Layered Body Healing Protocol
Photonic Nutritional Workshop

Master Teacher: Michael Love

The objective of this operation is to completely detox the layered bodies within 48 hours and infuse the human vessel with a large influx of high vibrational light.
We are going to go through a series of topics regarding what we as Starseeds, vitally need to fuel our human bodies with, so that we may be in proper functioning order to receive our DNA and Data downloads. Just as computers have a certain amount of space for data, so do our bodies. When you have a computer filled with viruses, unnecessary “leftover” data, and that of the such, one must make room for the GOOD programming to be able to be received. We are going to do this program to detox and make room for the fuel for your awakening!

Important facts regarding energetic fuel we put into our human bodies.

. Light is information or data.
. Food contains the same data.
. Your body is a programmable biocomputer.
. The quickest way to recode the system is by using high vibrational food!

Pleiadian light forces have recently advised that it’s critical we detox our layered
bodies to be able to receive the large amounts of gamma light coming in. We must start fueling our bodies properly and in order to hold the light in our bodies, we must be in functioning order.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) GMO’s are put in fast food to make you
crave more low vibrating foods. (a.k.a. 3D terminology “JUNK FOOD”) Laboratory created food.
(processed foods, foods loaded with preservatives).

Toxic Foods
The first list we are going to go over is “lower vibrational” or toxic foods. These foods provide no sustainable energy in the body and cause certain “dis-ease” in our cells.
The toxins and poisons in these foods are not publicly disclosed to the citizens of planet Earth.

● Meat
● Animal Milk/Dairy
● No Animal Byproducts
● Sugar (Primary Fuel for Cancer)
● White Flour
● Processed Food/Preservatives
● Wheat/Gluten
● Alcohol (Allows Archon entry)
● Synthetic Drugs (Allows Archon entry)
● Table Salt (Contains salt, sand, and glass)

List of High-VibrationalSuperfoods

This next list consists of the important energetic, high vibrating fuel we need to fill our bodies with to successfully ascend and complete our missions here on Earth at this time.

● Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
● Zucchini
● Bell Pepper
● Onion
● Garlic
● Red Wine Vinegar
● Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

● Lemon
● Quinoa
● Chia Seeds
● Almond Milk
● Coconut Oil
● Extra Virgin Olive Oil
● Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
● Nuts/Seeds
● Organic fresh herbs & spices
● Organic Flaxseed
● Organic Flaxseed Oil
● Natural Sweeteners
● Whole Grains
● Oats
● Plant Based Superfood Powder
● Apples
● Ionized Alkaline Water
● Lemon Water
● Veggie Stir Fry Recipe Below) with Topping/Dressing
● Plant Based Superfood Protein Shake
● Chlorella
● Spirulina
● 12 Cell Salts

Instructions and notes before you get started:

Everything on list must be organic or homegrown.
Read labels CAREFULLY.
Do not overcook food! Even the best of the best homegrown, high-vibrating foods, can be stripped of their nutritional value if overcooked.
Duration/Time Frame for this Pleiadian Detox: SEVEN DAYS .
This program is made to completely detox your human body vessel with the first 48 hours.

Important to know:
Detoxing is not always a pleasant experience because the body can become strongly addicted to unhealthy 3D foods and substances that one may have ingested for a long duration, even if they are toxic and poison.
A brief, temporary period of energetic purging is normal when detoxing the layered body system.

You will feel so much better and be vibrating HIGHER, after detoxing, that you may wish to keep going!

Photonic Meal Plan

Recipes included.
● Breakfast- Plant Based Protein Shake
● Lunch – Salads with topping
● Dinner – Veggie Stir Fry


Protein Shake
Into a blender, add:
● 1 cup fresh berries (any you recommend that is the best? You know they’ll ask)
● 1⁄2 cup of ice cubes (made with purified water!)
● 2 cups of Almond Milk
● 1 scoop of Plant-Based Organic Protein Superfood Powder
● 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed
● 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil
● You may add Pecans, Walnuts or other nuts.
Vanilla Almond Milk and Vanilla Plant-Based Organic Protein Superfood Powder, used in this recipe, tastes the best.
Blend, pour, drink and ENJOY!


Veggie Stir Fry
2 Zucchini (sliced)
1 Bell Pepper (chopped)
1 Onion (chopped)
4 cloves of Garlic (chopped)
Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to a non-teflon Wok or skillet.
Cook veggies until they become slightly translucent.
*VITAL! DO NOT OVERCOOK VEGGIES! (Overcooking kills live food and will reduce
the nutritional value to near zero.)

Quinoa seed base for above prepared vegetables
While veggies are cooking, add 1 cup of Quinoa and 2 cups of water into a pot. Boil
together until ALL water has evaporated. Watch closely at the end so that the Quinoa does not burn as the water evaporates!

*Dressing (for this supercharged, high vibing meal!)
Add ingredients in this order in a glass bowl.
● 1⁄2 cup Red Wine Vinegar
● 1Teaspoon of Himalayan Sea Salt
● Juice from 2 squeezed Lemons
● 1 clove of finely chopped Garlic
● 1 cup of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Pour mixture into a glass dressing bottle using a medium/large funnel.

*Note regarding this dressing: These combined ingredients create a powerful atomic chemical reaction that does most of the detoxification in this program.

Vital Beverage
Lemon, Cucumber and Mint Water

To 1 gallon of purified water, add the following:
1⁄2 Cucumber, sliced
2 Lemons, sliced
10-12 Mint Leaves
A Dash of Pink Himilayan Crystal Salt
Mix and let steep overnight. Pour over ice the next morning and ENJOY!
Drink with every meal and drink one glass between meals.

This Pleiadian Natural Energy Fuel instantly akalizes the body preventing all disease and sickness! The cells of the Human-Bio-Vessel operates like batteries that use electromagnetic energy! Lemons and natural crystal salt provide the primary and perfect energetic, electrical charge for optimum cellular efficiency!

The Pleiadians have suggested that it is critical that you begin today ingesting only natural energetic food!
We promise you will feel much better all the pains, aches disease and illnesses will
subside and disappear if you follow this regimen as part of your spiritual inner work program. Keep in mind this is only one part of the energetic clearing process and clearing other low vibrational energy out of your body such as trauma and connections to low-vibrational entities is also important.

If you need further assistance send an email to the address below.
Direct any questions or comments to:

Michael Love
The Pleiadians

The information provided here is not intended to replace matrix medical advice. No liability is assumed by the author or related entities. As with anything, use intelligence. It is our belief that natural plant-based energetic food substance promotes healing of any type of disease or illness in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Copyright 2019, 5D Earth Project. All rights reserved.

Cure of Shingles

“Take the Vitamin C with any kind of juice and the other big help is some sodium bicarbonate to keep your ph alkaline. These viruses are common to the lymph system and are always there. When the system gets acidic instead of alkaline, these little devils wake up and so you would have to take some every day. The best way to ingest sodium bicarbonate is by using this great product (instead of Arm & Hammer) called “ph Adjust”: ( Just remember no viruses can exist or live, in a highly oxygenated or alkaline environment ). Follow the results on the ‘ph strips’ for the ‘ph adjust’ and keep your ph alkaline. Taking ‘Ph Adjust’ on an empty stomach won’t compete with stomach acid doing its digesting …… Woody

I, Orv used to sell and still take “OXY-OxC” a specially bonded magnesium peroxide product that when taken on a regular basis will highly oxygenate one’s body with O3( A highly concentrated form of oxygen ), where no kancer, aids, viruses, or flus can live in a highly oxygenated environment. This product also cleans out any impacted fecal matter on one’s colon walls. When the vitamin C mixs with the magnesium peroxide and the air in your stomach, it releases a highly concentrated form of oxygen gas called: ‘O3’. I highly recommend this product also. The Pleiadians said that, “If you keep your colon clean you will live forever. Get the shit out!” They liked this product. This a wonderful toxin flush! Below is an Mp3 on The Pleiadian’s feeling about “OXY-OxC”:

Valuable Nutritional Information For Diabetics 1 & 2 And For HEART/BLOOD Related Issues, Cancer & More!

by Nancy B. Detweiler

and MEG DAVIS, Nutritionist & Acupuncturist


 (We miss you sister Meg, we honor you, and can’t wait to hear you again! )

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Click on link below to take to to tipi in document):


0.  Link to Live Blog Talk Radio Nutrition Discussion

1. Statement about Ascension and protein requirements

2. Link to carb counting website

3. Recommended carbohydrate levels for optimal health

4. List of Food in Carbohydrate category

5. Short “You Tube” videos explaining blood sugar connection with diseases (highly recommend!)

6. Best food article I’ve ever read

7. Great read and print article for family and friends to explain blood sugar

8. List of vegan protein sources

9. Westin A. Price website mentioned by Michelle on Sunday’s call – whole food resource

10. Terrific cookbook on whole food nutrition, almost like a textbook

11. Basics of “What the heck do I eat” PDF

12. Favorite recipe website

13. Kitchen appliance MUST for quick and easy meals

14. Juicing

15. Revamped food pyramid – we can add to this and make it better

16. Best greens to eat

17. Stages of Blood Sugar Imbalances (associated symptoms listing

0. Link to Live Blog Talk Radio Nutrition Discussion:

1. Statement about Ascension and protein requirements: *** One thing to remember about Ascension and shifting nutrition recommendations is that the more crystalline-based our DNA becomes, the less protein we require. Protein breaks down into amino acids which are the building blocks for the carbon-based DNA structure. So donʼt worry so much about getting enough protein, there is plenty of protein in the plants you eat, nuts & seeds, quinoa, and le- gumes. You might require more protein if you are doing alot of exercising, weight-training and athletics. (see below – vegan protein sources)***

2. Link to carb counting website:  How many grams of carb in foods:


3. Recommended carbohydrate levels for optimal health:

0-50 grams – rapid weight loss
51-80 grams – slower weight loss
81 – 150 grams – maintenance (the more exercise you do, the more carbs will burn)

*** less exercise – 81 – 100 grams

*** more exercise – 101 – 150 grams

150 – 300 grams – high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, immune problems, pre-diabetes, heart disease
300+ grams – TROUBLE!!! diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity

4. List of Food in Carbohydrate category: *** use in moderation ***

Bread (Use Ezekial is a must)
Snack/Breakfast Bars
Oatmeal (use quinoa instead)
Baked Goods
Pastries (quinoa pasta available)

Fruit ***
Fruit Juices (different than juicing)
Fruit Smoothies (green smoothies with some fruit OK)
Sodas (Kumbucha Tea OK)
Energy Drinks
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Agave Nectar, Honey ***
Rice (wild rice OK, brown rice occasionally)
Potatoes, Yams (use sweet potatoes and butternut squash)
Legumes *** (lentils and mung beans are the favorites)

5. Short “You Tube” videos explaining blood sugar connection with diseases (highly rec- ommend!) Merritt Wellness you tube videos: Great explanation about blood sugar:





6. Best food article I’ve ever read: Long, but worth every minute. “What if It’s All Been a Big, Fat Lie?” Gary Taubes, New York Times 2002 –

7. Great read and print article for family and friends to explain blood sugar : “The Defi nitive Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar & Type II Diabetes” Great article to print for friends and family.

8. List of vegan protein sources:

9. Westin A. Price website mentioned by Michelle on Sunday’s call – whole food resource during Q & A Great nutrition website ***Recommends meat, so substitute***

10. Terrific cookbook on whole food nutrition, almost like a textbook: “Nourishing Traditions”, Sally Fallon ** ** great for fermented food recipes for good intestinal bacteria and enzymes

11. Basics of “What the heck do I eat” PDF – les/phase2dietwithexplanation.pdf

This is general, but a great start. Add to this list with your own favorites, juicing, sprout ing, supplements, good water source, etc. Don’t worry about calories. If you eat good fats, your hunger will balance easily. Remember breakfast as a big meal.

Chinese proverb: Eat like a King at breakfast, Prince (worker) at Lunch and Pauper at dinner.”

12. Favorite recipe website: (most popular recipe app in the world 🙂 Just type in vegan or vegetarian and you will gets LOADS of recipes

13. Kitchen appliance MUST for quick and easy meals – *** *** I do ALL my veggies in this and makes a ton of extra for decreased cooking time, and leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day. Freezer to table in 30 minutes or so. Also cooks my quinoa in 30 minutes perfect every time. And I can forget about it and it turns off when Iʼm distracted on

14. Juicing : I am not a juice expert – but the HFATG (James Evans on Facebook) has A LOT of juicing experiemce. So make yourselves known to the group so members can ask questions.

15. Revamped food pyramid – we can add to this and make it better : Food Pyramids are mar- keting tools, with heavy infl uence of the very powerful industries producing sugar, meat, dairy and grains. Here is my attempt at one for healthy blood sugar levels.

Bad Fats and Red Wine

Herbs, Spices, Superfood Greens

Fruit and Healthy Fats

(nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado)

Quinoa, Legumes, Brown Rice and Whole Grains (Eggs)

TONS of fresh, organic vegetables – eating mostly green and above ground

16. Best greens to eat:

. Spirulina – 3 times the protein of steak!!!

. Wheat Grass – Highly alkalizing and promotes healthy blood

. Barley Grass – 11 times more calcium than cowʼs milk

. Chlorella – rich in B-vitamins and helps hardened arteries

. Wild blue-green algae – first form of life on Earth, high protein, B-vitamins, brain function and immune system booster.

. Parsley – bones, kidneys, bladder, immune system

17. Stages of Blood Sugar Imbalances (associated symptoms listing):

Initial Stage: Blood Sugar Imbalance Shaky/Irritable Without Food ,Abdominal Weight Gain Sugar/Carb Cravings, difficulty losing weight, fatigue, gas/bloating, feel better after eating, tired in Afternoon, difficulty concentrating, poor focus reflux, sour stomach/nausea, crave a small “Sweet” after meals, blurry vision, sleepy after meals.

Second Stage: Reactive Hypoglycemia

Above Symptoms Worse and/or Plus: Overall Fatigue Waking Up At Night/Insomnia History of Skipping Meals History of Sugar/Carb Intake History of High Stress History of High Trans-Fatty Acids/Eating Out/Junk Food

Third Stage: Insulin Resistance

Above Symptoms Worse and/or Plus: Mental Fogginess and Fatigue Thinning Hair in Women Depression Intestinal Gas/Bloating Abdominal Weight Gain Increased Blood Pressure Increased Triglycerides Hormone Issues (PCOS-Infertility) Auto-Immune Disorders Allergies/Food Sensitivites

Fourth Stage: Metabolic Syndrome (defined as the presence of 3 of the following )

– Waist Circumference: Men – 40 inches or more Women – 35 inches or more – Low HDL Cholesterol: Men – less than 40mg/dl Women – less than 50mg/dl – Fasting Blood Triglycerides greater than 150mg/dl – Blood Pressure greater than 130/85mm/Hg – Fasting Glucose greater than 100mg/dl

Fifth Stage: Diabetes (Western Medical Diagnosis)

Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) – Result of greater than 125mg/dl Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) – 200mg/dl or above