yesterday, he turned right at me, as he is talking about the Eagle Energy.  And I still didn’t quite grasp it.

PETER:  She was sitting in the East which is where the Eagle Energy is, of course.

RANDI:   Of course, right?  So it was so Divinely Orchestrated, and this was like my Higher Self going, “Oh my gosh!  This one is dead!”


Is she going to get this, right?  Because I missed the words, and I’m like, “What is the Eagle Energy?” As he was like explaining it, and I’m still missing it.  And we did the whole class, and I talked about this Eagle Energy, and I still didn’t get what it was.  And so then, I realized, that’s what it was.  It’s this new perspective.  [To Peter] Can you say for them kind of what you said with the Eagle Ceremony, just so they can hear those words?  They are so beautiful.  This is Peter talking.

PETER:  I think its a Native American tradition, but I did learn it in Peru.  You ask the Eagle to allow yourself to see from that illuminated perspective high above.  And that is the state of neutrality and non-judgment, like the Angels see us.

And you know, they say, “We need to get over ourselves, because we see ourselves too personally.  They don’t mean it like we think of the term “Get over ourselves.”  They mean it like we have to get above our heads and see ourselves the same way that they see us from the perspective of pure love, pure neutrality, non-judgment.  Just like Mother Earth sees us.

Okay, now getting back to that state of neutrality that we are requesting Eagle Energy to give us.  The eagle sits high and so you ask Eagle to give you that gift of watching the human drama, all the trivial matters and the human drama, and granting you the ability to swoop down and pick out the Sacred Aspects of life.  And that Sacred Aspect might be a little bitty thing, and then swooping back up to that illuminated plane of perspective.  Then watching with an Eagle Perspective, that sharp perspective that everything is melting away in the human drama, melting away, melting away, melting away.  So you can see actually, be awake enough to see the aspects of the human drama, I mean the spiritual gifts, and swoop down and pick those gifts up, back up to an illuminated plane of perspective and watch beneath as all the trivial matter continues.

RANDI:   Isn’t that beautiful?  Isn’t that what we were really trying to get out of yesterday?  So that hit me like, “Oh my goodness, how did they miss that in this whole thing where I was talking so much and not listening enough?” Right?

JAMES:  Okay, whenever you guys speak up, please, you’ve got to remember there are people on the phone, so if everyone talks at once they are not going to understand.

AUDIENCE:  What you couldn’t see yesterday, I was sitting opposite you as I am right now, and an Eagle flew over the mountain … [inaudible].  I saw our Eagle.

I thought the Eagle was a bird I saw, when I described what I was seeing in the … you know, when you were activating all the different periods, and all that, it was an Eagle that I saw.  I thought, “What has the United States got to do with it?”


and the blue birds.


And while we were talking, right now there was a hummingbird right outside the window.

Peter, one thing that I got out of what both of you said is the Eagle has the higher perspective, and is the one that brings us down to earth and gives it to us?


RANDI:  No.  You are the Eagle.

AUDIENCE:  I am the Eagle that…yes, yes, but as it brings it down, it grabs it.  Right?  But it comes up as well. It does not linger here.  It brings it down, but the Eagles go back.  It stays here on the ground.  I am the Eagle and I am the ground, but the Eagle comes out, brings it down…

PETER:  Let me tell you just really quickly, if I can?

RANDI:  Please do!  Absolutely.

PETER:  A little gift.  You know?  I used to take my 16-year-old daughter and her friend to school every day.  And thy would stay up all night and they were groggy and all that.  And

[Audience cuts out here at 8:18]  Discussion occurs among callers who lost sound of the conference.

[Recording resumes at 21:20]  James spoke asking if callers are there.  Conference is still incoherent to telephone audience.

[23.50]  James cuts in again asking if the audience can hear.

[25:00]  Randi checks on telephone audience.  Sound resumes.

RANDI: We are at 100 per cent.  We are fine.  Okay?  Is everybody there?

We apologize.  Can you hear us?  Hello, this is Randy Joy.  Can you hear me?

Okay, can everybody be quiet for one second.  I just want to find out where we got cut off before.  What did you not hear?  What was the last thing you heard?

PHONE AUDIENCE:  He was saying about two 16 year olds in the car driving, his daughter and then it got cut.

RANDI:   Okay.  What we were sharing, just to kind of give you a brief overview, is talking about the Eagle and the little things we pick up.  Right?  You got that part.  So then I shared that one thing that I picked up was—I said it more profoundly before than I’m going to share now.


That it was a Walmart greeter who really impacted me, who got me to see things from a new perspective.  Because I used to think that if I failed in everything else in life, I could always be a Walmart greeter.  And that, that was kind of like the epitome of if everything falls apart in life, I’ll just do that and I can, you know, afford my apartment.  And I literally had these thoughts when I was in high school, and it was like, ‘Ah, if I’m not successful, it doesn’t matter.  I can be a Walmart greeter.’  And I considered that to not be successful.

And the cool thing is how the Universe delivered this message to me is there was a person who changed my life. I probably spent up to $20,000 learning from so-called gurus and masters of healing and manifesting and everything else, and I was putting it into action but I wasn’t really getting it.

And then there was a Walmart greeter that I would see everyday.  And every time I came into his space, he was always joyful.  He always showed up for me in a space of joy, and I literally would walk through that door and feel unconditional love from him, and acceptance.  And he was being his true authentic self, living in that state of joy, and I realized, that is success.

That’s what this life is about.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing.  It doesn’t matter about where you have been.  It doesn’t matter your story, it matters how you show up in every moment of your day.  Every moment that you encounter a relationship with somebody else.  How do I show up?  Am I going to show up as my true authentic self, or am I going to show up or am I going to show up with all my programs and all my drama and everything else and then pass that on to everybody?  Or am I going to show up as the real me who is joy, who can make a difference in the world.  And he showed up in that space for me and because of that, he literally made a shift in me like I have never had in my whole lifetime experience.  It is a shift that I really thought, that’s what it’s all about.

That’s the purpose of life.  It’s just showing up authentic.  He practiced everyday showing up in joy.  He is practicing.  He is practicing on me.  He practices on about 500 people that walk through his door, and he just shows up in unconditional love for those people.  Every single one.  I have never seen him not show up that way for people.

And so, because of that, I had us all hold hands and I said, “Because he shifted me, now I am choosing to move in that direction too.  And when I move in that direction, everybody that I am holding hands with, meaning everyone in this entire Universe were all be quantum entangled.  So as one person shifts, the entire Universe shifts.  So because he showed up authentic, he shifted me.  Then I shift the next person that I meet, and they shift the next person that they meet.  And that is Ascension.  That is how it happens.  It happens on the inside.”

And that, my friends, is what a Light-worker is.  A Light-worker is not someone who just shows up for meetings and says profound things, and sounds like they know.  A Light-worker isn’t someone who you know channels. Those are all parts of a Light-worker, but a Light-worker is really someone who just shows up authentic.  Shows up remembering their true God-self. Remembering who they truly are.  And when you show up in that space, you shift entire realities.  You shift entire Universes.  That’s the space we showed up here to see, to do, to remember who WE truly are and let go of all of this nonsense, all of these programs that we have brought in.

Yesterday we talked a lot about programs, and so this is kind of new terminology, but we are going to talk about it more.  Anyhow, when we are willing to let go of all of that old programming and show up as our true hue, our true God-self, that True Divine Essence. That was his True Divine Essence. I’m pretty sure after his Walmart shift, he flies home with his Angel Wings back to Heaven, because that’s all I can imagine.

But I’m sure he has a story just like the rest of us.  I can just feel from him that he has probably had a difficult life, and he overcame all of that, at least from the perspective I see that he shows up for me, and he just shows up in pure joy.  And he shifted my Universe because of that.  Now I’m shifting mine toward his because I said, “I want what he has. I want to feel that.  I want to be that for others.  It may not be in the space of a Walmart greeter, but it might.”

If I get bored, I’m going to be a Walmart greeter because he has the opportunity to shift more people than I ever do in one day.  Right?  I mean, it’s truly amazing the gift that he offers everybody that comes through that door.  I told everybody, he works with probably 500 people a day, and you only get about 15 seconds with them if you’re lucky, but man that 15 seconds can change your life if you will listen, if you will see it from a new perspective and see what lesson that 15 seconds in his presence has to offer.

And that’s what all of us have the potential to do, in every aspect, if we are willing to show up first, working on ourselves first, becoming that authentic self first, then when we show up in that, as Marianne Williams would say, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  We are opening Sacred Space for them to walk through as well.

As long as you are staying in your programs and your drama, and your whatever, that is what you are bringing people into.  So when you are willing to let that go, then you give other people permission to let that go as well.

Did that catch you up a little bit?

Is there anything anybody else on the phone wants to mention about that now?  Or about anything.

AUDIENCE:  I’m right in alignment with everything you are saying and that is exactly what I am working with, like “Let it go!”  There is so much joy in NOW to experience.  Thank you.

Hi, I just wanted to also share the same and you hit it spot on with eloquence, drive, love and light, and I too have come from the standpoint where we need to be the observer and open up the awareness and because of the programming, and everything that you said, people have shut down.  And it is absolutely embracing in totality who we truly are in picking up and connecting with those people, and throughout the past five years, I hit spot on these people that come into my life and enhance it even more so, and embracing everything that you just said, it is extremely powerful and that is how we—it’s like the snowball going down the hill—and we spread it with so much love and joy.  Having that moment, the cha-ching, and taking it all in and it’s almost like—I’m losing my words because there are so many, so I’m going to be quiet, because obviously you’ve gotten the gist of it, but yes, thank you so much for sharing that in such a beautiful way.  I love you.

It was beautiful Randi, thank you so much.

LORELEI:  I also have my own version of people that are to me the Walmart guy, and they just astonish me with their love, their joy, fun, play, ease.  That seems for all purposes like they didn’t spend 20 years in personal growth and development.  I mean, maybe they did, but some of them I know and they didn’t.  And I become astonished by that.  So for me, yeah, each one of those individuals has been my teacher at a different time.  And I want to say that I add them to the list.  So I have had so many profound and amazing teachers and some of them are 20 years of training, or 50 or 80, and some of them didn’t even walk into a room for training ever. So to me, its a matter of, “I honor them” and I honor the other just as much and it is just a miracle.  I guess I am so in the space of honoring of my teacher, be it someone who has had all that training or someone who has seemingly just walked in there.  It’s just a beautiful thing.

DARYL:   Hi family, this is Daryl.  Thank you Lorelei for your share.  There is this particular gentleman at the gas station, AM-PM, just a mile away from the house, less than a mile, and he has always showed up for me with unconditional love.  He always comes out of the store and greets me and shares whatever he is going through with his wife, his kids in college, and he just shares without any restraint, and I am just sitting here sometimes in awe because I have to hurry up and get gas in the car and get off to work.  And he just takes time and says, “Hey, did you move into the house yet, and how’s the kids, and how’s the wife and blah blah blah?”  And he is always talking to me like we are family.  He has done it for years consistently and for me he is my guru, he is my angel in earth form.  And I just admire that.  And thanks for what you shared because I just got a download that the people that come into our life is a mirror of us, and somehow, when they are showing up at a high light or a high vibration, that is our vibration coming back to us as an attainment of where we are in consciousness.  I saw that and so when we are seeing that light in them, it is a reflection of the light in us.

AUDIENCE:  Lovely.


RANDI:  I was going to say, if I had gone into Walmart with all of my personal programs and all of my drama every time and just always in a hurry and just walked right by without ever noticing his smile at me, I would have missed that.  That’s that swooping down and seeing these little gifts that life offers us and then coming back and seeing it from the new perspective.  So that is why when we do start to see what everything in the world has to teach us.

I was telling a story yesterday about a profound teaching came to me in a golf ball I picked up off the ground.  And there are all these little things if you start looking.  The Universe is always teaching you.  I should say your Higher Self is always teaching you.  It’s helping you prepare to fly yourself.  To become the Eagle.  We are in the nest right now.  Right?  We are the Eagles in the nest, which is like the womb, being taken care of.  First, you have that first compression breakthrough which is that egg breaking open, and if you will know, mother doesn’t ever help her baby break through that egg, and why not?

AUDIENCE:  Because it will die.

RANDI:  Because it will die.  It doesn’t get the strength it needs from that experience, right?  It never helps, but it allows, it gives it everything it needs to be able to accomplish that on its own and develop the strength.  We are in the womb.  This matrix, this womb.  We are given everything we need, but we are not going to be liberated from it by someone coming in and saving us from our own crap.  Right?  It is us learning the hard lessons in here, because that is what we came here to do.  We don’t break through that.  We don’t break that compression point until we have learned these things.  So be grateful for your space.  For your protection in this.

And know that in the perfect time, that egg is going to hatch. And that is that Ascension within.  That’s what happens when it comes in stages.  It might just be one little piece at a time where you kind of look out and see, “Oh, maybe there’s more to this world than I thought, than what I can see in this little egg.”  Everybody we come into contact with increases that awareness for us.  We just learn and we grow and we grow and grow.  And when it’s time, we break through the egg.

And then we spend some time in the next.  Right?  This is where we are right now.  We are in this next.  We are being protected again. We are being fed. We are being nursed by all those around us however they show up in different forms.  But maybe we are not ready to fly yet on our own.  Right?

Does the mother push the baby out of the nest right when it’s hatched open?  No.  So it always waits.  It always gives it the perfect timing.  That’s the Divine Timing.  Don’t expect things faster to be able to manifest this in this amount of time that you chose, because that may not be the Divine Time for your Highest Good.  And that Higher Self, “you,” “your own mother,” “your own father” watching down on you is really You allowing you this experience within this womb, within this matrix, to learn all the lessons that need to be learned until you are ready.

And when you are ready, you can break through, and all we are doing here is this preparation.  Healing these programs.  We are here to heal.  We are here to learn.  This is the safe space, like Moses said yesterday, that we created to learn.  That is what the matrix is.

AUDIENCE:  Awesome though.  Thank you Randi.

DR WANDA:  Hi everybody. I just wanted to add to the fact that I believe all of us have run into that special person, and a lot of us didn’t even know it.  But I actually have a special person, and she is _____, and she is handicapped.  And I actually really noticed it when I was going shopping to come to this Advance.  She helped me out with my groceries and she always greets everybody, and she has a delayed speech.  And she will tell you when she is trying to get some words out, “Ah ah ah.”  Then she says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”  And I say, “That’s okay. That’s okay.”  And then she walks me out to my car, puts the groceries in, and then she says, “Can I just give you a hug?”  And as she is riding the little cart back to the store, I turn around and I say, “You know what?  She brings joy to everybody that comes to the store.”  I have known her being there for at least 8 years.  So, she brings joy.  You can hear her across the store.

“Ma’am, Ma’am!  Would you like some help with that?”

And she is just adorable.


RANDI:  She is a Light-worker.

DR WANDA:: Right.  So it really just dawned on me on Friday, when I wouldn’t look back at her, and I said, “You know, she is an amazing person.  She brings joy to all these people everyday.  And I just noticed it.  Maybe I noticed it because we were going to be on this discussion.


JOANNA:  This is JoAnna.  So what is showing up for me right now as I am listening to these words of wisdom is that some of us, including myself, were taught that there is a hierarchy, that there are people above us that know more.  This is a very common program running in our culture right now, and I am a victim of it.  And many people that get Masters Degrees and Doctorate Degrees, and go through the college system are taught that they are better, and they have more knowledge to offer their students and anybody.  When in reality, that is a cultural ignorance.

So for all of us, including myself, and the reason I am sharing this in case somebody else has that program running, all of us are messengers for each other.  Although these are beautiful stories, it is not a particular person, it is everyone is trying to give us a message.  And we just block it.  This world was designed that we grow and that we learn and that we become the God that we were meant to become, and God got us all that it is that we were meant to become, so that if we block the message because we think that person is below us or has a slurred speech like Dr. Wanda talked about, or is the Walmart greeter, that is to our detriment.

So I am just feeling so strongly now that every time one of my kids talks to me, there is something for me to learn.

Every time my husband says something to me, and I want to slap him, there is something for me to learn there.

Every time somebody irritates me, there is something for me to learn there.

My goal in life is to be the one that brings joy and that is of service, and that provides that space for the other person.  I am not looking for that in another person. I want to be that person.  I want to be the pinnacle of joy and love and understanding and compassion.  I have a long way to go, just so you know.


AUDIENCE:  You are so funny, Joann.

RANDI:  Everybody raise their hands, come on!

RIA:  Can I just say very quickly…

JOANNA:   Ria, my love, I am going to hand this back to Joy because I am done, but I just wanted to share that because I think it is important for all of us to notice if that is our program.   Okay, love you all, here’s Joy.

RIA:  The sky has gone orange in the UK.  I just want to tell you, the sky is orange.  The sky is really orange right now.  And my kids have just gone mad downstairs.  I have to come off the phone because the sky is orange.  They are saying, “Mum, mum, the sky is orange!  The rain is coming down.  The sky is orange.”  Guys, it is really—and there is a huge rainbow, but the sky is orange.  Everywhere it is orange.  It’s like a weird musty orange glow in the sky.  I cannot comprehend what is happening right now.  I’m talking to you guys on the phone and it’s wonderful and everything is amazing, and then the sky is orange over the UK.  Something is happening you guys.

RANDI: Take a picture!

RIA:  I’ve got to take a picture!  Something is happening.  Could it be the start of the event?  I don’t know. But the sky is orange in the UK.  This is odd.  Oh my God, I am looking out the window.  This is amazing.

JAMES:  What time is it there?

RIA:  It is nearly eight o’clock at night and the sky is black and orange.

JAMES:  Eight o’clock at night and there is an orange sky?

RIA:  Orange sky, guys.  Orange sky.

AUDIENCE:  Take  pictures!

That’s cool.

RIA:  I have to tell you there is something going on in England.  Something strange.  OH!  My God, there is a flash. Oh my God!  Do you hear that?  Wow.  Do you hear that guys?  Do you hear that thunder?  Oh my God, I’ll come off the phone.  I’m sorry.

RANDI:  Well, we can’t here it.  Anyways, I want to get back to kind of playing off of what JoAnna said is you know, these people that we have talked about, you know they weren’t the people that showed up as these master teachers, they were the people that showed up just in their being.  Just in their day-to-day being.  And that is where we shift the world. We don’t shift the world by the massive profound things we do.  We shift the world by being that person at the grocery store who says “Hi” to that another person and gives them a smile, and planting that seed unconsciously, that lets them know that they are lovable and accepted exactly how they are.

LINDA:  If you feel that that resonates with you, write down your experience and keep it in front of you and just see bringing that forward.

RANDI:  Can you hear that?  Did you hear that on the phone?


RANDI:  Okay, let me bring the phone closer to her.

LINDA:  Hi.  It’s Linda from Albuquerque, but here in Arizona.  So my thought was, as people were speaking, I actually remembered a couple of experiences when I was a nurse, and people told me that what I had said to them made a difference and they told other people.  You know like that shampoo commercial.  You tell two friends, and they tell two friends.  But that’s what we are all going to do. So write down if you feel like you have done something and keep it in front of you and keep it in your consciousness and you will continue being that person.  Love you all!

PETER:  When I was talking before, I used to work at hospice as a nurse, and I live 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and there is swamp where I live.  They had a person who was dying and she was called the Swamp Lady, because she knew so much about the swamp that she would just go out, and the story was that what I realize is that if she had a dollar, she would give you 50 cents.  And so it is kind of funny because as I was admitting her, her son had a pet nutria rat.  And this nutria rat was on the table and I was moving the nutria rat away while I was writing [laughing] and it was a pet.  But that’s how gentle her and her son were.

Now, let me go to another person that I worked with.  When I walked into this shack, this is another patient, when I walked into this shack, first of all, I was judging the shack, and then I walked in and I shifted.  And the energy in there was incredible.  And she was sitting there in silence.  Let me back up.  At that point,  I was rushing to do my work at hospice so that I could rush to go do a Shamballa meditation at a church called Saint Bernards, rushing down this busy street called Johnson Street, being pissed off at the people, while I was going to meditation.  Okay?


While I was trying to get “IT!” And I walked into this house, and I realized that this person had “IT!”  She didn’t have a penny to her name, all of her children had “IT,” and it is giving me rushes just saying   this or going back to it.  But they were so peaceful, and so generous.  As a side note, this is what she did.  Her husband died at a young age, and she would get up and work in the fields from 4:00 until 7:00, and then wake all the kids up, get them to fed, get them to school, and then go back in the fields and work.  Then at 3:00 come back, get the kids all set up, and yada yada—and then go BACK into the fields until it got dark, working.  And I believe she was working behind a plow.


PETER:  But she was so connected and she had “IT.”  And I went, you know we were going to this church and philosophizing on all these books and just intellectualizing.  It was bullshit, really.


You know?  And it was such a waste of time, but because I was awake, I could see that this swamp lady, and this other person had “IT.”  And I wanted that.  And they were showing up in their authenticity.  Thank you.

JOANNA:  And that shows us the hierarchy.

AUDIENCE:  Beautiful.

RANDI:  Don’t you love it how it just shows up in the most unexpected ways?  In the way I would have judged as a person that failed is the person I realized was the one who really succeeded.  I mean, the irony of it is just so profound and the teaching of it is just like, “Wow.”  And the same thing, the one that we judge, that we take that immediate judgment, and he ends up being our greatest teacher.  That’s how it is when we are willing to be open to everything that is out there for us to learn from.

AUDIENCE:  We also want to be careful not to judge all those people in their process.  To try to seek whatever they can see by that.

PHONE:  We can’t hear her.

LORELEI: When we have this conversation, we also have to be a little bit careful that we also are not judging all the people in the process.  You know?  And they are out there in their churches or their courses or their spiritual groups and they are having discussions and they are trying to find their way to some place.  So it’s not like, I don’t want to give them that “bullshit” label, because they are also in a process.  But it being honoring of the process and you are right, it can show up in the most amazing ways from a place you never would have expected it.

My place is Costa Rica, and we went to Costa Rica and we were all swooped up in this world over here, and we go over there, and they don’t have literally to all we could see, a dime.  But they are happy!  They have horses and cows.  They don’t have any houses.  They have outhouses.  [Laughing]  But they are so happy and my husband and I, my husband was this unbelievable amazing spirit who also got taken down by an alcohol addiction, but such a loving profound spirit.  And we both came back from that trip and we looked at each other and we go, “We are just really upside down!”  [Laughing]  On how we think about what’s important in this world.  So, yes, that’s it, just bringing non-judgment—both sides.

RANDI:  And in all of that, I think, everything we see is reflecting around us, in whatever way, in whatever form it shows up.  Really it’s everything we already need is already within us.  So everyone that is a piece of this is helping unlock who we already are.  What is already inside of us.

I don’t have to become him—the Walmart greeter—but I realize that is already within me.  He just gave me eyes to see that, to open that potential for me.  Whatever is for me, if it’s going to Bali, if it’s doing whatever, whatever it takes for you to find that, for me I don’t regret any of the $20,000 I spent on all those things.  A lot of it was bullshit.  To be honest, it really was.  But it still unlocked me to be open to what really mattered.  And it was just a piece, this one key to a bigger door, to a bigger door, and the biggest door for me so far in my life—that doesn’t mean there is not a bigger one—was the Walmart greeter.  You know each one was important, every step.

JAMES:  And I keep hearing over and over here, as everybody has been talking and they say this all the time, for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.  So if you go into a store or whatever it is, and you are open to what is being presented to you, what is being taught to you, in whatever way it is, then you do have the eyes to see, ears to hear in that moment.

RANDI:  And that’s what it’s all about, is that moment, isn’t it?  Isn’t is always moment-to-moment.  That is where joy is created.  It’s not created when we reach some achievement we think we are getting to.  It’s not created some time in the future.  It’s created right here, right now, in this moment, in every moment that we experience.  And every moment that we choose to experience it.  That is opening the heart chakra.  That is coming to that Higher Awareness.  That it is just a choice.  Life doesn’t have to change for you to find that neutrality that can lead to that joy within.  To unlock that potential.  And if you, not to go into scripture, but there is a scripture that talks about joy, and what is it?  You know scripture?  “Men are that they might have joy.”  Nobody knows that scripture?  Somebody Google it for me.  The scripture, just Google, “Men are that they might have joy.”

Let’s read the full scripture.  It’s a cool one.  I think it is profound.

JAMES:  What is it?

LORELEI:  I found it.  It’s “Men are that they might have joy.”

RITA:  Men! Huh?


AUDIENCE:  Go Rita!  [Laughter]

RANDI:   Oh, yeah, “Adam failed that men might be.”  Go ahead.

AUDIENCE:  It’s from Nephi [Mormon Bible], that is not in every Bible.

MAN IN AUDIENCE:  It says, “Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.”  And that is 2 Nephi 2:25.

RANDI: Okay, so that is falling into those lower chakras.  Falling into the illusion. Falling into the matrix.  Okay?  That’s the fall.  That is what we call the fall from whatever it is.

But really, when we fell, what did we do?  We remembered.  That is coming back up.  It’s that remembering.  It’s seeing all of this, everything around us in this illusion experience is to bring us back to a space where we might have joy.  To see that all of this was for our joy.  For our experience.  For our growth.  And you can find joy in that in every single day that you get to experience anything within this illusion.  And that is Ascension.

That is what we are doing, is finding that space.  And there is within each of us that compression breakthrough moment, and it is just like, “Ah-Ha!”  We get it.  We still have to practice it every day. Right?  That doesn’t mean we stop practicing.  It’s not like, “Oh, suddenly I’m a bird, so I stop flying!”  Right?  It’s like now you actually begin to fly.  You really begin to soar.  That’s when you reach that Eaglehood, where it is like, I went through this hard stuff, now I get to soar.  But as I soar, I still swoop down in every moment to pick up these little things that life is teaching me, with every person I experience, no matter if they are the homeless person on the streets or the guru who knows it all, whatever.  It is about the moments and the lessons and the little joy we have.  Maybe it’s just sitting and taking time to play with our kids on the ground, and finding joy in that moment.

DR. WANDA:  You know, sometimes that joy comes [in] a different way.  And I remember I probably might have been around 20, and I had a group of people I was talking to them—they actually were family members—they all passed away, but I was talking about reincarnation.  I was just trying to wake my family up that when you die, you are not dead.  You take on a new suit of clothes.  And I was given this parable about the caterpillar and it goes up the tree, and you see this cocoon, and then you see this hole and you say, “Oh, the poor caterpillar has died.”  And I say, “But no, it didn’t die.”  There is a hole there and out of that hole came a beautiful butterfly.

Well, most of these people in the room were saying that “Oh, there is no such thing.  When people die, they are just dead.  They are dead.  They are gone.”

But there was this old Indian lady and she was actually one of my in-laws.  I had just gotten married to my husband and I think I might have had one or two of my kids, but the joy that was brought to me came from this old Indian lady.  And she was sitting there in that rocking chair listening to that story about reincarnation.  And then, all of a sudden, she says, she whispered to me.  She said, “You are the most beautiful daughter in this family.”

And I’m like saying, “No, no, no, no, no.”  But it carried a long way inside of me.  Because I began to think, “Hey, I must be beautiful.  She must be seeing something that I haven’t seen yet.”

So, to end this story, I still have that picture of her and that joy from her.  But I had told her I would be back to see her, and she said, “I won’t be here.”

A couple of months later, it was New Year’s Eve.  My husband and I always went out for New Year’s, to bring in the New Year.  And I didn’t feel like going that night.  He kept saying, “Just go for a moment.”  So I finally said, “Okay.”  But as soon as it struck midnight, he is trying to kiss me and I am running out the door.

I got home and I laid down, and you know the butterfly story?  And I had told everybody in that room and they said, “Where’s your proof?”  I said, “I have no proof.” I said, “but when you make that transition, you will know that what I said today is true.”

Well, this little old Indian lady died on the night of that New Year’s Eve, and I woke up with butterflies around my neck.  I said, “Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies!”  And my husband, that was his grandmother, and he said. “What?  What?  What?  What is going on?”

I said, “There are butterflies everywhere.”  And he got up, there was a knock on the door, because we didn’t have a phone, and they told him that his grandmother had just passed.  So I just wanted to say that sometimes that joy comes in a different kind of way, you know.  And it is still with me today.  I didn’t know what she saw as the beauty, because I saw a whole bunch of beautiful people in that family that I thought were way better than me, so she was not looking at the physical.  So that’s all I wanted to say.

AUDIENCE:  Thank you.

Thank you, Wanda.

RANDI:  Would anybody on the phone like to share?

AUDIENCE:  I just wanted to say really quick, there’s tons I want to share, and there’s not enough time to listen to me, but I did make an observation and I am not quite sure that I swear twice, I heard Zorra chuckle.  And unless somebody sounds just like him, there are two times distinctly I heard his laugh.

AUDIENCE:  Who’s laugh?


Oh, Zorra.

Yeah, so it would be cool if he was listening in with us.  But unless someone sounds just like him, he just may be listening in.  I just wanted to say that.

RANDI:  Cool. Thank you for sharing that.

Any other comments?

Anything else anybody else wants to share?

LEANNE:  This is Leanne in California.  This happens to me, you know, my Higher Self is coming in more, and I get messages.  So, anyway, I was at the ATM yesterday gassing up, and there is usually nobody there, sitting there asking for money, no signs or anything.  But I drove out, and I go about half a block down and I heard, “They are your brothers.”  Brother-sister, you know?  So there was a woman and a man, there was no doubt about it.  I turned around, came back in, and I wasn’t sure they were together, so I said, “Are you guys together?”  I still never got a clear message, so I gave them each some money, and they were so happy about it.  Their faces were burnt by the sun.  They needed water, and they had beautiful bright eyes, right?  And there was this recognition that I am their brother.  We both go that connection.  And the man said, “Christian woman.  Christian woman.”  He said it a couple of times.

He said, “Ah, Christian woman. Christian woman.”  You know, “Thank you, Christian woman, Christian woman.”

And I just smiled at them, looked at their eyes, and then I had to turn around, come back again to get out of there, and they waved at me.

I asked them where they were going too.  I said, “Where are you going?  Where are you going? Where are you headed?”  I usually ask people that.

And they said, “Oh, we got moved downtown.  We can’t be there.”  You know, the police were after them.  And they had to move from one place to the other, for a safe place.  And that was my experience.  And I was following my Holy Spirit.  My Holy Higher Self. That’s what I was supposed to do at that particular time.  And I wished them well on their journey and good luck.

RANDI:  Thank you for sharing.  I just want to close with one of my favorite poems that also had an impact on my life.  I am sure many of you have heard it.  It is a common one.  But I think there is a lot of profoundness in it, and it’s called, “Our Greatest Fear” by Marianne Williamson.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our Light not our darkness that most brightens us.

We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

Actually, who are you NOT to be?

You are a Child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking,

so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

You were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within you,

that is within all of us.

It is not just in some of us.

It is in everyone.

As we let our own Light shine,

we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,

our Presence automatically liberates others.

So, thank you all.

[Applause, hooting]

Excellent!  Excellent!

That was awesome.

JAMES:  The Eagle has landed.


JAMES:  Okay everybody.  We are at a point where we are going to end up here and thank you all for joining us.  Thank you so much, Randi Joy, for bringing all this joy, and things to think about, and ponder.  Certainly, we never know where our lessons are going to come from, and as people have been talking about, lessons are coming from everywhere.  And I don’t know if you heard me earlier, but I did bring up, maybe it was when we got cut off, but there was a guy by the name of Dan Millman.  Some of you may know who he was.  He was an Olympic Gymnast, and one day he was walking—and this is a true story, by the way—he was walking near his house and he was walking by a gas station, and he saw this guy at this gas station.  He was just there, a gas station attendant, and [Dan] turned away for a second, and then he looked back about 5 seconds later and the guy was up on top of the roof.

And he wondered, “How did he get up there so fast?”  And he went around looking for a ladder and everything.  He didn’t see a ladder anywhere and even if there was a ladder, he couldn’t have gotten up there that fast.

So I don’t know if he went right there then, or if he went back the next day, I can’t remember the exact story, but he did wind up meeting this guy.  This guy wound up teaching him so many different things over a period of time.  He would go back to this gas station and the guy would have another lesson for him, and on and on and on.  And at one point, the guy, his name was Socrates—he called him Socrates, at one point Socrates said, “Are you still going on this journey that you are about to take?  This car journey?”

And he said, “Well, yeah.  I’m going to go.

And Socrates said, “Well, what will be, will be.”  And that’s all.

Next thing you know, Dan Millman goes off, has a car accident, a horrible car accident—not crippled, but he can never do Olympics again.  And it changed his entire life, because he went on and wrote several books after that.

The first book was, “The Peaceful Warrior’s Way.”  And it’s all about his life from that point on with meeting Socrates, and how Socrates taught him so many different things, and he was just a gas station attendant.  It turned out at the end, it was intimated anyway at the end, that Socrates was his Higher Self that had appeared to him, and had worked with him and everything.

So, again, you never know where it is going to come from.

AUDIENCE:  Yeah, that was a great book.

JAMES:  There was another book. “The Life You Were Born To Live.”  He actually had several books.

Anyway, thank you again for joining us.  We so appreciate everybody and hope you are getting everything that you planned on getting from this.  And if not, well…oh, well…what will be, will be.


You just have to be in the moment, right?

As The One Who Serves says, “Get ready, keep those seat belts fastened because things are going to get pretty rocky.”



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“Believing is seeing!”

18.06.24 – The Time Is Nigh My Friends

hear | mp3 |pdf
St Germain and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

 These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on June 24, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

 Saint Germain

I AM St. Germain and I come with the Violet Flame.

But I Am not only the Violet Flame, but you are the Violet Flame as well. We are all together the Violet Flame. We are all together the flame of purging. Purging out all of the old that no longer works, will no longer work. You are the new life we are the new life. As everything continues to revolve and change and move into a new evolutionary pattern throughout the planet those of you the light workers and warriors, those of you that are anchoring the light and sharing the light, you are the ones that are creating the new world all around you.

First, you create it within yourself then you create it outside of yourself. And all of you together are creating this new world, this new world with a new paradigm, with new frequencies, new higher frequencies and vibrations that are brought about by the tonal changes that are coming to the planet. The new frequencies that are arriving, new energies that you are all beginning more and more to feel these energies.

Sometimes these energies are difficult to work with. Other times they are a blessing as you feel them move into you, the blissful feelings that come as a result of this. Because you know with these new energies that you have arrived to the point.

 You have arrived to the zero point. Zero point where life literally begins to standstill. Time zones or rather the time lines begin to merge more and more.

I said through another source recently the time is nigh. That is true for there are many changes that are coming.

 Many that have been working in the background for some time and have literally brought the cabal, those of the dark forces, to their very knees because they know that their time is nearly up. Yet they struggle, they fight to hold onto all they have known. Because they are not going into the higher vibrations with you. They are not going to be able to withstand the energies as you are feeling them now. Because as these energies come in, it causes those who cannot handle them to lash out at their brothers and sisters. That is all they have ever known to do. Not to love, not to share, not to be as One, but to be divided bring derision and division to all of those so that they can continue to maintain their control.

 But they are fast losing that control. Because the world is not dividing; the world is coming together. The people on the planet are coming together. Even if it does not show in your various media presentations it will begin to do so. For as always for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear if you are looking for the positive, you will find a positive. Just as if you are looking for the negative, you will find that as well.

 For all is coming now to a balance, a balancing point. And you, my friends, are that balancing point. You will come to understand this more and more as these days and weeks and even months begin to fly by even more than they have. Because time as you know it, or have known it, is ceasing to exist. Time is speeding up. The energy timelines are speeding up as well and bringing about the many changes that are very near to becoming real to all of you.

 Those of you know, those of you that are awakened, know that the President of the United States, the Donald Trump, is the one that is challenging very forces that have been at work for a long time. He is challenging those forces. And in doing so he is finding himself at times being kept from doing what he knows to do, yet he is persevering. He is pushing forward because he is the one that is meant to go up against those forces. And in doing so, he is bringing about a great many changes that as of yet many are in the background but they are coming forward.

 And you will see these changes very shortly now. These shifts in energy that are as a result of the old paradigm falling away, being replaced by the new paradigm. A new paradigm of love, of peace, of harmony, of Oneness, replacing the old paradigm of fear, of hatred, of anger, of derisiveness.

 Time is nigh my friends. The time is now. So reach deep within yourselves, each and every one of you, and find that strength within to reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters whenever the opportunity now arises. And I tell you now as St. Germain, many more opportunities will arise for you to do so: to share the light, to spread the light, to be the light. Because you are the light to the world.

 I Am St. Germain and I leave you now with all my peace and love and that the Violet Flame continues to burn within each of you and spread accordingly to the consciousness as it is needed.

 One Who Serves

 Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here. [Someone excitedly interrupts saying she “was wishing that you’d come today”.]One Who Serves come today? We are always here! We are always here to be with you. [I was hoping to hear your chanting and you did it.] Yes. Very good.

We like chanting and we know that you also will begin more and more to enjoy the chanting as well. Not so much the chant that you just heard now but the chants that you have spoken of earlier, the Lemurian chants as you are calling them. They are from the mother tongue. They are from the mother tongue and they were spoken in those times, in those ways, to bring about frequency changes all around them so that those records as they placed them into their secret places, that they could be protected for many thousands of years.

And these records have been protected for many thousands of years. Not only in this place where you first go but in other places as well as those times come forward and you have unlocked the secret of the frequencies that are needed here. And you will understand this more and more as you come closer to your time in going there as well as when you find yourselves there at that point. Much will be given in those times ahead.

But on other things to speak of here, not only the expedition to the craters but other things here are important as well. You are moving into an understanding.

Each and every one of you are moving into a new understanding. Understanding of yourselves, knowing of yourself, but understanding of the world as well. Understanding that as St Germain said you are the world. You are the light. Each and every one of you. We are all the light. We are all the One and we are all coming together as the One. And at times in the future you will find that everyone in the planet, if you can even begin to imagine the possibilities here, but everyone will understand this.

Can you imagine that you will be in contact with people all over the world and they will all understand this concept?! The Oneness?! Can you imagine what that will be like to the world, to the people of the world?!

And not only to the people but to the animals and the plants. We all are One. You will be able to speak to the animals. You will be able to speak to the plants. You will be the Doctor Doolittle that you have in your fairy tales. You will be able to talk to those animals and they will understand what you are saying. And more importantly you will understand what they are saying. Because right now—I’ve got news for you here—they know what you are saying or rather what you are thinking, thinking and feeling. And they can, through their use of telepathy—and they are far advanced in this than the human condition is at this point—but they understand telepathy. And you, those of you are coming more and more to understand this as well, as you are finding that you are able to, through your, to your fellow brothers and sisters, (other people I am speaking of here) where you think something and they immediately think it or say it after you.

This is happening more and more and will continue to happen more and more as these gifts of spirit become more and more a part of your lives.

They were once a part of your lives in, certainly, the Atlantean and Lemurian times and it was lost through the dark ages, as some of you were able to continue the secrets, continue to work with the mysteries. Whether it was in a monastery or whether it was in a coven in terms of the witch’s coven. Not in terms of black magic but white magic. Those of the Druid societies continued the mysteries, continued working with nature, continued working with the understanding that All is One. Coming together with the plants and the trees and the animals and everything being as the Oneness. This is where you are coming back to all of you. And this is what is ahead for mankind at this point.

We are ready now to entertain your questions. That is a good word we would use here: entertainment. Entertain your questions. And we will, hopefully with entertaining answers as well.

 Q & A

Q:  [Emailed question] President Trump approved a space force as part of a new military branch. How does that relate to the Secret Space Program or the Galactic disclosure?

OWS:  We can tell you that it is a grand opening to this. It is an attempt to bring out into the open this idea of space. Not only the final frontier, but space as you are moving into it and understanding it. And more and more will come to understand that this is a viable undertaking and movement toward, not to leaving the Earth but exploring beyond the Earth. Exploring the other planets and the solar system and even out into the galaxy. And all of this is a prelude or precursor to that. But it is also an opening to be able to share about what has been called the Secret Space Program.

And yes there is a Secret Space Program. Not so much secret to all of you but secret to much of the planet. Much of the people here on the planet are oblivious to this idea of that there has been this Secret Space Program for some time. But it is an opening to this and it is a way to bring this about gently. Not with a lot of fanfare and huge announcements saying yes, you are not alone. Well, when you hear that certainly you are all going to say, ‘well we already knew we weren’t alone. We’ve known that for some time.’

But it is as we say here an opening into a grander announcement you can say, but not great announcement because it will be more of a gradual understanding that is going to come forward. But there will be an Event. There will be various mini events leading to a main Event that will open this wide open in this whole understanding here. It will also come along with the various truths that are being revealed now in the area of your various human trafficking and all of these kinds of things that have been going on for some time. But this is going to be revealed as well. As well as the corruption in your governments and all of these things are coming forward now and will be revealed. It is all a part of the truth shall set you free. Okay?

Q:  St. Germain was talking about the time is nigh and I think all of us on the calls and all of us in this group feel that. And I know there’s going to be a lot of amazing changes and we all want to help our fellow man and the Earth and Gaia. Is the currency reset/the revaluation part of all these changes that are coming this year or soon to help us to help the planet? Is that part of it?

OWS:  We will certainly say your second word there, “soon”. And we say that, though, what is you’re saying here, tongue-in cheek. (Is that you’re saying here?) That we say this with joyfulness and some laughter here behind this because of your soon. When we say soon it is not so much your soon as you know it. And you know we cannot give the date of this because we do not yet know when that is going to be. We do not know the hour of when the “master cometh again” as you heard in the earlier reading here. [In the session prior to the channeling.] We do not know this and even if we did know this, we could not give it directly because it is not for us to give.

 But, with that understanding know that everything is nigh as St. Germain said. It is very close. You are coming to the point where many things are going to come together, many different things. You are beginning to hear rumblings of these things coming forward in your various intel that is coming forward in your QAnon, as we understand it. And other things that are being brought forth that are coming to reveal that the understandings that have been held back for some time but are being revealed now little by little here and there.

And as it continues to do so, it will be like an avalanche that begins slowly. When an avalanche begins it begins slowly as a rumble in the background. And it begins to rumble forward and gains steam, as you would say, or gain momentum. And the avalanche continues to come down the mountain and takes the trees and the buildings, whatever is in front of it, and it continues to gain more and more and more momentum. This is what is happening now. You are in the process, in the beginning of that avalanche coming down. Or has also been spoken of the dominoes falling. There has been a domino that did fall. You may not have been fully aware of it but it did fall. It was a smaller one, you might say, but it is the beginnings. It is the beginnings that will lead to the next domino and the next one, or the avalanche gaining more and more and more momentum. You see? Does this answer your question?

Q:  It does. And I really hope and pray that Trump has Galactic protection as well as military because people are wanting to kill him because he’s the bright light that is helping us get to this place. So I hope he is Galactic help.

OWS:  Well we can say certainly, since you have brought this up, he does have not only Galactic help but he has the Ascended Masters, he has much help much beyond what you can even begin to imagine at this point. Much more than he even knows that he has. There was an incident that occurred sometime not that long ago as we find it where they attempted to shoot down his plane. But that was thwarted as many of you know at this point. They attempted to take down Air Force One but it did not happen. And it did not happen because it cannot happen. He does have protection.

And you all have protection as well.  Otherwise the cabal, those dark forces, would have done much much more than what has already occurred. Those of you know that their plan for whole world takeover and these things, and for the depopulation of the planet. All of that has been thwarted. Otherwise you would’ve had a massive pandemic, or you would’ve had a major war, or many other things that could have happened have not happened because that was the old timeline. That was the old paradigm as St. Germain said many times there. It is the old paradigm. It does not fit into the new paradigm with the new energies.

The new energies are love and peace and harmony and Oneness, and on and on. You see? So there is no place for war. There is no place for famine. There is no place for pestilence. There is no place for disease. None of this in the new higher vibrations of the new higher, of the new paradigm. Okay?

Q:  I’m blessed that you actually said about QAnon. Because many people really want to know if QAnon is real. Of course in my heart I know it’s real, but there’s many who listen to the call who are unaware and probably misguided so it’s lovely to hear that you said yes QAnon is who QAnon is—the team—and  they are of the light and they are spreading truth. So that was wonderful to hear that.

I’ve been a little bit perplexed because there’s been a huge rally in England for anti-BREXIT. It’s getting worse. And I thought what’s this? Is it part of the plan? Because it looks like in the television media that England wants to get out of this whole BREXIT deal. Of course we don’t want that. Of course we want to get out of the EU. So can you shed some light on that?

OWS:  The people want out. Or rather the people want to be in the BREXIT. The ones that are against it are the part of the European Union and those that are wanting the depopulation of the planet and all of these things; are wanting the takeover of the world and the subjugation of the people of the world. This is what is continuing. [It’s] wanting the old to continue, the old vibrations to continue, the old paradigm, the business as usual. They are the ones that are against the Great Britain leaving the European Union. And they are also the ones that are attempting to block others from leaving this European Union. But we can tell you now that the European Union as you know it and have known it for some time will not be much longer. It is going to fall because it is not a part of the new vibrations, the new higher vibrations. It cannot be. Because it is about derision and divisiveness and all of these types of things. So be of good cheer. It is all going to work out as it needs to as things keep going along here. You will see. Okay?

Q:  My question is about the summer solstice energies. This week, the night of the 20th, I knew that something was going to happen so I was ready to encounter someone in my dreams, but it happened in kind of in real life. At first, that night I thought there was huge physical work done on my knees as if they were inserting a device or something in my left knee. And after that I felt a presence in the room and something like kind of energy—this is from my human perspective how I perceived it—someone on my bed. I have my sheets and blanket like tight on me and I hear the breathing really audible like the flight workers when they are breathing into their masks. It was as loud as that. I freaked out but I was at the same time not too much. I was telling myself:  “Stay in the positive. You have to stay in the positive.” And it lasted for a few seconds. So I’m really curious about that presence and if there are any messages behind it.

OWS:  What we can tell you, and not only to this one who is asking question here but directed to all of you. As these energies continue to arrive here on the planet and continue to increase the vibrations, many of you will begin to have experiences that were not available to you in the lower vibrations. In other words, you will begin to have experiences of seeing things, hearing things that would not have been there before or you would not have been aware of before. And you now, at this point, will begin to experience those metaphysical/ beyond physical understandings that will be available to you. And this is going to happen more and more to many of you in many different experiences. Whether you are in your meditative state or whether you are simply walking around outside of your home and you experience something that you would not have, you would again, you would not have noticed before, but now you will begin to notice it. And some of you will notice things that others around you will be unaware of completely. Certainly as you look at this skies in night and you see the many ships, you are seeing them. They are not seeing them. Those that are not ready at this point have not raised their vibrations enough, are not open to understandings beyond the physical here. They will not see them but you are seeing them. So yes, to the one who is asking this question directly you are seeing into other dimensions here at this point beginning that process. And it will continue the more you allow it to continue. You see?

Q:  I was of the impression that the light body was going to be sort of a physical body but that could hold enough light to bring it to the 5D dimension. And then someone else had said on a call there won’t be any physicality in the light body. So can you tell us a bit more about the light body?

 OWS:  We can tell you that your physical body as you know it is going to shift and change and continue to morph, you might say, into a higher vibratory body.  And with this higher vibratory body you will move more and more toward what you know or what you are beginning to understand as the light body.  Your Merkaba light vehicle, your light body, all of these are somewhat one and the same.  And you are moving to that. When you have fully gone through the ascension process—now we say fully gone through the ascension—when you have fully ascended you will then be in that light body. But it is a time coming now. It is not going to be an instantaneous overnight sensation for most of you. Some of you will experience this but it will be very few in the beginnings here as you move through this ascension process. And as you have heard before, many of you, the ascension process will go, will be in waves as it continues to move forward. Those of you will be, many of you will be the first wavers of this. It does not mean you will fully ascend but you will ascend enough so that you will understand what it is to be completely beyond the three-dimensional and even fourth dimension experience. And then you, those of you will decide to come back and assist those of your brothers and sisters to do as well. Others of you will move in the more second wave and then you will experience more of the ascension and may decide not to come back and be a part of this. May decide to go home as it has been said here. Go home to your various planets and systems where you came from originally. This is all a part of free choice which in some cases, those of you here on the planet now, those of you that we are speaking to, you have had free choice to do pretty much anything you have wanted to do but you have been held back also at a subconscious or unconscious level to be able to know that you had that free choice if you understand what we are saying here. Does this make sense to you?

 Q:  Talking about the light body. I’ve often wondered when the kundalini rises is that ascension? I know it’s called an enlightenment but is that the same or is it different?

 OWS:  That is a process within ascension as you are going through your transition. It is not the full ascension, no. But it is a major process or part of the ascension process.

 Q:  Well what really happens to us when that happens as far as our vibrations and our knowing? What is going on?

 OWS:  At that point when your kundalini has fully risen and it is happening at the point where it needs to, in other words as you are ready for it, your body is ready for it, your emotional, mental and physical body are already and your astral are all ready for this kundalini rising, then you will be at that enlightenment point where you have realized that You and Your Father Are One. This is where Yeshua came to in his life when he realized fully that He and His Father were One and then he was able to go forward and do those so-called miracles. And we say so-called because they were not miracles as you will come to understand them but they are simply a scientific understanding of how to manipulate the elements, to work with the elements. Okay?

 Q:  When I was meditating there came a phrase. First I was thinking it was a phrase in Korean language and I was repeating that phrase. But later on I thought it didn’t sound Korean. It was short phrases I was repeating. So I was wondering if you know anything about what happened to me.

 OWS:  What we can tell you again about this type of thing is, as we said earlier to the other one who asked the question, without being fully direct here, you have to understand that more of you, many more of you will begin to have experiences that are beyond the three-dimensional understanding. And this was one of those such experiences. There will be times you have heard before of those that can speak in tongues or they can speak in other languages that they never knew before. This is an understanding. This is a coming to understand when you are finding that connection again, that re-connection we will say, with your higher self. And when that occurs then all these things become more and more possible. You see? It is all about the continuing to move up in vibration and staying in the higher vibration. Okay?

 Q:  Okay so it means I was speaking something that I knew before?

 OWS:  Very possible yes. That is very possible.

 Q:  Can you please provide some illumination around what’s happening or not happening at the US border. Specifically can you offer any advice to us light workers as to how to discuss this topic with friends and family, how to convey perhaps that it’s being used as a mass distraction/division campaign by our power structure without dismissing the very real human sensitivities around the dynamic?

 OWS:  Yes. What we can tell you is that there are our happenings there, there are those things that are occurring that are not of high vibration, certainly; they are of lower vibrations. They are of those that are continuing to try to divide the country here into the Democrats and the Republicans, and the left wing and the right wing, and all of these things that you have here. And they are trying to bring derisiveness here between those of you. Trying to divide the country as we say. And they are showing pictures and these things which are older pictures in many respects as we find it, that are not showing directly what is occurring now. And they are not of the one that is the President, the President Trump. It is not his doing. It is those that are trying to bring about these, holding on rather to the old paradigm as we keep saying here. On to the old business as usual. And again trying to bring this division here between those of the light and those of the darkness here. The darkness is continuing to try to hold on here and bring this across in their media and to show the world that, ‘see, this is Trump and see this is what he is doing. He is dividing families and all of these things’.

 And it is not his doing. He is attempting to hold the borders here in terms of keeping those that are not … let’s say those that are not ready to come into the country here trying to hold onto the borders and these things. This is not of the light certainly to do this, but it is in some cases necessary here to provide the sense of security for those here in this country.  As well as in other countries certainly as well, this is occurring. But it is a process that is happening here to bring about what will come, actually it will have the opposite effect as we are finding it because it will show the world that it is not the Trump that is doing this, but it is those of the dark forces, the cabal. They continue to create this division … derisiveness—is that how do you pronounce that word? [Divisiveness] Divisiveness, derision all of this, all of the same thing.

 Q:  So what you’re saying is there will be some revelations to come that will, I think everybody most of the people on this call resonate with what you’re saying but for us in terms of trying to help our fellow brothers and sisters who aren’t quite awake to what’s going on, what you’re saying is that there will be some revelations that will help to expose this particular propaganda campaign.

 OWS:  There will be. That is correct. And it is not up to you, though, those of you the light workers and warriors, to attempt to dissuade or persuade those others that are not ready for this. Let them have their understandings, their belief. And you just simply, when you have the opportunity, plant a seed here or there but do not try to convince them of anything. It is not yet time for that. It will come where they, you will not need to convince anyone. They will come to you and ask for your understanding. And many will say, ‘well, you have been saying this for some time and we did not believe you but wow, you were right all along’. And that will be music to your ears at that time. That is not quite here yet. Okay?

 Q: I wanted to see if you could confirm. I heard stories this week of people that have vanished and maybe ascended that are no longer here. I just wondered if you could comment on that.

 OWS:  What we can tell you is this, people ascending and this type of thing has been going on for some time, but it happened minimally here, you might say, here and there. Not in terms of a mass ascension. You, those of you are moving toward a mass ascension meaning, many people around the planet. Many millions even maybe billions at a time through those waves of ascension that we spoke of here. There will be several waves. It will not all be at one time. It will be a process as you are moving through this. And you are all now moving through this transition that is occurring; the transition that is a part of the ascension process. So if people are disappearing there are many different reasons for this. It could be that they are moving through their ascension but it could also mean other things as well. And some of this can be people disappearing. Children certainly disappear from time-to-time because of those nefarious operations that are going on which have been called the human trafficking and this type of thing, which will all come to an end certainly as the people of the planet become aware of what has been occurring, and become up-in-arms, you might say—not directly arms in terms of weapons—but up-in-arms that this type of thing could have been going on for so long and they will say then enough is enough. This will not happen anymore. And then it will come to an end when the people rise up and realize what has been occurring. And this will also come with the media. Your mass media will begin to shift and change as those in control over these media operations lose that control—and that is coming as well—and when they can finally begin to come out with the truth, the real truth. And this again, the truth shall set you free. Okay?

Q:   I had a rough week because the energies have been kind of bringing me to my knees. I’m trying to go through it as gracefully as I can but I go into my meditations and I ask questions and when I heard St. Germain talk today when he said zero point it jogged my memory because the meditation said to me, I guess it didn’t really speak to me I just felt it. And I’m asking you why am I feeling so lost right now and I can’t contact you, I can’t get in touch with you, and I don’t feel you the way I’m used to feeling you. And it came through to me, “You’re very spoiled. You rely on your mystical experiences to keep your vibration high and when you don’t get them you lose faith or you slip.” And I said, “Oh, you’re so right because I am spoiled and I’m selfish to even complain about it when all of us are going through this.” And I realize that there’s something more going on I don’t know about. And then I realize that on the high, we’re ascending very high even into new timelines. And it’s like we’re anchoring there. And then when we go back down and we drop back down to the old timeline we’re releasing so much of this density that we’ve carried with us for eons. And then I saw it. I saw this process going on and I’m going up and I’m going down but as I go up I go higher and I anchor higher which is really really good. But when I come back down it’s a release and it’s a process that’s going on. And I saw this process and I understood it and I was just so relieved because I thought, what have I done? I’ve done something wrong. And I realize no I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to do but I need to be more thankful and appreciative of the process. And can you address this for me please.

 OWS:  Is there a question there?

Q: Well my question is, is there a process we’re going through that as the light workers we are anchoring higher levels for everyone. And as we come back down to you know this timeline, you know I feel like I’m moving up through different timelines and then coming back down but it’s necessary to do that to release the density so that I can keep ascending higher and higher. Did I interpret this information correctly?

 OWS:  Yes. You are all going through the transition here. And as you move through this transition there will be different processes as you go through. And you are experiencing the going up in the vibration as we have spoken of many times, and anchoring the light, anchoring yourself in that vibration, the higher vibrations. And then when you come down from that it is as if you come crashing down back into the old paradigm, the old 3-D illusion into the denseness there and it becomes even more dense. This is why those of us the Ascended Masters, those of the Galactics, those of the Agarthans, they will not come down to your vibration because it is too low. It is too dense for them. It is like a crashing down for them. So this is why it has been said many times that you need to come up to their vibration. You need to come up and meet us and then we can come down a little bit to meet you part way. You see? You must come first to come up. So those of you are going through this transition and as you continue to go through this transition we have spoken before that the familiars in your life whether they be guides or comfort zones, those things which have held you in comfort, in the old paradigm, in the old programming, those things you are used to, they will fade away. And as they fade away they will be replaced by the new guides, the new zones you might say that are not quite as comfortable at least in the beginning. But it will shift and change as you continue to move up in those higher vibrations and anchor yourself there longer and longer and longer. Then it will be as if you are coming home and you will not need to drop down to those lower vibrations again unless you want to. Unless you are wanting to come down and help another to come up. You see?

Q: I would like your input regarding the accuracy of resources of information. One is the book “The Pleiadian Agenda” by Barbara Hand Clow. And the others are two YouTube channels which deal with extraterrestrial races and those are called The Universe Inside You and the other one is called Mystery And Discover 6.

OWS:  And what would you like to know here? You have not asked the question here.

Q:  Well I’m just wondering about the accuracy levels of the information related in those particular YouTube channels and books.

 OWS:  What we will say to you on this is to direct it to everyone here and the idea of your discernment. We will not say directly whether one book or one particular source is greater than another except in certain circumstances. But in terms of various books—and there are many thousands and thousands of books that have been written on extraterrestrials, on conspiracy theories, and all of these things that are out there—and it is not for us to say whether this one is good or this YouTube channel is good or whatever it might be.  It is for you to determine that.  It is for you to discern that. So if you resonate to it, if it feels right to you then it is right. This is how you can understand and use discernment here. If it feels right it is right. If it does not feel right, if it does not resonate within you then put it aside. It is not for you. You see? So always and in all ways use this discernment. This is what this entire portion of your lives is all about, this entire process that you are going through, this transition you are going through is all about coming to discernment. And coming to understand fully that you need nothing outside of yourself. Everything comes from within self and from your higher God self within self. Even to the point of these channelings. It is wonderful to hear us, we are sure. You enjoy these conversations. You enjoy these discourses that we bring forward, these messages. But it is most important for you to take these messages and then take them within yourself and realize that it is all… all the answers are already within you. We are just providing the guidance here, the nudges here and there to help you along to help you finally realize that you are, have always been connected to your higher self. You have never not been connected to your higher self and you are already One.

 And as we say many times be the One. And we say this: be the One because many of you do not yet realize that you are already the One. All of you need to be the Neo in The Matrix. You see? The One.

 We are needing to release channel here now.


And before we do, continue in your ways that you have come to understand, the various tools that you have been given whether it is the Violet Flame, whether it is working with crystals, whether it is the Merkaba light vehicle, whatever it might be, various meditation techniques, yoga, shamanism, whatever it might be. All of these are tools that you have at this time to continue to work with. And to continue to bring you that understanding, that final understanding that you and your Father are One … and have always been One.

 Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS 5-6-18 “We’re in The Moment Now”

This is the video of the channelings presented on 5-6-18.

In this vibrant channeling featuring Sananda and One Who Serves we learn the following…

We have been together with Sanat Kumara, Sananda, Aramda & Archangel Michael & others before!
We have been building to this for many lifetimes.
What it means to “Be the One”.
Where the Cities of Light will be.
Plasma Beings- much more than Plasma TV!

and much, much more!

To LISTEN, DOWNLOAD, OR READ the full channeling, please go HERE.


Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.


Presented by Transformational Personal Growth Coach, Lorelei Fenton (“Soar With Lorelei”)

18.06.10 – For All is At Hand Now

hear | mp3 |pdf

 Ashtar and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

 These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Payson, AZ on June 10, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

 Commander Ashtar    

 I AM Ashtar. 

 I appreciate the time I that I can be with you to share this meditation, to share these many messages that we have been bringing forth over the years. Many more messages yet to come. But as was said earlier in your discussion time, messages that come from within are the most important. The knowing that you have within is the most important. 

 We bring these messages, we bring these nudges to guide you to move you along in your path but it is the going within, it is the journey within that matters; has always been so, is now, and always will be this. Always look for the journey. Look for what the moment brings to you, the very moment that you are in now and the next moment that you are in, and the next. For that is what is so important. Not to live in the past, not to only look toward the future, to be in the ‘Now’, the perfect now. For it is perfect just as you are each one perfect as you are. 

 No one, including us, are higher or lower than anyone else for we are all one together. We are all in this together.

 You have heard some time before when we spoke of the dominoes that would begin to fall at a certain time and a certain vibration once that was reached. Well those vibrations have been reached now and those dominoes are now to begin to fall. One in particular is about to fall and to contact the next one and the next one and the next one. It was always said that it would take one to begin the process. You are very close now to that ONE falling. 

 You will know it as it happens. Not all will see it at once, not all will be aware at once, but those of you that have been acclimating to these energies, that have become aware, that have awakened will know this as it occurs. I am certainly not going to say exactly when or how or what. You will know it as it happens. 

 You have prepared for these times, these moments for a long time now not only this lifetime but for many lifetimes. And for many lifetimes previous to you even coming into this planet, this evolution, you have been preparing for this. For it has been said, many of you have had experiences elsewhere; have crashed systems elsewhere; have volunteered many times before. 

 But this particular time that you have volunteered for now, this is that one, that one time now that you have wondered along the way, ‘Why did I volunteer for this? Why am I here?’ Well my brothers and sisters you are about to fully find those answers now. You are about to hear fully why you are here, what this is all about, what you are meant to do, your various missions. They are about to begin to unfold dramatically now as these next days, weeks and months move along. 

 The time is now. The time is now for you to reach down deep within yourself let go of the past. Live in the Now. Be in the Now. Reach down deep and pull out that love that is deep within you, those memories that are deep within you that are guiding you along that are bringing you to these moments. 

 For all is at hand now. We, in our ships, are waiting the signals to be given. We have been in many different phases throughout this ascension process and through your transition here. Many phases we have moved through, many parts of the plan. And we are nearing the end phases now which will signal the times when we can more fully be with you. 

 Many of you are beginning to see us in the skies much more often. When you close your physical eyes and you open that third eye and allow that third eye to roam freely and let go. Then once you have done this you open your physical eyes. Now through your physical eyes you see with the third eye, you see through your imagination, through your imaging ability. See what was not there before. You see what others may not see. For you now have the eyes to see and the ears to hear only if you allow it in any given moment. 

 I Am Ashtar. I leave you now with peace and love to continue to share with one another. Share the light, be the light, be the love that we all are. 

 One Who Serves

 Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

 One Who Serves here. We do not necessarily have message but we are preparing greatly for those times that are ahead and certainly your next Advance. And the next Advance is going to be determined by those things that do happen in the next several weeks here as we are finding it. So be ready for some changes. Be ready for some unexpected happenings. As we said earlier be ready for the unexpected because that is what is coming for you. Certainly in your next Advance it is going to be those things that are going to occur that will not be expected necessarily by most of you here. So just a hint as to what is coming. And James here has no idea what we are yet speaking of but that will come as we move along here. 

We are ready now for your questions and we can then provide answers for you.

 Q & A

Q:  I have been wondering and wondering when The Event happens and I understand that it does come from the sun. But the sun does not shine on the whole Earth at the same time. While we’re asleep it’s on the other side. Well they’re asleep it’s on our side. So I’m wondering how that’s going to happen if some of us are asleep and the other ones are awake. Or, like you have said, it won’t happen at the same time may be for everyone. Can you clear me up on that? I love you so much and I love your answers.

OWS:  Yes, and we also my dear. And we would say here and then this is an energetic event. This is not a ‘the sun shining’ as you have come to understand it but an energetic event that is going to occur. A solar flash you might say that will occur. And this will happen over the entire planet over a period of time. It will not be instantaneous although for some itwill be instantaneous, if you can understand here. For some it will be a somewhat of a drawn out event, others it will be miraculously instantaneous. And you will move into those higher  vibrations in the very moment that you are in at that time. Others it will be a process over a period of hours even days here as we are finding it. This is what is coming here. But not to say that The Event, as you’re saying, the solar flash, it will be preceded by many mini events as we have said before. Maybe even many mini solar flashes even. We cannot say directly how this is going to be though yet but it is going to be. That is what you need to know. It is going to happen. It is a definite experience that is going to be had by all across the planet at once but it will be based on the individual’s particular journey within, at that time that they are experiencing it. Okay?

Q:  Are you saying that it might happen when I’m asleep?

OWS:  It could. Yes.

Q:  Oh, and will I feel it and recognize it at that time?

OWS:  You will feel it. Many will have out of body experiences in that moment. And you will find even if you are in your dream state that you will be catapulted you might say into the higher vibrations at that moment. [Wow! Wow!] We would say largely that it will do a great deal to wake you up at that point.

Q:  If you said that I am light worker, so why is my time going somewhere else instead of raising up my own vibration or going through time to do the human life here instead focusing on something that is more important.

 OWS:  We did not quite understand your question here as it is difficult for this one’s hearing here to understand the accent that you are using here.

Q:  I was born not in here. I was born in Lithuania. I have an accent from there. My question is I notice that a lot of people they can focus on raising their vibration and everything. In my particular case I am 100% of my time trying to survive in this here. And I don’t want to do that anymore. I just want to have harmony and abundance in my life.

 OWS:  Yes? And your question then is why are you not having harmony in your life?

 Q:  Harmony and abundance in my life correct.

 OWS:  And the harmony and abundance comes from within. It comes from your consciousness. And if your consciousness is saying you are sick, if your consciousness is saying that you are unwell, that you are not in abundance, that you are not in harmony, then therefor your consciousness is directing you to have that experience. In other words, Believing Is Seeing. So if you believe that you are whole, if you believe that you are abundant, if you believe that you are well in perfect health, then you will be. This is what is missing here. Not only for you that is asking this question but for many who wonder at this time.

 You must come to the understanding that you are what you think you are. You have that saying. Believe it because it is real. You are what you think you are. And if you think you have a lack, if you lack money, if you lack those things which you need in your life, if you lack health, then you will do so. We have said many times you have moved beyond the idea of karma here for yourself from past lifetimes. It is only there for you still if you believe it is. If you still are ensconced within the programming that you have been involved in for so long a period of time, if you are still in that programming then that programming is still holding on to you. So it is time to let go of that programming. You must let go to move on. [Let go?]

 Let go. Yes. It is almost as simple as that but it is very difficult for many of you because of that programming. Because you hear doctors say you are sick, you hear doctors say you have illness, you hear doctors say you have cancer or whatever it might be. And as soon as the mind hears that it begins to build that into the equation; it begins to build that into the programming that you are in now.

 So you must use the mind as the builder and build something different. Listen to various affirmations that are available out there that speak of good health, that speak of wealth, of abundance in your life. Not that speak of lack. Look to those friends, look to those sources that speak of abundance, that speak of good health in your life, that speak of positive things and then you will allow that to catapult you into those higher vibrations. And again as we have said many times when you are in the higher vibrations then all of the old programming cannot interfere anymore. It cannot be a part of your life. Move into the higher vibration, go out in nature, be in the sunshine, be around water especially for many of you, and feel the energy of life all around you. That is what many of you are missing.

Go out. Do it. Or don’t do it that is up to you. We can only nudge and guide you but cannot do it for you. Seek within yourself the Source within you. Ask for deliverance from the old programming. You will be amazed at how fast now especially with the energies that are coming into the planet you will be amazed at how fast you can now move ahead and move beyond the old programming and learn to be in the Now. Okay?

Q:  I wanted to reiterate for [inaudible] on this question. I think it’s also [inaudible] the ones that have been doing manifestation is not taking place, you know. And we’ve been doing our affirmations for years just to find ourselves in the same boat as before. Ten help us understand. How do we get the actual manifestation when we’re following everything we’re being told to do and if not happening or we’re being told to be patient, you know, then years go by. What do you find to be the missing pieces for the ones that are doing but not experiencing manifestation?

 OWS:  My dear Moses when you speak of this we will tell you that not only you but others are not doing what we are saying here. You are not following this guidance because you are staying within the lack. You are staying within those things which have kept you down for so long. You are staying within the programming. You must move beyond the programming. We know that is easier as you’re saying is, easier said than done. And sure you can say it One Who Serves, but try and be in our shoes. Well we were in your shoes before. We were there. And we understand and we moved beyond it. And we moved beyond it because we realized of the Oneness within us. This is why we say many times Be The One. Find the oneness within you. Be the Neo that moves ahead of the crowd from The Matrix movie. Be that one because you are all the One. And when you fully come to this understanding, just as Neo came to that understanding in the movie, then there was nothing he could not do.

 But he allowed for the process to come. And once he realized who he was, all the old programming went away. Was able to even stop the bullet with his simple wave of his hand. We are not saying you need to stop bullets but we are saying that you need to let go of that old programming. Let it be. Go with the flow. Because as you continue to have consternation about being in lack you will continue in lack. Okay?

 Q:  Yes I appreciate this so much and I’m trying to translate it into something my brain will get so what you are saying is not focusing on the worrying because, you know, we’re doing the prayers, we’re doing the affirmations, we’re doing the meditations. When you say we’re not doing it I’m trying to understand what is it in practical terms that we are not doing. Are we not supposed to worry period? Like say cut that out of our brain altogether? Ignore the worrying? [speaking over OWS] It’s really tough to ignore the worrying you know when it’s on your shoulders.

 OWS:  Yes. You have it there. Stop the worrying. Stop the concern. Because as soon as you do that you open up a whole new world for yourself. You open up to source within you coming forward and sharing and being you because you are source and source is you. Your higher self and you are one. Just as Yeshua said, “I and my Father are One”. This is what he spoke of. And why he was then able to do those things that he did when all of those things he did, so can you do also. You see? Only if you believe.

 Shoshana wishes to say something here.

 J/S:  One must recognize that the act of worrying is a program. It is a program. It is a loop. So the programmer is you and the programmed is you. So that as you continue the cycle of concern and worry you replay the same programs over and over again and they will not subside until you wish to reprogram that activity with something else. You must speak about what you want not what you don’t want.

 OWS:  Very good and won …

 Q:  [speaking over OWS] Thank you and I appreciate this but how can years of affirmations be less effective than two minutes of worrying? How is this possible?

 J/S:  It is in the words that you speak that you create what you have.

 OWS:  Very good. We need to move on with any other questions now.

 Q:  [Recently] I was allowed to use a healing process with the presence with the Angels and the Galactics and [inaudible] joining the chakras and the organs of the body to cleanse in a counterclockwise and then on the other side inviting the Source life to cleanse. So I got all the details of the process. I did it on myself and I was asked to do it on my daughter and it was to be called a field work, kind of field cleaning and field work or healing. I kind of, not pressure of time but I have to start doing it as soon as possible. If not it’s going to be given to someone else who is going to act on it. So I’m asking for a confirmation because now if I’m going to use it on my daughter and other people I want to be sure that I received the right message. So can you please clarify anything about it.

 J/S: You must trust yourself.

 OWS:  Exactly as we were going to say as well. Trust yourself. You already have the answers within. We are only here to nudge you along, provide a little bit of guidance here and there to give you something maybe that you have not thought of before. But if you go within and allow the guidance to come from within you will always be on the right track within your journey.

 Q:  Thank you so much. I got my answer. Thank you.


 Q:  Lately I’ve been drawn to pay attention to the Beatitudes that Jesus presented and its’ important messages. And I find that the Beatitudes are indicated in just a few words. You have to go inside and want and intend to find out what the Beatitudes are for you. And this makes me wonder about those that will go to Mexico to look for the Records. We talk about finding them but what is in them. It was mentioned today that it will bring about a release of Christ Consciousness. Can you give us a glimpse of how… what it is once we find the Records, what are we finding?

 OWS:  Yes. Once you have moved into that area, that location that has already been determined and those that are there find themselves there and in that vibration and create the vibration that is necessary to be able to open the uh, the entrance, we will just say it in that respect, because you must move into higher vibrations into fifth dimensional understanding and experience to be able to do so. And once that has occurred, once you have moved past the Guardians that are there, once you have ascertained exactly where you are and opened the entrance and be able to begin to move into that entrance at that time, it will open up a what has been described as a fissure that has held this particular level of Christ Consciousness here for thousands of years now. And it will release this energy at that time. It is the only way we can explain it. We can talk about it in terms of working with the Christ Consciousness grid as you have, but it is much more detailed, we would say, than what you have experienced up to this point. In other words those that are there, and even those that are participating from afar, will experience this opening of this Consciousness at that time. Something that has not occurred as we say for thousands of years and was secreted away here along with the Records here. That is all we can say about this but this is how the understanding that we gave previously about the recovering of these Records will lead directly to or have a great influence on leading to the direct The Event coming forward here. Okay?

 Yes. Shoshana wishes to add here.

 J/S:  One might call the Christ Consciousness the consciousness of Oneness. And when all things that we study and we wish to be will lead back to Oneness. Even the Beatitudes lead back to Oneness. And once the consciousness of Oneness is released into humanity there would be not a human being on Earth that would hurt another.

 OWS:  Yes. Now you can begin to understand the ramifications of what we are speaking of and why the idea of searching again for the Records has been brought forward here because of the importance and because of the timeframe and the frequency that has been reached that is necessary here to move forward. You have a great deal this particular group has a great responsibility here to follow through here. 


 Q:  I have a question about going within going into the journey within that Ashtar spoke of. Could you describe in detail what triggers and programs that are interfering with the Christ Consciousness within and how do we clear that inner journey so we can have more of Christ Consciousness. Could you describe some type of process/inner work that can give the audience here a way to access All That Is.

 OWS:  Yes. There are many tools that have been given over the years here. Not only by us but by many different sources have given you the tools to overcome the programming, to move beyond the programming, to find yourself in higher vibrations whenever you can. To go out in nature, to be around crystals, to be around water, to spread the light, spread the love everywhere you go. This is how you do it. You do not do it by sitting there and doing nothing. You do it by getting up and doing something. You see? Whatever that might be whatever you are feeling guided to. If you are feeling guided to speak to a dragonfly do so. If you are feeling guided to speak to a bird do so. Do what is coming to you because it is real. It is more real than the programed life you have lived up to this point. This is what you must come to understand. You are now moving into reality. You are not moving out of reality, you are moving into reality. You are moving out of the illusion of what is real and what is real is right there in front of you. You just need to open that third eye as Ashtar said. Open that third eye. Allow the light, allow the remembrances, all of this to come in. And then once you have done that, then open your physical eyes and see what has been there all along in front of you what has eluded you because of being mired in the muck of that programming for so long. Okay?

Q:  Kind of back to Moses conundrum there on the affirmations versus worry. Could it perhaps be I think I found for myself in the past doing affirmations, affirmations, affirmations and nothing and not until I released the worry … because the worry was so much stronger emotionally and I was just doing rote repetition of affirmations without the feeling behind it.

 OWS:  That is correct. That is correct. If you do the affirmations over and over and over with no feeling, with  no understanding behind it, just as a rote repetition as you say, then it will simply be a rote repetition of the same thing over and over and over. So you must come to the deeper understanding behind those affirmations what you are attempting to do what you are working toward. And one of those things is certainly to let go of the worry. Let go of the conundrum as you say here. To let go of all of this to let it be.

 We have spent many times to bring up those music here of the Beatles and the Let It Be. Do it! Let it be. Feel what was in those words, what was in that music that came to you at that time. It was meant for a reason. Let It Be. All of these various musical guidance that has come to you over a period of time, let it be there … use it. And let it catapult you or move you into higher vibrations in the moment. And if you play that song let it be and resonate to it and hear what was meant when they wrote it, that is what it was all about.

 It was meant to reach you at this time now. Not as much at that time, although it did reach many at that point, but now what it can bring to you now. Do it. Find it. And see that we are not correct here or you can continue to be in that conundrum, you can continue to be in the worry, and you will continue to have the worry. You see?

Q:  I find myself singing all the time and I know part of the programming is, ‘you sound really stupid. Don’t do that,’ but I can’t help it. I just want to sing and when I’m driving on the Jeep with my daughter [dog??] we sing our heads off. And if we don’t remember the words to the song we make them up. And as I’m driving along I know people hear me. And then I stopped caring what people think. What if they do hear me. I almost got ran over by a car when they tried to pass me because I’m just singing and swaying going down the road and I wasn’t even embarrassed. But then I realized this is part of the letting go, this is part of this surrendering and not being embarrassed by being childlike and just release whatever I’m feeling and I’m feeling I’m staying in this higher vibration all the time. And I think this comment is for Moses too because I had situations arise like when the pump breaks down and we have to call the repair man. From the time we made that call until the repair man shows up instead of worrying about how much is going to cost (it could be thousands) and I’m going it’s going to be fine. Everything is going to be taken care of I’m not going to worry about it and when we get there we find out that it was a minor error that cost us $25 and I threw my arms around this repair man and hugged him and said, thank you! You’re a lifesaver. He thought I was nuts but I didn’t care because I’m trying to stay in the moment and I’m trying to be happy and I’m going to expect everything to work out and I’m not going to worry about anything!

 OWS:  That is correct. And that is what we are speaking of. And incidentally do we have Cynthia here on the phone?

Q:  I know I know. I’m here.

 OWS:  Well what do you know Cynthia?

 Q:  Just what everybody’s talking about; the conundrum and all of that stuff I mean …

OWS:  No that is not what we are speaking of. Because of when you were down there at the crater looking for those Records and you, did do not worry? Were you not guided in various ways to open yourself up to chant those chants, those Lemuria chants? And to let go and to not be concerned what anyone would think, even though it was only the four or five of you there, not to be concerned about it. To let it go and whatever came, came. You see? [Yes]  It was a complete letting go process. This is what needs to happen. Not only down there when those of you that find yourselves there are there and can experience this, but to all of you now. Wherever you are be in the moment and feel the moment. Feel it all around you. Feel the experience. Be the experience. Let the music take you into higher vibrations, take you into the higher dimension even, for it will if you let it. Even if it is only for the moment that you are in. But if you are doing it in the moment that you are in it leads to the next moment. And the next moment and the next. And pretty soon you will find that the worries that you had will no longer be there because there will be no need for them. You see? That is all we have for this.

 J/S:  What one must recognize is that worry is painting a fearful future. There is no worry in the moment. Or, worry is remembering a painful past. Worry is a result of being in the future or being in the past. There is no worry in the present.

 OWS:  Very good. Wonderful.

Q:  I have another real quick question. When I was growing up and I was always gone searching and searching I always said worry means you don’t have any faith. With faith you don’t worry. And with believing is seeing. Is that correct?

 OWS:  Yes of course that is correct. As we have been saying over and over and over! Yes.

 J/S:  And faith is believing in a positive future.

Q:  Can I just jump in for a minute before you go? First of all I want to say this. I hear a request out there in the world for tools; concrete on court tools people can use. I have a million of them. You won’t believe my journey if I ever told you. I have a million powerful, powerful tools. And I’m not talking about my own — me as a resource — I’m talking about tools from people very powerful on this planet. So you just reach out to me and I’ll tell you what each one does for you, what you’ll get out of it. You can take it to your higher self and see what’s gonna work for you. So first I wanted to throw that out there.

 The other thing is I wanted to ask you. When I’m doing my routine in the morning, doing the chanting, and it’s coming out in a kind of a tune, if you will. A kind of a musical tune, a chant-y kind of tune. So I wanted to check is this valid? Was it sung? And also the Oms are coming like a humming vibration … what’s it called — like what we did with each chakra — that’s coming out in different like in a certain vibrational tone. So is the tone and tune is that a part of it that we should use or no?

 OWS:  We can say here that the tone or the resonance even more important is what is counting here. This is what matters. Because the resonance as you sound these chants, as you sound these out

there is commotion or there is noise in the background there. Please mute your phone there whoever that is.

 Now as you feel the resonance within you as you chant these words, as you chant them out into … you can look at it as a song, it can become such as this because it was in those times it was sung. They were not just simply spoken. They were chanted out loud and free and strong so that it would resonate over not only the time there but over the thousands of years ahead. This is difficult to understand this yet in your three-dimensional understanding, but when you are in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension and beyond it will make sense to you. But as you chant these out and you feel the resonance, the resonance works with your chakra system. And as each chakra is sounded, it begins to open up a tone that is resonant for that chakra alone and it then reaches out to the times long ago — in this case to the times long ago — that it will reach to the resonance at that time as well and reach that tone. And that is the key that has been spoken of, or the various keys that have been spoken of that will then open up the tumblers that will create the unlocking of the entrance there. This is all we can say on this now at this time. Much more will be given for those that are there in person and also for those that are there in spirit with you when you are there. Okay?

 Q:  Wonderful. And also as to the other stuff if you want tools put it out on the line, ask what you want a tool for and I’ll give you as many as I got. Okay? Thank you.

 OWS:  Very good. We are going to release channel here now.

 And as we do, always understand and keep understanding that work on being in the Now. We cannot say this anymore than we have. We cannot say it … we say it in many different ways but it all comes down to the one. Just be in the Now. Be in the moment. Live in the moment. Be in the joy of every moment. Stop trying to look for moments of joy out there. Because if you continue to look for moments of joy that’s all you’re going to find. You’re not going to find the joy in every moment if you do that. And you will continue in the worry, you will continue in the programming, and you will continue in the lack, the lack thereof rather than the abundance that is all around you and within you right now. 

 Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. 


Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS 4-29-2018, “The High Priest of Telos”

This is the Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS for April 29th, 2018

In this video summary of the channelings on April 29th, 2018 we heard from Adama, the High Priest of Telos, as well as from ‘One Who Serves’ . Here is what we learned…

  • We came from faraway systems thousands and thousands of
    years ago.
  • Adama remembers us, and we are his Soul Family.
  • We are now ready for the “Vibrational Crescendo”!
  • Pretty soon all our troubles will be a “Moot Point”.
  • Even rocks have consciousness, & we can communicate with
  • The sound of A or Aah is actually quite important.

And much more…

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Presented by Transformational Personal Growth Coach, Lorelei Fenton www.soarwithlorelei.com / lorelei@soarwithlorelei.com

Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS 4-23-18, “Last Day of Advance”

This is the Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS for April 23rd, 2018

In this video summary of the channelings on the last day of our April Advance we hear the following from ‘One Who Serves’ and St. Germaine …

  • The Galactics are watching our group diligently.
  • Our group is becoming quite well known as a powerful force for
    the Ascension.
  • St. Germaine was right there at the signing of the Declaration of
    Independence, and he is here now with us!
  • There is a reason our name is abbreviated to AA.
  • Halleluiah. The antics of the Cabal are no longer successful.
  • The energy has been “held back” but it is coming in big now!!

And much more…

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Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.

Presented by Transformational Personal Growth Coach, Lorelei Fenton (“Soar With Lorelei”)

Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS 6-10-18, “Dominoes Falling”

This is the Ancient Awakenings HEADLINE NEWS for June 10th, 2018

In this video summary of the June 10th pivotal channelings of Commander Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Fleet, and the Ascended Masters, “One Who Serves” we are told…

  • Stay in the NOW, and don’t look to the past or future.
  • The Domino effect is about to begin.
  • There is a BIG Domino ready to fall any minute.
  • We KNOW how to crash systems.
  • How to use the Mind as the “Builder” for what we want.
  • Affirmations only work if we start to believe and assimilate them.

And much more…

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Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.

Presented by Transformational Personal Growth Coach, Lorelei Fenton (“Soar With Lorelei”)



18.04.22 – Sunday Night Message from Master Aramda (April Advance)

hear | mp3 |pdf

[Dictation begins following a group meditation]


I am Aramda. And I was there with you, with many of you. I was there with this one I speak through,
James, as a brother. As we are all brothers and sisters. I was there with you planning, preparing, and placing the records. But after the records were placed and those of you prepared to journey away from our Motherland, and those of us that prepared to enter the ships that would take us off the planet, some
of us chose to leave, some of you chose to stay. Stay and be a part of this evolution to continue knowing that you were going into a Dark Ages, that you would weather through it, and you would come out on the other side far more spiritually advanced than even you were, because of what you have gone through.

We are saying that in terms of when you go through your ascension in this lifetime, yourselves far advanced because of how much you have learned, because of how much you have gone through, and experienced, and become better for all of this. You will find that you are the heroes. We are not. You
are! You are the ones to be celebrated. You are the ones that we await to celebrate with, because those of us that left in the ships at that time, we said our goodbyes, knowing we would most likely not see each other again in physical form for thousands and thousands of years to come.

But we did know that at one day, one moment, far into the future, we would find ourselves back again together again as Old Souls coming back together and remembering—remembering the seal within our hearts that we placed.
Before I leave, I want to tell you that I am above you now. I am in a ship, my ship, the Amalia, the New Jerusalem is certainly up here, Ashtar and the Command are up here, and we are just over this area. You have already begun to see those of our ships earlier when you looked up into the skies and glimpsed, just briefly, as we flew over you. But I can tell you now, that if you would but believe, if you would have now the eyes to see that we will be yet above you now as you complete this Advance and find yourselves outside at the end.

I am Aramda. All of my Peace and Love be with all of you, my brothers and sisters, and I long, as
many of you long to be together once again as the extended family, the extended Soul Family that we all are.

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

Here we are back again! Hey!! How are you all doing now?

Was this an amazing time, as we have said? Did we not say get ready for amazing? And by the way, we enjoyed your dancing!

You know while you were dancing, we were as well! We love the vision that Moses had. The vision that Moses had that as those of the Galactics, as they come down and share themselves here on the planet—in other words, as they land—and the runway, you might say, is put out and they start coming down, His vision is that they would come down dancing. Can you imagine?

Can you imagine as Ashtar is announced, and he comes dancing down. And then, over the microphone, you might say, someone will say, “And here comes Sananda!

And Archangel Michael, coming down out of the clouds! Take a bow Michael!”

Dance, people, dance.

Do you know how much you energy you create when you dance and when you sing, and when you have joy in your life? The energies that you created and , yes, someone said that the energies that were created from this dance would go very well in your expedition. Remember that.

That was one thing that that group did not do. None of the groups did that previously. They did not get into that type of energy movement which would have raised their vibrations in a different way.

We are not saying to not do the chants, you are going to do the chants, and you are going to receive new chants as well. This will all come to you. Not only to the James, but it will come to several of you as well if you allow it.

All of you that participate in this will be a part of the expression of creating the opening to this entrance, to the unsealing of the locks. And those of you that are not there, as we have said earlier, and as we just reiterate now—all of you are a part of this in your own way in bringing the vibration to those that would journey down there. So remember you all have a part to play.

Now do you have any questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: I would like to have a little clarification. My experience or role was one of assisting people to transmute any sort of negative energies, such as sadness, or whatever, so that first of all, they were in a place of peace and they could come to that with joy; and also to hold on to some kind of negative energy to make sure that it did not get itself into the whole thing.

OWS: First of all, you who are asking this, you have an unbridled sense of joy. You are one that lets it go. That is recommended. That is appreciated, because it is very important when you work toward this expression of recovering these records, even if you are not one that is there directly, it isvery important for those who participate in all of this, it is important to LET GO.

Let your EMOTIONS go.

Let your BELIEF SYSTEM go out the window—in other words, your PROGRAMMING.

LET IT GO. LET IT BE. GO WITH THE FLOW, as much as you possibly can.

And you will be amazed at what will come to you in your remembrances. And the REMEMBRANCES that you will come to is the key to UNLOCK everything here.

Other questions here?

Q: I remember my name. It’s Maja and I think I was a male in a temple there.

OWS: In Lemuria?

Q: Yes.

OWS: Yes.

Q: And I think I was a male and I was in the marketplaces and people would come up and ask questions. I think there was a Temple of Truth and I would have numerology or astrology and politics, and they would ask questions.

OWS: Yes. You taught the Arts. The Arts that were at that time, as you are saying. Astrology was very important in those times. Numerology to a lesser extent, but also important. Many of the Arts, the Arcane Arts were practiced. You were a part of this. Yes. There was one particular lifetime that you had and the only reason we can tell you that now is because you found it yourself. See?

Other questions here?

Q: The animals that were no Lemuria, did they come with us to the new land to do these rituals and to find safe harbor?

OWS: So much as we find it, they had their own path to follow, you might say. Many of them, of their own freewill, as an Animal Soul Group, perished when the continent went down.

The humans at the time, many of the Lemurians also perished at the time because although there was forewarning quite early, the time-frame was not fully prepared for. In other words, it happened much sooner than what many predicted.

So many were able to go across onto the California area, the South America area, Central America, and even the other direction toward the West to Europe, China, all of these areas. That is why those in the China area, in Asia, look as they do. Because they were predominantly the Lemurians, as they looked then, as you looked then, as Lemurians. That has changed somewhat, but there is still much resemblance to those times. The Native Americans also certainly came across from Lemuria and settled in the lands of America.

Q: Quickly, were there dogs and cats in Lemuria?

OWS: There were animals, there were dogs certainly, and yes, there were cats and many other animals that have since gone extinct. One would be your unicorn. Extinct to your understanding. We must change this. They are not extinct because they are alive and living in the Agarthan areas, in inner Earth.

Q: Can you tell us what caused the destruction of Lemuria?

OWS: What we can tell you is that it was Forces at work that created a friction that worked against the plates within the continent, or under the continent and these plates came together and then separated suddenly, much more suddenly than was expected. And when they came apart, that created the great earthquakes that then tore the land apart and sunk it. It was not fully submerged though, as your Hawaiian Islands and your Easter Island and areas in
South Pacific are still remnants of this great land.

Q: So, I didn’t necessarily get whether what I described about what was my role. Was my role to transmute any kind of negative within there? Is that correct?

OWS: Your role for those that are going down on this expedition?

Q: No, my role in the past.

OWS: Your role from times in Lemuria—this is all we can tell you about this. Just as the one who needed to come to who she was at the time, we would ask that you also work on doing the same thing. But you were one that had some level of working in the temples and working in the Temples of Healing. And you had worked with expression of what you would call your exorcism today. That is all
we can give on this though.

Q: When we were in the crater and we were looking up and chanting…

OWS: Yes, thank you, we were wondering if someone would bring this up, yes.

Q: And someone said they saw light, and you said that was right. Right before that I felt within the group, a shifting into the ground in a more fifth dimensional aspect. Is that correct?

OWS: Those of you that were there in Lemuria, which is predominantly almost all of you, and the others were the watchers, those of you were in a fifth dimensional frequency at that time predominantly. In other words, sometimes you would slip a little bit, but for the most part up until the cataclysm, you were in fifth dimensional experience.

But because of the warring with Atlantis and all of this, which also created these frictions, created the change, the shift of consciousness that occurred, and the beginning of the dropping down from the fifth dimension, not to the third, but into the lower fourth dimension for some, this was enough to have the collective consciousness drop the vibration for the rest.

Just as the opposite is happening now. Those of you are raising the vibration from the third and lower fourth dimension up into the upper fourth and fifth dimension and in so doing, you are raising the consciousness of the planet, and those of the population of the planet.

Q: I definitely was there, and we were very tall! I was very much taller with long black hair right down to me bum. I was female. We were putting what looked like glass cases that we put the books into. They were seamless glass cases, that were to keep them clean and untouched. The glass cases were sealed with vibration. It was beautiful.

OWS: As you understand books, they were not books, but you were correct in the sealing of these within this—it wasn’t glass, but it was encased in this way in a seamless encasement. If you could even begin to understand the possibility of this. In your working with various structures and objects and in these things there was always a seam of some type.

And in this case, no seam, and no way to open these cases without the proper understanding and the proper vibration to do so. You could not break it. In other words, if one of the cabal were to get their hands on these cases, they would not be able to break them. Not with current technology.
But those of you that have the understanding and remember, and know the codes to use with the vibration would be able to unseal them as if they would just melt around it.

Q: That was what I was doing. I was sealing them with my mind and the sound of my voice and my energy. I was sealing them and then I would pull one of the glass cases up to my chest and I held it so tight, this one, I don’t know what was in this book, but this one I brought to my chest, I was so proud of it, I was so in love with it and I was so worried about it. It was so precious to me and everyone.
I carried it onto a ship and I saw everybody on the ship, and I was so in love and everyone was so in love, it was so beautiful.

Then the ship took me to this beautiful green area and everyone was there.

I handed the case to a male, he was beautiful looking, so beautiful. I joined in hands in a circle and I chanted and we sang and we danced. I never went into the crater but I stayed outside and I kept the momentum going. But it was that case that I handed to the gentleman who was very kind and humble and loving and I knew that he would take care of it. I don’t know why the significance there, I
just thought I would share that with you all.

Q: I would like to share. When we were picturing that—I didn’t see it as a round disk or anything round. I saw it as a rectangle greenish metal unknown to me now. I saw myself as a male and I was looking down upon it as if I was going to measure it for something and I had two measuring devices on my right. Then I saw an emblem or symbols or something as it was emblazoned into this sheet. And I don’t know if that is correct.

OWS: That is correct. And what you were seeing as this greenish metal was what was called telonium, and it is an imperishable metal. It is like nothing that you have yet discovered here as a civilization at this time.

Q: I also would like to share. I was kind of manipulating but not with my physical body but with my mind, a beautiful disk of what seems to be metal but it was not a metal, it was kind of a liquid metal. It was bright and golden and I think I was kind of encrypting information into that golden metal.

OWS: That is correct and the encryption would have been in what was considered the Mother Tongue at that time. So anyone that would find them now would not be able to decipher what was there. Not yet.

Q: And later on when we came here to the crater, I had a clear picture of what felt like a carving in a door, or like an entrance doorway or something like that. A carving like an ornamental carving. I don’t know how to describe it.

Q: I want to validate I am seeing what you are saying. That is what I was seeing. Were you the ones talking about the green metal? Because I felt so weird that I was seeing this and now you are validating it for me.
OWS: There you go. That is how this works. You see, if you share, you share your experiences, even though you don’t believe it, others are having them, and it helps when you share because now they know, “I wasn’t so crazy after all!”

Q: Okay, and the metal I see in this record, it was moving, like liquid, and it looked almost braided, and it is very bright. Its more silver tone to me but lots of light coming out of it.

Q: Mirror.

OWS: Yes.

Q: Mirror, between a mirror that is kind of silvery, but that also has a gold underlay.

Q: Like Mercury.

Q: Yes, and it looks woven, like it is woven.

OWS: It may look like mercury, act like mercury, but it is not mercury.

Q: I feel like I was there. I could see myself going into the cavern, but in another meeting you told me I was a watcher, so was I a watcher before Lemuria or during?

OWS: While you were experiencing this lifetime as you were doing it, were you participating in this or were you …

Q: I saw myself. It seemed like I was participating but it could have been an aspect of me.

OWS: Well it was certainly an aspect of you, yes. It was not you, as your are now, so it had to be an aspect of you. Do you understand the difference here?
Q: I was told once that I was a guardian and I was one of the persons responsible for the evacuation of these records, and I was an obelisk guardian for one of those temples. Can you confirm?

OWS: Yes, we would say you were not a guardian in the sense of what most people think of as a guardian. You were more of a guard, you might say. One that was responsible for seeing that those that were working directly with these records were going about it in the right way. You were an overseer. That is a better word here. You were an overseer.

Q: You know, when I said to you, I handed one of the glass cases to a gentleman in the middle of the circle, was that Aramda?

OWS: It was Aramda where?

Q: Who I passed the glass case to?

OWS: Aramda was there. He was with all of you. He was also one of those overseers, an even somewhat higher in the sense of any kind of hierarchy at that time. His responsibility was great.

Q: Do you know who it was, because it was such a beautiful vibration from this being and wonderfully humble and loving.

OWS: We will leave that for a further time, after you have had more experience with this.

Others also were did very similar to this, and passed their records that they were responsible for onto another. And then that one would even pass it on to another and so on. All participated in this in some way and had their own responsibilities.

Now we would ask here, whereas Aramda was taking you TO that crater now in this present time, and had you overlooking it from above and asked you which direction you believed that the records would have been placed, in other words, what direction did you think was the entrance, what did you come
up with?

Q: I got the Northeast.

Q: East.

Q: I got four on the clock.

Q: I got four on the clock.

OWS: It depends on which direction you are coming from. Aramda did not mention that, so that is why it went to the direction in part after that. So as you are saying the Northeast and the East…

Q: I got the West.

OWS: You got the West, okay.

Q: I got Northwest 45 degrees halfway down.

OWS: Northwest 45 degrees, halfway down.

Q: Me too.

Q: Me too.

Q: OWS, I saw us overlooking from the edge of the crater as it was being placed right above themark, but its floating up above.

OWS: The entrance is floating up above?

Q: Well, I don’t know if the entrance is, but I felt like floating up above. Not too much.

OWS: That is most certainly different. Very good. We are not going to say which one is right or anything of that nature, but we just wish to have this as a beginning process here. For when those of you that travel down there on this expedition, you will come to the top of the crater and there you will know which direction is which here, and you will have your answer at that time.

We are needing to release unless there is one or two more questions, and then we release here.

Q: Remember when we were looking down and floating over Lemuria, at the time of Lemuria, and there was crashing water and everything. I looked down and I saw a spaceship and it was a last preparation for it and people got into it.

OWS: My goodness. You have correctly ascertained that there was a ship there and that ship is yet buried there today.

Q: I saw something seated into the ground and it was like metal and I was seeing lots of red, terracotta, but it looked like something was being forced into the ground, fitted into the ground, I should say. Because I could not really hear everything that Peter was saying.

OWS: There is a ship there, yes, and it is buried to this day there. The James and group that went, as well as the earlier group, neither of them even began to look for that.

Q: What is the reason for that ship being there? Is it going to be able to be activated at this time?

OWS: Not at this time, but when the moment comes, yes, it will be unearthed, and it will be reenergized somewhat similar to some of your science fiction movies in this way.

Q: Is that our ride home?

Q: Is that like the movie where the whole thing falls away and you think its a rock, and it falls away and becomes a ship?

OWS: You are talking about the “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls.” The James is quite a movie buff here. All of the movies, all of these things help in our working through him to bring some of this information forward and to give you further understandings from something that you may know about here that you can connect with. You see? That is not why he watches the movies, just for us,
but it helps.

Q: Were we promised that the ships would pick us up again and will come at that time that we are thinking of the first contact here? Or was that Atlantis.

OWS: What we can tell you is when those that were there ready to enter the ships and leave the Mother Land, and leave those of you that stayed behind, they promised to come back when the time and frequency were right. Actually they are here.

We are needing to release channel now. We appreciate all of your efforts here, all of your working on this program—and it is a program.

We want you to understand that. Ancient Awakenings is a program. It is a program to help many awaken across the planet. More and more will do so, as a result of all that you as a group are doing here.

That is why those of us, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, the Argarthans, we have all taken this
group as somewhat, you might say, under our wing, or at least Archangel Michael’s Wing. And are working directly with you to both prepare you and assist you in doing all that you came here to do in your various missions.

Everything is going according to plan—we cannot tell you which plan—it might be Plan A, it might be Plan B, C or D, but it is all going according to some of one of these plans. You see?

We are going to release channel now.

Shanti. Peace be with you.

15.08.23 – Yeshua offers a meditation, and One Who Serves

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Graduation Day

Yeshua offers a meditation, and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell
This message was given during the Advance in Pine, AZ on August 23, 2015. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much more wisdom imparted.)

One Who Serves
Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

GROUP: Greetings.

OWS: We are pausing here because we are looking around this group and we see something that was not there before.
A countenance, a light. Do you feel this light? Do you feel the love that has come forth? Do you feel the connection that was made here? We can tell you now that this was a step, although a very major step along
the path of Ascension here. Was it the final step? No. But it was a major step. And as Ashira said some time ago and again this weekend, “Lives will be changed.” Lives are now changed. And you will see in the times to come, the next days, the weeks, notice we are not saying months. The days and the weeks to come, you will find the veil that had been there for you will be gone. Does anyone feel here now that they are able to access their Higher Self? Anyone?

GROUP: Yes, I do. Yes. Yes.

OWS: Yes. Very good. Do you feel the connection there? Do you feel that it has been re-established, you might say? In the times to come, there are going to be changes to this program that we have been on here.
The program is no longer going to be the One Who Serves and Ashira Show. The program is going to move to the Higher God Self Show. Do you understand that which we speak?

GROUP: Yes. Yes, I do.

OWS: We are going to be stepping back and allowing for the process to take hold here, so that each andevery one of you can come forward and come forth and come into your power, into your knowing. And yes, even though some would like to shy away from this, into your tendency to be a leader. Does one have to
become a leader? No. For there needs to be those that will follow as well. For one cannot lead unless there are those that follow after. But there is need for those to come forward and take charge to move ahead in certain directions that can bring you to the next steps that are ahead here and are needed. You will understand
as we move along here. That is not to say we will say adieu, and we will never be with you again. Certainly not. But the process will be somewhat changing here, for the James has demonstrated here this day what can be accomplished from accessing your Higher Self, and how the answers can come. Not from another Higher Self, but from your own Higher Self, and you will be able to access that level of you—to answer any questions that you might have. That is where you are going here. You have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in higher vibrations. Not yet at your conscious knowing self here now, but at the higher vibrations. Your higher bodies have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. And you have moved into your Rainbow Body. Some of you have heard of this before, but you have not fully accessed your Rainbow Body quite yet. When that happens, you will know,
as we have been saying. And the wave, as it comes and you are beginning also to understand that you are the wave, you are the first wave—part of this first wave, if you desire to be so. And we say that because it is a decision that will need to be made at some point. A conscious knowing decision on your part. And once those
decisions are made and you have fully taken on your Rainbow Body and you have moved fully across the Rainbow Bridge, never to “have-to” return. Notice we say, “have-to” return. You can always return as you wish, but never being forced to do so in any way. We also add one more thing before we release channel. This will very likely be the last time you will be gathering as a group in this way on such a weekend as this, what you are calling the Advance. That does not mean you will not have another weekend together, but it will not be in the
same way as this, if all things continue as they are planned. Notice we always add that little caveat there. That little, what’s the word here?

GROUP: Disclaimer.

OWS: The disclaimer, yes, can use it as this. Fail safe, a fail safe here. Because as you are knowing, and if you do not, you will know that everything that happens is based on man’s consciousness, and man’s consciousness is continually changing. And you, yourselves, are affecting man’s consciousness. You as a group, you as individuals, and what you have done this evening and in this entire weekend, you have greatly affected man’s consciousness. This is not to give you a big head here. This is to help you to understand the importance of the Collective, the Collective Consciousness, and how the Collective Consciousness is changed, and worked with, and in some cases, by the use of those dark forces manipulated. For they did manipulate the Collective Consciousness, but no longer. So in some ways consider this your graduation weekend. Don your robes, take your certificate of graduation, your diploma, and go off happily here. But you have come to a graduation point, and no it is not from kindergarten as some say. You are much beyond that. At least grade school.

GROUP: Laughter.

OWS: No, we joke here. The times are short, my brothers, my sisters. The times are short indeed. Go now. With all that you have gained here, begin to disseminate these knowings to all that are ready for this. For did
not the Disciples with Yeshua, did they not receive their graduation? Did they not then go forth, and shared all that they had learned. We are asking that of you now. To take upon the mantle once again, that which is your
destiny, what you have come here for. Why you are a part of this group. Why you have been drawn back together again as old souls coming together. This is that moment now where you begin to teach. And as the teacher is ready, the students will appear. We are going to leave you now, not take questions now. We think you’ve got a lot of questions earlier, although the James can slip into that now, or anyone else can if they wish, as we part here, to answer questions. We
know there were some questions here and it would be good at this time to allow for that process, for as we are saying, this new process will supersede what we have been doing here.
Shanti, peace be with you. Be the one.

GROUP: Shanti.

OWS: And now you are the one.

Q & A

SOURCE: This is the Source now, the Source of all of those Light Bodies, all of those Higher Selves within this room once again, to answer any questions that may come up, to assist you, or to better direct you, yourself,
to answer that question for yourself. Would there be any of those types of question now?

Q: I had a couple of questions that we formed as a group. Number one, the date, September 28, seems to continually come up as an important date, perhaps for the wave to hit. Would you give us a hint of whether or not this is accurate?
SOURCE: Give the date please.

Q: September 28, 2015.

SOURCE: Yes. And what is the significance of this date from your understanding?

Q: I believe that the wave is going to hit earlier. I believe that this continued information given out about this particular date, it distracts people from just allowing things to be and to be open.

SOURCE: And as we look upon the various, those that are gathered here, all are wondering at this point as their Higher Selves are communicating with each, when is this going to happen? What is going to happen?
Why it is going to happen? And each many across the entire planet are preparing for these changes, are preparing for this moment of time. But yet it is not a moment in time. It is a frequency of time, a frequency moment that will arrive. And it will arrive in the right moment when it is called forth, when it has been called forth, and that is the difference here. As it is called forth. And it is those of you sitting here that have called it forth this day. And it is those of many groups across the land that have called it forth this day and all are continuing to bring this momentum, and it is a momentum, it is a momentum that has been started some time ago.
You can look back at it at your time of December 21, 2012. This was the beginning of that momentum. It was the beginning of the wave coming in at that time, and it has steadily come in over these years since, and it has
been called the Tsunami of Love. And this wave, this tsunami has been sweeping across the land, but as of yet, it is still small. It is just the little waves, it is just the little ripples yet that come across. The large waves, what you would call the title waves are still to come, and it is this point in time, this point in frequency, that is arriving in your September. It is the moment that has been called forth for a very long time and it is that moment that it is being created for this expectation. Does that mean it will be in this September itself? Yes and no, because all is subject to change. All is subject to awareness changing about this particular time. As the focus is put upon this moment, put upon this month, this focus is creating the very changes that are being asked for here. It is purposeful by those of the higher levels to point out this particular time, this fall, this month of September and
October. It is these expectations that have been created by these higher levels that are moving the general population to begin to understand that this is that time and, therefore, they are creating it within their mind and therefore are bringing about the intention to have this occur at this time. As to the significance itself of the September 28, 2015, in a numerological point of view and to look at that, that is also accurate. There is that connection as well and it is that connection as far as the various alignment of the planets and all of this that
bring about these changes and bring about this intention to create this change that is needed in this age that is fast disappearing here.

Q: Thank you. Actually, I am going to let go of the other question.

Q: I have a question about what just occurred. I am not sure other people are feeling a little insecure, but are you, was the purpose of what the One Who Serves said to help him power us, to be able to be autonomous?

SOURCE: Yes. In a very simple word, yes. The purpose of this exercise is to bring about the changes within you and the knowing within you that allows for this process to develop within you and not outside of you. So there is no longer going to be the need to reach outside of yourself and find the answers. The answers, as you know, are already within. They have always been within. There is nothing that cannot be answered already within you. There is only the need to understand and believe that. This is why it has been giving, “believe and
you will see.” Attempting to bring you more and more and more to that total understanding that you are all you are and all you will ever need to be.

There are no other questions, then we as the Higher Selves in this group leave you now