17.05.21 – For You To Be A Spiritual Leader You Must First Lead Yourself Out Of The Illusion” – Metatron, Saint Germain and OWS

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Archangel Metatron and Saint-Germain channeled by C. Louis Osburn​​
One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Ancient Awakenings Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on May 21, 2017


I AM Metatron, the heavenly overseer of ascension in all parts of this universe.

All eyes now are on Earth. And all eyes now are on your group because you are light warriors and I will amplify and explain what that means. You are members of the Order of the Melchizedek. I will amplify and explain what that means. You are the Ascended Masters that you have been looking for and you are the spiritual leaders that will help in this upcoming time of confusion as disclosure happens both on Earth and through the heavenly realms.

So I want to first talk about today about what a light warrior really is. A light warrior is the one who is seeking to subdue their ego so that they too can become an Ascended Master. This is what a light warrior is: it is a focus on yourself. And the reason behind this is for you to be a spiritual leader you must first lead yourself out of the illusion. And for you to lead yourself out of the illusion you must first learn tools of the light warrior and which you will receive after my message.

The time is now. This is your one as has been mentioned in this group today. This is the first year for you to grab the mantle of mastery and to start your journey to go back to what you have done in past lives. Many of you have had thousands of lives in which you have participated in these types of planetary ascension and now you are back here again to do the same. The only problem with this, if you could call this a problem, is that you have to relearn this all over again in this environment so that you can show and lead others to do the same. So first comes your mastery and then you can help others.

So my question to you today, to those that are listening, are you willing to take this gauntlet? Are you willing to take this mantle? Search inside yourself and see if this resonates with you. Search inside yourself and find out if you wish to continue this, one more time, through your many incarnations.

This is Archangel Metatron and I now release this messenger.


Greeting to you. This is not Archangel Metatron but it is Saint Germain. I come through this messenger today because I have an intimate connection to this messenger because he is one of my initiates. I am coming to you today to help you to understand some of the tools and weapons that a light warrior uses to subdue their ego, to tame their ego, to take that dragon that is within you and to make it tame and to make it your willing beast.

This is allegorical of course. What we’re really talking about here is your lower impulses; impulses that all of us have as humans. These are the impulses of wanting to compare ourselves from one person to the next. This is the impulse of becoming distracted by outside elements. This is the impulses of anger, of hate, of desire, of connections, making ourselves addicted to the senses. These are the things that a light warrior battles against. These are the things that we must subdue in order for us to gain mastery, in order for us to allow our heart to open and our true self to shine through. These are the things that we must work on starting now.

We have mentioned and heard many times to stay in the ‘now’. So what we will do today is give you two weapons of the light warriors to use to stay in the now. One of them is breathing. You will learn a type of breathing which is most appropriate for this energy level. In the past when I was learning this, when I was incarnated, I had to learn what you could call a industrial-strength type of breathing when I was in the Tibetan Himalayan mountains. Today with the energies where they are now, this type of heavy breathing activity is no longer necessary. We are bringing in a more gentle breathing technique for you today. This gentle breathing technique which I shall call a gentle conscious breathing is something that you can do every day, every moment of the day, and this will allow you to stay in the now more and more as you practice this. Because that is the first basic training of any master, of any light warrior is to stay in the now more and more. So we will talk about this breathing technique and we will practice it here today.

Another thing that we will talk about, another weapon to use to subdue and tame that dragon within is the use of the I AM statements. There are many times when you are breathing, your dragon, your ego, will seek to divert your attention to those things outside of you. And what will happen today is you will learn how to use an I AM statement to get yourself back into focus, back into the center, back into the now. Are you ready? Would you like to practice this?

Excellent. That’s the spirit. I need to hear all of you! [Enthusiastic response] And you are absolutely drawn here, you have been drawn here to this group because you are willing to be a spiritual leader. So now is the time for you to gain your mastery just as you had many incarnations in the past. Now is the time to start so we shall begin.

The gentle breathing technique is very much has a feminine energy to it and this is what is coming into the Earth now. It is the feminine energy which is coming in to reclaim and rebalance this planet so that we have a balanced masculine and feminine energy in all of us. So let us begin.

The breathing technique is very simple. It is a gentle breathing in. So breathe in gently and then stop. Stop your breathing at the top. Hold it for one or two seconds. And then gently exhale. Before you inhale, hold it for one or two seconds and gently inhale. So let us start doing this. Let us do this together.

It’s a gentle breathing, something that you can do while you’re driving. It is something you could do while listening to telephone conversations. It is something that you can do in face-to-face conversations. It is something you could do while pumping gas. It is something that you could do while preparing your breakfast, or at work, reading e-mails, watching your favorite videos. Use this gentle breathing technique. Continue doing it.

Breathe in. Pause for a second or two. Breathe out. Pause for a second or two. Are you getting the hang of this?

Okay, we want to add one more element to this which will make this a complete technique, a complete tool, a complete weapon for the light warrior. It is I want you to focus now on your senses. I want you to focus on the sense of your body as it sits or as it’s laying while you’re breathing. Focus your attention to the pressure of your body onto the seat that you are sitting on. So breathe in. Pause for one or two seconds. Feel the weight of your body on that chair. Breathe out. Continue feeling, focusing your senses on your seat. Now you will notice something. Something that happens when you do this. That dragon within you, that ego, ceases to chatter. It is no longer thinking. Are you feeling that?

This is stage-one in your mastery. This weapon subdues the dragon and makes it fall asleep. In the Hindu or Indian culture this is doing the Tiger. In the Middle Eastern cultures this is doing the serpent. Do you have it? Very simple isn’t it? This is what I give for you today. This technique would not have worked 200 years ago because the energy was not right. Now it is perfect. Are you willing to do this every day now? [Affirmative response] I can’t hear you! [Enthusiastic response]

This is your basic training. If you choose to be a spiritual leader you must master this but I must caution you don’t beat yourself up. That is the ego. The ego is tricky. If you fall off of this and you forget throughout the day love yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself and just pick it up again. And overtime this will happen without a thought you will start doing this gentle conscious breathing throughout the entire day and you will be in a state of bliss and happiness, your heart will open and you will be in love. Is that something that you would like to have? [Enthusiastic response]

Do you see as a spiritual leader you’re not here to struggle. You’re not here to torture yourself. You’re here to enjoy life. Source would tell you that you are here to enjoy life and to be and this breathing technique will help you to be. Now that you have that I must warn you, the dragon within you will become very sneaky. It does not like to be not in charge and it will start fighting this. You’ll start hearing things in your mind like why am I doing this? This is a waste of time. I can’t do this very well. I’m just going to quit. This is the dragon fighting back and that’s what being a light warrior is all about. So would you like another tool, another weapon to feed the dragon when it does this? I can’t hear you. [Enthusiastic response] Excellent.

So this is the next tool, the next weapon, the last I will mention for today because I will release this messenger very soon. When your ego, when your dragon fights back and tells you these things like this is stupid, or this is boring, or it is getting me sleepy, or I can possibly do this at work, I can’t possibly do this at night when I’m putting my children to sleep, I couldn’t possibly do this in the middle of a meeting, this is what you can do internally mentally. When you breathe in with your gentle breathing and you start hearing the interference, you command. You take command by mentally saying within during that one or two second pause: I AM consciously breathing now, and then you breathe out. And then you say mentally to yourself: I AM consciously breathing now. You are in command here.

So let’s practice that. Breathe in gently, pause at the top and say to yourself out loud right now, I AM consciously breathing now. Good. Now let go of what is left of your breath and at the bottom, if you can, think or say I AM consciously breathing now. Good let’s do this mentally now breathe in stating your mind I AM consciously breathing now.

Good. Let’s do this mentally now. Breathe in. Say it in your mind: I AM consciously breathing now. And then let it go. Then stop and say it again internally. Let’s do this a few times. Breathe in. I AM consciously breathing now. Breathe out. I AM consciously breathing now. Breathe in. I AM consciously breathing now. Breathe out. I AM consciously breathing now.

You can do this all day long and this will keep you centered as centered as a Tibetan monk who’s been doing this for 20 years but you will be able to do this in a vastly shorter period of time. Don’t expect instant results.

Some of you have more active dragons than others so there is one other tool I will give you for those who have the bucking-bronco-dragon who likes to fight every step of the way. There is another I AM statement. If you find yourself in ego that is severely struggling against this command it by saying to yourself I AM in charge of this vehicle here. I AM in charge of this vehicle here. Whenever that ego decides to wrest control from you, say it. Let’s say this now. I AM in control of this vehicle now.

Thank you so much. I give you peace, I give you love, and I give you the Violet Flame. This is Saint Germain and I release this messenger.

Now it is time for the One Who Serves.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

Wonderful to be here with you again and following that wonderful discourse and exercise here. So wonderful as these things can be given here in many different ways, from many different sources but please understand this, we are all in this together. We are all working on this together. Even as you are working on these many things, we are also working on things. We are working on working with you. That is our main function here now to be of service and to teach you to be of service as well. And as you are continuing with these processes and these trainings and these techniques and all of this, all of this is part of the great orchestration, the great plan that is in the works here. And we are all so proud of all of you and we are all anxiously — yes, we can be anxious too in many ways — we are anxiously awaiting those times when we can more fully together. And those times are not far off. You are going to be moving to and experience, many of you are going to have an experience with contact; contact with extraterrestrials experiences here; those beings in many different ways. Some of you will be in your dreams, some will be in your visions, and some will even be in the waking state. That is coming.

Many of you are preparing for this. But you see, how can you be with one in the physical form you might say even if you are raising up to meet them and their vibration, how can you be in that space with them if you are showing any type of fear or anxiety whatsoever. You cannot. So you must overcome this.

And just as Saint Germain has shown you here to train the dragon, overcome the dragon, this is very important and this is with a technique that was given and it is one that is wonderful and one that is very easy for you to do. It is true that in those times long ago we did it as well. That we’d do breathing techniques and all of this for hours at a time. Sometimes weeks and months at a time if you can imagine. But that was a time then. This is not for now as Saint Germain said. Now the energies have risen greatly and you are in the right place at the right time and you are able to use these energies for your benefit and for the benefit of others around you.

So it is the same thing, just keep being ready. Keep those seatbelts fastened because you are on the ride people. You are on the ride of your life. Your ride of your many lives here.

So, you have questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: I had the most amazing experience of my life this weekend and I want to get you to give us the lowdown because I swear I thought we were going to ascend right there. We were on such a love high it was like we were about to float off the ground. So I just wanted to see if we could get you to check in on this Rikka Zimmerman because if she is doing what we’re doing then I think it seems to make sense that we wouldn’t might all align with each other and try to pull from each other’s resources. So could you check on that for us?

OWS: What we can do here is, we are not in the position to affirm any one particular channel or source or anything of this nature. But to say that it is all part of the orchestration, it is all part of coming together as a whole, coming together as the light workers, the light warriors, all of you, and bringing all of this together. That’s what this is about.

Whether you hear it over here, or over there, or from us, or whoever it might be, it is all in the same thing and it is all part of the great plan that is in the works here. If you look at the energies that were involved there, the energies that were generated by the people there, and their intent — that is the important thing is the intent — and the intent was there to raise those energies just as the energies have been raised in your Advances, have they not previously? Did you not feel those wonderful energies raised? It is all part of the same thing. And if you would look at some of those church services where they are singing and dancing and having a wonderful time; they are not kneeling, they are not reading from a book or listening to a priest or anything of this nature, they are singing, they are dancing, they are being in joy. And the energies, are they not raised then? Do they not have sometimes miracles occur there, what they consider miracles? Although we have called miracles simply science. Just a science at a higher vibration is all it is. So all of this is the same thing. It is all part of the same. It does not matter who it comes from.

If you resonate to one particular individual or one particular group or source, yes go for it. But wherever you find yourself you are going to be in a position where you have been guided to be. So that is what is important here.

Many of you have been guided to this group and it may take you to other groups. It may take you onto ships. Who knows? That is a hint people! That is coming. That is what we said here. Some of you, many of you are going to be up on ships. You’re going to experience this. Some in your waking state even are going to experience this very soon. We cannot say too much more on this. They’re over there saying ‘No, keep it down. Let’s not give away too many surprises.’ So all of this is coming though so be of good cheer. Okay?

Q: Is there such a thing, a real thing as a walk-in?

OWS: Oh my goodness yes, certainly. There are many different kinds of walk-ins. We are hearing in the room here, yes yes, of course there are walk-ins. Yes there are and they’re in many different ways and have been coming in for a long time. Are you are walk-in? No. But there are some around you that are in your experience that they were even walk-ins. We cannot give more on that now but it is part of the process, it is part of the orchestration. When one is ready to give up their body based on a contract that they came in with, and they are giving it up to another, a spirit, a soul to come in and resume their particular lifetime, that is all part of the contract that they come in with. And there are many different kinds and different ways of this. So yes. Short answer yes. We are never much for giving short answers are we?

Q: What is meant by power couples? [Pallas Athena posing the question]

OWS: If you are talking about twin flames, yes, you already know this. You know this very well. If anyone would know this you would know this. We do not understand if we have the question, though. [Q: I do?] Yes you very much know this.

Q: But what does it mean? Why were we called “power couples” while others are called twin flames?

OWS: As we can see it, it is just different names for the same thing. Different ways of saying the same type of information just as your vocabulary, your sciences and everything come up with many different ways of saying the same. Look at your science called psychology and look at all of the ways they have come up with different methods and different expressions to say the same thing just as another way to write another book or something of this nature. So it is all part of the same thing here as well. It is nothing to be concerned about. Power couples, twin flames, twin souls, all one and the same thing.

Now you can look at this too in terms of power couples you could look at it in terms of your three dimensional delusion … (we say delusion there actually yes,) in terms you say a couple is a power couple is together, they are strong together, and certainly as twin soul you are stronger together very much so. And we are not seeing that in terms of the Hillary Clinton expression Stronger Together that has nothing to do with it. Okay?

Q: At the last advance it was mentioned that at some point our old guides were going to be leaving. Has that started yet?

OWS: Most definitely!
Q: Okay so I have another question.
OWS: Is that all you want?!?
Q: No go ahead if you have more.

OWS: Most definitely! The old guides, the ones that have been with you for very long time, what they’re called the familiars, many of them have left. Many of them have been replaced by Ascended Masters and angels and all of these things. Some even Archangels have replaced them. And there is so much that is going on that is still what you would call is behind the scenes but they are with you, they are strong with you, and you are finding that, you will be finding rather that many of these so-called famous ones, the ones you think of in terms of Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, and Yeshua, Sananda, all of these, Ashtar, they are with you because they have connections with you. We’re talking about everyone who’s on the phone here now as well as here in the room that is resonating to these words, this is you. You are going to have these expressions with these many here, what James likes to call the rock stars of the future. And you’re going to be experiencing very closely being with them more and more and more. Okay?

Q: Okay. So the second part of this is, you know what’s like an inward reality which sometimes comes out in that outward manifestation in your life. This past week I had a couple of the experiences, (that were almost devastating,) about people I know who were leaving me. Not that they were, but in my mind people were leaving me. I wanted to know if that — and partly from where I come from that kind of happened; we all got separated — so I was wondering if that was the cause of it. I snapped out of it when I remembered other people have stuff going on, they’re busy, it doesn’t revolve around me necessarily, but that’s just the way I was feeling about disconnecting from them. Could that be from that inward …

OWS: Yes. Much of the part of this ascension process is the process. It is a process that you are all going through having many different experiences, many different symptoms that come on that are being called ascension symptoms, and the leaving of relationships, the changing of relationships, the moving from place to place, all of this is a part of the attraction process. And you are being attracted to like-minded and like-hearted, which is even more important here, people here like yourselves. And this is the attraction process and it is something that is going to continue and at times it may even be somewhat painful for you because they are the familiars in your life. They are the ones that you have been with, done that, and all that with for some time but they are going to be leaving. Many are going to be. And it is going to be a continuing process that you are going to go through but do not be concerned about that because as move up into the higher vibrations and remain there longer and longer, all of that will be in the past. Your memories will shift and change and you we will not even necessarily have memories of those that have left you in your relationships here.

Q: In the Advance on Saturday night a speaker came through that said “I AM not One Who Serves”. Are you able to reveal to us who that was?

OWS: Yes. Many of you already know who that was. That was Source.

Q: As the political system unravels, can you give us an update on the Republic and NESARA?

OWS: Update on the Republican NESARA is that it is still coming … [Laughter] … and it is here. So it is coming and it is here at the same time. So it is already in place in many respects and it is simply waiting for the announcement. And the announcement is not far off as well. But there are certain things that must take place first for this to happen. And as you know you can never come forward with predictions at 100% or even 90 or 80% because they are just that, they are predictions based on what is happening in that exact moment as that prediction is given. And it is all based on probabilities and that is what we look at. We look at the probabilities based on exactly this particular moment. So at this particular moment the probabilities of your disclosure, and Republic being announced, and NESARA and all of that is not far off at all. Not so much your ‘soon’ but our ‘soon’ either if you understand what we are saying either. It is somewhere in the middle there, you might say. So it is coming. It is in process but certain things must occur first. We cannot be more specific on that because those certain things that must happen are also shifting and changing as well, as you move along here. It is all based on consciousness and it is collective consciousness. If it was just your consciousness it would already be done! Right? But it is the collective consciousness of all that are here.

Q: I keep hearing a lot about how dreaming is very important. I have a book by Carlos Castaneda called the Art of Dreaming and I am wondering if any of those techniques would be a fruitful way for me to try to maybe go to lucid dreaming or take control of my dreaming.

OWS: Most definitely. But it is as we were saying earlier, there are many different techniques coming from many different sources and whatever you resonate to, whatever you are being guided to is where you need to go. If one is being guided to Carlos Castaneda or whoever it might be, then that is where you need to look, at that will be for the time at that point when you are looking. But at that point you may find you are then guided to something else or someone else or whatever it is. But at some point – and this is very important for all here now to hear this — at some point you all need to go within. Not from outside sources such as this channel or the one Charles who channeled the Metatron and Saint Germain or whoever. It is to go within for Source.

Source is where all of the information already lies. You already have everything you need to know within you and once you come to realize that you will not need to rely on anything outside of yourself. You see? But it is also a process, we know this. You are coming out of old programming and as you come out of this old programming it is a transition that you are moving through. So you are moving to the transition. You see you came from Source and you are going back to Source. That is how you look at it here.

Q: Regarding the Saturday night at the Advance that we were just talking about, when the Source came through. I guess I might’ve been a little confused because from way back, I thought, I know, that Source is everything, this great thing. But learning from Ed or Ray Sanford the Source also included everybody’s higher self (who was in the room). So is that a different Source?

OWS: That is a different process. It is the same Source but a different process from what you speak of. Even when it comes through this one James and you speak in terms of Source of all in the room. Yes, that is a process. But what came through this one James at that time, and also Charles has found a very strong connection, is to Source, It, Herself. You see?

Q: I have been experiencing very strong connection with my twin flame traveling around together and teaching me things. And when I’d be laying there I’ll almost get like shocks through my body. It’s almost like my body is revving up the battery or something like that. I’m wondering first of all is this part of the process and then second, what is this actual ascension going to look and feel like in our body? Like can it happen like to us at different times? What is it going to be like?

OWS: To speak about what ascension is like is very difficult because it has never been done in this way here that it is going to happen. You have experienced ascension yourselves in times past. You have already ascended from other systems, in other planets, and all of this, so you are here doing this over again but you have forgotten. But when you have the ascension, when it actually occurs it will be unlike anything you can remember. But at that point, as it is happening you will remember. You will remember those times past. You will remember everything at that moment. In that moment you will be pure essence and you will understand all things at that time. This is the best we can explain it to you in that moment. The vibrations, the bliss that you will have will be unmistakable. It will be beyond your wildest imaginations and we know that many sources have given this same idea, same concept here, that it will be beyond your imaginings. And we know you can imagine wonderful things but you have no idea yet what this is going to be like. And can it happened in the moment? Yes, it will happen in the moment but it will happen in the moment because of a process that has occurred.

Q: And this ramping of the battery thing is that a typical experience in the process or the shockwaves through the body?

OWS: Yes it is part of the process that has to do with the Kundalini energy.

We are going to release channel. Just what is you’re saying, ‘keep on keeping on,’ because everything is happening exactly as it needs to in the exact right moment. And if you continue to find yourself being in the now as much as possible and using that simple breathing technique that Saint Germain gave you it will continue to help you be in the now at all times. And if you are continuing to be in the now at all times you will find that you are also in those moments in higher vibrations. And if you are in higher vibrations you will find that everything you are attracting to yourself is is exactly what you are wanting in your life.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell and C. Louis Osburn
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“Believing is seeing!”

17.05.14 – “You Are Part Of That Great Synchronicity That Is Happening Here Now” – Sananda, Lady Nada, and OWS

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Sananda, Lady Nada and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on May 14, 2017



I AM Sananda.

Yes it was I that guided you to be with your higher one; to help you to remember, to help you to know all that is coming for you, all that you have come here for.

You have all come with this connection. Each and every one of you came here from these higher aspects of yourself to experience and know these lower levels so that you could bring about the changes, the shift, the transition that was needed here on this planet so that you could bring this planet and all of the people along with you and be a part of this expression of the new consciousness. And you are this new consciousness.

If you come to understand anything through all of these messages it is that you are this new consciousness. You are the changes that are happening here on the planet.

And once you have come to understand that you are these changes, then you will come to understand that everything is happening here because of you, because of all of you, because of the collective you. This collective consciousness is creating everything here as you move closer and closer to the new Golden Age here on this planet.

Know that there have been previous Golden Ages here on this planet; this is not the first. But you are here to experience this, to bring this about, to create this transition for all to become established here, for all to come to know and understand who they are, what they are here for.

The times that are approaching are shifting now. There is much shift, there is much change that is happening and as you are continuing through this shifting, these shifting changes, you are being readied and prepared and trained to be ones that will assist in this entire process just as you are now. For each and every time you do these meditations you are either helping to shift your own consciousness or the consciousness of mankind or both at the same time.

And this time today was about you shifting your own consciousness. It was about you creating that connection or reestablishing that connection that you have always had; you have simply forgotten. But forget it not much more because it is all coming together as everything is being brought back  from where you once came.

As you have been hearing: sit back, relax, fasten those seat belts. It’s true that the ride might get a little bumpy here and there but it is nothing that you cannot handle, nothing that you have not been readied for. Just be ready to be in the right place at the right moment at the right time because with all of this synchronicity that is happening — you are beginning to notice that more and more that everything is becoming synchronistic and you are part of that great synchronicity that is happening here now. And you will continue to have these events, these synchronistic events that will occur in your lives because as you are moving into these higher vibrations more frequently, more consistently you’re going to experience many more of these synchronicities in your life as everything is coming together into one timeline. You have heard previously that the two timelines have split into two or more and that is correct. But eventually the two timelines will split completely and you will be left with the one. That is the one that you are moving toward into the new Golden Age that is upon you.

I Am Sananda. I love you deeply. More than you can possibly imagine. I leave you now with all of my peace and love and I exit now for another to briefly speak with you here.



I Am Lady Nada.

I wish to come through this one although there was a little bit of a reluctance on his part, but it is so, it is needed that I can come and share my energy, my love, my expression with you especially on this day, this wonderful day which you call Mother’s Day because it is time of sharing and it is a time of growth. It is a time of oneness that you are all approaching now.

And everything is coming together as you are hearing so often. Everything is coming together exactly as it needs to be. There is to be no concern, no worries, certainly no fears on your part. Because, as my dear one has said, Sananda, you are in the right place, in the right moment, at the right time for everything to come together, for everything to become as one. And you, each one of you, to realize that you are already in that oneness. You just have forgotten it. You just do not feel it all the times because of this three-dimensional world is still pulled somewhat over your eyes.

But your eyes are opening now. They are opening with a new expression. Your third eye is reestablishing itself and opening up to the new worlds, the new vistas that are in front of you; the beauty that is everywhere.

If you seek the beauty you will see the beauty. If you believe it you see it. That is the way it is. That is the way it will be and always shall be. So do not be concerned my dear brothers and sisters everything is exactly where it needs to be. You are exactly where you need to be. And as Sananda has said the synchronicities in your life are going to increase many times over and you will marvel at how everything is coming together for you.

So be of good cheer. Be of love between each one of you because love is the expression that will take you into these higher vibrations and into these higher dimensions.

I love you dearly each and every one of you. And I will be able to be with you more often now as I have a connection also with this one James just as my dear Sananda has. And with many of you here as well, both here in the room and on the phone, so we are all in this together.

And I send you all of my peace and my love be with all of you now.



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to answer your questions if you have any. If not it will be a rather short session. But that is okay because we have things to do, places to go you know just as you do. No, just joking. We have nothing to do. Just sit around all day, twiddle our thumbs, meditate, go Ohm all day. That is what you probably think, no? Well no we don’t do that. [Laughter] We party, we have fun, we dance, we sing, we have wonderful times just as you are going to when you are able to go up on the ships and down into Inner Earth. It is going to be so wonderful and we are so looking forward to your expression, your expression of surprise when you see some of us and you say, “Oh! That’s you! I had no idea.” We are so looking forward to that. We are going to have such a chuckle over this and we are going to sit there and drink our wine … and yes, yes we do drink wine. Do not think we don’t. If Yeshua can do it we can do it, can’t we? So anyway … as a matter fact He changed water into wine; that’s how much he wanted wine. [Laughter]

So do you have questions here for One Who Serves?


Q & A

Q:  On Friday night I had an important, interesting experience and I would like to have a little more explanation especially on the second part. I am trying to understand who that woman was. Was it me, was it my higher self, was it my ego, or can you explain a little more please.

OWS:  First of all for this can you please share with everyone who is experiencing or listening to this what you are speaking about in terms of what the experience was. Are you talking about dream? Are you talking about a vision you had?

Q:  It wasn’t a vision and not a dream. I went to the shaman and I took this ceremonial smoke or vapor and that’s what it was.

OWS:  Yes, now we understand. So to look at this from a different point of view, you might say, as you are looking at this particular vision that you had and the experience of the woman that came into this vision, it was the aspect of yourself as you were being shown here this day here by Sananda as you connected with this aspect. It may not have looked exactly the same as you just did this here today but it is one and the same. It is an aspect of yourself that you are coming to know and understand and we’re glad that you have brought this up because this is for everyone here. Everyone is going to be having more of these types of experiences where you are going to be reconnecting with all of those ones that you had left behind previously or that had left you behind in times long past. So you’re going to have these connections more and more, it may possibly be within your dreams or your visions and some may even have them in their waking conscious state. But it is coming so you are going to experiencing this more and more and more. It goes along with the synchronicities as Sananda and Lady Nada have given here.

Q:  There was another lady in the room there who was experiencing three knocks on the door. I had one while I was in a meditative state and I had these three forceful knocks on the door and I was wondering what that was or who that was.

OWS:  This is a precursor. This is the beginnings of what we spoke of a very long time ago for this group where we spoke about one particular time you will have a knock at the door and one of us will be there to greet you as we come to your group your meeting here that is coming. That is not something we simply made up and is not going to happen. It is. You are either going to either experience one of us or you are going to experience one of those that comes from the Inner Earth or maybe even one from the high above in the Galactic area. But it is coming and this is showing you that they are aware, they are here, they are available. They’re just not showing themselves yet to you in your state because you need to come up to them. You need to come up and raise your vibrations. And when you have raised your vibrations significantly then those that are waiting just outside of your door you might say can then come in and be with you. So this is a beginning here. Those that are experiencing this are opening the door for all of us. Which by the way is happening not only here in this group but many people across the planet are experiencing this. They are not saying it outright because they do not want everyone to think they are crazy and put them in the crazy farm but they are experiencing it nonetheless. And it will come out more and more as people begin to share not only visions that they’re having but the actual physical experiences that occur but at the higher levels, higher vibrational frequency.

Q:  About a year and a half ago during a meditation I saw a picture, a vision of a being that looked like it could have been me. It looked like they were Peruvian or something. I was wondering was that an aspect of me?

OWS:  Yes. That was an aspect of you. Yes. Many of you get these visions, these understandings but you discount them. You think they are not real. You think they are your … here’s that word: imagination. And how many times have we said over and over: your imagination is more real than your reality here that you think in this third dimensional illusion. Your imagination is more real. Begin to think on that. Begin to contemplate that. When youimagine something you are ‘imaging-in’. You are using your third eye center and opening up the vistas of the other worlds that are within you in consciousness. So all of this …

Q:  Is it possible that you could run into an aspect of yourself physically?

OWS:  Yes. That is going to happen. Yes. It is not like your movies say that you cannot go back into a past lifetime and see yourself back there, go back into a past lifetime ad see yourself there and communicate with yourself. You can do that. But there is the idea of moving into a past time and changing what is there, changing what occurred, and then that change coming back you might say into the current lifetime or the current timeline – we’re speaking of timelines here — and coming back into the current timeline and making a shift here in this new timeline or the time that find yourself now. And it has happened. You know it as the Mandela Effect. These things are happening and you are experiencing this and there are certain small shifts in the timelines that are occurring. They are not large shifts because they are not allowed. There is what is called from your understanding they would be called time police and they are there — time guardians rather. Not police but time guardians — and they are there to continue to keep the timelines from merging together so that there can be major shifts in those timelines. That is not allowed. Okay?

Q:  I have a question. This is … well you know who I am.

OWS:  Yes, we know who you are. We know what you are too. But you don’t! Not really. Surprise! There are going to be wonderful times!

Q:  At the last Advance, I think it was the last night we did quite a bit of out of body stuff. I don’t remember where we were or what we were doing but it had to do with the light warrior thing, which I’m familiar with. I felt like I had something around my wrists; some sort of energy or cuff or something. Can you explain that … or was that just my imagination [laughing].

OWS:  Oh my goodness! [Laughter] Did you just say what we think you just said?!?! [Laughter] Did you just say ‘just my imagination!’ [I was giving you a hard time.] You see if it is just your imagination then that’s all it becomes. [Right. No, I know that. I’m teasing.] Oh you’re teasing us!! Oh you’re joking here. How wonderful. Wonderful. We get it back a little bit, huh?

To understand or to explain to you what occurred there, yes you had many out of body experiences, those of you that participated in this Advance, many out of body experiences you had. And to experience these things such as you are saying the energies certainly you yourself, as you have heard many times, you are very involved in energies. You are more involved in energies at those higher vibrations that you came from than you are in the three-dimensional illusion that is happening here all around you. So when you feel these energies and you experience them, and even if you see them they are very real; very real indeed. And it can be called your imagination but it is so much real that it is something that is wonderful that happened here.

Q:  What I was curious of was if that was a part of my so-called uniform or something on my wrists that I used in some way?

OWS:  It has to do with your warrior image that you have been given previously. [Okay. Kinda what I thought.] You thought right.

Q:  This is a hard question for me to ask. I’ve been holding back on it, but I’m related to someone who has a mental illness and when you brought up the wine and joy and we’ll be sharing together like that, this person has such a problem with their pills and wine and wanting to be in joy. I understand us wanting to have a higher feeling and love and happiness but I don’t know how … I can’t be around this person. And I’m bringing this up because I’m a therapist and I’m in service, I work on people all the time and I know there is so much pain and suffering. So I just wanted … if you could understand what I’m trying to get at that how can we detach from these people that want to be intoxicated to feel better and how we can still be in service and not have their energy bring us down?

OWS:  Yes we understand completely and it is exactly as you just said. Share the light, spread the light, be the light. And as you work with the light within yourself nothing can penetrate that. And certainly if you use your merkaba as a force field around you, you would be amazed at how you would be able to deflect those negative emotions, those negative feelings, anything from outside of yourself you can deflect it away from you. So as you work with these ones, whoever they are, and they are in these lower vibrations, you protect yourself with this light and you can protect yourself with your light vehicle, your merkaba, your light body. You can protect yourself just as it is a force field. Surround yourself with it as you move into this particular session with whoever it is, or if you move into a room that you enter and you feel these negative vibrations protect yourself. You have the ability to do that. Each and every one of you that resonates to these words, that understands what we are saying, you have the protection already. Use it. And if you do not think you have it call on those that can be there with you. Call on your angels, the archangels, Sananda, Yeshua, Saint-Germain and on and on and on and they will be there to help you as well. But do it. Protect yourself. You cannot be harmed with these lower vibrations if you believe you cannot be harmed. Okay?

Q:  I’ll just call more. I do all that but maybe I’m just stepping up more that it’s time for me to be a much bigger light.

OWS:  Yes and also know that the light — you are the light — so the light within you, the Source within you is there always. Know that and the Source within you will protect you as well. You have so many ways of moving through these lower vibrations in this three-dimensional illusion that you, up to this time, you have not really understood. But you are coming to it, all of you are coming to it, coming to understand that you can be in the lower vibrations and protect yourself from it. But that does not mean that you should throw yourself into those lower vibrations if you do not need to. For instance, how many of you used to like to go to, as we are finding here within the James, ballgames or places where a large number of people meet and you are there, like concerts and things of this nature, those types of things, and you used to enjoy them and be in them but now you find yourself not wanting to be around all of those people and all of those vibrations. And those vibrations begin to bombard you. You know of what we speak here so? Yes. Yes. Let’s get an affirmation here: YES! We understand! [Enthusiastic response.] We are hearing all the yesses in the background. They are not coming on the phone but saying [meekly] yes, yes, that is us, we understand that. Does this answer your question?

Q:  In a channeling with Michael Ellegion I was told I sit on many councils during my sleep. Now Sananda says that he is going to ask us to be on the councils. Are these the same ones that we’re just acknowledging or are they going to be different?

OWS:  These are one and the same, these councils that are being spoken of. You have to understand that the Galactic Federation and those in Inner Earth, Hollow Earth and everything have councils. They have elders, they have councils. They do not have Congress and Representatives and President and all of these things. They have councils. These councils meet in many different systems and galaxies and solar systems and so on. And there are councils within councils within councils and at the higher levels, at your higher aspect you are in those councils. Many of you are in them. Many of you participate in them.

Michael Ellegion is one who is in one of these councils and he is gathering, you might say, those around him back to be a part of these councils, just as Sananda is. Sananda has spoken of this several times here and is moving closer and closer to when he will announce that these councils will be forming. They will form first at the higher vibrations in terms of your etheric and your astral forms and you will join these councils at that level. But then then they will come into your physical expression as you continue to move this up. So all of this is coming and yes you are part of these councils at the higher vibrations. Many of you who are experiencing these words, resonating to these words, are also in these councils or will be in these councils.

And we have said and we have heard your thoughts at these times in saying, ‘Not me! I can’t beat anybody. I can’t be in a position like that. I don’t want to be president or anything of this nature!’ And we say though that you have already been these things before. You are just moving back. You see, those of you that are here, those of you that are the light workers, light warriors and all of this, you have already been at those higher positions, you might say. Not positions in terms of hierarchy as you understand them here but higher positions in terms of responsibility. You have been there, done that, and you are going to be doing it again … I’ve got news for you. News comes around again and you are going to be part of these councils and you are going to be ambassadors and diplomats and all of these things that you may already be aspiring to but maybe it has not come yet to your conscious knowing awareness. But it is coming. Okay?

Q:  Can you give us an update on Montauk, Long Island after we had the Advance.

OWS:  Yes we are glad that you brought this up. We could not bring it up unless somebody else did. But yes, your experience over the Advance had a great deal of effect, you are correct in that area as you were told in that time. But it also continued to have more of an effect: as a result there are meditations that are being geared toward this same thing that you did. Not in the same way but in focusing in that particular area.


That one you know as Cobra has announced this recently that there is a push, a need to express toward that particular area because that is an area that is still of much darkness. But it is dissipating and it will dissipate more and more as more focus is put there in your meditation time. Okay?

Yes we are going to need to release channel now. And just know that as you continue on with this program — and it is a program that you are on — and you are all moving beautifully through this program. We are so proud of all of you each and every one of you. Sananda is proud of being the one that is spearheading all of this with you, with this particular group taking you under his wing you might say. (Does he have wings? Not quite so like Archangel Michael but we guess he can have them if he wants.) But anyway under his wing, under his arm you might say. All of us are very proud of you and looking forward to working more diligently with you as we continue to move along and as we come closer and closer to the proverbial finish line that is still there and it is coming and you are going to be crossing it.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.



Channeled by James McConnell



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“Believing is seeing!”


17.05.07 – “You Have Assumed The Mantle Once Again Of Being The Warriors, Being The Ones Who Would Take This To The Next Level For Without You There Would Not Be A Next Level” – Sananda and One Who Serves

hear | mp3 | pdf

Sananda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on May 7, 2017


I AM Sananda.

I Am here once again with you just as each time I come to share to be a part of this continuing expression of remembering and knowing who you are. Because it is so important as these times continue on that you come completely to that understanding of who you are, what you are here to do.

You are our arms and legs. You are our eyes, our voices. We cannot do it but through you because you are the channels, you are the vessels that we as the ones who continue to mentor to you and with you, you are the ones that we are working through. In all different ways, not only voice channeling such as this but automatic writing and whispering to you in many different ways we continue to help you to move ahead, move along in your training program that we began some time ago. And you yourselves took this upon yourselves.

You have assumed the mantle once again of being the warriors, being the ones who would take this to the next level for without you there would not be a next level. Without you this planet, Gaia, would not continue to exist.

Understand the ramifications of what I am saying now. Without you all of this, this ascension process, would not be.

You are the ones that are making this happen. As you are the ones that are making this happen it is up to you, each one, to begin to understand, begin to know, begin to remember. As the changes begin to develop you will begin to remember. You will begin to remember not only where you came from but what you are here to do.

You will remember all of those that you left behind or that left you behind. You will long once again for that reunion, that coming together again. I speak not only of your twin souls and that connection but to all of the soul families that you have, each one of you have. And you are all coming back to that, all coming back to that reunion. And yes, many of us are part of your soul family.

Many of us are waiting for that time, preparing for that time to be able to welcome you upon our ships, down within the Inner Earth, the Cities of Light, all of this. But do not lose the knowing of what you are here for now, in the moment, in the now. This is not about the future. This is not about what is coming. It is about what is now. It is about who you are, what you are, and where you are at this point in your continuing evolvement of consciousness.

And please understand that all of you as you are moving through this consciousness shift, as you are moving through this transition, you are simply moving back to where you have been previously. Yes it is called an advance. Yes you are advancing on. But for most of you, you are advancing on to where you once were before.

And as you come closer and closer to this advancement, you will come to feel and understand the energies, the vibrational frequency that you have understood and known previously. So it will not be foreign to you. It will be something as a knowing, it will be something of a comfort to you, even as you continue to move out of your current comfort zones. But understand that those current comfort zones that you are in now are part of the illusion that you are in now. You are moving out of that illusion, out of this 3D realm and into the higher vibrations of fourth and fifth dimension.

This is that time, this is that moment that you are approaching. Much is about to shift. You have heard this, we have been saying this, but at some point it will all come to pass.

I AM Sananda. I love you deeply … more than you can imagine. And I await your coming.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to continue to do what we do: to be of service, to share and move along with you. Because as you are moving through this process we are moving right along with you. It is not to say that we have all the aches and pains and all this stuff that you are going through. No, we do not have that. Thank God! [Laughter] But we are right along there with you.

We feel somewhat what you feel. We know things that you know … and we know many things that you don’t know. But we are here, we are doing it, so just think of us as friends.

Do not think of us as masters. We do not like that terminology. Yes we are Ascended Masters, oh well, that is what we are. But we do not think of ourselves in that respect. We think of ourselves as friends, as brothers, as sisters to you. And in that way that is how we want you to look at us. Okay?

You have questions here for One Who Serves? We hope you are all unmuted and can hear what we are saying. Is anyone out there in phone land?

Q & A

Q: I would like you to explain more about the new, additional, or different spirit guides we are supposed to be getting.

OWS: Yes, we think we can do that for you. You are going through a transition, all of you, not only this one who is asking this question. All of you are going through this transition and as you go through this transition you are going to be more and more letting go of the old familiars in your life, all of the comfort zones. The familiars which would be the old guides that have accompanied you for many of your lifetimes in this evolution here. And as those guides begin to leave you, you are going to feel a sense of emptiness at some point because they have been with you, they have been right along side of you for a long time here for most of you. And they will be replaced.

They are being replaced by those of us, those of us that are now mentoring to you more and more. So if you hear this crazy accent coming here to your thoughts, you know that they have been replaced; that we are here. Or it is Sananda or it is St. Germain or it is Archangel Michael or whoever it might be. We are all here working through this together.

And you will feel this sense of … possibly a sense of loss even. We can share here that when the James had this some years ago he was not ready for it. We told him about it. We told him about this transition. It was told by Sugat Gu Ra Ru at that time as we remember here. And he was told that there would be the loss of the familiars in his life and that there would be a sense of loss, be a sense of loneliness, and it was so powerful at that time because he was not ready for it yet. And we told him that but he wanted to go through with it anyway and it was overpowering, overwhelming.

But for you now, you have been acclimating to these energies so it is not going to be as strong and as powerful as this was then. That was 25 years or so ago. This is a different time. These are different energies. You have been working with these energies. So as you continue to move through this transition and you move out of the old paradigm, out of the old programming, and out of the old guides that have been with you because they are no longer sufficient to work with you. Now you need ones that are further along you might say, more able to assist you in bringing you up into the higher vibrations. And that is what we are here during with you. We are helping you to move up in this vibrations. You may not be aware of it but that’s what we’re doing. Okay?

Q: Yes. Yes thank you. I have noticed that I’ve been getting different messages lately and I thought wow that must be the new ones coming in.

OWS: There you go! Yes. We love it when we are right! [Laughter] Just joking! (We are always right.) No, we are totally joking now! We are NOT always right … (just most of the time.)

Q: I would just want to say how much of the teachings and the communication that I received here as well as, certainly, the friendships has totally altered the way I think about myself. I’m just fully realizing today, I think, that the way I related to myself was entirely different. And yet I’ve been told over these last few months to go within, to get rid of what is not of the highest and best, and get to know yourself. And I thought, ‘oh that should be easy’. But it’s a complete turning inside-out, it seems. And so today I was even told stop thinking of yourself as a ‘little’ person. You are a giant. And I saw this huge purple image and it was pretty overwhelming. So we are going through radical changes. Just radical.

OWS: Yes very much so you are. You are moving from the idea of the external world outside of yourself to the idea that the external world is also within yourself. And you are part of the external world as well. It is all part of the one. And as you come more and more to understand all of this you will be moving out of this illusion that has been created here and moving into, what you will find, is even more of a reality than you are in now. Because, how real will it be for you as you think of something or wish for something and it is there immediately. How much more real can that become? You see? So yes, you are definitely moving along here. Very much so. This was what was attempted to show you with this meditation and this part where you could see as we see, as all of the Galactics see as they look down upon the planet and see all of the lights coming on. You can see that more and more and more lights were flickering on, did you not?

Q: The group was talking about two individual blog posters: Cobra and One Who Knows. Can you add anything to fortify our discernment? Is Cobra still working with the Pleiadians and the light or has he been compromised in any way?

OWS: You are speaking specifically about the one who is called Cobra he is very much with the light; very much with the light sources that are working thru him and with him. Much is coming to the world, to the planet, that are ready for this, that is coming through him here. He is an emissary you might say, just as there are many emissaries that are coming through. There are many groups across the planet that are also emissaries where they bring those of us and our understandings and our knowings come through them just as we are doing through the James here to all of you. This is, in a way, he is an emissary.

In a way you are all emissaries for the higher forces for the light because as you hear many of these things that come and you come to understandings and you come to knowings then you begin to share those understandings and those knowings with others so you are also emissaries. This is your mission. This is what you came here to do. And in the not too distant future, we are going to add here, that Sananda will be coming and speaking more directly to all of you about your mission, about the Twelve Tables, and how you may become a part of this. It will become more direct as the energies continue to rise and the moment approaches for the Event here. Okay?

As to the other one who you mentioned, One Who Knows, we cannot say much on this. We can say there is no connection with us, though. We gave this to the James to say here because we do not want confusion in this respect. We know that that can happen and you can begin to think that we are all one and the same — and in some ways, yes we are all one — but we are not that individual just is that individual is not a part of us. That individual though has some understandings as we are looking into this now. As some source coming and some relevant information that can come at certain times and has some credibility in this sense. Not to say that it is all, though, because always look at the source as this one is getting, or any of the others are getting, and the source that is feeding them information may not have the right information themselves, or they may have information that changes in the next moment. Because as you all know it is all about probabilities and possibilities; not definites, not written in stone. None of this is ever written in stone. Okay?

Q: I was journeying to a time in which I was a mermaid. I came together with my family of mermaids and I found that my mother had been my mermaid mother come to assist me in this life. And in that moment a lot of the upset that I had went away because I saw the generosity to come and play this role here. So I’m curious is this true? Have we had lives in different forms of beings like mermaids?

OWS: Most definitely. You have had many different lifetimes not only here in this planet in this evolution but in many systems, many star systems. You have been around for a very long time.

Not only you are asking this but all of you. You have been many different types of beings; not always human as you are understanding it here now, and you have also been both male and female. And we always have chuckle here when we hear you talk about your twin flames as the opposite sex of what you are now and we laugh here because it is not always that case. The ones that you are calling a he may be a she and you who are a she now, may be a he. You see? And it really comes now at some point though to not make any difference because you are all both. You are all both male and female. You are all both one. And the energies though are somewhat divided you might say in the male and in the female but not as you understand them here, not in terms of your gender identity here on this planet. So you are in for some shocking understandings here as you move along here. When you come to see your twin soul and maybe it is a she. Maybe your higher self even is not what you’re expecting but we will save this for later. We are not going to ruin surprise for you. That is not what we do. Something to think about. Something to contemplate on.

Q: Is that why there is so much going on now with gender? There is gender neutrality, transgender and all this stuff about us not being pure male or pure female. Is that because we are integrating?

OWS: That is correct. Very much so.

Q: You could even tell some of the young men really look like young women and vice versa. And you get into the older ages and all old people look the same. I’m never sure whether it’s male or female but the gender question is completely gone.

OWS: Yes. That is part of the 3D illusion that you are in. When you come into the higher vibrations, when you find yourselves on ships and everything, yes there will still be the gender identity somewhat but it will be much more connected here, much more brought together. You will find this.

Q: I came in as a female this time because I loved to play dress-up. [Laughter]

Q: Do you have any new updated information in regards to the new Republic and how that is transpiring?

OWS: At this point is largely up in the air. It has already been established as you are saying the new republic, but as it has also been giving many times by St. Germain it is not the new Republic, it is the old Republic. And it is in the process, it is formed, it is together, it just needs to have the right preparation here to bring all of this out.

And as to when it can be or the sequence of how this will all come about, this cannot yet at this time be given because it is not yet known exactly how this will come about. Whether there will be mini events as we have said before proceeding the main Event you might say or whether it will be the main Event succeeded by mini events after that. That is all yet not determined. Because, again it is all based on probabilities and when someone says something is going to happen at a certain time, they are predicting based on the probability of what is occurring right then in that moment as far as the collective consciousness of man. But as you all know the collective consciousness of man shifts every moment even every second.

So how can anyone predict exactly when something is going to occur? It is not possible. And anyone that tells you the global currency reset is going to be this Friday or there’s going to be a reevaluation of the currency and is going to be on Wednesday, that is not correct. They are seeing it from their understanding, from their sources that are sending them information and when they receive information from those sources those sources are getting it based on the probability of what can occur right then. But then as human nature comes into this, as the collective consciousness shifts everything begins to shift along with it.

You see you are finding that it is difficult or it has been a long time you might say for all of this process to occur. But think about it in this way: because the process is taking longer than what you may have wanted it to be, you are having a chance to acclimate more and more to these energies so that it is a more smooth transition for you. So if you look at it from a positive point of view you are being prepared and ready and acclimated to these energies so it is not such a rocky ride for you. Okay?

Q: Any information on the election taking place in France?

OWS: Again same thing here. It depends on everything that occurs between now and the actual election process, just as what occurred in your election here within this country. And did we not say we and Ashira said many times prior to that election: it was not it was going to an election like anything you have had previously. And certainly that was the case. But we did say, and we knew this going into that, that the one Hillary Clinton would never win the presidency. We said that right from the beginning. That one was written in stone here.

Q: Well the French election has been completed. We just don’t know who won it.

OWS: Yes. Wait and see.

Q: What do we mean by The Event or the series of events?

OWS: The Event is when the Galactic Pulse of energy is released from the Galactic Central Sun and reaches the Earth and spreads a consciousness wave, a shift of consciousness across the entire planet all at one time. And from this there will be many other shifts and changes that will come as a result of this. As to the exact sequence we cannot say yet at this time and as to the timing of this no one knows but the Prime Creator as to when exactly this will be. This is even in your Bible that that was spoken of here.

Q: When we have this shift and our DNA is taken back to our original DNA, does that mean that we’re taken back to like 900,000 years ago or are we already the accumulation of all of our DNAs from all our past lifetimes so will we change to be something other than what we are now?

OWS: You will be shifting, you will be changing to a DNA connection or context that you once had here before your DNA was disconnected, as some of you may understand what occurred here. And you are coming back to and from strands of DNA and then even more than this as you move along. This is part of the ascension process and through the full ascension. When you have fully ascended you will be completely back to your former 12 strands of DNA in this respect.

Q: So will we be physically changing from the way we are now?

OWS: Yes you will be changing in your physical form. Your physical form will become lighter, your physical form will become much less dense and will be higher in frequency, higher in vibration coming back closer to what you were in Lemuria when you were there.

Q: It is my understanding right now and my feeling and intuition from what I’ve been hearing and what I’ve been listening to that there are many many beings being born into the world right now that are already reconnected and already have the 12 strands and maybe even more. Is that true?

OWS: Not so much the 12 strands because if they had the 12 strands you would see them as superheroes and all of this type of thing as your Marvel Comics and all of this are saying. So you are not there or they will not be quite there but they will have a semblance of psychic gifts that will be a part of their expression and they will be able to do some things that the average person — although we do not like to use that terminology — but the average person will not be able to accomplish right away. But these are the ones that are going to be leading the charge might say. That is not to say that those of you, all of you that are working in this respect and are coming back to understand and know who you are, all and you will also be gaining these abilities as well. So as your DNA is reconnected back again you will have the ability of telepathy, of telekinesis, of many different things. Some even being able to do things as flying and things as this. It is all part of the training and all part of when your mentors are introduced to you then they will be able to assist you in getting ready for this. Part of what your mentors are going to help you to do is move through the fourth dimensional frequencies and into the fifth dimension so that you do not get stuck in the fourth dimension.

Q: Will we know our mentors?

OWS: When they are introduced to you yes, you will know them.

Any further questions here? Then we are ready to release channel. All we can say here is – what is your saying? – keep on keeping on, people. Keep it going. Everything that you are doing just keep doing it and know that as you are moving forward in your consciousness shift, as you are moving forward everyone else is also moving forward because it is all part of the same expression. It is the same as the butterfly wings. As the butterfly flaps its wings everything changes in the planet.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated
“Believing is seeing!”

17.04.30 – “We Have Been Preparing A Place For You To Join Us And We To Come Up And Join You” – Adama and OWS

hear | mp3  | pdf

“We Have Been Preparing A Place For You To Join Us And We To Come Up And Join You” – Adama and OWS

Adama and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on April 30, 2017


I AM Adama. I AM known as the High Priest of Telos although I have many other names. I am here now to continue this mission that we are all on, to continue the training, to continue this program that because of you, because of you this group, all of you that encompass this group, because of you we are able to move ahead, move ahead with this program, to be on the schedule that we are on at this time.

As you have heard things are being stepped up. We as the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, those of us in Agartha, we are the ones that are working with you to help this process and to step everything up here for all of you and for all of those that you work with. Because this is a time and a moment that you have longed, for we have all longed for.

I come to you as a warrior; a warrior of light just as you have come here a long time ago as warriors of light and love. You have called yourselves workers, light workers for a while. But you have never been light workers you have always been the warriors. You came here to be this and you are assuming this mantle once again because as a warrior you take action: you move, you create, you establish, you change many things.

As you have been called the system busters this is what you are. You are the ones that are raising the frequency – you being the collective you – not certainly just this group but this group is very important in raising the frequency across the planet. Every time you do one of these meditations you are affecting things. You are affecting the frequency of the planet. You are raising the vibrations of the planet and all of the people here on the planet. It is because of you, my dear brothers and sisters, that we are able to bring this mission as far as it has come to this point, to bring this plan or put this plan into motion and continue to have it adapt and change as it needs to, because of you.

The vibrations the frequencies are increasing every day, even moment-to-moment. And you begin more and more to feel these frequencies, these vibrations change, the energies moving through you. You begin to feel more and more as these energies rise and as these energies rise you will notice more and more that the various maladies that you have, the illnesses, the pains, the aches, all of this will begin to dissipate. Because as you have heard many times you cannot be in the higher vibrations of love and light and oneness and be sick and be ill and have aches and pains. It is not possible.

So that is why we are stepping this up and asking you, each one of you, to begin to raise your vibrations moment to moment.

Be aware. Awareness leads to a rising of vibrations. But be aware. If you are feeling a bit down raise your vibrations. Think of something beautiful. Think of the wonderment of this planet, think of the animals that you love, anything that will raise your vibration in that moment, because in that moment everything begins to shift. You begin to shift. You shift into those higher vibrations and as you shift into those higher vibrations and higher frequencies, you are moving closer and closer to your own Ascension.

You have heard many times you are near the finish line and you are. We within the Inner Earth, those of us that have been waiting, watching, mentoring to you for some time we have been preparing for this for these changes that are coming. We have been preparing a place for you to join us and we to come up and join you. Doors will be opening to our world just as we are opening to your world.

I AM Adama. I love all of you. All of you are moving into those higher frequencies now. Continue to do so because as you do you are bringing about great change to the world.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here to assist you and to continue to move this along because it is time people. We are ready to move this along. We are ready to assist you in moving this and to have you help others to move this along.

It is time now. It is time to get off of your rumps, you might say, off of the chairs, the couches and begin to take this seriously begin to move ahead. And wherever you can, wherever you have the availability, reach out to your neighbor, reach out to those who are looking right now, those who are searching, those who are beginning to ask the questions that you asked so long ago when you asked, ‘why am I here? What is this all about? What are we doing?’ When you asked those questions now they are beginning to ask those questions. And as they ask those questions they will begin to get answers just as you did. It may come from within them. It may come from outside of them as someone leading them to a book or to a movie or a story of some type or whatever it might be. This is the way it spreads and you are the ones that are spreading this. So it is necessary for you to, like we say here, take this seriously, move this along, be ready to jump when we say jump. (Not when we say jump really it’s when you say jump because you are controlling this.) We are not controlling this you are.

As you continue to surrender yourself to the Source within you, to God, to your Higher Self, to Yahweh, to whenever you want to call it, as you continue to release everything that has held you back, release, surrender to source, as you continue to do this then everything will open up for you more and more … because in surrender is life.

Think on that. Contemplate on that. In surrender is life.

Do you have questions now for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q: Shanti One Who Serves. I have a question about Mahdi. A week ago Lord Yeshua spoke about the marching orders and about how His second coming is not about he himself coming physically but rather bringing the Christ Consciousness. But there are prophecies in the Islamic literature that talk about Mahdi and his appearance or coming will coincide with the second coming of Lord Yeshua. They talk about the Mahdi assist into battle the dajjal or what the Christians call the antichrist. I just wanted to understand you had told us that all the scriptures had some type of a rapture so I just want to have a clarification on this particular prophecy. Thank you very much

OWS: First of all what you are speaking of when you say the second coming, it is not the second coming of most of the Christian world and others have come to understand that there is a birth or a being Yeshua or Mohammed or wherever it might be coming back. It is not that type of sense. That is the old way of looking at this. It is the second coming is all about consciousness. It is about consciousness moving ahead, consciousness moving through this ascension process and bringing this ascension process to a complete fulfillment. So in the second coming you are the second coming. Each and every one of you is the second coming. Each and every one of you is moving toward taking on the Christ Consciousness just as Yeshua did, just as Buddha did, just as Krishna did, etcetera. All of this is the same thing and it is all about you. This is why we say over and over to all of you, it is you that is doing this. It is you that is the second coming, you that is taking on the Christ Consciousness. You all have it within you now it is time to express it as the Christ. Okay?

Q: Thank you so how can we explain to Muslims around the world how do we explain this concept of the Mahdi? Is it just folklore idea or tradition? Please advise.

OWS: As you are needing to explain or share your understandings of things to those who are asking you will come to the understanding and the knowing of how to say it at that time. This is something you must trust. You must trust that you will have the answers, you will know what to say at the appropriate time. This is part of the ascension process. This is part of all that you are going through,; part of all that you are trained to be doing here, so that when more and more people are in the awakening process just as you have been before, when they are in the awakening process now they will be asking the questions and this will be an opening, an avenue for you to express to them those things that you are aware of, that you know of. And this is what is coming here. Okay?

Q: At the advance it was spoken of that there was a natural overseer who has been with us for some time — guides were gone. I just wanted some clarification on this master overseer. I’d like to have a little bit of personal connection in meditation and things like that. Is that your Higher Self or a separate being that watched over you this whole time?

OWS: You each have this master overseer as we use that terminology. But do not become concerned about him or what it is. Certainly your Higher Self, certainly the Source within you is this master overseer. But there is also a master overseer, you might say, of the entire group. And as many of you are becoming aware, that is Sananda at this time. He has taken on the mantle of working mostly closely with this group. You would think it was us, the One Who Serves but now it is Sananda. We are just the messengers here for him. So do not become too concerned with what was said here just that your guides — many of you who have had guides for lifetime after lifetime — those guides are leaving. They will not be with you much longer and many have already left. And this will create a sense of imbalance within you as well as a comfort zone that is leaving you. The familiars in your life are leaving you. This is going to happen more and more. This is part of the rocky ride we are speaking of here when we say fasten your seatbelts because the ride may get bumpy. This is part of it. Because as you move through this transition you are going to be moving more and more out of those comforts zones you have come to understand because the old programming which created these comfort zones is going to be leaving. Okay?

Q: Can I have some clarification on that? Is it about applying the ability to listen to the higher guidance as being able to be quiet and listen?

OWS: Very much so. The more you can do this, the more you will continue to move along in this process through this transition and it will bring you to the point where you are coming closer and closer and closer to that finish line. [Interruption] Did not understand what was just said there. Was there something said on the phone here? [No response] Very good. Are there other questions here?

Q: I have been teaching about the light chambers with some on ships and some in Inner Earth. Now I just heard that that could be changed. And by the way, Sue used to take us to the light chambers through meditation. Do we still have light chambers or has that changed?

OWS: There are certainly light chambers for some but not for all because all will not be necessary or needed. It is on a need basis as it will come about, because as you continue to surrender all of the old programming, surrender to Source within you, as you continue to do that you are then moving up vibrations. As you continue to move up in vibration the need for a separate technological device becomes less and less. But for those who have the need or will wish to enter one of these chambers it will certainly be available to all. It will not be refused for anyone and there will not be long lines to get into them or anything of this nature. They will be there for everyone. They will be in the Cities of Light, they will be on the ships, and they will be in the Inner and Hollow Earth.

Q: The way I understand is that we will take our physical bodies through ascension and they must go back to a younger age. So you’re saying that when we raise our vibrations, our bodies will become younger? And I understand the word resurrection means the same as ascension. That means our bodies are already starting to resurrect to quite a few years back and we ourselves are changing from carbon to crystalline. I’m asking because you know I’m up there in age and I want to get back to 25 or 26.

OWS: We understand and certainly when those moments come, when the event happens, when the energy pulse comes this will begin to shift everything at that time. And those of your bodies will begin to shift as well from that because this will raise the vibrations across the entire planet, raise the frequencies. And if you think you have been feeling energy shifts now just wait. It is going to become so much more.

This is what Sananda has been saying to you about acclimating to the energies. Those of you who are in this training program you have been acclimating to these energies more and more and this will continue until the point where the galactic pulse comes and everything will begin to shift more and more at that point. You will be in the higher vibrations more often and as you are you will continue to find your bodies becoming lighter and becoming more able to work with them more and more than you can now because of the denseness that is there. That will leave and everything will begin to move further and further along until the point where you are introduced to the Galactics and those of Inner Earth and all of this and this is when these chambers will open up to. They are open up to you now but of course in your astral or etheric bodies only.

Q: Will our mentors help prepare us for it? Is that one of the things our mentors will be teaching us?

OWS: That is correct.

Q: This is the first time that I’ve participated in a sessions though I have been reading the e-mails for over a year. I know I’m one of the 144,000 and a system buster but do we newbies who are coming on the call now get to go through an initiation also or were we already included in that?

OWS: That is a very wonderful question. Those of you that were a part of that initiation that occurred here in this advance that we conducted those of you that were there were a part of that initiation. Those who are coming after will be a part of the next one and the next one after that. We are going to continue this because this is part of the program. This is part of what you are here to do and to continue with this training that you are in right now. So those of you that are new do not worry, you can catch up as you tend to use this terminology and you will not lose anything because it is time for you just as it is time for others. And yes you are part of the 144,000 so you are in the right place at the right time in the right moment and everything is happening just as it needs to. So do not be concerned about this. Okay?

Q: I just am curious as to the, I know there is a hydration of funds like in the realm of the physical monetary system that’s coming at us shortly, (I don’t know exactly when. I’d love some more on that,) but also I’m curious to know what amount of time will we have between the time that the funding comes in and then the first wave of ascension happens like approximately how much time will we have to work with that and start to you know shift the money world out here?

OWS: It is very difficult to answer in terms of a time frame because your time and the Creator’s time are two different things so it is difficult to come to a time frame for you. We could say ‘soon,’ we can say ‘imminent’ but what does that mean to you anymore. You see? So just understand when the galactic pulse comes, when the Event happens everything will at that point be put into motion more and more so you will be moving toward the ascension more and more at that point. Exactly when the first wave of ascension will happen that is unsure yet at this time. That will depend on the consciousness at the time as it continues to move on as to whether or not you will be in that first part of the ascension, the second wave of ascension or whatever it is. We are training you to be in the first wave. This is what is expected here. This is what we are working toward.

So do not be concerned about the money aspect, the financial aspect, as that will all take care of itself. It is all about coming to balance. It is not about becoming a millionaire overnight and going out and buying new cars and new homes and all of these types of things because that is only temporary anyway, because as you move further and further into this you will be introduced to new technology including the replicators and it will make money something that will not even be needed anymore. So all of this is part of the process. So we would say at this point let that go. Okay?

Work on your inner work here. Work on surrendering to the Source within you. This is the work now. This is the work of the warrior to surrender to the God force, the God Source within just as Yeshua did when he said “I and my Father are one.” Okay?

Q: I was not speaking of that money for my purpose although that’s nice and all that I was speaking of that I think that when people are free from like that money gets out in the world and a lot of the people are free from their worry and concern that they have food and they have what they need because we’re getting the money out there, then there’ll be more of an opening for the ascension. So I’m just wondering about that like how much time there’ll be between that for that is what I was trying to get at. I know you don’t know exactly but there will be time?

OWS: Cannot say time frame here but we can say it is all about balance. So as this money is released to the world and the projects can begin that are set up to assist the world in terms of food and water and shelter and all of the survival things that are needed, once survival is taken care of then one can turn to go within just as you have been able to. So this is the process that you’re going through to bring about balance more and more here.

Q: When you are dreaming dreams that (let’s say using me for example) relate back to when I was younger, (as you know my history,) and did things over and over that weren’t maybe what you would deem quite right, when you dream that now and it kind of disturbs you is that part of the way of letting it go or getting rid of one of the dragons?

OWS: That is correct.

Q: I’d like to clarify something as I understand about consciousness and working on ourselves. Number one, there are enough resources in the world to feed everybody. It is not about that. It’s about man’s consciousness holding those resources back from people. It’s not about the money being released, it’s not about any of that. The issue is consciousness holding back those things and being power usurpers. Control. There are many humans that seek to control resources and that’s why it hasn’t been released. So if we work on ourselves and our inner selves and become a vessel of service we become the example for others to release their own anxiety about resources.

OWS: That is correct. Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Q: And that’s why it’s so important to work on our inner selves. Another thing I wanted to mention I was drawing on my own understanding of light. We have a light source in our hot tub where all these colors change all the time under the water and I find that a great comfort so I believe that each person can create their own light chamber and put lights around them that they are drawn to like either fuchsia or blue or green.

OWS: That is correct. Colors and hues of the colors and the intensities of the colors is very important and something that the world is going to move more and more to: the use of color, the use of sound, all of this is going to become part of the new technologies that are coming as well as bringing back the crystals and the use of crystalline energy. This is all coming as well. [But we can all do it right now.] You can within yourself, certainly. Believe it and you will see it.

Q: I was wondering what can we expect through and into August when the total solar eclipse happens and also maybe if you can you give us any insight and an update on the Guardians. (I assume they’re still here.)

OWS: The Guardians yes are certainly here. They have not gone away. They have come to assist in this entire process and as you may have heard before they only come when there are great changes at hand, and this is what is being prepared and ready for. There are massive changes that are coming to this planet, to the people on the planet and the Guardians are here to assist in this process, to see it through just as the many who have been working with the collective here such as Sanat Kumara and Sananda and all of the ones who are here, Archangel Michael certainly, that are here to assist and be of service through this entire process. So the Guardians are here, yes, and they are not going away until they are no longer needed here.

Your August in terms of what you are speaking of here this is another indication of things as they continue to evolve and move along. Planetary changes, constellations, those things which are the eclipses, the solar eclipses, the lunar eclipses, all of these things change the energy, bring new energies here. This is all part of this great process that is in play here. Nothing to be concerned about but it is all part of the plan.

Cannot say directly if something specific will happen in August or in June or in May or anything of this nature. That was done back in your 2012 leading up to the ascension at that time but as you know things were postponed for many different reasons and we are not in the process of giving dates or times anymore here. We can only say that as the collective is changing everything continues to evolve and shift according to the collective consciousness.

Q: To what extent as we’re growing and getting our own sort of wings if you will, to what extent can we be around people that are in their let’s say it this way pain bodies especially those that are close to us, and to what extent do we need to carve a space for ourself where we can sort of guard our own journey if you will or our own sacred space?

OWS: As much as you can you want to surround yourself with those of like mind, like body, like consciousness, as much as you can. But of course there are times you cannot with family with friends and different things of this nature. So when you are say walking into a room and it feels negative to you and it is not something you want to be around, get out. It is that simple. Do not stay there. Do not let others bring your vibration down unless you want to, that is up to you. If you decide you want to stay in that you can do that but know that your vibrations are going to be influenced not necessarily brought down but influenced. And the more you let your vibrations be influenced, the more difficult it will be for you to let go as we have been saying here for some time. So it is very important such as when you come together once a week in this way, it is very important to be around people of like vibrations as you. Even some that are even higher vibrations than you. It is very important. And when you come together in such as an advance where there’s a weekend like this and what just occurred and your vibrations increase even more and you find that they are staying there more, higher for longer periods of time. This is what you are working toward to the point where you can raise your vibration and keep them raised and once you have done that you have ascended.

Q: Understanding that we’re multidimensional, we have parallel lives and so forth, when we cross timelines and we’ve raised our vibrations, I’m curious as to what happens. Does that former life in the former timeline continue or is that what we here on Earth/third dimension call death? Can you expand on that please? In other words, when we cross timelines and we’re living in the new timeline and the higher vibration, what happens to that person in the previous timeline? Does it continue to go on in that timeline or when we cross a timeline does that old person in that old/former timeline dissipate?

OWS: Are you talking about the particular self as you cross timelines and that portion of yourself that was left in the earlier timelines, does that continue on. Is that what you were saying?

Q: Sorta, kinda like, yes.

OWS: Well then sorta, kinda like, we will answer that. As you move across timelines, as you shift … we will talk in terms of not timelines but shifting into higher vibrations, because as you shift into higher vibrations you are then changing your timeline. So this is important.

As you shift and change into the new timeline for yourself, those that are of like vibration are shifting with you as well. So all is shifting together. This is as a collective you are shifting this timeline. Now there are those certainly that are not and will not and it is because of their choice though. What you call the cabal, what you call those who will just not be ready to ascend, will not be ready to go through these processes that you are doing and they will of course be accommodated in other ways. So they will shift into and already are beginning to shift into another timeline here as well. So as Archangel Michael said not too long ago here he said the timelines are splitting apart and this is going to continue on until they completely split. And once they are completely split those who are on the old timeline or the ones that you are not on, they are going to in a sense disappear from your view and your life completely.

We need to release channel here now. No more questions. We are needing to let go here and release James here. We only wish to say that we are continuing to look forward to everything that you are doing as a collective, as a group, and as individuals. That you are working through your own transition, your own personal and inner transition. This is what is occurring now and we are here to assist you just as you are here to assist us. We are all working in this together we are all in this together. And we are all getting ready for this amazing ride that is coming up and that you have already in many cases climbed aboard for. So get ready and fasten those seat belts because things are going to get rough and what(?) … rocky … Rocky road ahead.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.
“Believing is seeing!”

The Inside Story on James B. Comey

| 18 May 2017 | Lisa Frank via State of the Nation

Posted on 5/19/2017, 11:28:56 AM by

Subtitle: Former FBI Director the Ultimate Inside Man

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé was originally posted as an excellent comment on Facebook

Subject: Dropping the Hammer on Comey… Brilliant!

There are very few crime/mystery novels that approach this true story for compelling drama, intrigue Alexander Mcqueen Pas Cher and brinkmanship (with the nation in the balance).

Don’t believe the fake-media story that Trump made a mistake or huge gaffe by firing Comey. Don’t believe the media narrative from the left that it was an attempt to silence Comey from some investigation into Trump. Don’t believe the RINO narrative that Comey is a good guy just trying to do his job in terrible circumstances and the timing was bad. Don’t believe the lie that Comey was admired and respected by career FBI investigators and agents. Don’t believe the lie that Trump’s “tweets” are not professional and have no strategic purpose. His tweets are weaponized and deadly.

James Comey is a poisonous snake of the highest order… a deep-water Swamp Denizen who has been highly paid to deliberately provide cover for high-level corruption by the Clintons and Obama. He is has been central to trying to destroy the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration from the start. He is as dirty as they come in DC. He had highest-level cover (the FBI no less) and was deep into an effort to eliminate Trump. Trump had to move hard, fast, and at exactly the right time to cut the head off the snake without getting bitten by the snake or being finished by the other swamp denizens.

Begin by noticing how the President fired Comey when Comey was 3,000 miles away from his office, that Comey had no inkling he was being cut, that all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Sessions and the justice department. This was not a violation of protocol, it was tactical. Notice how Prez Trump compartmentalized the strike and did not inform any of his White House “staff” to prevent leaks. Notice how he emasculated Comey and the swamp denizens by letting them know in a tweet that the Attorney General got information (surveillance “tapes” from the seizure of Comey’s office) to let Comey and his handlers know that Trump’s DOJ has the goods on them. This was a brilliant, strategic and totally imperative move at exactly the right time against horrible, evil and corrupt powers infesting our government.

The swamp is on notice that the President is on to them, they are sweating bullets because their criminal games of corruption are being pursued and they know it. They are screaming and ranting because they are desperate denizens of the swamp who are beginning to realize they are roadkill.

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE COMEY SCAM. Taken from credible public sources (readily available if you want to look or want me to sent them to you), with a few reasonable “fill in the blank” conclusions of my own.

The Highlights:

Comey was a minor assistant US attorney in the late 90’s. He only gained power and money by being the DOJ official who “investigated” and cleared Bill Clinton of any wrong-doing in Clinton’s totally corrupt pardon (for huge payoffs) of criminal financier Marc Rich as Clinton was leaving the Presidency. This is how Comey began his career as a creature of the “swamp” years ago, as a servant of the Clintons.

Comey provided “cover” for the Clintons in their gaining incredible power and wealth after leaving office through pardoning a ropa interior calvin klein billion aire money-launderer, arms dealer and criminal. Comey was a key piece in how the Clintons upped their corruption game and gained incredible wealth through their foundation after leaving the White House. A huge part of the scheme was giving Marc Rich a free pass when he should have spent life in prison, and that is what Comey covered-up for the Clintons. This set up Comey to be part of the corruption machine, making him powerful and wealthy.

Immediately after doing the Clinton’s dirty work as a DOJ official, Comey resigned from the DOJ and took a position as the head attorney (Counsel) of the Lockheed Martin company, a huge military contractor. While he was in that position Lockheed became a major contributor (millions) to the Clinton Foundation and its fake charity spin-offs. In return for these payment to Clinton Inc., Lockheed received huge contracts with Hillary’s state department. Comey was the chief legal officer of Lockheed throughout this period of contributions to Clinton Inc. in return for State Dept. contracts.

In late 2012, after overseeing Lockheed’s successful relationship with the Hillary State Department and the resulting profits, Comey stepped down from Lockheed and received a $6 million dollar payout for his services.

In 2013, the largest bank of England, HSBC Holdings, was deep into a scandal. Investigations by federal authorities and law-enforcement had revealed that for years HSBC had been laundering billions of dollars for Mexican Drug Cartels, channeling money for Saudi banks who were financing terror, moving money for Iran in violation of the sanctions, and other major criminal activity. HSBC’s criminality was pervasive and deliberate by the Bank and its officials. HSBC was a huge Clinton Foundation contributor (many millions) throughout the “investigation” and Bill Clinton was being paid large personal fees for speaking at HSBC events (while Hillary was Sec of State). Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department did what they were paid to do, and let HSBC off of the hook for a paltry 1.2 Billion dollar fine (paid by its stockholders), and not one Director, officer or management member at HSBC was fired or charged with any criminal. Exactly when everyone involved with HSBC Bank (including the Clintons and all of their “donors”) were being let off without penalty, and cover had to be provided to HSBC, Comey was appointed as a Director and Member of the Board of HSBC (in the middle of the fallout from the scandal). He was part of the effort to cover up the scandal and make HSBC “respectable” again.

After about a year as HSBC director, despite his lack of any law enforcement experience, no DOJ leadership experience, and no qualifications for the job, Comey was appointed FBI director by Obama. The only qualification Comey had was that the Clinton’s and their cronies knew Comey was in bed with them, was compromised and was willing to do their dirty work. Comey was appointed to the FBI right when Hillary was leaving the State Department, and was vulnerable to the FBI because she had been using a private-server, mis-handling classified information, selling access to favors/contracts from the State Department to Clinton Foundation Donors (including Comey’s Lockheed Martin), and much more. Remember that this was about the time the Inspector General of the State Department found over 2 billion “missing” from the State Department finances during Hillary’s tenure.

The obvious conclusion is that Comey was appointed to the FBI (along with other reliable Clinton-Obama cronies) to run interference for the Clinton’s and Obama’s at the nation’s federal law enforcement agency(in conjunction with a corrupt Department of Justice). Comey was and is owned by the Clintons. He owed all of his power and wealth to being part of their machine and providing them with cover.

In late 2015 and early 2016, information began to come out about the Clinton Foundation and its use by the Clinton’s as a multi-billion dollar slush fund for corruption and political favors. (even Chelsea’s wedding had been paid for by the “charity) This was right as Hillary was beginning her campaign for President. It was revealed that the Foundation had never completed required reports or had an audit. Supposedly the FBI, under Comey, began an “investigation” of the Clinton Funds. A “professional” accounting firm was brought in by the Clintons to do a review, file some reports, make recommendations to the Clinton Foundation Board, and provide a veneer of legitimacy to the Clinton Fund operations. Predictably, one of the partners in the firm that was chosen (and paid lots of money) is the brother of James Comey (FBI Director). This brother owes James Comey $700,000 for a loan James gave him to buy a house, and presumably some of the money from the Clinton Fund was used to make payments to James on the loan. Over 2 years later and nothing has happened as a result of the FBI “investigating” the Clinton Funds under Comey.

No one in congress or federal law enforcement was intending to actually pursue the Clintons, but Judicial Watch and other independent sources obtained information proving that Hillary had been running her own server, sending out classified information, etc. This information began to come out right in the middle of her campaign to be coronated as President. A “show” investigation had to be performed to appear to look into it and clear her. Who to use?…the reliable shill James Comey.

As head of the FBI, Comey (and his lackeys in key positions) deliberately screwed up the investigation into Hillary’s use of a private server and her plain violation of national security law on classified information. The investigation was deliberately mis-handled in every aspect. Comey gave immunity to all of Hillary’s lackeys, did not use subpoenas or warrants, lost evidence, allowed the destruction of evidence, failed to do any searches or seizures of evidence, did not use a grand-jury, did not swear witnesses, did not record testimony, allowed attorneys to represent multiple suspects (corrupting the testimony). Everything that could be done to ruin the FBI investigation and to cover for Hillary was done. A “slam-dunk” case became a mess. Immunity was given every witness even though they provided no help. Maybe more importantly, by focusing the FBI on the email scandal, attention was drawn away from the much bigger scandal of the Clinton Foundation that could bring down a huge number of corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and even governments.

Originally, Comey’s job was simply to totally botch the Hillary investigation and ruin the case against her and her minions within the FBI regarding he emails. At the same time Comey also started work on a parallel assignment to illegally “wiretap” and surveil Donald Trump and every other person involved in the Republican campaign. He was tasked with digging up any dirt or fact that could be used to hurt the Trump campaign later. This included using a fake “dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign to obtain authorization for the surveillance and to try to associate Trump’s campaign with the Russians. Under Comey’s direction the Trump/republican campaign was monitored and surveilled and all information was provided to the Obama Whitehouse and the Clinton camp all during the campaign.

Lorretta Lynch was supposed to complete the coverup for Hillary as Attorney General by issuing a finding that the deliberately botched FBI “investigation” did not justify prosecution of Hillary. But someone screwed up and Bill Clinton was video’d meeting with Loretta Lynch in Arizona shortly before she was supposed to make her decision on Hillary (interference with a federal investigation), and Lynch could no longer credibly squash the Hillary scandal. The solution, give the job to James. The Clinton’s owned him and he would have to do whatever is necessary to provide cover.

Comey goes on national TV and violates every rule of the FBI, the Justice Department and American law enforcement by revealing some of the FBI’s “evidence” of what Hillary did (enough to make it look like the FBI and Comey did some investigation), then declaring that there was no “intent” and clearing Hillary. He did what he was ordered to do. The Justice Department and Obama backed Comey’s coverup and it looked like Hillary had survived the scandal.

Then, right before the election, the NYPD obtained pervert Anthony Wiener’s laptop and found classified emails from Hillary on the laptop. The NYPD began leaking details to new-media outlets, and the story was about to explode. Comey once again stepped in to cover Hillary. He short-circuited the NYPD leaks by publicly acknowledging the laptop and the emails, but then claimed just days later that hundreds of thousands of emails had all been reviewed and “nothing new” was on the laptop. Once again, he had done his job. Providing cover and FBI “protection” for Hillary on the newest scandal when it broke.

If Hillary had won, Comey would have kept right on providing cover for the corruption of the Clinton machine. He would have kept the FBI paralyzed, prevented the Clinton Fund from being investigated, and continued to do his job as the Clinton’s personal scandal eraser at the FBI.


The Swamp and its bottom-dwelling denizens realize they are at risk from this political outsider who is not connected to the uni-party machines. Before Trump takes office, a “failsafe” plan is implemented to ruin Trump’s administration and try to force him out of the Presidency. The key players committed to the plan are the democrat politicians, the RINO establishment, the media, the Obama-Clinton operatives imbedded throughout the intelligence agencies and the entire bureaucracy, and most importantly, the Obama DOJ and JAMES COMEY. The scheme is to smear Trump with Russian “connections,” through a fake FBI “investigation” and more importantly, to trap him into a charge of criminal interference with the FBI. COMEY IS THE CENTRAL FIGURE IN THE SCHEME TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP.

The surveillance of the Trump campaign is continued after he is elected, all participants are “unmasked” illegally, and the transcripts are leaked throughout the government and to the media. When General Flynn appropriately calls Russian officials on behalf of Trump, they brush off the old fake “dossier” and all of the surveillance of the campaign, and Comey creates the “Russian Conspiracy” investigation. With help by RINO swamp kingpin and warmonger sell-out McCain, the fake “Russian pee dossier” is leaked to the press. There is no actual evidence of any collusion or connection between Trump or his campaign with Russia, but that does not prevent Comey from initiating an “investigation” at the FBI. This provides Comey with protection from Trump firing him immediately. Comey (or his minions) constantly leak news of the “Russia Investigation” to the media, and the media does its scripted part by screaming constantly about “Russia.” The Democrats fill their role and constantly scream about “Russia.” McCain and the RINO establishment do their part by promising to “investigate” how the Russians influenced the campaign.

Immediately after Trump is sworn in, the DOJ Hillary/Obama operatives and Comey start the direct attack. This is before Sessions has been appointed to the Department of Justice and the DOJ is still controlled by Obama operatives. DOJ Obama appointee Sally Yates approaches the Whitehouse with news that General Flynn had been in contact with Russia and alleges that he might be compromised. She reveals that there is an FBI “investigation” into the Russia ties (which they are constantly leaking to the media themselves). The White House Counsel (who Yates talks to, not Trump) asks for some more information.

The day before the promised additional information is to be provided by Yates to the Whitehouse, Comey sets up a dinner with Trump. If he can get Trump to ask about Flynn or try to intervene regarding Flynn or Russia then Trump can be charged with “interfering with an FBI investigation.” MY OPINION IS THAT COMEY SURVEILLED AND “TAPED” THIS MEETING IN HIS ATTEMPT TO SET UP TRUMP.

This is a two-pronged attack. It protects Comey and DOJ democrat holdovers from being terminated by the new administration because they are involved in an “ongoing investigation” that they control the timetable on(albeit one with absolutely no evidence). If Trump fires Comey then he is “interfering with the investigation” which is itself a federal crime that the FBI could then “investigate.” Alternatively, if they can get Trump to question Comey about Flynn or try to get him to back off of Flynn or the “Russia” investigation, then they again have him “interfering.”

Trump knows it is a set up by Comey and that he is probably being recorded (tips from FBI or DOJ who are not part of the corruption?) Maybe because his phone calls in the Whitehouse as President have already been bugged and released to the media. (FBI is in the best position to do this) Maybe because he was used to the Mafia in NY trying to shake him down every time he built a hotel. Comey tells Trump that Trump is not under investigation regarding Russia, but that others involved with the campaign are being investigated. Trump does not take the bait and attempt to intervene about Flynn or the Russia scam. Later, Flynn is cut loose because he is being used by Comey and the Obama-holdover Justice to try to damage Trump. He did not thing wrong, but if he stayed the charge of “interfering with an investigation” might seem to have teeth. Comey verbally tells Trump on two more occasions that he is not being investigated, but refuses to state this fact publicly or when testifying in Congress.

Trump knows everything I have gone through above about Comey. But he has to move carefully. He has to get his Attorney General and Deputy AG in place, get enough leverage on the Russia narrative, and ideally get rid of Comey in a way that allows him to obtain all the information that Comey has been accumulating (if he is taping Trump he is taping others). Comey, and others testify in Congress. Under oath, both Sally Yates and Intelligence officials from the Obama administration state that there has been no actual evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. More importantly, Comey, while refusing to say that Trump is not under investigation, testifies that he has informed the Senate Intelligence Committee heads who exactly is under investigation regarding Russia.

Trump tells almost no one at the White House that he is moving against Comey (so no leaks… no listening in on his conversations) Trump somehow contacts Sen. Grassley (the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee) and confirms that Comey told the Senator that Trump was not under investigation personally. Trump gets both the Attorney General and the new Deputy Attorney General to legitimately review Comey’s unprofessional actions at the FBI and to recommend in writing that Trump terminate Comey. Somehow Comey goes to California (at the request of AG Sessions or already scheduled and someone at FBI telling Trump?).

Trump seizes the moment and acts. While Comey is in California, 3000 miles away and 7 hours from his office, Trump prepares a letter firing him (with Sessions and the Deputy AG recommendations attached). In the letter Trump states that he had been told 3 times by Comey that he (Trump) was not under investigation. The letter is hand-delivered to the FBI headquarters by DOJ officials to lock-down and seize everything in Comey’s office, including all surveillance files (“tapes”) of Trump and others. All of Comey’s files, docs, computers and “tapes” are taken to Sessions at DOJ. They are not taken to the Whitehouse or Trump, but to Sessions, who has every right to have them. Sessions can tell Trump that Comey had surveillance tapes of Trump that contradict what Comey has been telling Trump, and perhaps tapes of conversations with other swamp “conspirators.” But Trump does not have them personally or at the Whitehouse.

Comey learns he has been fired when the media broadcasts it in California. He had no idea it was coming and he is ticked. On cue, the Democrat politicians and media begin screaming about Trump’s “interference with the Russia investigation” in accordance with the plan to set up Trump for that charge. The Swamp wants to blow up the Russia narrative using Comey, and Comey is set to testify before Congress to try to hurt Trump by saying he was interfering with the FBI investigation. Comey intends to follow through with the plan to take down Trump.

But because of his brilliant timing on this, Trump has Comey’s files, documents and information safely with Sessions at DOJ. Trump sends out a “crazy” tweet that says: “James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press.”

The media and the politicians go crazy about the “inappropriateness” of this tweet. They accuse Trump of “taping” everyone at the White House (forgetting that the Presidents phone calls with foreign leaders have been “taped” without his knowledge.)

Notice that Trump did not say he taped anyone, or that he has any tapes at the White House. It seems apparent that Trump is telling Comey that the DOJ (who has every legal right to possess it) has the surveillance information and files from Comey’s office, the “tapes” obtained and kept by Comey. Comey and all the Swamp Creatures understand the clear message… their plan has failed and Trump’s DOJ is now holding all the cards.

The whole Russia interference scheme crashes and burns. While the mouthpiece media, Hollywood and the insane fringe continue to scream about Russia and Comey being fired, the politicians who will soon be in the crosshairs of a legitimate (and ticked) FBI and DOJ are starting to fall strangely silent. Comey realizes all the leverage is with Trump and that he will be lucky if he is not added to the Clinton Death List because of his knowledge (better not take any baths near an electrical outlet or get on any airplanes).

Comey tells Congress he will not testify and writes a public letter to the FBI accepting his firing and telling them he does not want to discuss why or how he was terminated. Senator Grassley and Senator Feinstein (she must be covering her butt in fear …) issue public statements confirming that Comey told them that the “Russia Investigation” does not involve President Trump personally.

AG Sessions and his Deputy AG use the Comey trove of information to determine who has been part of the Comey Syndicate at the FBI. They will be appointing an “interim” Director of the FBI shortly who has not been compromised by Comey, Clinton or Obama. That “interim” Director does not have to be approved by Congress or anyone, and can immediately begin cleaning house at the FBI of all Comey/Clinton/Obama minions, initiating investigations of the Clintons, Clinton Fund, violations of intelligence confidentiality laws by Susan Rice and Obama, human trafficking in DC, political corruption… draining the Swamp. Using the Comey files they can be fairly certain they are not getting another Comey as an “interim”, and they do not have to wait for the circus of appointing a new permanent “Director” through Congressional approval. Most of the heavy lifting on rooting out FBI corruption and starting investigations into the swamp will be done by the “interim” before a new director is appointed. I suspect the Trump administration hopes the approval FBI Director process will be slow and tedious, so there is no political interference with the housecleaning that is starting.

In one masterstroke, Trump has eliminated a truly toxic and dangerous enemy to his administration and our country, dealt a horrendous blow to the Clinton/Obama and deep state machines, begun the restoration of the integrity of the FBI and the DOJ, and gained incredible ammunition to begin hunting the foul creatures in the swamp.

— Lisa Frank

Happy Hunting President Trump… and God Bless!

STEP 2: Your Body, The Temple (12 Steps to Rise Above & Soar)

I have an increasing sense that it is  important for each and every one of us to realize our true divinity right now. There is a lot happening in the world to indicate a) The world is ripe and ready for that particular spiritual awakening, and b) We need to have it quickly. I won’t go into all of the evidence for the urgency right now. However I do want to lay out some evidence that we are in fact divine.

I Versace Pas Cher will look at this today from a Christian perspective. I have found similar evidence in other religions, but I will save that for another day.

So in the Christian world, Jesus pointed to the fact that we are each divine over and over again when he said that HE was the Son of God. Then, most importantly, he called US his brothers and sisters. So if Jesus was the Son of God and we are his brothers and sister, it stands to reason…We are also the Sons and Daughters of God. So what does that mean, to be the Son or Daughter of God?

philipp plein pas cher As a sister, I do not wish, require, or expect that my siblings worship me. That is just a silly thought. So by Jesus’ mere use of this term brother, it stands to reason that he saw US to be just as Divine as he was. I can almost hear the hooting and hollering from some of you already. Please remember that I myself did not originally call you the brother/sister of Jesus. It was Jesus himself who said this. So please do not shoot the messenger. Jesus did not see himself as a deity to be worshiped by us. He saw himself our brother.

Now I want to be somewhat inclusive and say that if we follow this line of thought- that we are all brothers and sisters- then we can also conclude that Muhammad, Buddha, and all the other “prophets come-Gods”, are also our brothers/sisters. And so it stands to reason that these prophets, like Jesus, did not come here to be deified or set above us. But rather they came to assist us in seeing something.

What did they want us to see?

I am making a case that one thing they all wanted us to see was our Own Divinity. Why do I think this? Because it is ultra-important that we see our own divinity if we want to move into the space of peace on earth, love, brotherhood, and joy. Now each and every major prophet has described this kind of thing as the goal. There is not a single viable prophet or religious sect out there which is saying we should all lie, cheat, steal, kill, and maim each other. They are all discussing how we should treat each other well.

So if goodness and love is the common ropa interior calvin klein state d goal of the prophets, why would they want us to know we are Divine?

I have come through to the other side of some deep life trauma and lack of self-love. I have trained for decades in how to overcome that and also helped many others to do the same, So from that perspective I can say this…When we don’t realize our true divinity, it causes a multitude of problems. Not knowing who we are (i.e. children of God endowed with God-like qualities and our own divinity) we begin to act like someone (or some ‘thing’) else. We become very nasty inside of thinking we are NOT God- hating, hurting, lying, cheating, stealing, killing, etc.

Conversely. when we know we are part and parcel of God, we act more like God. What springs forth then is love, compassion, generosity, joy, fun, play, ease, peace and the like. In short, BELIEVING we are Divine, we ACT as a Divine being would act. And believing we are NOT Divine, we act as a NOT-Divine being would act. So it stands to reason we need to know this. And Jesus, and many other prophets, did try to tell us this.

So right here, right now it would be helpful for the stated goal of peace/love that we each resolve ourselves to the fact that we are God. I am not saying we are the Whole of God. But I am saying  we are a Part of Him. And I am saying we are each an important part, just as Jesus was. If it suits some of you better, you may call yourself Human-Angels, for I am quite sure that is also true.

So why am I even saying that we are God? What, pray tell, does that have to do with our bodies?

It has been said that the body is a temple. So our physical bodies are quite literally the Temples in which we house our own Divinity. This makes sense. You don’t build a temple unless you have a God to put in it. So the body is the Temple and we are the Gods and Goddesses…

Moreover, these bodies are tailor-made to allow us to live as these Human-Angels comfortably, happily, and joyfully for what many speculate to be well over 150 years. Yes it is true. Many scientist now concur that the body was made to last a lot longer than it now does. So if that is true, why do most of our bodies last a measly 80-90 years, before deteriorating into a near decrepit state?

Consider that this is because we treat our bodies, the homes for our Divine souls and spirits, more like the local garbage dumps, than Temples. We feed our bodies a steady diet of murderous pesticides and plastics, GMOs, unnatural chemicals and by-products, polluted air, toxic skin products, garbage/nutrition deficient food such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, and Dunkin Donuts. And the dumps are now overflowing with rotting, fly-ridden, smelly, toxic by-products and waste. And so our bodies, our Temples, are literally being killed by us way before their time.

There are some other things we all do that kill our holy temples. We force our bodies to go, go, go, all day, every day, in a feverish quest for something we call “success”. If we want it to lose weight or gain muscle, we starve our bodies, or work our Temples like we wouldn’t work a dog, We call our Temples names like fat, ugly, obese, and the ever famous…”My body is a temple… The Temple of Doom.” This would be funny. except we little realize how we kill ourselves off with our own words, thoughts and beliefs. Words create and words kill, which is why the bible says… “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (Words in this sense of course embody all Consciousness, thought as well as spoken.)

So we use our words and thoughts with a vehement disregard for their power over the body. And we little realize in our Western quests for success and a profit-driven collective image of perfection, that we are failing in the one thing that really matters. We are failing at enjoying and loving the beauty and wonder that WE ARE. Because warts and all, we are ALL pretty wondrous creatures.

Taking care of our Temples is also a form of Self-Love. It is the physical form of that love.

Meanwhile, Self-Love is our entry point for all other kinds of love. In other words… for any one of us to be truly loving to other people (our family, our children, our mates) we must each love and take care of ourselves. If we don’t do that, we will certainly act out our pain and misery on other people. Unhappy people cannot help but to make others around them unhappy as well.

I will give you some personal experience. As a child I felt the pain of my mother’s dislike for herself. She tried her best, and is a most wonderful soul at heart. But the wounds her own lack of self-love and unhappiness made in the developing ‘Me’ were palpable. Again I say, my mother is a wonderful soul who loved us dearly and never meant to hurt anyone. But it is simply impossible to grow happy, healthy, self-loving children if you are not happy, healthy, and self-loving yourself. I myself came out of this state by doing a whole lot of self-love work. I am now itemizing this work to you in these 12 steps. There is not a step here, by the way, that does not relate to self-love.

Self-love is actually the pinnacle for every single access to power in every realm of life.

So we must each love and care for ourselves as a top priority. Then we will be happy. Then we will bring this love and happiness to others. So I hope you will all take on self love in this 2nd step. I hope you will begin to treat your body as the wonderful Temple it is.

Today for this step I am outlining some of the physical ways to be self-loving. Our minds, emotions, and spirits also require self-love. But that is a conversation for another day. If you begin your journey to self-love here in the physical realm, that is a very good start.

So here are some ways to to Treat Your Body as the Temple It is….

A) Eat Organic, Unprocessed Foods.

(Do the research. Eating organic is difficult for some pocket books. But the more we demand inexpensive, non-toxic food, the cheaper it will become. Aldis now has a line of inexpensive organics, and local farmers coops often have organic practices, even though they may not pay for the label.)

B) Avoid Flours (and especially White Flour products) & pastas. Do your best to eat food in or close to its natural state. i.e. eat potatoes, not potato chips or potato flour.

C) Avoid all but natural, unprocessed sugars (fruit, honey, molasses.)

(If your body has become extremely toxic, and/or you have any kind of auto-immune disease. you may need to avoid gluten and/or grain products altogether.)

D) Avoid all sugar substitutes. The chemicals and unnatural processing are killing us all.

Here are two good resources if you are experiencing auto-immune diseases such as Celiac Disease, Thyroid Disease (Graves &/or Hashimotos), Leaky Gut, Rhumatoid Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Auto-immune skin disease, Adrenal Fatigue, and the like.

1) Jordan Reasoner & Steve Wright:

This resource will educate you about the horrific effect of toxins on your body, and how to avoid them.

2) Dr. Isabella Wentz,

E) Purchase water filtration for your drinking, cooking, showering, and bathing. This is so important, since the adult human body is 60% water. Meanwhile our water supplies are hugely toxic. Here is a good source for purifying your water.

Leslie Gabriel, Waterchek.biz

And now for the really fun stuff…

Choose to do something nice for your body EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Here are some examples…

1) Take a bubble bath

2) Get a Massage

3) Relax in a Hot Tub

4) Take a Yoga Class (Non-strenuous, Eastern-style is best)

5) Do 15 minutes of light stretching (The body loves to stretch!)

6) Go out for a walk in the sunshine

7) Take a Rest/ Do a peaceful meditation

Don Slepian has some of the most powerful music I know to put you in a relaxed meditative state of mind.


When we work on Step 2, we are working largely on our Root Chakra. This is the chakra at the very base of the spine, and it is the grounding chakra, which allows energy to flow from the earth so you can be centered, secure, active, present. The physical body is the very essence of our feeling secure and taken care of. This is because at least in this physical form, here on this planet called earth, we live or die, thrive or whither, based on what happens to our physical bodies.
Archangel Gabriel oversees the Root Chakra, and is most delighted to assist you with this work, if you ask for his help. You can say something like this…
“Beloved Archangel Gabriel, I ask you to assist me with exhibiting self love by caring for this, my Human-Angel Body Temple. Please guide me on the path. And if I go astray or need something specific for my temple, please drop ideas into my head to assist me. Help me also with the foresight to follow these ideas. I ask this in loving gratitude & brother/sisterhood.”
Please watch my video and, if you are able and inspired, please contribute to my  and/or endorse/share it.

Namaste and many blessings,

Lorelei Fenton


17.04.23 – “Trip To The New Jerusalem and Antarctica” – Aramda and OWS

listen | mp3 | pdf

Aramda and One Who Serves as channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our quarterly April Advance in Payson, AZ on Sunday, April 23, 2017

ARAMDA – touring the New Jerusalem

I AM Aramda.

Some of you have not heard of me before. Some of you were expecting Sananda or Ashtar. But I am the one that has been with many of you before but I have kept somewhat in the shadows, kept away from your knowing, understanding of me. There is a reason for that. But many of you are a part of my ship being with me on my ship the Amalia. It may trigger a memory to you, some of you.
I am one that is going to continue to work closely with all of you as we continue this so whenever there is a need for a Galactic connection here I will often be the one that will be coming to you. There will still be Sananda and Ashtar certainly. It is time now for me to make more of my presence known. I have been with this one James for a long time. He does not even quite understand the full connection we have.

Some of you may feel a connection with me as well. Now I want to take you to the New Jerusalem. I want to take you to see the majesty, first of all, of the incredible magnificent ship that this is. A ship of light, a ship of consciousness. It can be physical, it can be etheric. It can be anything that is needed in any situation that it is called for. It can adapt to whatever the environment is. So if you can imagine the majesty and demands of a 2000-mile-long and 2000-mile-wide ship that can morph itself to any situation somewhat like a chameleon. Certainly it can cloak itself and uncloak whenever it needs to, and there are occasional times when this ship uncloaks briefly as it did last night to the few of you that were witness to it. If more of you had gone out at that point you would all have seen this great flash for at that moment it uncloaked for just a moment for just a second even and quickly re-cloaked again. But the flash that you saw was the light from the ship.

Now as you’re moving around the ship many of you have been flying around and looking at the outside some of you have even gone in, that is certainly fine, let us go in now. Let us see the various levels the many levels of the ship from the engine room all the way down through the living [inaudible] where the animals are kept all of the places where different dimensions are held so if a three-dimensional being is brought on ship it can acclimate within that dimensional environment and then it can be brought up into the next higher vibrations, higher dimension, gradually, slowly. Similar to when a diver goes deep under the ocean and then is coming back up he needs to go through a process of preparing itself for coming back up to the top. Very similar to this.

And see the many levels. You can see the many people, all kinds of beings. This is where your Star Wars and the cantina comes in. This is real. That was shown to you purposefully so that you could be ready for the different types of beings that are out there; different civilizations, many different looks. You can see many of them as you look around. Many, many, many layers. Our people are working, gathering, having fun yet even some drinking … not in the way you understand it quite but having enjoyment, having fun, being social. That does not end.

Some of you have gone down lower into the ship and you have seen the wide open expanse, the valleys, the mountains, the lakes, even somewhat of an ocean that is here. You imagine you can take almost your entire America and all of the various plants and trees and forests and valleys and rivers and lakes and at the ends the oceans and you can see that here. It is a living environment. People actually live on the ship just as in your Star Trek although much more immense than that ship.

Would anyone like to share with they are seeing now, what they are experiencing beyond what I have already said?

Q: Some of the area of the ship must be higher frequency [inaudible] wire frame [inaudible] lower vibration I see crops [inaudible]

A: Yes.

Q: I see my friends.

A: Yes. Some of you have been here. Not only long ago but you have been here in your dreams. You have been here in your multidimensional state.

Q: I think I know you as Da. Why do I know you as Da? Is that a nickname?

A: What did I say my name was? Aramda. It is why you and the James have connected here. We are so pleased that you realize that. There are others here, as well, that are on the phone and even those here in this room who know of me. If I were standing in front of you, you would recognize me. I have been a companion, a brother, even at times a sister to many of you. [to Rita] Yes to you also my dear sister. You certainly know who I am. I am a dear friend, a dear comrade to Ashtar.

Q: Aramda, were you ever incarnated like us into a 3-D body?

A: I have been yes.

Q: Are you called Ram?

A: It is another yes. I have many names. I have many acquaintances. I have many understandings. Yes that is correct that is one. I prefer though, Aramda just as Sananda is Sananda not San not Da. Ashtar is Ashtar not Ash, you see, and not Tar. Like you are Mahendrin not Hen not Dran. You get the picture here? We are certainly not making fun but we are having fun. We may not be jovial and sing like that One Who Serves but I have a wonderful time, let me tell you.

Q: You have a wonderful sense of humor.

A: Someone else spoke here?

Q: I feel such peace.

A: Yes. Many of you have spent a great deal of time on this ship. Many of you have spent a great deal of time on my ship and we have often gone between the two ships.

Q: It doesn’t occur like it ship it occurs like a planet.

A: Yes it is very much like a planet but this is small in comparison to some of the planet ships. If you can imagine, imagine a ship as large as Jupiter.

Q: That’s what I was seeing a planet that looks like Jupiter and all these little ships around it. I wondered if I was looking out a window or just outside with it. It’s really beautiful! The ship the New Jerusalem is so deep looking down I saw golden city inside of it. Many different people, beings. I have a friend who’s really tall and green. Big head.

A: I will tell you something now that you were not aware of, as a matter of fact no one is aware of. When George Lucas made the movie Star Wars the original death star was not to be what it is. Originally it was going to be a planet-sized ship. It was going to be a part of the Forces of Light and it was changed by, you might call it blackmail, coercion. But they made him change that and adapt his script. No one knows this at this time.

Q: So when I’ve always seen it as a sphere, it’s because it actually is a sphere, if that’s what you’re saying.

A: Yes it was a sphere. But what we are saying is it was not meant to be a weapon initially. When he developed the script this plan for Star Wars it did not have it being a weapon. This came about as a result of the cabal taking over. He was told two times to leave those things in it that he wanted but in other ways he was coerced to change it.

Q: Did he get all of his ideas of making this movie from someone like you? Or maybe you influenced him so that we could look in the future and possibly see how it will be on a spaceship.

A: Yes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Matrix, Avatar, all of those movies that you find so thrilling, so endearing in many ways, so inspiring. These were meant for you to prepare you to get you ready for what was coming – prepare you for first contact, for disclosure, all of this.

Q: And the Wizard of Oz.

A: Yes, that as well. That was also converted; turned into something that was not fully of the light.
Any other observations?

Q: I see on the very top of the New Jerusalem the office. It’s like a penthouse in my vision and it is the office of Ashtar which he shares with Sananda. And also they have a big conference room with a long, long table where they meet with councils, and some of us are in those councils at night.

A: That is correct. There are several rooms that are set up to be the council meeting rooms. Many tables within those rooms … some round some not round. That is correct.

Q: Many times when traveling from Sedona to Cottonwood I saw ships and I felt they were calling me. Were you one of them?

A: Not at that time no. Not myself but there were others. Yes, all of this is to begin to acquaint you, to acclimate you, to prepare you for all that you came here to do.

Q: In Prescott, AZ in 2013 we had three months of monsoons creating rainbows everywhere. In one of the pictures I took of the rainbows there is a ship so that was my blessing. Who did that ship belong to?

A: It is a connection that you have yourself that you have been involved with this particular civilization that comes here from time to time and shows themselves to certain ones that are part of their persuasion, their civilization. And this is what occurs in many cases where there are various sightings were ones show themselves to individuals on the planet it is because they are part of those that are showing them from the same planet the same system all of this.
Q: Is this is where I was the night that I was at the conference table when I was pregnant with my son [inaudible] before [inaudible] he was going to incarnate?

A: Yes you were there and those of your contingent were there as well.

Q: There were a lot of people there.

A: Yes. You already know of who we speak of here who you are associated with.

We are going to release to another now that is going to take you one more place that has been promised. And then the One Who Serves will take your questions further.

I appreciate your time, your energy, your love. I long for the time that I can be back again with you in body sitting down across from you as others have been saying, the One Who Serves, Sananda, all of us are preparing parties celebrations both on the ships and down in the Inner Earth and many other places such as the Cities of Light. It is going to be a grand reunion. We leave you now in love and peace and harmony.
ONE WHO SERVES – touring Antartica

And now are you ready to move from here to another place here that has been mentioned. Many things have been coming out of this particular place here on the Earth and it is a sense of discovery that is occurring there now. You have been hearing many things about what is occurring there, what is coming from there, what is going to be announced from there, and this is all very close to being revealed. And once it is revealed there is going to be a uproar like you cannot believe. Because those who have kept this silent for a long time have wanted to keep this away from you but they will not be able to do it very much longer. So let us go let’s go now to Antarctica.

Yes Antarctica of all places at the bottom of.

Q: I’ve got my real warm coat on to go.

OWS: You’re in your astral body you don’t need anything! You don’t have to put a coat on. If it makes you feel good do it. Put a snowsuit on if you want. Goggles. Take your skis. There are mountains there, if you want to go skiing we’ll go skiing. But let’s go here okay.

Now this is not a sense of having to go anywhere. We say that jokingly. Just be there. Okay snap your fingers, whoop we’re there. Now look at the expanse of ice. Ice everywhere. No? But go a little bit further and begin to see what is going on there. I’m going to leave this to your visualization. Not so much your imagination because you are not creating what is here, it is already here. But allow your third eye to open now, your astral vision to open and see what is there and what they are keeping from you to this point and only allowing a select few scientists so far to be able to study what is there. But they have been kept in to the deepest confidence. They are not allowed to speak about this yet but that is going to be changing. So what are you seeing? What is there?

Q: Giants. Pyramids. Cities. Civilizations. [OWS acknowledges each observation]
I think I’m seeing a big ship coming out of the water and ice is coming off because it’s going to lift off. It’s really big. [OWS: Yes there are ships there. Buried deep within the ice.]
Crystal caves. Crystal dwellings. [Very good yes.]
I’m seeing a huge auditorium filled with all kinds of machinery, intricate looking machinery, that is used to control the weather. [Yes] And very possibly Earth movements and volcanoes and all those disruptions that are taking place. This might be the headquarters.

OWS: There is a great amount of machinery there. Some that has been used by those of the cabal, some that they do not yet even know how to use. It is ancient and it is beyond the scope of many still at this point because it is not available at the three dimensional level — even though they have tried. They have tried to break through the dimensional barrier here to be able to operate these equipment thinking it is going to be a wonderful weapon to be able to use. But they have found that they cannot break through this dimensional barrier because in order to do that they have to raise their vibrations! And do you think they’re going to do that? No way Jose!

Q: I’m seeing something that’s like the ice but it’s some of the equipment you’re talking about. They have no idea what to do with it. And little cylindrical knobs coming out of the ice in the walls. Very high-tech.

OWS: Yes. Very high tech. Beyond their understanding completely here and it is a good thing that they have not been able to do that. But it was safeguarded you see. All of this ancient technology has been safeguarded. Much of it. In order for, the only way to use the equipment, this technology, is to have to first move into the vibrations that they were in when it was put there in the first place.

Q: And I see that technology being given to us. [Yes]
It’s like space travel, a portal.

OWS: There are portals. There are gateways here. There are gateways on the other side of the planet connecting to the gateways here. There are tunnels that connect deep under the ground where those that have the understanding and the knowing, such as the ones that are called the cabal, they have been using that technology for some time. Do you think that they get in the airplanes as you do and fly even first class? No! They go in their tunnels get in their superfast trains and they whisk around the country. The only times they do not do this is when they need to be publicly seen and then they will go on the transport, usually private planes and things of this nature. But when they want to go from one place to another they do it with the technology that they know already exists. And they are holding this all from you.

Q: I see something like a rocket.

Q: I see a mechanism that creates an artificial merkaba.

OWS: Yes! There is. There is technology here that you are just becoming aware of when you do these various activities here on your Sundays when you have been working with the merkaba. And yes they can make an artificial merkaba but it is not at the vibrations that we are moving you toward planning you, getting you ready for. For you are going to have access to your merkaba and be able to go from one place to another with no need for any type of physical transportation at all. You see? It is your light body, your light vehicle. You will have access to this. You have access to this now but it is the mind that is keeping you from being able to literally use it in the way that you can. You are just beginning to dabble in this. But you also have to understand that all of you came here from the knowledge and an understanding that you already knew how to do this. Some of you even put some of that technology that we are speaking of here. Ah! You say: What?!? We put that technology here? Yes! Some of you have. Wow!

Q: I just saw another ship.

OWS: There are ships here that have not yet been excavated. You are getting to see through the ice as they cannot see through because they are attempting to use their physical eyes or their boring machines or x-rays or satellite vision all of these things. You are using your astral vision your third eye and you can see through anything.

Q: I can see underground but it’s not like ones for transportation [inaudible] people [inaudible] city … meeting area.

OWS: There are very immense caverns under there yes. Huge caverns. Some of them have been taken over and are being used for their ships and things of this nature and many of them have not yet been discovered.

Q: It seems like there’re light workers here.

OWS: Some are yes. Many are not.

Q: Submarines.

OWS: There are submarines here yes. The Germans were here a long time ago. We are going to change that to more of the Nazis here that persuasion were here.

Q: Would one of these cities be Atlantis?

OWS: No. We are going to make an emphatic no, this is not Atlantis. Even though some are going to be and already are coming out and saying we have found Atlantis, this is not Atlantis. Atlantis is in the Atlantic that is what it is. Deep within the ocean, most of it. Some of it is still above the ocean. The Azores for instance are a part of what was Atlantis. In the Bimini area is what was Atlantis. You see? There are many places that are still somewhat above and as you have heard, most of you have heard, Edgar Casey spoke about this — he was guided to speak about this in the source that came through him — that Atlantis and Lemuria are going to rise again. The continents themselves they are going to come up. You see? Not as you know it now though. If that happened now there would be tremendous immense tidal waves like you cannot imagine. This is when the Earth, as you have spoken of earlier, this is when Gaia is cleansing herself after all of you have moved beyond this 3D realm. You do not have to be concerned about this. If there ever was in need to be concerned about this there are ships so large out there that could be easily transported everyone off of this planet in 15 minutes.

Q: Thank you so much for this understanding. It’s remarkable.

Q: There are some military personnel here.

OWS: There is a great deal of military personnel there. Yes, there is. Many of the nationalities are here. [inaudible] areas that are there. One wants this section of land another one wants this. One wants this discovery and on and on and on. They fight over this but they are all going to lose. All of them. And it will be there for you, those of you that will have access to this: these discoveries, these technologies, all of this. And so much more in the way of technology. In fact we will say this. The technology that is coming now is almost already here. You are beginning to hear of the energy systems that are coming which are not going to require electricity as you know it anymore and they’re going to work on very, very little energy to create more and more energy. So the electric companies will be going out of business as we move along here further this transition. Many things are going to occur with all of this technology. And then of course you have heard about the replicators. They are coming. The 3-D printer as you know it is the precursor of all of this and it is already there. Star Trek was real!
Q: I see a dodecahedron of crystal. It looks like the ice but it’s crystal.

OWS: Yes. This is why some are going to come to the understanding that they have found Atlantis because there are many, many crystals here. But crystals were not only indicative of Atlantis. Crystals have been around for a very long, long time. Many years through many solar systems and galaxies and all of this.


OWS: We can come back now. We can move back from here. Move back to your physical forms. You can do it in an instant. Snap your fingers and you are here. And come back into your physical bodies come back into a complete state of consciousness and circulation fully revitalized and refreshed.

What a trip, we hear, yes. It also was a good trip. Trip on the good ship lollipop. What does that mean? We do not understand that. We searched the James’s consciousness here, the memories and it seemed like a good thing to say but there is no idea what that means. [inaudible] now we understand. Okay. Here we go. [inaudible] hear whatsoever so we do not know why we even say it.

A good trip. Yes. Did you all have a good trip? Are you beginning to understand what is at stake here, what you are here for and how important your role is; each of you as your individual role and your role as a group as well. Because as we said earlier your group is becoming famous across the universe.

There are other groups certainly, many that are, many individuals are coming to the forefront, but this particular group has been assigned — has been given an assignment — and that is going to unfold as we move along here. This is why we are saying we’re ready to take the next steps. So we’re getting you ready because there is an assignment you’re going to have if you decide to take it. Somewhat like the mission impossible. But it is not going to be an impossible mission and you are going to be able to do it. It is just going to be are you going to want to. Are you going to want to be a part of this because it will require you stepping out, stepping out of your comfort zones. And if you are not ready to step out of your comfort zones then you will not want to be a part of this assignment, this mission. And this is of course working directly with Sananda and all of us to be a part of preparing you for these council tables that we have been speaking of.

Someone has to become the leadership of the New World. Not in the sense that you know leadership now though; there will not be a Congress, there will not be a House of Representatives, there will not be a parliament, none of those types of things. Those are cabal. But there will be councils, councils of elders, many different types of councils. There will be ambassadors: ambassadors between the different planets, between the solar systems, the galaxies. All of this will be asked of you because of who you each are. You have done a tremendous mission. Talk about being an ambassador! You are being an ambassador like you wouldn’t believe.

All of your lifetimes here to enmesh yourself in an evolution over thousands and thousands of years here, separating yourself or believing yourself separated from Source, oh my goodness, you are going to be the rock stars of the new millennium, of the universe here! You are going to be famous!

Now this again, always, is not to stroke your egos. We are not attempting to do this. But we just want you to understand how important this all is, and what you have signed up for, and what you are going to continue to sign up for. And we hope that each one of you will decide to do this but we know that there will be some that will drop off. It will not be for them and that is okay. There is no shame whatsoever, no condemnation, certainly never any judgment on our part. It is just what it is. If you are ready, wonderful, if you are not, okay. You will have other missions that will come along.

But each one of you now we wish for you to begin to continue you consider yourself a warrior of light and of love. This is very important for you to make the switch now from worker to warrior to have Archangel Michael at your side at any given time when it is needed and call upon him, he will be there. Call upon Sananda, St. Germain, any of us. Call upon Source. Source will always be there — has always been there — has never not been. It is time to open up to that as well.

Q: I would say I call myself ambassador of love.

OWS: Yes you are an ambassador of love Rita. Yes you are. And Ashtar is so very proud of you. And you have no idea what he is planning here with you and all of.

Q: I’m speechless. I see him everywhere. I do.

OWS: Yes. Just as he sees you too everywhere.

And Lady Nada or rather Sananda is so much aware of Anne DeHart, so much a wonderful connection there. And he is so looking forward to a reunion as the aspects of Lady Nada all come together. That is a little difficult maybe for some to understand but that is what is going to occur.
Q & A
Do we have questions here for One Who Serves?

Q: Namaste. I received confirmation as I hear you speak this is a big deal, this is important, and I have had the same understandings for a while and with my energy, everything, everything on it. And I want to understand, given that this is so important, how come there is no budget for it? How come something so immense depends on the little bitty hours we can squeeze out of an 8 to 5 schedule – with our nails? Why is there — all projects here in the 3D, especially the important ones carry a budget.

OWS: We understand where you are, but dear friends we want to tell you and all that also would be thinking about this, that is going to change. But in the meantime while it is here you are where you are when you need to be. In other words you have your contracts, you have those things you are working for, we cannot do it for you so as long as you’re still in this 3D illusion you need to be in the 3D illusion. Make the best of it in other words.

Find the joy in the moment. And as you find the joy in the moment you will raise your vibrations and as you raise your vibrations you will find that in those higher vibrations there is no more difficulties with money or anything of this nature. Because as you raise your vibrations you will be able to manifest whatever it is you need. This is for all of you right now. You do not need to wait until the future. You do not need to wait until you have moved into the fifth dimension and gone through the ascension and all of this. You can manifest what you want right now but you have to do it from the higher vibrations.

This is what is important. You can’t be down in the dumps, be despaired, be sleeping all the time in your life, and expect to have money coming to you, a source of any kind of wealth at all. That will not come to you in those circumstances. But if you are in those higher vibrations you can literally begin to put out your hand and say ‘fill my hand with whatever it is I need’ and it will be there almost instantaneously for some. But others it might take a little bit. But it will take then, simply going to your mailbox, opening it up and oh my goodness, there is a check there; enough to pay whatever it is you need for that moment.

And as long as you stay in those higher vibrations this will continue. So it is all about consciousness. All about consciousness, that is all it is. Whether it is here in this illusion in this 3D or it is 4 or 5D, whatever it is, it is consciousness. And when you come to understand that you will not find yourself wallowing down in those lower vibrations anymore. You will raise yourself up, pick yourself up and be ready to move on.

Each one of you, everyone, we are watching you. We see what is going on and it is time now — how many times are we going to say that now — it is time now to move on, move out of yes as Abraham says: “Tell a different story”, people! Don’t stay with the same story! Where has that story gotten you: where you are! And if you don’t want to be where you are, then tell a different story. Get out of it. There was a movie here we are picking it up from the James here. (He watches a lot of movies.) It was something about someone would look into a book and as they are reading the book they are creating the story. What was the name of that movie? “The Never Ending Story” yes, yes.

There you are. Create whatever you want. Change the story.

Q: I don’t think people realize when they say there’s “no” something that there never will be.

OWS: That is correct. That is correct. If you believe there is nothing, if you believe you have nothing, if you believe that no one is helping you then that is what you will have. Believing Is Seeing! Come to understand that more and more and more. Believing is seeing. Create whatever you want in your life right now, today! Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait for next year. Don’t wait for the ascension. DO IT NOW!! What is that, is that the Nike saying: do it now. Right? Just do it. We like ‘do it now’ better. Do it now.

Q: The reason for my question is because I have applied the science: I’ve been doing affirmations for a year. I been doing the salutations for a year. I have applied the science but it’s not working so help me understand.

Q: You just cancelled it out with your speech.

OWS: My dear brother, we need to add here it is working. It is working because you are coming out of the darkness that you have found yourself in recently and have come into the light. You have! And you need to begin to trust that. And as we are saying, as you trust that, as you move yourself into the vibrations higher and as you see the beauty around you, which will then move you into those higher vibrations, then those things you are asking for will be here. But every time you say, ‘I don’t have,’ it’s not coming, or ‘why is it not here.’ Every time you say that the universe hears that and gives you what you are saying. This is the attraction process.

You have not read or listened to the Abraham teachings. This would be wonderful for you to do. Every day listen to the Abraham teachings, different ones. They are on your YouTube. They are there, are they not? [Yes] You can find this all the time. They are free even. Listen to this every day and it will begin to reprogram your mind. Not only for this one that has asked this but for everyone.

Again, be in the now. Do it now. Take action. What is your definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and over again and expect something different. Change the story. It is all the same thing. It is there for you. Just reach out.

You are in training, all of you. You are in training. But you are in training to help train others. But how are you going to train others if you cannot train yourself, you see? Oh my goodness we could go on and on and on like this. Believing is seeing yes! Do not even think in terms of seeing is believing anymore. That is the old program, the old paradigm. That is what they wanted you to believe that you had to see it before you believe it because then you have no creative ability anymore. But if you know that you are the creator then you will believe it, then you will create it.

Q: I believe from my own experience that we don’t even know we’re telling a story. The program is so deep that we don’t even know were telling a story in a negative way. It’s the program running. So would it help to surrender the programming?

OWS: Certainly yes. You must surrender the programming. You must move beyond it. Let it go. All of this.

Q: Instead of keep saying the same thing.

OWS: Yes. Yes. It is many; it is deep programming; it is past life experiences and patterns that you came in with. And you need to let go of those patterns, move beyond them, do whatever you need. If it takes crystals to do it for you, do it. If it takes past life regressions, do it. If it takes hypnosis, do it.

Do not care whatever it is that will work for you, whatever tool that will work. Surrender process. Certainly, yes, wonderful! We are so glad that has been brought up. Yes, surrender! Surrender to your higher self to your God Source. Surrender it all. And if you do that, all of that old programming will be gone. It will be gone, people, just gone, and you will not have to deal with it anymore. Your attachments will fall away. And you know what, as your attachments fall away you will be near ready for ascension. This is how it works.

So if you find yourself wallowing in self-pity, stop it. Simple. Get over it. Get over the story. Change the story, do not stay there. And do not stay in denial as an alcoholic. An alcoholic stays an alcoholic until they finally get out of their denial. Once they have gotten out of their denial they can begin to heal, they can begin to reprogram. But as long as they are in denial they will stay in that program. So in that respect the 12-Steps in many ways was very helpful for many. Some not so much. But it is a tool. All of these are tools to use. Use whatever one works best for you or whatever one you are guided to.

Several of you were guided here now to surrender, to use that tool. Others are being guided to the Heart Math idea of coherence. All of these. Some of you use crystals and let the crystals absorb the old programming. [And essential oils] Essential oils, yes. Some use all different modes of these, yes. All the above! Yes, whatever it is but do it!

Don’t talk about it anymore; do it. Don’t say the same story over and over; change it.

Unless — and here is the big one people — unless you want to be ones that are going to be taken to your Earth Two. [No!] A little bit of sobering thought there, no? Because have we not been saying over and over and over everyone is going, everyone. But you must do for yourself we cannot do it for you. We can help you, we can guide you, we can nudge you and we do that all the time. Sometimes when you’re not even knowing we are doing it. Some of the things that you say to other people are guided and nudged by us. Those of us. And then Source certainly when you connect to Source, when you allow for Source to speak through everything changes in your life. Everything! No exception.

Q: I’ve heard people say (myself included) is, “well you don’t know my side,” or “you don’t know how bad I have it,” and “you don’t really understand.” What I believe they need to recognize is that that’s the ego talking. It’s not the Higher Self.

OWS: Yes. It is the old programming, the programming that keeps you trapped in the three-dimensional illusion. So if you want to stay in the illusion then keep deluding yourself. You see? Good luck with that. It will not work.
Q: I just want to throw out there for all of you that I know a fair amount about how to get rid of your demons. I’ve had quite a life, I’ll just put it that way, so if anyone wants to reach out to me and I’m actually starting a whole 12-Step/12-tools to rise above. So if anybody is struggling with anything I could probably lead you to a resource that would help you on that.

OWS: Wonderful. But we wish to correct something here once now and forever. Do not say anymore ‘your demons’. There are no demons here. Do not think in terms of demons. If you think in terms of demons to create that particular idea and ideal here. Do not do that any longer. This is old programming: demons, devils, satan, hell, all of this. It’s the old programming, the old paradigm. Do you think there is a hell in the fifth dimension? Do you think there is a Satan there? Do you think there are demons there? No! Nothing of this nature so stop thinking about those types of things. For when you move into these higher vibrations permanently and begin to create as we have been showing you here, it is certain you do not want to create demons there. Even if you could — you can’t — but if you wanted to, you see?

You want to be able to create as you were doing: flowers, beautiful valleys, mountains, lakes, streams, ships, villages, whatever it might be, people flying. Whatever visions who have this is what you’re going to want to create because this is how you will create your new world. You will literally create your new world one moment at a time, one thought at a time, one vision at a time.
Q: Based on what you were saying about how those concepts were created to really deny our humanity and keep us from being our higher selves, wouldn’t the concept of war also be in that category? And if so then the idea of considering ourselves light warriors, to me, doesn’t feel like what you just depicted as the fifth dimension. It feels like, if I believe I’m a light warrior still, (because I feel that I’ve been that all my life and all my lives,) — I thought now I could let that go.

OWS: You will be able to do that when you move into the higher vibrations, when you move into the fifth dimension, those terminology will be gone. This is for part of the transition now where you transition now from being a light worker to being a light warrior and being able to assist in this … it is a battle right now. We are not going to say anything different. There’s a battle between light and dark now and you can sit back and let others fight it out with light against darkness, with light against fear, with love against fear, or you can jump into the fray and be a part of this with Archangel Michael. Is Archangel Michael not a warrior?

Q: Actually he is by my side quite often. But I feel that the concept of light against dark is still part of the duality.

OWS: It is. It is. But you are still in that right now. You are still there within the illusion and there are many that are. You are moving out of it as you continue to move along but there are many that are still very much ensconced within it and they will need the help. They will need the warrior by their side. They will need Archangel Michael by their side just as he is by your side … and carrying that Sword of Truth. You can carry a Sword of Truth. You don’t carry a sword of death, you carry a Sword of Truth and light and love.
Q: After our meditation last night it felt like I came back with warrior armor – body armor. It felt like I had a blue sword and shield myself.
Q: I’d like to make a comment about Archangel Michael being a warrior. Actually that [inaudible] you are going to war with your Higher Self against your ego to get your ego under control. That’s really what the battle of duality of light versus dark is. You’re trying to get the darkness out of yourself.

Q: And the struggle is between your two ears.

Q: That’s where the war is. It’s not outside of you.

OWS: That is correct. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing that.

Does this make sense to the one who asked that even more it now?

Q: Yes I guess I was feeling that I have been doing that for eons and I was leading myself to “believe” so I could “see” that I have come into completion of that way of operating; that I could just be in the light now and be the master light house that just emanates from my overflow continuously.

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. You just mentioned something important. You want to be the lighthouse, be the lighthouse beacon. Shine the beacon out for all to see. You do not need to carry a sword and go into battle as we’re saying. This is for others, not for everyone. Again, do what it is for you to do; what you are called to do; how you are connecting with your Source. This is how you will continue to progress.

There was someone here who spoke about the armor that they found themselves with after the expression last night. We wish to share with you yes you were, because you found yourself back as you have been before. You see many of you have come from situations, systems, all of this, where you have been warriors before. This is why you are here. You are warriors, you were warriors before, many of you. This battle that has been going on, whether it is within self and even many times outside of self, in other parts of the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, these wars have been going on. Many of you have heard of the Ankhara Wars. Basically this is Star Wars. And it is real. It was real, it is no longer because they surrendered a long time ago but it was very much real and it was ongoing. And there were times — and this is for the one Cynthia to understand– there were times when the light did not win; darkness won. Temporarily won the battles, you might say.

But the light will always overcome darkness. There is no darkness that can overcome a single point of light. Think about that. No darkness. If there is one single point of light the dark cannot extinguish the light, but the light can overcome the dark in any room or anything of this nature. This is a key, a universal key here as well.

Q: My wife and I had dreams where we were invited to Agartha with our animals. We brought all of them that we could. We were required to learn telepathy so we could speak to our animals to make sure they wouldn’t attack the other animals that were down there. There were extinct species like was said earlier that were literally wandering around free. During the Earth changes that are to take place, the cleansing, what’s going to happen there because obviously they won’t be unscathed in Agartha would they?

OWS: Yes they will because they are in higher vibrations they are very much protected. You see in those higher vibrations/fifth dimension they cannot be effected by any of Earth changes. Not at three-dimensional level. And this is where the Earth changes will occur at the three dimensional level. Gaia is holding a place now for all of you that are still here in this three-dimension but will not hold the place forever here.

And when the three dimension is ready to collapse it will collapse and anyone that is left here in a three-dimensional vibration will collapse with it. It cannot exist, you see. So it behooves you, every one of you, as we are saying change the story, move on, do everything you can to be the ones that are in the waves of ascension. Do not be the ones that are not willing to let go of their denial, let go of their programming, and sit back and let everything happen around them. You must take control here.
Q: Is there anything else outside of consciousness?

OWS: There is only consciousness. There is only consciousness and no consciousness. There is only either or. Manifest and unmanifest.

Q: So if there’s nothing [audible] and everything is consciousness then anything external [inaudible] so war, ongoing war, somebody’s consciousness created that war.

OWS: Yes, but as a collective consciousness you have created these things.

Q: But if I wanted to go fight a battle I’d have to have the consciousness to go fight that battle. If I don’t want to fight a battle and I had the consciousness to have peace, the battle won’t exist for me.

OWS: Won’t exist for you. Yes, that is correct.

Q: So I’m not fighting a battle.

OWS: Do your inner work, yes. [Q: I’m not going to fight.] But you do not understand here. We are not talking about going to war with the cabal. Please understand that. We are speaking about battling the forces within you, those things which hold you back, that programming, that ego center that is trying to hold on with everything it can. This is the battle we are speaking of.

Now in that battle as you continue to wage that battle within yourself, then the battle outside of yourself will begin to take over in terms of everything will come into place here. If you aren’t winning the war within yourself and everyone else is, then there will be no more place for those who are wanting to stay in their ego state, and therefore the vibrations will increase and the frequency will increase, the Schumann Resonance will increase, and so on and so on. And eventually it will come to a point where the Galactic Central Sun will send that pulse and everything will shift in that moment. And when everything shifts it will begin the process that we have been speaking of where those who are not wanting to go along or are afraid to and cannot let go of those programmings, then they will be accommodated in other ways.

Q: I don’t see how we can be at war with ourselves so really I would think we’re just surrendering the things that are no longer serving us.

OWS: That is correct. Surrender to the Source within you. “Not my will Father but Thine will be done”. This is what Yeshua said, did he not. He gave Himself over to Source especially when he knew what was coming. He could not have done it on his own. He gave it over to Source to take Him through the process that he needed to go through. Can you do that? Can you surrender? [Yes] Then do it!


Q: I wanted to just clarify when I said demons that was a poor choice of words. What I was talking about so for you guys if you want to reach out and know, was exactly that. Like taking the pieces of your ego or your identity out of the picture and out of the picture and out of the picture.

OWS: Yes we understand. Very much better, just do not use the term demons any more.
We need to release channel here now. There are people here that need to get on the road and they have long drive so we release and just say here that everything is going according to plan. You are going according to plan. Everything is being orchestrated. You are part of that orchestration. In fact you are that orchestration.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated
“Believing is seeing!”

17.04.22 – “The New Song Is Where You Are Going” – Guardian, One Who Serves

listen | mp3 | pdf

“Guardian of New Music of the Realms” & “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on May 22, 2016)

“The Guardian of New Music”
It has been a while since I visited you. We are not ones to visit frequently. We are not ones who drop in for a message here and there. We are ones who bring great messages.

As “Guardian of the New Song” I am the One who creates the rhythm for all the worlds. The One who brings a song to every stage of development. To the Galaxy or the Solar System as it is felt with the New Song. Have you heard the New Song? You can hear it in the sound of your forests. You can hear it in your oceans.

You can hear it in the sound of angels as they visit the planet and sing their songs to you. They are connected. They know the New Song. The New Song is not connected to your past. It is where you are going. It carries a tune for you to walk. Yes. A tune for you to walk. You will be able to see the notes to this song. Follow it forward. All of those things that you expect to see changed, they are happening. All is following the New Song.

We, of the Guardians, have been close to you in this group. We have been assisting in ways we have been asked. And we have also been elsewhere. It has been my job, in particular, to share with you today. When you see the New Golden Age, know that it’s rhythm has been delivered by me. This is the path you are walking now.

Move into your hearts to hear this New Song and respond. Tune into the wave that is soon to be full of love for that is where you are going. The frequency you seek is within the New Song. All of these things are glorious and wonderful. I am especially glad to bring you this message today. It is time for the New Song.

Thank you for this time. You are all doing brilliantly. As you share along your path you are sharing what you are. You are glorious.

Greetings to you. We are here to help with your questions in any way we can but before we do we wish to share something briefly. We would like to address your earlier discussion of raising your vibrations.

All that you said was very accurate. Doing things to help another. To brighten another’s day. To assist one another in any way you can. Yes, that definitely increases your vibration but you can also walk in nature, find yourself in nature and find the beauty all around you. Not only in nature but see the beauty, feel the beauty and know that everything is wonderful.
Know that you are in the highest level you can be in at any given moment. When you are in that space, you are in the higher vibrations. When you are in the higher vibrations, as James said, nothing can harm you, nothing can take you out of those vibrations unless you allow it to.

We speak in terms of those chemtrails. All of these things are not even there unless you believe they are there. If you see them there, do whatever you can to make them go away. They are not even real. Please note this. There are those who will not even see them because they are unaware. They believe they are contrails and all of this.

And then there are those who will look at the skies and become all upset. They feed the energies that are a part of this. They continue to feed the Cabal their energy. Then there are those who look beyond them and see the sunlight shining through see the beautiful, puffy clouds, and those not made by the chemtrails and so on.

But please understand, and Zorra has made this very clear as well, do not have any fear about these chemtrails because when you are at the higher vibrations they cannot harm you at all. They can only harm those that believe they can be harmed by them.

Understand that the goal here is to reach neutrality. Be, whenever you can, Be in a neutral state. Know that everything is happening for a reason and that you are in the NOW moment. Just simply be in that Now moment and as you are in a neutral state, that is certainly where you want to be. OK?

We move to questions now. Do you have questions for “OWS” and “Ashira”?

Question: I am excited because I just got a new piano and I sat down and played something amazing. St. Germain told me the other day that I would be bringing in the new music. Is this what I was playing? I heard this New Song as I allowed the music to play through me.

We are so happy that you are allowing yourself to pick up on the music of the spheres. To pick up on the new songs that are waiting for those to hear. To pick up and play on the piano. You do not need lessons to learn how to play because you are tuned to the word. You are tuned to the vastness of the spheres of music that are available to you. All of these will be coming to you over the next months. Get ready! You have a lot of wonderful music to make.

Question: I had an experience of a diamond forming during the group meditation and the diamond encouraging me to follow. Now I know I don’t really go anywhere but I saw many, many others too. Can you explain my meditation to me?

First, you said you know that you don’t go anywhere but we would say that is not accurate. You are certainly going places. Not within your 3D world but places within your consciousness. You are always moving within your consciousness so whenever you do these experiences, these guided meditations and meditative experiences, you are truly having these experiences. They are real. They are not a figment of your imagination. They are image-in and we wish you to understand this.

As to your particular experience with the diamond, you are having at a different level of the Merkaba experience. You are experiencing movement within it. This is your moving within your Light Body to experience your multidimensional self. You can move through dimensions here. You are having experience in working with this type of vehicle, you might say. Does this make sense to you?

Question: I have 2 questions. First question: I bless animals that are killed by the side of the road and I am transported to a place where we greet one another. Will I see these animals again?

All of these plus new creatures that you have never seen are all part of the greater one-ness that is of this world. These are your sisters and brothers and you will see them as you move down your road. You will not only see those you choose to see in the future but so much more.

Question: Many times I look at the clouds I see faces and people in the clouds. Beautiful men, women and children. Have they passed on?

This is the moving into the higher vibrations that we speak about. You are experiencing the glimpses through the veil as we say many times. As you look at the clouds and see the beauty in the clouds. When you do this you will be aware of things you were not aware of before. It is whatever it is to you in that moment. Do not be concerned about what it means because it is sent to you as a whole understanding here. Not the exact shape but as a whole here. Do you understand?

Question: If we make a choice to love or accept, does that mean that all of ourselves are affected by that choice?

Yes. This is what you speak of when you talk about the quantum theories. It is that one is accepted by all the others. So when you do something you not only affect the multidimensional YOU but all selves around you. Eventually you affect the entire solar system, the entire galaxy, the entire universe.

This is an idea that is spreading now, more and more, into an awareness of consciousness and how all consciousness is one. When we say over and over, Be the One, this is what we are speaking of. Being the ONE source. Being the ONE consciousness and knowing that you are in action with all the other ONE consciousnesses. See?

Question: I have two questions. First, how can I protect myself and handle reactionary people at work who can shut me down? And second, is the Third Wave going to be able to open the rest of the people who are still in their reactionary states?

Many people who are working outside of their home in a work environment such as yourself deal daily with all of those things you have described. They wonder how can they plan to deal with others who have such rampant emotions. What can you do?

First, is to be strong. Gird yourself with your own protection. Spread that golden white light around yourself. Take that sword of Archangel Michael and cut off those who might move into your space. Use the ultraviolet light on others. All of these are tools that we have given you. You may not thin that they are valid because you cannot see them but they are so strong. They can make such a difference. Gird yourself as you go into your day. Know that you are in control of those around you. In neutrality you do not care how they act. It is not going to affect you. You look forward every day until one day you will see that your workplace has been transformed. Your workplace has now been filled with light and love. Take it easy.

Your other question. We know that you have heard about those who do not make the changes are going elsewhere. As we say, week in and week out, do not worry about that. The human family made a stand. You are going together. It is only in extreme circumstances where other changes have had to be made. The family is going together whether they are on the first bump, the second bump or the third one. Everyone is moving forward. It is not for you to be concerned about. Say to yourself, everyone is moving forward.

Yes. And the Third Wave, as you have spoken of, is coming. You have gone through the First and the Second and have moved up in vibration through each one. Higher in frequency throughout the entire planet. It may not look like that but “believing is seeing” here. Know that frequencies are rising across the planet. You say that you are coming in touch with others who are awakened in very different circumstances than you might think. They are having experiences. They are coming aware. It is because of the waves of energies coming through.

Assisting entire mankind here. And the Third Wave will have a major effect on those who have not yet come into awareness. You will see more become awakened. Not so much to the degree you might want but that is a judgment on your part. Certainly you want to remain neutral as much as possible and unattached. Everything will take care of itself.

You will move into this new golden age and have the experiences you have created for yourself. They will be wonderful experiences. OK?

Question: Are the new chakras we have coming on line, portals?

They are portals but they are also connections to your physical bodies. They have connections to your glands and the energetic connections that are available there. They are much more than this. They also hold you memory programming there. And all of this.

But as we move you through the guided meditations here we are moving you up through your lower chakras into your higher centers here. You also receive the downloads for your DNA. This is all helping to raise your vibrations into your higher chakras so you will be ready for the next changes that are coming here.

We are ready to release channel here. Before we do though we would ask that if you are interested in participating this weekend in the Advance, let James know. It is important that if you can do this, you do it.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

I am “Ashira”. Thank you for your time today. Yes, you can tell that much, much planning as gone into this weekend for the Advance. “OWS” does not miss a beat. He wants you to be involved if you can. We appreciate the technology nowadays that allows this to happen.

Speaking about technology today. About technology that seems to be at a drop of a hat to be in your lap. Part of that is that it needs to function in the 4th and 5th dimension. We know that there is so much going on to work in the 3rd dimension. We know that there are thousands, no millions across the planet that are no longer there.

So, as you accept the new technology as it becomes available, it will come to you without expense. It will come to you to place in areas that will benefit all. Think about this when you are considering investment’s time and place. Consider that this may not be the right moment for you. Waiting another moment will give you time that will mean very much.

We are glad to share with you today that love is blooming across this planet. The frequency is raising. The “Guardian” shared her New Song with you. Everything is new. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you smell it? Do not try to feel these things. Simply walk outside in the morning and feel it in the air, see it in the air. See it in the people you come in contact with.

Love is breaking out across the world. Anything that would distract you from that act is not valid for you at this time. Do not be turned by things that will frighten you. Do not be turned by questions that can take you down a dark path. Stay in the light that you are in this room at this moment. Stay in the light that you are, as a being.

We give you our blessings and our love today. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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Introduction to Lorelei’s “12 STEPS TO RISE ABOVE & SOAR” (Lorelei Fenton)

Hello My Human-Angel Brothers & Sisters.

My name is Lorelei Fenton and I want to introduce you my 12 Steps to RISE ABOVE & SOAR. These steps come from my own journey through a myriad of life traumas and much study and work, whereby I finally came back to self-love, and love of life. (If you so desire, you can see my full credentials on LinkedIn below.)

“Rise Above and Soar” is designed to assist all of us to rise out of the lower energies (also know as frequencies or vibrations) of fear, suffering, deprivation, sadness, depression, anger, violence, revenge, jealousy, judgment and the like and to have us soaring in the higher energies of love, light, joy, fun, play, ease, one-ness, brotherhood, bliss, and yes even what might be termed as ecstasy. (Consider that physical sexuality is only ONE of several modalities through which you can feel ecstasy. How cool is that?!)   

As a start,  I am offering 12 steps (not related to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous) each with a myriad of tools and referrals. These are concrete resources, steps, and tools to “Rise Above and Soar” over whatever does not work in your life. Some of the tools are completely free and the outside referrals do not profit me. I offer such recommendations out of love and light, in the spirit of support and brotherhood for your journey.  

So what does it mean to “Rise Above & Soar”?  

For those of us who are ‘thinkers’ like me, here is a bit of science. All energies come in frequencies. We dial into a particular frequency much as we dial into a radio station. The lower energy “radio stations” don’t make for a very happy life or existence. The higher energy stations, so to speak, make for a luscious, delicious, delightful life and existence. In such frequencies we are literally Soaring with all of those wonderful energies.  

Meanwhile, the “quantum” nature of reality is such that when we feel good, more and more good things happen to us. And vice versa. I would hazard a guess that this is why Jesus said (to paraphrase) “those who have will be given even more and those who don’t have will have even what they have taken from them.” He was very likely warning us about this natural law of the physical universe (similar to Karmic Law) known as the law of attraction. Said another way, like attracts like.   

Here is a synopsis of how and why this law works…

When any one of us has “more”, we feel great and exude a higher ‘vibration’. We are having fun, playful, at ease, loving, smiling, happy. This energy is delightful. Happy people come around us like we are a magnet. Happy people often live in abundance, so prosperity comes around too. And this feeling draws more and more of all of that good stuff to us by this physical law of the universe.   

Conversely when any one of us has “less” we may find ourselves in fear mode. We  often feel lousy, and exude a lower vibration. This energy is likewise magnetic for more and more yucky feelings. Happy people avoid us. Miserable people are attracted to us and they can find a partner in complaint and  misery. In this energy more and more bad things happen to us.   

I would surmise that this is also why Jesus advised us to “Turn the other cheek.” Because we don’t want to send out vengeful energy and have it bounce back to us. It is likely also why he said to “be like the birds in the trees and the flowers in the fields.” Because feeling at ease, supported and comfortable will bring what we want right to us.   

This is Quantum Physics, by the way, where it is ever more understood that the very smallest particles of matter, things called Quarks, are affected by human thought. When we think something, that thinking affects the movement of the very particles which comprise all matter. So we can begin to see that our individual and collective thoughts create our world.  

But there are many, many ways to interact with our own minds and keep from going into any lower vibrations(feelings) and to avoid moving those quarks where we don’t want them. Also there are many ways to pull ourselves strongly into the higher vibrations of love, light and so forth on a regular basis.   As we move together more and more frequently into the higher vibrations, we literally create that which Jesus spoke of, the Heaven on Earth, and the end of all misery, hatred and suffering. Eventually the lion will lay down with the lamb, so to speak. This is a natural outcome because over time there will be no-one else left living in the lower vibrations. So all of that misery will simply go away.  

People in the Metaphysical Science World speak of this change as the “Ascension”. And some scientists are now concurring that we and the planet may be quite literally moving out of the 3 Dimensional reality and into a 5 Dimensional one.   

So what would the other dimensionality bring us?   

It is now understood that we will begin to have full use of our 12 strands of DNA, which relate also to our emerging 12 chakra system. (We are now becoming aware of 12 major chakras, as opposed to just 7.) There is a lot more science I could go into, but I will save that in depth conversation for one of my other 12 steps. Suffice it to say that in a 5 dimensional reality everyone will be living in love, light, joy, abundance, etc. etc, all day, every day. There will be no lower frequencies, so hence no suffering, pain, or hardship. And you will have amazing, seemingly magical abilities. Yes, even the same kinds of abilities which Jesus had.

I know this might be confronting, or it might sound like gobbledy-gook to some of you right now, so let’s come back down to earth… I once worked with a person who had not asked a woman out for 30+ years. This was clearly an area where he was NOT enjoying life, and had absolutely no freedom, joy, or play. After working with me for 4 hours, he got on the phone and began dating again. He came to life, so to speak, in that area. He has not stopped since. The idea is for each of us to live life in fun, play, ease, joy, freedom, abundance, peace, love, and the like. When we are living in that place, if and when the earth moves to 5 D, we are each bound to go as well. But living in that place is its own reward. So living there is our target, or goal, so to speak.

So I am about to give all the tools any of you could need to live in those upper frequencies, and to fall madly in love with life, and with yourselves. I will do this in 12 steps, over the coming 12-16 weeks. When I am done I intend to start again and give you more tools. I know a lot of excellent tools, so get ready. 🙂

So who am I, by the way?  And what skills, talents, and expertise do I bring to this whole conversation? First I will say I have  a Masters Degree in Education. In addition I have decades of training in what blocks human beings emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This includes intensive study of the many methods whereby we can come back to a state of feel-good energy, and to love of the self, others, and of life. I have helped lots of people to do this through the decades.

But these standard credentials take a back seat to what I have actually overcome and transformed in my own personal life. As a child victim of ritual abuse (outside of my family) I overcame and completely erased PTSD, and the accompanying dis-associative personality traits. In this process I literally rebuilt my own fractured ‘identity’, piece by laborious piece. As I was in this process I also faced and overcame the experience of loving an alcoholic, a heart-breaking divorce, emerging memories of extreme childhood abuses and female violation, financial destitution as a single mom, and the subsequent loss of my children in their teen years due to money struggles. Through it all I faced judgment all around me for all that I did, and all that I did not do. Each time I got deeper levels of how to come back to self-love, love for life, and the feel-good energies.

I tell you all of this so that you know… whatever you have been through or experienced, I understand. I can relate to it. In the final analysis of my story, my children emerged as strong, capable, confident, and healthy in body, mind, and spirit. I emerged as consistently joyful, playful, and at ease, with a song in my heart and a dance in my step.  

If you want this same experience of life, jump on board and make use of the tools I am about to present to you.   Begin your journey with these two marvelous resources…

1.Diana Cooper- “Awaken Your 12 Chakra” Guided Meditation            

If you have done Chakra work already or if you are open to a HUGELY powerful experience, you may also do this Diana Cooper/Tim Whilde exercise. Be prepared. It is not for the faint of heart.

Extremely Powerful Chakra Meditation

2.Video “Ascension of the Earth”                    

This video is truly amazing, and profoundly inspirational.

Next week I will send the first of my 12 steps. I will add one more every 1-2 weeks starting April 2017. I will also keep all of my steps to date on my facebook site “Rise Above and Soar”, and on LinkedIn, “Lorelei Fenton.”

Remember that the first rule of this journey is…  


Please proceed to “How to Use These 12 Steps” when you are ready.

Many blessings to you all,
Lorelei Fenton

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lease watch my “Rise Above Song” and, if you have the means, assist me in getting the word out about how EVERYONE can Rise Above & Soar at my gofundme page. I greatly appreciate your generous assistance.

What is Compression Breakthrough – The Event? Part Two of Two

What is Compression Breakthrough – The Event? Part Two adidas nmd r1 pas cher of Two

Becoming True Sovereign Beings

New insights come as we move forward in our attempt to learn to love unconditionally. Some of these insights are hard to digest when we come to a realisation that we have been holding onto some negative way of being/thinking, but have been absolutely unaware of it due to it being a normal way of existing / surviving as children. I personally learned that the only way to survive was to keep quiet about all feelings, be helpful at all times and even more so when being unjustly blamed for things/incidents that occurred. This led to my thinking negatively about the person in question and never daring to express those feelings for risk of more punishment. The consequence of this is that when people seem to be expressing unusually strong emotional reactions to something my emotional body is recalling these earlier situations and the negative thought reactions like “this person is stupid, or this person is crazy, or this person is unpredictable, or this person needs therapy” and so on. I recall the name of a book with the title ‘you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought’ and by golly is this a tall order to follow.  However, this ‘tall order’, this ideal of being, is exactly where we are heading. Cobra was once asked how we should control our thoughts. I recall him saying that we should not control our thoughts, we have to allow them. However, when we become aware that we are sometimes thinking negatively about someone close to us while never expressing this openly we must realise that these thoughts are felt by the other person on some level and Comprar Calzoncillos Calvin Klein will infect the relationship until we change those thoughts by communicating in a better way with the person in question.
Like Saint Germain said recently while discussing the Fulfilment of the Mothers Plan (which he points out is ‘no pie in the sky’ but very real), the time of Ascension, “we are transmuting, letting go of, healing, our burdens, wounds, belief systems, everything that has hurt us.” As we can feel rather unhappy with ourselves when we discover that we have been holding onto negative thoughts on some level we need acceptance and unconditional love for ourselves too.
Saint Germain goes on to explain that when these old issues calzoncillos calvin klein baratos surface that these are things that have not been addressed or seen to. He says “there is no need for drama, there is no need for disassociation. We need ACCEPTANCE – because in acceptance we enter the flow”. He reminded us that at Christmas time we were advised by the Co. of Heaven to be in “willingness and forgiveness, however when we are in acceptance we bring forth our alignment with our divine will. Be in your sacred willingness and simply accept and allow this unfoldment”.
We will be faced with the need to forgive everyone at some point and this is a recent article I compiled where Saint Germain says ‘We Need a Passion for Compassion.’
In the end we come to know and understand that every single soul we know is acting according to the earlier experiences and programming of one kind or another that they have encountered and of course this includes all of these souls’ earlier incarnations too.
If you sincerely hear a calling to try to forgive everyone then this will benefit a quicker transition to a new calm, loving, peaceful existence on Nova Gaia. Like one reader commented after the above linked article “yes for me forgiveness is the key, for only those who have felt pain in anyway are capable of hurting another”.
……So imagine now this day! Imagine when this Veil of darkness and complete control is fully removed. Then there will be no hinder for the healing Light of pure Love Energy – Tachyon energy to reach every single being on this planet. Suddenly everyone will be experiencing to some degree what my colleague Nova experienced in the Tachyon chamber in Mercantile Creek! Now do you understand why soldiers all around the globe will simply lay down their weapons never to use them again.  Suddenly a blanket of LOVE energy is all around us.
The Removal of the Veil ~ How The Event Will Change Everything Immediately
On February 3rd this year I wrote an article with the above title and this introduction;
How could all of the madness and chaos that pervades our lives in a never ending myriad of ways suddenly go away / dissolve overnight? Even among Lightworkers I would imagine that the majority have great difficulty in getting their heads around an understanding of how this will take place. It is with this in mind that I attempt to combine some information that will hopefully help everyone who so desires to have a greater understanding of how The Event will involve radical change on Gaia from one day to the next.”

Reset Imminent + Prepare for Change

The following words were written by our colleague Untwine in February 2016 as an introduction to the video ‘Reset Imminent’ “None of us are claiming that the Reset, Disclosure and Event will happen for sure in the next few days, weeks or months. It may or may not. The main purpose of this video is to have all the core information easily available in a concise way, to be shared at the moment of the Event to the unawakened population. By publishing it now, it can circulate and we can make sure everybody has it ready for when the time comes. This also allows for more people to be aware and ready before the time comes. Of course we are all sick of delays, including Light forces not on the surface of this planet who go and confront very dark things regularly. Yet, to put things into perspective, after many thousands of years of slavery on this planet, even the span of a few years of transition is still ‘imminent’.
I think it should be very clear for everybody by now that we cannot predict the date for the Event. All we can do is make efforts to help any way we can day after day, to create a transition that will be as beautiful, fast and smooth as possible for a full liberation of all creation, because there is simply no other viable choice.
Let our Liberation come!”
This video ‘Reset Imminent’ is available in most languages on the opening page of Prepare for Change. When you open the page and would like to find a translation of this video in your language just roll down to the bottom of the article, choose your language in the list and press ‘GO’. You will also discover that many other articles like the key ‘Main Cobra Articles’ are available in your language on the right hand side of the page.
On this very same first page on PFC you will find the direct link to the Community Leaders Brief available in up to 32 languages by just clicking on the link with this picture. Indeed, there is more than ample information available on PFC about every aspect needed in your being prepared knowledge wise for The Event.

The Event – A Very Strong Emotional & Spiritual Experience

It is of importance for all Lightworkers to understand that the Day of Compression Breakthrough will be a very strong emotional and spiritual experience for the vast majority of people on Gaia. We have been experiencing what has been termed ‘Tsunami Waves of Love Energy’ from Source via allied Light Forces both above and below us. Everyone reading this article will have felt both physical and emotional symptoms of many kinds these past four or five years preparing us for the Big Waves at the time of The Event. Recently on the monthly Cobra interview (March interview) on PFC the following was discussed:
Aaron – Ok, this about The Event. Is the Schumann resonance a useful indicator of our progress and readiness for The Event?
COBRA – No. (OK)
Lynn – Is there an increase or decrease in the Schumann resonance within the last 100 years?
COBRA – The basic Schumann resonance stays the same but there, I would say quite drastic oscillations happening lately.
Lynn – Is the fluctuation a positive thing or a negative thing?
COBRA – It is simply an indication that something quite intense is happening in the plasma and it can be both. What is happening very lately is a positive thing because the light forces are clearing the negative plasma. (OK)

Galactic Wave of love

Lynn – Can you talk about the waves of energy we have received in the middle of December or since the middle of December?
COBRA – There have been waves of energy not just in that time period but in many time periods so it is not those particular time frame. That particular time frame is not extremely significant. I am still waiting for the really significant energy waves coming in the near future. (Ok, thank you)
The very first article on the ‘Introduction’ page on Veritas Galactic Sweden has the title ‘An Emotional Day Approaching at the Speed of Love – Pertinent Information for the Day of The Event’ and aims to prepare people by providing information from Archangel Michael to give some ideas about the emotional reactions that humanity will experience on this day. Here is the link; 
This Event is in NO WAY just a time of arrests of the cabal, closing down of the corrupt financial system, the beginning of the disclosure process etc. and a bit later the landing of our Galactic Families, it is the beginning of the true time of Ascension on Gaia. As you will read in the article there will be several strong waves coming at intervals to support our spiritual development – raising our heart consciousness level and supporting our co-creation of a truly magnificent Garden of Eden here.
That brings to mind another question posed to Cobra on last month’s interview that many people have wondered about………. the same event mentioned in the Bible as the rapture? Can you tell me a little about this Cobra?
COBRA – Actually, Bible has many hints on The Event and the Compression Breakthrough and the Rapture is actually one of the later phases of the Ascension process. (ok, thank you)


On October 6th 2015 Cobra informed us about how the chimera group created a negative barrier at the edge of the solar system, how all ‘sentient beings whatsoever were implanted with plasma implants and tied to Chimera’s AI network (the Veil)’, and how ‘memories of spiritual nature were erased with electronic dissolution of memory (EDOM). Many beings who intended to release intel to the surface population were mind programmed and in many instances false intel and memories were implanted. All channelers were implanted and most of their channelling connections were severely disrupted.’


This update called The Great Forgetting of 1996 also gave us clearly defined recommendations that were necessary if we wanted a smooth transition to our New Atlantis – Nova Gaia as soon as possible – he said The Light forces have communicated to me that an alliance / coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors, working towards the common goal of planetary liberation, and refraining from constant infighting, would need to be formed on the surface of the planet. Such alliance is crucial for the successful compression breakthrough. Dragon forces have communicated that such coalition would serve as a conduit for the energies that will be released at the moment of compression breakthrough to ease the transition.
 If this alliance is not formed, the Light forces have an alternative plan to carry out the compression breakthrough. That second plan is slower, but more secure. Details about that alternative plan will not be released on this blog, I will just say it will not alter much the way an average human will experience the Event.”
I would like to believe that we have in fact succeeded in overcoming our differences and that we have become aware of each person’s or groups unique contributions as being necessary to the whole. We can absolutely reach the goal of a smooth transition at the moment of Compression Breakthrough if we remain impartial in handling our affairs. With proper behavior we know without a shadow of a doubt that we will be supported by the entire Co. of Heaven etc. in our efforts.
If there are people involved in any situation whether it be prior to the Event, during the Event or after the Event that hold onto selfish interests or have separate / divergent goals this will be very sad and unfortunate.
Because this way of thinking will create mistrust and will grind events to a halt. Archangel Michael has given us regular advice regarding cooperation and leadership now and after the transition and links to some articles with that advice can be found at the bottom of this update.

Storm of Disclosure – Compression Breakthrough

As I sit here at my computer writing this article on April 21st 2017 there is a storm brewing outside, the winds are increasing as the hours pass and tomorrow they say that there may be gale warnings issued. Each time I encounter strong windy weather it reminds me of the storm of disclosure that is on the way. I call the winds ‘the winds of change’ because it is very clear to Lightworkers now that nothing can prevent this change taking place.
For nearly a year now many cabal members have been negotiating agreements behind the scenes hoping to survive the planetary liberation intact.
There is simply no way anyone following mainstream media and believing that they are getting ‘news’ can fathom more than 2-3% of what is really going on at this time.
With each day that passes we are more guaranteed a smooth time of transition.
In a Solar System Status update from Cobra in May of 2016 we learned the following about the time / day of Compression Breakthrough;
“The Light forces have built a network of advanced Tachyon chambers and a network of Cintamani stones on all main bodies within the Solar System to create a support field for the Compression Breakthrough. The Compression Breakthrough will be the moment of phase transition for the society on the surface of planet Earth:
Before the Event, a huge wave of energy will pass through these chambers and Cintamani stones and this wave will wash away all remaining darkness and most importantly all remaining plasma anomaly from this Solar System:”
Link to this complete update;
Do you recall these lines from Part One and the update after that EPIC meditation?
Here we learn 10 months later on March 1st 2017  that this has now occurred!
At the moment of the activation, a huge wave of positive plasma swept throughout the solar system and then through the ionosphere, causing the Schumann resonances to explode……
This wave has effectively cleared most negative plasma from the Solar System and the Resistance has communicated that „they can not detect any plasma anomaly beyond the Moon orbit“. Also, all plasma toplet bombs beyond the Moon orbit have been removed.
It means that the „tentacles“ of the Yaldabaoth entity are gone forever and now only the „head“ remains.
Since our activation, healing of the „head“ of the Yaldabaoth entity is proceeding faster than expected…”

David’s Dream

Sometime back in 2011-12 David Wilcock informed us about his dream of the storm of disclosure when he saw many lightning bolts which he interpreted as a time of a release of the truth in the mainstream media.
4 years ago Cobra mentioned this in an update entitled the Event Horizon where he says That will be the moment of the compression breakthrough and this is what David Wilcock saw in his dream of a storm with many lightning bolts. Each of those lightning bolts represents a compression wormhole, which is a hyperdimensional doorway of Light, connecting the surface of the planet with the Light above and below the surface at the moment of the compression breakthrough.
The Event will send strong ripples of Light throughout the spacetime, forwards and even backwards in time. This is why some of you have already received dreams, impressions and visions of the Event.”

Understanding the Effect of SYNTROPHY Helps Us to Understand How Things Will Only get Better with Each Passing Day.

TZ here; Working together is what it’s all about. We work synergistically together best when we each with our unique gifts follow our inner convictions in the NOW to do what we know to be right. We are strongly on our way towards Victory of the Light. This energy is palpable now and visible all around us.
Untwine gives us here a greater understanding for what’s taking place right now in this update from Jan 3rd.  “Syntrophy is an ever-increasing force that can gain momentum very strongly, meaning that small steps taken in its direction can snowball, and one element of syntrophic force can spread syntrohpy into many other elements around it, in other words ‘spread like wildfire’.
To read this informative article from Untwine go here;

The Light Grid on the Surface of Gaia is Almost Complete

The humongous work of restoring the Light Grid Network on Gaia is almost completely finished and it becomes stronger by the hour. Angelic Beings are positioned where each Cintamani stone has been place. We have never ever been so close to Compression Breakthrough as we are now and the dark ones are in panic mode and as we just learned from Cobra they are attacking key Lightworkers. They are doing all that they can to frighten newly awakening readers by spreading vicious lies about Cobra and even the Prepare for Change website. All of us here at PFC have been working idealistically for years to do this work to help support a calm transition. None of this work would have been possible without Cobra’s tireless dedicated work. Yes, imagine if he was just making all of this up and we were all following him blindly? All I can say to you who have doubts is that in each of his RM updates the information has later been proven to be correct and corroborated by events taking place later. I have witnessed this time and time again myself.  Yes, we are all tired and yes it has taken way too long and we have been tested too many times BUT my feeling is that we will be so grateful when the Day finally arrives that the groundwork was so well laid allowing a much safer and calmer transition into Nova Gaia.
These final words were issued by Cobra in a recent PFC interview;
COBRA – I would say that we are living in a very key time in human history right now and we just need to keep pushing, keep manifesting the Victory of the Light for the planet.

Developing at the Perfect Pace

I asked my Guides to give me some final advice on how to end this recap of the various aspects involved in understanding The Event. This is what I was advised to say.
Lightworkers all over Gaia are asked now to operate in good conduct while performing their missions and in this way to elevate the social order. The time points to a carful and natural unfolding of events and even though we have all had enough by now we need to accept that because of or despite the various setbacks and delays a deliberate and slow cultivation of the situation is the path to success and good fortune for the many. We are quite simply so much more ready in every sense of the word because of the time it has taken. Calmness and adaptability along with good natured persistence will see us through.
We need to remember also that everyone involved in wars at this time including those on the dark side are in their own way praying for peace. Everyone is tired of these never ending battles. Mother – Maat desires peace too and it is on its way to us at full speed – the signal will go out from Source – that huge Galactic Wave of Love will soon reach our shores and wash away all of the remnants of the veil and our liberation will be a fact.
Victory to the Light
Therese Zumi
PS: A reminder that Cobra said in the last PFC interview that we CAN have The Event in 2017 if everyone does their mission!
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