Prime Creator: Final Phase

Oct 1, 2020 | Channeled by Erena Velazquez

I am Prime Creator, 

You call me different names your Father, Creator, Source and your God. I am here today to deliver this message to humanity, that we The Galactic Federation with Ashtar in Command and me as Prime Creator, we are starting The Final Phase of Ascension on Earth. 

Our crew, all of the fleet and ships are ready to finish this mission, which was started a long time ago. We are prepared to complete this project and move on to a new one, so we are looking forward to that. Our ground crew here on Mother Earth are going to for fulfill their missions, this why they came here. 

We are also expecting that the Alliance is going to announce The New Republic called Nesara and a new financial system will be ready to launch, which we call Quantum Financial System and the currency is going to be backed up by gold. You have heard about all of this for a long time now in many different sources. Now, it’s time to carry out all of these tasks and proceed to The Final Phase of our Project Planet Earth called Ascension. 

I would also, like to mention that all of the Twin Flames residing on Mother Gaia, they need to be ready now, to follow their destinies to raise the consciousness of the humanity by being good examples and doing their missions. Before they can start to do that, they need to reunite on a spiritual, physical and on a intimate level with each other. 

They have an important role in the Ascension Process. There are not too many of Twin Flames here on Gaia. They are a rarity in general even in many Universes, Galaxies and Planets. Very few of them can find themselves in this 3D matrix. Please, don’t confuse Twin Flames with soulmates. Let’s do, what we came here to do, our work and to help humanity to move forward to a new life, where there will be no more diseases or poverty, only joy, happiness and love. 

I am your Father and you are my children, and I want you to understand me correctly, everything I am saying today, It’s very important, so please, take this message very seriously, as we know by now, that all of you would like to be in 5D, and we The Galactics want to finish this mission and start planning a new one. It has been so long for our crew and for all of you being here in this 3D and experiencing all of these turbulences, obstacles and horrors. 

Now, it’s time to go to a better reality and leave this duality behind by advancing forward to a new existence, which will have no pain or suffering, only love and prosperity. We are doing our best and we have everyday briefings about the situation on Earth: what type of progress has the planet made, how many more humans got awake, how are they doing and etc. 

We are constantly checking everything around your world, making sure that Terra Christa is not going to be destroyed by the corrupted souls, who tried many times to blow up this planet and still continue to try to end life here. The Dark Ones just don’t want to give up, they will fight to the last second and breath, because they feel Earth is theirs. They want to keep it as a slavery planet forever, if they can’t have it, then they want to destroy it. 

I and the rest of the Galactics, we don’t want continue this suffering here anymore, because we all agree, it’s enough already. Everyone got their portion of being mistreated, put down and constantly pinching your pennies daily to pay your bills, it happened so many times in many different lifetimes, we want to see all of you blossom and be happy. 

Yes, I would like for humanity to be prosperous, and money is going to come from different sources. We are just waiting, when the wealth is going to be redistributed by the Alliance on planet Earth. They are the ones, who keep postponing the delivery of wealth to the people. We gave the green light a long time ago to give the prosperity away and to stop the suffering of humankind, but Alliance always gives excuses, on why the wealth is not given to the people. 

They keep coming up with all the excuses in the world, why it didn’t happen yet, because of some obstacles that keep popping out, so the Alliance is continuously postponing everything. I made it very clear to everyone here on Earth, who is in charge of the redistribution of money, that they can’t delay it any longer, the wealth needs to go to humanity. This is the time to start shining through with the abundance, and it’s enough already of keeping the human population being constantly suppressed, controlled and abused. 

The people on Earth forgot that they are multi dimensional beings. Humankind has been enslaved for far too long on this planet by being constantly forced to reincarnate here and not being able to leave this place. 

I, Prime Creator, bringing to your attention that the Ground Crew needs to start working on your assignments. Please, let’s finally bring liberation, freedom, light, love, peace and wealth to this world. I am aware that in this 3D matrix changes happen very slowly. To get things done here is much more complex than in higher dimensions. We don’t want that the funds would be stolen by the negative souls, so the Quantum Financial System is going to prevent that from happening. 

Humanity can’t afford to anymore to wait for the redistribution of wealth, they need now all the help they can possibly get and as soon as possible. I am bringing to your attention Alliance who have control over the prosperity, let’s start sharing the funds with the human beings, there is too much suffering on Mother Earth. 

The Galactics, Me, Prime Creator are diligently doing our part and we are expecting the same in return. My requests are never questioned by my crew, The Galactic Federation of Light or by the counsels. Everyone is doing their part, because all of them know how important it is to bring this planet and humanity to Ascension of 5D, so they can finally become Galactic Humans and leave behind this 3D duality, where nobody has any rights, they are constantly being forced to follow rules and they are always being controlled or told what to do and how to live their lives. 

Please, look right now at humans who are walking around with masks. They can’t even breath through these masks, but this is the order, you must wear the mask, because it’s suppose to keep you safe from the virus. I am sorry to break the news to you, but this mask will not save you from any virus, it’s the opposite, its going to create more issues for you in the near future, especially with your lungs. 

I have been around for a very long time, I have experienced and seen so many different events around so many places in the Universe. I created many different Planets, Galaxies and Universes, so I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, that we are doing our absolute best to make sure that Ascension is going to happen. Sometimes, you may have doubts about our existence, because you are not seeing us in a physical form. If you connect to your soul or your heart, you are going to be able to see us and sense us, as we are all connected spiritual beings. 

This 3D life here, its meaningless compared to who you really are, you are multi dimensional beings with a lot of power, and you don’t even remember, because they erased from your memory, your DNA was also alternated many times. Your bodies became weak, they age and deteriorate since the day you are born that is not a natural process. You were created as an immortal being who can live for millions of years and not just 60, 70 or maybe 80 years, and leave the physical body behind. Then you are forced to be reincarnated again, comeback to life with no memories or recollection of the past life and continue again this Matrix with all of it’s miseries, obstacles, hardships and diseases, this cycle never ends. 

Long time ago, civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis and a few other ones became very high dimensional societies and then they self destructed because they let their ego take over them. We don’t want this to happen on Earth, because the Dark Ones have been controlling this planet for a long time. They are constantly manipulating everything here: weather, food, you name it, medicine and etc. The medicine here is more like poison, it doesn’t cure, it maybe heals one part of your body and then it creates new problems in other parts of the body. 

The Darkness has been controlling planet Gaia for a very long time and the Negative Ones have been breaking all of the rules of the Universe and getting away with it, because we set up ourselves the rules that don’t work anymore, and we are in the process of creating new rules that are going to make things easier for the next civilization to ascend. They won’t need to go through the same hardships, experiences and obstacles like on Earth. 

We are not allowed to do certain things here, like to extract anyone from this world and take them back to their home or interfere in this 3D reality. Unfortunately, these rules worked in the favor of the Dark Forces and not for the humanity, so we are in the process of changing them. We are even replacing the counselors, who have been in favor of these old rules. The new Counselor who has been selected as The Grand Counselor is Queen An-Ra, and she is in the process of changing these outdated rules, because we have billions of planets in galaxies and in universes, it will take some time to implement them and they are going to be enforced. Right now, the rules are not helping the human civilization at all, they just keep extending the suffering on Earth. 

We are starting The Final Phase of Ascension, and we have some big things coming up that we need to take care of. We never disclose any dates or sensitive information as the Negative Forces would use it for their advantage. I am just reminding to the Ground Crew here: Alliance, light warriors and light workers, please, help us to bring this Earth to Ascension. 

Daily meditations are very important and essential in the Ascension Process. I am aware that every Ascended Master in every message has mentioned to you already about it. Please, do daily three to four times a day or even more your medication. Any second you have free, instead of spending time on something that doesn’t have a deep meaning, please meditate. Your meditations will help everyone on Mother Terra Christa to bring the whole planet to the light, like how it’s supposed to be. 

We are expecting for a new financial system to be launched, redistribution of the wealth for humanity, announcement of Nesara Gesara Republic, massive arrests and removal of everyone who is not working for the good of humanity. I am very busy overlooking this process, I understand how important it is, so any chance I have, I share in a message with all of you and I am also here in person working with the group. I find the time to help anyone who asks for help, because it’s very important for me and the rest of us to finish this 5D Process of Ascension. 

We want to see everyone in 5D, please do your part. You all know and understand that your participation is very crucial in this process. I am happy that we are starting The Final Phase, and I am pleased to be here today to let you know, where we are right now. I am grateful for each of you, who are doing their best trying to help humanity to be in a higher dimension. 

I am sending all my love to all of you. Thank you, I am Prime Creator. 

Channel: Erena Velazquez

The Pleiadian Prophecy

. The history of the universe

. The Atlantian and Lemurian Civilizations

. Understanding time, timeliness, and dimensional jumping

. Multi-dimensionality, different versions of ourselves

. We are one

. The initiation process of awakening (life), the dream of time

. Life – Angelical College

. File swapping

. “You” are the first wave!

. All is happening in the “Now”


Layered Body Healing Protocol
Photonic Nutritional Workshop

Master Teacher: Michael Love

The objective of this operation is to completely detox the layered bodies within 48 hours and infuse the human vessel with a large influx of high vibrational light.
We are going to go through a series of topics regarding what we as Starseeds, vitally need to fuel our human bodies with, so that we may be in proper functioning order to receive our DNA and Data downloads. Just as computers have a certain amount of space for data, so do our bodies. When you have a computer filled with viruses, unnecessary “leftover” data, and that of the such, one must make room for the GOOD programming to be able to be received. We are going to do this program to detox and make room for the fuel for your awakening!

Important facts regarding energetic fuel we put into our human bodies.

. Light is information or data.
. Food contains the same data.
. Your body is a programmable biocomputer.
. The quickest way to recode the system is by using high vibrational food!

Pleiadian light forces have recently advised that it’s critical we detox our layered
bodies to be able to receive the large amounts of gamma light coming in. We must start fueling our bodies properly and in order to hold the light in our bodies, we must be in functioning order.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) GMO’s are put in fast food to make you
crave more low vibrating foods. (a.k.a. 3D terminology “JUNK FOOD”) Laboratory created food.
(processed foods, foods loaded with preservatives).

Toxic Foods
The first list we are going to go over is “lower vibrational” or toxic foods. These foods provide no sustainable energy in the body and cause certain “dis-ease” in our cells.
The toxins and poisons in these foods are not publicly disclosed to the citizens of planet Earth.

● Meat
● Animal Milk/Dairy
● No Animal Byproducts
● Sugar (Primary Fuel for Cancer)
● White Flour
● Processed Food/Preservatives
● Wheat/Gluten
● Alcohol (Allows Archon entry)
● Synthetic Drugs (Allows Archon entry)
● Table Salt (Contains salt, sand, and glass)

List of High-VibrationalSuperfoods

This next list consists of the important energetic, high vibrating fuel we need to fill our bodies with to successfully ascend and complete our missions here on Earth at this time.

● Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
● Zucchini
● Bell Pepper
● Onion
● Garlic
● Red Wine Vinegar
● Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

● Lemon
● Quinoa
● Chia Seeds
● Almond Milk
● Coconut Oil
● Extra Virgin Olive Oil
● Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
● Nuts/Seeds
● Organic fresh herbs & spices
● Organic Flaxseed
● Organic Flaxseed Oil
● Natural Sweeteners
● Whole Grains
● Oats
● Plant Based Superfood Powder
● Apples
● Ionized Alkaline Water
● Lemon Water
● Veggie Stir Fry Recipe Below) with Topping/Dressing
● Plant Based Superfood Protein Shake
● Chlorella
● Spirulina
● 12 Cell Salts

Instructions and notes before you get started:

Everything on list must be organic or homegrown.
Read labels CAREFULLY.
Do not overcook food! Even the best of the best homegrown, high-vibrating foods, can be stripped of their nutritional value if overcooked.
Duration/Time Frame for this Pleiadian Detox: SEVEN DAYS .
This program is made to completely detox your human body vessel with the first 48 hours.

Important to know:
Detoxing is not always a pleasant experience because the body can become strongly addicted to unhealthy 3D foods and substances that one may have ingested for a long duration, even if they are toxic and poison.
A brief, temporary period of energetic purging is normal when detoxing the layered body system.

You will feel so much better and be vibrating HIGHER, after detoxing, that you may wish to keep going!

Photonic Meal Plan

Recipes included.
● Breakfast- Plant Based Protein Shake
● Lunch – Salads with topping
● Dinner – Veggie Stir Fry


Protein Shake
Into a blender, add:
● 1 cup fresh berries (any you recommend that is the best? You know they’ll ask)
● 1⁄2 cup of ice cubes (made with purified water!)
● 2 cups of Almond Milk
● 1 scoop of Plant-Based Organic Protein Superfood Powder
● 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed
● 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil
● You may add Pecans, Walnuts or other nuts.
Vanilla Almond Milk and Vanilla Plant-Based Organic Protein Superfood Powder, used in this recipe, tastes the best.
Blend, pour, drink and ENJOY!


Veggie Stir Fry
2 Zucchini (sliced)
1 Bell Pepper (chopped)
1 Onion (chopped)
4 cloves of Garlic (chopped)
Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to a non-teflon Wok or skillet.
Cook veggies until they become slightly translucent.
*VITAL! DO NOT OVERCOOK VEGGIES! (Overcooking kills live food and will reduce
the nutritional value to near zero.)

Quinoa seed base for above prepared vegetables
While veggies are cooking, add 1 cup of Quinoa and 2 cups of water into a pot. Boil
together until ALL water has evaporated. Watch closely at the end so that the Quinoa does not burn as the water evaporates!

*Dressing (for this supercharged, high vibing meal!)
Add ingredients in this order in a glass bowl.
● 1⁄2 cup Red Wine Vinegar
● 1Teaspoon of Himalayan Sea Salt
● Juice from 2 squeezed Lemons
● 1 clove of finely chopped Garlic
● 1 cup of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Pour mixture into a glass dressing bottle using a medium/large funnel.

*Note regarding this dressing: These combined ingredients create a powerful atomic chemical reaction that does most of the detoxification in this program.

Vital Beverage
Lemon, Cucumber and Mint Water

To 1 gallon of purified water, add the following:
1⁄2 Cucumber, sliced
2 Lemons, sliced
10-12 Mint Leaves
A Dash of Pink Himilayan Crystal Salt
Mix and let steep overnight. Pour over ice the next morning and ENJOY!
Drink with every meal and drink one glass between meals.

This Pleiadian Natural Energy Fuel instantly akalizes the body preventing all disease and sickness! The cells of the Human-Bio-Vessel operates like batteries that use electromagnetic energy! Lemons and natural crystal salt provide the primary and perfect energetic, electrical charge for optimum cellular efficiency!

The Pleiadians have suggested that it is critical that you begin today ingesting only natural energetic food!
We promise you will feel much better all the pains, aches disease and illnesses will
subside and disappear if you follow this regimen as part of your spiritual inner work program. Keep in mind this is only one part of the energetic clearing process and clearing other low vibrational energy out of your body such as trauma and connections to low-vibrational entities is also important.

If you need further assistance send an email to the address below.
Direct any questions or comments to:

Michael Love
The Pleiadians

The information provided here is not intended to replace matrix medical advice. No liability is assumed by the author or related entities. As with anything, use intelligence. It is our belief that natural plant-based energetic food substance promotes healing of any type of disease or illness in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Copyright 2019, 5D Earth Project. All rights reserved.