2020.06.28 – Lightworkers vs. Lightwarriors

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Aramda (Channeled by James McConnell) 

I am Aramda. It has been some time since I have been with this group, coming through this channel, through my beloved brother. 

I am here in these moments to assist you in understanding all that is going on in the world today, in your world, in your created world. Yes, you are the ones that have created this world. Even though there is seeming chaos throughout. And you would say, “I would not create that chaos.” You have. You have at very deeper levels within you. 

For all of you are one. All of you that are of the Light, and all of those that are of the seeming darkness still, are all one together. You are one humanity. And as one humanity, you are coming back together again, even though it appears now that there is this great division, this great divide. And yes, indeed, in your reality, it is. 

But in our reality, looking down at this situation, we see this great divide bringing a great awakening to all. Because in order to have order within the universe, within your universe, there first needs to be the chaos. So you must allow this process to continue. Even though many of you are becoming quite upset, this channel that we speak through as well, becoming disillusioned that all is not happening as you want it to. And indeed, it is not happening as you want it to. But it is happening as it must happen, now. There must be this entire breakdown before you can have the total breakthrough. This must happen. And it is happening. And it is leading you, as many, many more continue to awaken. 

Because many more are seeing this great divide, now. They are understanding—not as you do about timelines, but they are understanding that mankind must come together. And many more are realizing that fear is not the way they want to live their lives. 

Many are programmed and continue to be programmed. That is something that you yourselves cannot change. Although you can do all you can to spread the light. You can do all you can to spread education here and there wherever it is called for. But you cannot change them. 

You cannot bring them out of the darkness and into the light. You can only show them the light. And if they are ready, they will be attracted to your light. That is how the world is changing. That is how the collective consciousness of man is changing. And you must allow for this process. 

So allow yourselves to become upset. Allow the anger to rise at times. But control that anger. Control it, so that it does not interfere with another, does not interfere in their space if they are not ready. 

You call yourselves Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. There is a difference between the two. Many of you are workers. You are working within yourselves to raise the energies within you, to find yourselves in higher vibrational frequencies more and more. And you are working hard at this. And working with the light within you. 

But then there are others of you that are becoming the Warriors of Light. You are taking Michael’s sword and you are sharing the truth of his sword to all that will open up to it. And you are the Warriors of Light. 

There is nothing to say that one is better than the other, but it is just what it is in the moment. One moment you will be a worker, and the next you will become a Warrior of Light. And you will be ready to share that truth when the opportunity arises. Just as we are Warriors of Light, and we share the opportunities with you whenever we can. So be the worker, be the warrior. Be in the Light Community. But allow for the process to continue. 

As you have heard many times, ‘trust the plan.’ For the plan is working out exactly as it needs to in every given moment. And if you, all of you, find yourselves in the moment, then you will not become quite so frustrated. You will not become quite so angry, because you will be in the moment. And in that moment of neutrality, you can neither be angry or satisfied. You can just be, with a capital ‘BE’ in that moment. Just be who you are. That is all anyone of us, or any that work with you are asking of you. Just be who you are, and be the best that you can possibly be in those moments, and continue to lead up to the Great Event, to the Solar Flash, the Changeover that is approaching, even as the New Dawn is approaching. 

The New Dawn of the Golden Age of Aquarius is approaching. But you are the ones that are bringing it forward. Always remember that. 

We are here with you at all times, even though you cannot see us, even though there are not times when you sense us. But even then, yes, there are times when you sense us. But you doubt of our reality. We are as real as you are. 

And when the times are right, when the frequencies have risen enough, we will certainly be here with you in person at a physical level for you to reach out and touch. And even more than that, to have a long, long desired hug. For we have missed you! Just as we know you have missed us. We, your brothers and sisters from the stars. 

All of my peace and love be with all of you. 

I am Aramda. 

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell) 

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. We are here. Shoshanna is here. We are ready for your questions, and we hope that we have the answers for you. 

But before we do so, we wish to share, as Aramda has given, just be yourself. It is very important for you to be who you are, and not try to be something that you are not. Do not be concerned if you feel you are not doing all that you can do making a difference everywhere. You are making a difference just by being who you are, and that’s what you have to come to remember. 

Yes, there are those Warriors of Light, as Aramda has spoken of, as Archangel Michael has certainly spoken of, as Sananda has spoken of, and many have also spoken of to, be the Warriors of Light. But also just be, again, who you are. If you wish to sit back and be a Worker of Light within yourself, then do so. There is no shame in doing that. 

And certainly never feel any guilt that you are feeling like you are not doing enough. You are doing all that you can do in the moment. And in the next moment, who knows? You might become that Warrior. You might decide to raise Michael’s Sword of Truth and share it with others. That will be up to you, but it will be in the moment. And that’s what you have to come to understand. 

Just be in the moment. Do not focus on the past. Do not hold onto the past. Do not only look toward the future. But be in the moment. And the future: if you are being in the moment, the future will be exactly as you are creating it in those moments. 

Okay, we are ready now for your questions, here. Do you have questions for One Who Serves and Shoshanna? 

Guest: Yes, One Who Serves. I know we don’t talk dates, but I would just like for you to answer in mathematical percentages how far into the Photon Belt we are? 

OWS: We would say that you are directly into the middle of the Photon Belt at this time. You have come through a great deal, moving through, and you have moved much into the area of the center of this belt. That is what we can tell you without percentages. 

But you must understand that it is also dependent on collective consciousness of not only man, but of the entire Solar System, here, you see? So everything that is being directed here on the Earth that is occurring here on the Earth within the collective consciousness of man is also affecting the entire Solar System, okay? And even beyond that into the 

galaxy. So you are directing where you are in relation, as you are saying here, in terms of the Photon Belt, here. Okay? Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: (Channeled by JoAnna McConnel): We do not wish to share on this. 

OWS: Very good. Does this answer your question? 

Guest: Well, yes. And I get this visualization of we are in this spaceship sailing through the Photon Belt and a negative energy slows us down, and a positive energy speeds us up. 

OWS: Yes. 

Guest: So Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, ha! We have work to do! And yeah, it does start with building that inner peace within ourselves. But obviously, we’ve got a lot of negativity to overcome on this Earth. So thank you for the answer. You know, middle is where I want to be. So that’s good. Thank you very much. 

OWS: Yes. You have to understand that because of where you are in relation to this, and also many cosmic changes that are also occurring at this time, this is why you are having the gamma light that is coming to the planet here at this point. And again, it is directed by the consciousness of man, here, as to how much light can come through, and how much needs to be held back as well. Okay? 

Guest: Ok, thank you. 

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions, here? 

Guest: I would like to continue this question. When we do go through the complete Photon Belt, where are we at then. Is that when the event possibly would happen at that time? Or what is the reason for us to go through the complete Photon Belt? 

OWS: First of all, you know we cannot answer that question in terms of your time frame, here, in terms of how it affects that of the Solar Flash or The Event directly. 

Guest: Oh, okay, I’m sorry. 

OWS: But we can speak in terms of, again, the collective consciousness and how that is moving your entire Solar System along, here, in this respect. And the one who asked the question previously is correct in terms of the dark forces attempt to hold this back, hold this movement back. Not only physical movement in this sense, but also emotional and mental movement as well, here, in terms of creating more and more programming as they are attempting to do here and holding people to their programming, holding people to their fear, which is that programming, which is the matrix, here, you see? 

So if you are going to become free of the matrix, you must let go of the programming. You must let go of the fear. And more and more people across the planet need to let go of this fear. And wherever you can, and we would suggest this wherever you can, in the moment, becomes those Warriors of Light where it is called for. Okay? Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: We can share. Do you wish for us to share our perspective on this, Dear sister? 

Guest: Oh, yes, please do. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the path that the planet is traversing is a chaotic path. The Photon Belt is a chaotic path. It creates an enhancement to those that participate in the past. It can create a negative enhancement of consciousness, and it can create a positive enhancement of consciousness. What happens is where the being is in terms of its own path will be the consequence of the path of traveling this Photon Belt. 

So you see, if your path is love, Dear Sister, as we find you, then the path of the Earth through the Photon Belt will create a great enhancement of that love beyond recognition of most. You will feel it in every cell of your body, and every cell of your multi-dimensional being as you traverse this path. If the being traversing this path along with the planet is a negative being, that too will be enhanced. Namaste. 

Guest: Thank you so much. I am a Warrior! There is no doubt about it. I am the Warrior of Light. 

OWS: Yes you are. 

Guest: Yes you are. Thank you. 

Okay, I have a question, One Who Serves and Shoshanna. Many months ago, it was probably three, four, or five months ago, I’m not sure if it was St. Germain or one of the other amazing people who speak to us through James, said there was going to be an imminent announcement which would likely start the dominoes falling. They said it was very, very close to being announced. I don’t know if those announcements have been made. I haven’t heard anything. I wondered if it has been on hold because of this silly plandemic, or the false race riots, but they did, I think it was St. Germain, many months, said an announcement is imminent. Can you tune in to what’s happening with that, please? 

OWS: Yes. We can tell you it was St. Germain, and it was not many months, it was approximately one month ago, and it was speaking of announcements that are coming, and one particular announcement that would seem to be of greater importance, we would say, but it is also a series that are building up to that. That is already in process, here. 

When that announcement will come, we cannot give directly. If the term ‘imminent’ was used, that of course is relevant to who was giving it in terms of what our ‘soon’ is compared to your ‘soon,’ you have to understand that. And it is something, though, that is building, here. And it is building, and it will come at the opportune time when the frequencies have risen enough so that more and more across the planet, and we speak of the entire planet–not only this country, but the entire planet, can understand and appreciate what is coming through. 

This time right now that you are in, you could not have this type of an announcement. But when the frequencies are right, as we have said, it will be given, here. And it will likely come from your President Trump, at this point, here. So it is coming, and other announcements leading up to this as well. Okay? Shoshanna, do you have anything to add, here? 

Shoshanna: We can share on this. Dear Sister, may we share? 

Guest: Yes please. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, when we hear a question asked, we are always curious as to why the being is asking. May we ask why you are asking? 

Guest: Yes. Because Dear Goddess Sister, Shoshanna, I am a Light Warrior. I’m getting very tired. I have a mission. I’m a Light Warrior. A Light truth seeker. I’m having a hard time with the unfairness, and so I’m growing tired, and I was hoping that it still is on the way, and that we have not missed it, and it is imminent. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we would like to share further our perspective. May we share? 

Guest: Yes. 

Shoshanna: We have already put ourselves in your mind, so we know your answer. We just needed it to be confirmed for all that are listening. 

Dear Sister, what is most important here is that you settle into your mission. That you realize the importance of who you are. That you continue to participate in your mission and accept it. You see, you are placed in a situation in time because of who you are and the choices that you have made as a sole to participate. You must settle with this, you see. 

It does not matter what the announcement is, what matters is that you become who you are in every moment and remain in the eye of the storm regardless of what is going on around you. You see, that is the mission of all Light Warriors to remain in the eye of the storm and still participate in their mission in a neutral way to uplift humanity. 

We find that you are doing that. But what we find is that you must settle your auric field as you draw the energies of many around you into your own field that creates an 

unsettlement, you see. So we will ask you to accept your mission, listen carefully to your Higher Self, and do exactly what you need to do to become fully the Light Warrior that you are. Namaste. 

Guest: Namaste. Thank you. 

OWS: Very good. Are there other questions, here? 

Guest: Yes, Dear Ones. We were talking earlier about this dilemma of getting activated or triggered, being frustrated or angry with what’s going on out there. So about 15 to 20 years ago, at that time I was in a relationship and my former husband was an alcoholic. I had learned the Serenity Prayer and I had used that a lot. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and so on, like that. I’m just wondering, do you know of some particular statement we can make when we are going through those places where we don’t want to go with frustration and anger. Is there some similar kind of a statement we can make that would typically pull us out of that space? 

OWS: What we would say to you is one is not for everyone. So whatever we would give here would not be necessarily for everyone. 

So what we would suggest is what Shoshanna has already said here, and listen to your Higher Self. Listen to the guidance coming from your Higher Self. So ask that question within yourself, because then it is focused predominantly on you and what you need to do or not do in whatever situation comes up. That is the best advice we can give here, rather than give a direct quote or affirmation, or whatever that would seemingly work for everyone when it is not meant to do that, here. Ask for your own affirmation, or your own guidance to assist you in various situations that come up for you, okay? Shoshanna? 

Guest: Okay, thank you. 

Shoshanna: We can share. May we share, Dear Sister? 

Guest: Yes please. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we are going to pose a question. What if the stirring of these emotions that are seemingly negative are causing you and others to participate more fully in their mission. What if the stirring of these emotions are your Higher Self’s idea? 

OWS: Yes. 

Shoshanna: And, that to prompt you to participate more fully, you must feel these emotions? What if that were true? 

Guest: Oh, that’s pretty… (laughter!) But okay, then what about this whole thing of us wanting to be in the 5D space of the ascension from the Ascended Masters’ kind of way, so how does that work? 

Shoshanna: We can share further. 

Guest: Yes, please. 

Shoshanna: We will pose a question. What if the participation in these stirring emotions that create a desire to participate more fully in your mission here is the impetus to rise you to fifth dimension? What if that were true? 

Guest: Okay then, alright then, I’ll accept that. Okay. Thank you. 

Shoshanna: May we share further? 

Guest: Yeah, please. 

Shoshanna: What is necessary here in the higher consciousness of each being that pursues higher consciousness is to use the stirring of these emotions for the good of all, for the upliftment of humanity. And each of you know when you are doing this! And each of you know clearly when you are not. You see, emotion is purposeful, here. So you must not curtail the emotion. You must use it to rise in consciousness. Namaste. 

Guest: Okay. 

OWS: Yes, you can use your emotions to propel you into higher vibrational frequencies. 

Shoshanna: That is what we are saying, thank you. 

OWS: Yes. Wonderful. Wonderful perspective, as always, here. Would there be other questions, here? Anything further before we move to your e-mail question? 

Guest: I have one question. 

OWS: Yes? 

Guest: My gifts, or whatever you want to call them, are opening up, but they are opening up slowly. I was wondering if there is any way that you know of to make this happen faster. I guess we all feel like we have been waiting and waiting and waiting, like for the announcements and everything else. I’m actually enjoying the ride now (laughs). But I just wanted to see if you have any suggestions. Thank you. 

OWS: Very good. We would say to you that why would you want your gifts, as you are saying, your psychic abilities and these things, to speed up? Are question then would be, 

are you ready for this? That is what you must ask deep within yourself. Are you really ready to have some of these gifts come back to you that you had long ago, and that are returning slowly as you say. But if they come too fast, are you ready for it? And even more importantly, are those around you ready for it? You see? 

Guest: Okay. Good one. Yes. 

OWS: That is why for many of you, most of you, it will take the Solar Flash, The Event to happen before the full ramifications, or the full remembering of these gifts will come, here, you see? 

Guest: Thank you very much. 

OWS: Yes. Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: We wish to share. May we share our perspective, Dear Sister? 

Guest: Please do. 

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we know that you have come a long way. You have worked hard, and your consciousness has raised exponentially as you traversed the path of the Light Warrior. What we would say is that there is no waiting for anything unless you wish to participate in the constraints of third-dimensional concept of time, you see. There is no time. There is no waiting. There is simply doing. There is simply participating in your own mission in each and every moment that you breathe, that you participate in this particular light, you see. 

We would advise, and you gave us permission, we would advise that you settle into your mission. That those that try to pull you from your mission is the chaos that you feel in your life. Those that wish to talk you out of it, you see. 

You are on the exact right path, and you are a Light Warrior, and you must begin now to live in each and every moment, and not participate in waiting for anything. Namaste. 

Guest: Thank you. 

OWS: Very good. Are there further questions, here? Then we move to your e-mail question. 

Guest: Thank you. The first question is about a dream that this person had had about being in other realities and helping people, and they are asking for clarification and more information about that journey. 

OWS: Yes. Of course, not looking at the specific dream here, but looking at it from a collective point of view, many of you are having these types of dreams, of moving into other realities. 

And what have we been saying for some time, now? You are moving into other realities. It is not as you grew up to believe what your dreams were, or your ideas from Freud, or any of these other things of speaking of dreams in a certain sense of very difficult to understand, and all of this. It is not that. It is you are moving into other realities. You are playing in those other realities and experiencing being in those realities, those multi- dimensional self-realities of who you are, you see? And it appears that sometimes when you go into these realities that are very similar to what you have in your reality here, maybe with some differences. Or it is something completely different form what you have. But they are, indeed, other realities, other multi-dimensional realities that you are experiencing where you may be helping others. 

Many of you are assisting the Alliance without even knowing that you are doing it in your dream state. You are helping those of the Archangels to combat the darkness in various places, here, in those other dimensional realities. You are doing this each and every night. In those cases, you are the Warriors of Light, you see? And without even knowing that you are doing it. Sometimes you come back with the memories of some of it, and it is meant for you to do this. 

And you will come more and more to more vivid memories of your realities in the dream state. That is coming for many of you. And it is happening more and more, now. So be ready for more vivid dreams to be a part of your everyday expression, here. Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: Yes, we would like to share on this. All that One Who Serves has given, we wish that we had said this, as this is so accurate. What we would like to say to all that are listening to this call, and possibly reading the words that will be translated, that ‘dream’ is a third-dimensional concept to create this idea that you are in a fantasy. It is a third- dimensional program to make the beings of Earth think that they are imagining these things in their dreams, as they are not real, when it is just the opposite! It is so laughable, you see. 

A dream is not a dream, it is an adventure. It is purposeful. It is there to teach each one of us what our mission is. And it helps us to understand the multi-dimensionality of our existence that we are not tied to this planet as a human, you see. It is meant to teach us that we are free to experience any level, any dimension that we wish to reach by stopping the third-dimensional mind from harvesting only one reality. Namaste. 

OWS: Very good. And the other question you have? 

Guest: Yes. This other person said they often use the phrase, ‘my spirit family walks with me,’ and is asking if that is a good idea to say when she feels alone. 

OWS: Of course, for this one who is saying it, it is wonderful, because it has come from her Higher Self, here, that brings this to her. And it is something that everyone can say if they wish, if it has meaning to you, if it resonates within you. But one thing is not for everyone, you see? That’s why we said in the earlier question here, we cannot give a blanket answer for everyone. Everyone must go within themselves, to their Higher Self and ask for what can be given here. 

But also know that at every given moment in all of your lives, and all of your previous lives, all of your existence, you have never been alone, you see? You have always had those guides, those ones with you, and of course your Higher Selves with you, and they have always been there to guide you. So you are never, ever alone, not for one second are you alone. 

Unless, and here is the only unless here, unless you ask to be left alone. And that is sometimes that you do. And we gave this to The James some time ago when he said, “Would you all please leave me alone?” He wasn’t talking necessarily to us, but he was talking in general. And we said, “Ok, we leave you alone.” For a very short time, we did. And he did not want to experience that again, you see? He has not shared this with anyone previously, but we share this because it is apropos for the moment here, for those of you to know that you are never alone unless you ask for it, okay? Shoshanna? 

Shoshanna: We will concur with all that has been given. And we wish for all of humanity to understand what those words mean, that no one has ever been alone. And the Earth was an experimentation in separation. And those that recognize that it was an experiment that it was not meant to disrupt the continuation of the soul’s journey, have discovered that they are not alone. That it was simply a program running that was meant for all to understand that this trigger was to awaken them, to understand that there really is no separateness. Namaste. 

OWS: Very good. Then we are done with questions here for the time. Shoshanna, do you have parting message, here? 

Shoshanna: We will say to all that we are so proud to participate in your journeys, and that we are so honored to be allowed to give information, and we love each and every one of you beyond your recognition of what love it. Namaste. 

OWS: Very good. And we wish to give what The James would call a plug in here for your next Advance. Because it is so important that you participate in one way or another, here, and be a part of this. Because there is going to be so much that will be given at this that has not been previously given, here. We have given a little bit of this to The James, but not much yet. So we would say that it is not something that you want to not be a part of, because of the changes that are happening now in the world and how it relates, and how this next Advance will relate to these changes. We cannot tell more on this now at this point, but we will give more to The James as it comes closer here. And be ready for a great awakening within yourselves, okay? 

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one. 

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2020.06.21 – The Great Reunion

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Sunday Call (Ashtar, OWS, Shoshanna)
James & JoAnna McConnell

Ashtar (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Ashtar. I come at this point in your evolutionary process, in your awakening process.

For this is that grand awakening. This is what you all came here for. These are those times, those moments just prior to the Great Awakening. You are in it now. And you are moving through it rapidly. Because everything is exactly as it needs to be in these moments, even though everything appears around you to be in chaos.

There will be order coming from this chaos. Because you are moving through this process, and what is occurring is a separation. Yes, you must become united. But first, in order to do so, there must be that separation. A separation of the wheat from the chaff.

That is what is occurring. Some are calling it a timeline shift. That is also correct. Because those of you that are on the timeline that is in creation now, the creative process that you are in, you are creating the timeline that you want to be on. You are creating the timeline of the new higher vibrations and frequencies, moving into the higher dimensions.

And yes, you will be leaving behind those that are not ready for this. But fear not: those that are not ready, those that choose to not be ready, they will be accommodated just as they need to be. And no one, and I repeat: no one shall be lost. Even though they are temporarily lost to you, even if they may be family members. They will be back with you again.

For you, yourselves, have left many, many times your families, your loved ones, in many different systems, many planets. You have done this many times before. You have said good-bye, whether it was through a dying process or just simply leaving to move to continue on your journey.

You have left them before, always to return once again, to connect once again to your brothers and sisters, to your family members, to your loved ones. For they are all a part of our soul family—always will be, always have been. You will be back with them. Even those that have left you in this lifetime in the dying process: you will be reunited with them once again. And those that still yet may leave in that process, you will reunite with them again.

You are destined, my friends, you are destined to complete this journey that you came for. You made many promises long ago and, as you know, you volunteered to be here. But those times are coming to an end. This volunteering is coming to an end. You are close to reaching that finish line. We know you have heard this before. And in your third-dimensional illusionary understanding, you wonder, “When is it going to be? When is it going to be?’” But our answer to you is you are in it right now.

You are at the cusp of the new awakening, the New Dawn that is coming. It is already approaching now. And if you look out and look beyond the chaos, you will see the blue skies. You will see the white fluffy clouds. You will see the flowers in the fields blooming. You will see and feel the water, consciousness within the water. You will know beauty, even within the seeming ugliness.

But the seeming ugliness is necessary for more and more people to awaken. That is what you are waiting for. Many of you could have ascended back in your 2012. Many of you were destined to do so. But you know that you all chose at a deeper level, within you at the Higher Self level, you chose to wait so that more and more of your brothers and sisters here could ascend with you.

That is what you came here for many, many lifetimes ago, to prepare the way for this Ascension process. To be those Way-Showers. To show the way. To prepare the way.

And along the way, the systems that are in place need to be changed. They need to be busted wide open. And that one you have as the president now, President Trump, is that System Buster. He has been put in place for this. He volunteered for this. He is the one that is leading you through this transition.

All of you must give him all of the strength that you can muster to provide for him the Light. Send him Light. He is in need of a great amount of Light now. For those of the dark forces will do everything that they can to hold him off, to hold those forces of the Light off.

But as you know, and as you have heard many times, and have begun to fully realize, the Light has already won, and what has started cannot be stopped. It can be postponed, and has been many times. But it cannot be fully stopped. You, those of you, the Light-Workers and Warriors are the ones that are paving the way forward. So continue to assist in any way that you can, any opportunity that arises to help others awaken.

Even if you may receive those attacks you speak of, those mental and emotional attacks, you can ward that off. You can protect yourselves. You have the tools: the Violet Flame, the Shield of Light, Archangel [Michael’s] Blue Sword of Truth, the use of crystals. Whatever it is, whatever tool that works for you, you have it to use to shield yourself from negativity, to shield yourself from the dark forces attacking you. And in return, for reaching out to helping others, you will help more and more to awaken to who they are, just as you were helped by those of us to awaken to who you are. For you are all of us becoming. You are the ones that are going to take our places. You are the ones. You are the one.

I am Ashtar. And I leave you now in peace and love, as we continue to watch from above to assist whenever we find it possible. And you have many, many that are assisting and helping you. You are not alone, my friends, never have been, never will be. We are all in this together. Remember that. We are all in this together.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here. Shoshanna here. We are ready.

And yes, we are all in this together, people! All as one, one for all! All for one, it is one happy celebration that we are coming to, we are working toward. We are ready on our side, and we are just helping to get you ready as well.

Every chance we can, we help to assist you in continuing to find yourselves in those higher vibrations more and more. You get little nudges here and there from your Higher Selves who are working diligently to continue to bring you along, to continue to keep you in those higher vibrations whenever possible.

And when you tend to fall back down into the illusion, and you let those things that are going on around you upset you, and get you disconsolate, and feeling like there is no hope, your Higher Self then comes in and whispers to you, “Keep the strength, Dear One, keep the strength! Everything is happening exactly as it needs to.” And then all of a sudden you lift back up and everything is wonderful, and you begin to see the light through the dark clouds. You begin to see that light peaking through, and you begin to see the rose garden appearing in front of you, and all these things that you have that are wonderful to see the beauty. And we say this many times over and over. See the beauty. It is all there if you look for it. The truth is certainly out there if you want to find it.

And those that are beginning to awaken are beginning to see that truth. Because all of this ugliness, all of this chaos that is going on, is all designed to bring people to the truth, to bring people to the great awakening, the awakening that you are already in process of.

And some of you have already almost fully awakened–not to the point of ready for ascension, but that is coming as well. So, be ready, here. It is coming. You are coming. Everything is exactly where it needs to be. Everything is wonderful if you see it that way.

If you want to be on that timeline that is beginning to show itself more and more within the higher vibrations, then just know yourself to be there. That is all you have to do. And even when you fall back down temporarily, you can pull yourself right back up. It is not how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you can jump back up. And we say jump back up, not just pull yourself back up, but jump back up. Okay?

We are ready now for questions. Do you have questions for One Who Serves and Shoshanna? You can unmute your phones now, we are ready for your questions.

Guest: Dear One Who Serves, I am in a state that is almost indescribable. That meditation with Beloved Lord Ashtar was so powerful, and I was so deeply involved in feeling my reunion with so many people on the other side. And I remember who I was, and people that I left behind many, many, many lifetimes. I was in the middle of just remembering and seeing the reunion, and enjoying myself. I was crying with joy. It was just magnificent.

And then in that moment he said that I had to come back, and I didn’t want to come back, it was so magnificent! I remember when he said, “But you have done this; you have said good-bye to your loved ones so many times, and now you have to come back.” And I knew I had to come back. I am not sorry because I had to come back, but yes I am, actually.

But here is my point, One Who Serves: I wish, and I am asking the Beloved Source, to please consider the human condition on the timing. Because I know times doesn’t exist, I understand, I really believe so. But here we are in this 3-D, and it is difficult with this postponing, and knowing who we are and we are all connected, and our families are waiting for us, and all this knowing about the Great Reunion. That really is difficult for the ones that are here in the 3-D. And I am just praying for this to really happen now, not three years from now. Please. That’s what I have to say.

OWS: Very good. And we will say, here, that what you experienced during this visualization from the Ashtar, what you experienced there is just a small smidgen of what will actually occur when it happens, as we are speaking about, here.

But with your next Advance, you are going to have a major experience of this as well. This is planned, here, that many of you will be going home for the experience, and going back to your families, and seeing them, and experiencing with them, and feeling with them again. And when you say good-bye at that time, you will know that it is only for a very short time period before you are fully back with them. And when we say ‘fully back with them,’ we mean in the physical experience, not so much the astral and etheric experience, but fully physically with them.

And that is what is planned for the next Advance as one of the experiences, here. So get ready, because what occurred here is going to be multiplied many times over in the Advance, and then even more so, of course, when it actually occurs. Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)
We can share on this. May we share, our Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, Dear Sister. Thank you.

Shoshanna: Our Beloved Sister, it is important that you see that the sense of separation is a 3-D reality. There is no separation. It is all one. That which you experienced in meditation will be experienced in your waking state if you choose this. The separation is a program. It is not real. Namaste.

OWS: Yes. Wonderful perspective. Would there be other questions, here?

Guest: I would like to, please. Hi. I just want to make a comment about our sister, and say that I felt her. She speaks from her heart. She is so lovely a soul. I’ve known her for a long time in other lifetimes and in this one, and I just wanted to make a comment about her heart and how she comes from her sweet heart.

Okay, I do have a question, and that is, yesterday, well, I look at the sky every day because it is so blue and beautiful. But I saw a light come out from the sun. I think it came from the sun (it wasn’t chem-trails I don’t think), and it made a big ‘V’ in the sky, the way I saw it. My daughter was sitting there on the porch also. We both saw it. It was really white, and didn’t spread out usually like a chem-trail. Is there something special that we are supposed to see in the sky from the sun or from our Creator at this moment?

OWS: Yes. What was going to happen, what Ashtar was going to speak about but he chose not to at this point, because it was left for another who will come possibly the next week here, that is going to share more about what is coming in terms of from the skies, from the stars, those of your brothers and sisters in the ships, and what they are preparing for, here.

And this is a particular beginning of that, and will be shared more, again, as we say, very possibly in this next week you have for this call, and another will appear or come and speak to you about this, the preparations that are underway now to bring visualization, we will say, to many, many more across the planet that you are not alone.

Guest: Oh, thank you so much.

OWS: Yes. Shoshanna, anything you add here?

Shoshanna: We do not add, here.

OWS: Yes, would there be any other questions, here? Anything further?

Guest: Yes, I have a question. Can you hear me okay? Because I’m having trouble breathing. Can you hear me okay?

OWS: Yes, we hear you.

Guest: I often go to the Radiant Rose Academy for inspiration and knowledge. And it’s been my understanding that when we reincarnate, you could literally go anywhere, any planet, any galaxy, any universe.

But just recently in listening to discourse from Queen An-Ra, who used to be with the family of Ra, and she is from the Andromedan star system now, she indicated in her last discourse that we always return back to planet Earth, which is something that I didn’t know. So there is just a little bit of confusion there now.

Could you provide some further information on that as to the way we reincarnate, if we have a choice, or can we go anywhere, or do we always return back to Earth?

OWS: What we can tell you is not always return back to Earth. That is not correct.

But what is correct is that many of you, even those of you, the Light-Workers and Warriors, have become somewhat trapped, we will say, in terms of coming back, and coming back, and coming back. But you are coming back mostly because you are meant to, that this was your mission, your volunteered mission to be a part of this evolution, to experience this evolution. So even though you may want to say, “I’m not going back there again, this is not going to happen,” your guides assist you to follow your mission, which then is to come back again.

Now, with that being said, in the times coming, first of all, as you move through the Ascension process, your process of going through the death process as you have done so many times before in a short period of time, each one, is going to certainly be lengthened. You are not going to go through that process as you have before. And when you actually do, and this is a choice when you do it, when you do, you will be able to then choose to go anywhere that you want, because your mission here will be over.

But, as we have said many, many times before, even though your mission here will be over, your volunteering will be over here, most of you will decide to go and do it all over again somewhere else. After a period of rest and relaxation, of course, which could be years, or hundreds of years, or thousands of years, or however you want to look at it. Because time is relative, here, in terms of you will not look at it in terms of your three-dimensional sense of time anymore. So after that period, whatever it might be, you will choose to go bust a system wide open somewhere else, because that is what you do. Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We can share on this. Dear Brother, may we share with you?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, our perspective is this: that the soul consciousness is vast, is complex, it is unknowable in your third-dimensional understanding. When you are no longer in the third-dimensional body and you have chosen to plan your next life, your soul will direct the consciousness as to what it needs to expand its own consciousness and to become more united with Source energy, you see.

So we will tell you that we cannot tell you if you’ll return to Earth. We cannot tell you if you will live on Venus. Your soul has a clarity that is unknown to us. When you are no longer in the body, the clarity that you have does not include attachments, you see. You are not attached. So you can make decisions clearly with much clarity as to what your next journey will be as it relates clearly to your soul’s advancement, you see. It is vast. It is not just you. It is collective of you, you see. Does this make sense to you, Dear Brother?

Guest: Yes, it does. Thank you so much.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Wonderful. Would there be other questions, here?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: When the video first came out with George Floyd that we’ve all seen so many times, I remember watching that, and something just didn’t feel right, like they weren’t portraying the truth. And now there’s an attorney coming out that says he actually was George Floyd’s attorney and that George Floyd died three years ago. Just wondering what you can tell us, if this attorney is correct. If George Floyd actually died three years ago, or if the whole thing was a set-up and an act, or anybody actually even died that day of the video.

OWS: What we can tell you here is things are not as they appear to be most of the time. And it is all part of the illusion, all part of the creation of this illusionary programming system by your forces of darkness, the cabal, whatever you want to call them, the deep state now, all of these names for them, it is all the same. They are all about keeping you in the illusion. That is what they attempt to do, here.

Because they know once you have pulled out of the illusion, pulled out of the programming, that they have lost, you see. They know once you have awakened as a collective consciousness of the planet, they have lost. And they are doing everything that they can to keep that from happening. And this particular incident, as well as many other what you call ‘false flags’ that have happened over the years, here, are all a part of this.

But, understand that whenever one of these incidences happen, what is it that occurs? All of you have those cell phones with your picture-taking ability, and everything appears on your internet, even moments or hours after that. Because people are aware. And they are making more and more people aware, and helping them to awaken across the planet. So again, everything is not as it appears. But the truth is there if you search for it enough. Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We can share on this. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, one must understand that this incident was successful in many ways. It does not matter what happened. It does not matter who the individual was. It is an agenda. It is a narrative, as you call it in your news, that creates a consciousness of fear. When you are researching a particular of any deep state third-dimensional occurrence, as you call it, you will never find the truth. And the truth is not the truth! There is no truth to this! There is a way to create fear, delusion, chaos, misunderstanding, and to keep all the beings that wish to move away from this third-dimensional chaos anchored to the chaos.

So we will advise, and we apologize for our tone, that you do not research this, as there is no truth. Namaste.

Guest: Thank you. And I am not researching it, I just happened to hear that. But my research is what my third eye and my knowingness tells me, and when I watched it, I knew that it wasn’t truth. So I just it could be helpful in opening other people’s eyes if what I’m seeing is correct, if I have some kind of other proof for them to help them awaken. Because me just telling them I can see with my own knowingness that this is not correct is not always enough for someone else. But if you can say, look, this attorney represented him three years ago, the man was already dead. That’s something tangible that people can use to help awaken. So that’s why I’m just curious if anybody actually died that day.

Shoshanna: We do not have anything further.

OWS: Very good. Then we move on. Are there any other questions, here?

Guest: Yes, I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: I am wondering if there is a process that you recommend for us or for me personally to start awakening the consciousness and developing clairvoyance and start having communication with divine beings either from celestial or from the cosmos.

OWS: You are asking in terms of a personal nature, here, and we are not apt to speak in terms of personal for you, but as a collective, here. And certainly, those of you that are on these calls, those of you are turning to the Light, or have certainly turned to the Light and are finding themselves in higher vibrations more and more are going to, and are even beginning now, as we find it, to experience the awakening of your ‘gifts of spirit,’ or what you might call ‘psychic powers’ or even some are saying ‘super powers,’ whatever it might be. And all of this is coming. It is a part of the awakening process, a part of the Ascension process. A part of the moving up into the higher vibrations. And in those higher vibrational frequencies of the higher dimensions, you will have those abilities.

But understand that those abilities are not something that is coming to you for the first time. They are coming back to you. You are re-awakening those abilities within you, because your DNA process is expanding into those connections that had been severed long ago, here. And those connections are returning in your DNA, here.

There is much, much more to this, but it is coming for you more and more to understand at your consciousness level, but not at your three-dimensional consciousness level. One that stays within that three-dimensional consciousness illusion cannot understand even the question that you are asking how it is even possible. Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We can share. Dear Sister, are you requesting that we clarify your gift of clairvoyance?

Guest: No. My understanding is this is a special time and manifestation can be enhanced with this solstice and eclipse going on, so I was wondering if they had any advice in a process, like a meditation, or visualization, to awaken and expand our consciousness to awaken our clairvoyance ability. Does that make sense?

Shoshanna: Do you wish to have this gift?

Guest: I do.

Shoshanna: Do you have this gift?

Guest: What I am learning, and what I just heard from the One Who Serves is yes I do, but I forgot it (?).

Shoshanna: We find that you have experience this gift. And we find that…if we may share further, we must ask permission to share further.

Guest: Oh, yes, please.

Shoshanna: We find that you have had experiences of this gift, and that your doubts have created a barrier to your gift. The one thing that we can tell you is that you must not doubt your ability. When a human being experiences the clairvoyance, clairaudience, all the ‘clairs,’ and you will experience them intermittently throughout your life, to strengthen them you must acknowledge it and do not doubt it. As it is happening across the planet to many, you see. Does this make sense to you, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes it does. Thank you very much.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Are there any other further questions here? Anything further?

Guest: Yes, One Who Serves and Shoshanna. Hello Dear Ones. It has come to my attention recently certain videos of someone who is sharing stuff from all kinds of Light-workers all around. And they have these very intricate exercises or meditations that they want us to do. It seems like it is very important, very imminent. So I started thinking, maybe I need to do more. So yesterday I tried one of them, and it was quite extreme. It was like you needed to visualize light around the Earth in about 20 or 25 different colors, but each one for 72 seconds each. And it was exhausting.

I’m just wondering when we see these kinds of things, and there are tons of them, they are everywhere, how much of this is important for us to do? I understand that they are important, but how much do we need to do in that kind of work?

OWS: That is a wonderful question, here. We would say, there is no ‘must,’ here. There is no ‘shoulds.’ It is what you feel like you are guided to do, you see?

Everything is not for everyone. So whatever someone or some being that channels through, or whatever, might give as a meditation, as a visualization, it might be for some, but not for everyone. ‘Each to his or her own,’ is the saying that you have, you see? So just allow. Go with the flow, here. If it feels right to you, then do it. If it does not feel right to you, then do not do it. Do not feel guilty or feel like you need to be doing something that you are not doing. Because all of you are on the path. All of you are again, as we say many, many times, exactly where you need to be. You have to come to understand that more and more. So whatever is, is. Go with the flow, here, okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We can share on this. May we share, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please, Dear.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, when an activity such as meditation causes a feeling of exhaustion, it is not the meditation for you, you see. You have degraded your energy. Instead of creating more energy, you have created a minus factor in your energy. So we will tell you to be very aware, as One Who Serves has given here. When any message is ‘you must,’ ‘you should,’ ‘this is the way to create a higher consciousness around the planet,’ etc ., etc., you must adhere to your own Higher Self’s advice, you see. If a meditation makes you feel good, and makes your energy expound, that is the right meditation. Anything else is a detraction from consciousness, you see. Namaste.

OWS: We would give, there are two words to associate with your meditations: those two words, very simple: ‘effortless effort.’ Contemplate that. Feel what that means to you. ‘Effortless effort’ in regard to meditation.

Guest: Thanks so much.

OWS: Would there be any other questions, here? Any other questions before we take the e-mail questions? Then we are ready, Sister, here.

Guest: Yes, thank you, One Who Serves. The first question is what kind of challenges will we face when we get into the fifth dimension?

OWS: Looking at the fifth dimension in terms of challenges is not the way to go about this. Because that is a third-dimensional consciousness type of thinking, here. Challenges. You are not going to have ‘challenges’ as you understand them as you move into the higher vibrations.

The way to look at this is, you go out into nature and you are around beauty all around you. And you feel the energy. And you feel the water’s energy, and all of this. Are there challenges there? No. No challenges there.

It is only when you slip back into the third-dimension in terms of, “oh, now I need to make a shelter, and I need to get in from the cold,” or “it’s raining and I need to get under something to keep from getting wet,” or whatever it is. That’s where the challenges come from, you see? But you are not going to have those types of challenges.

Now, with that understanding, also understand that as you move into those higher vibrations, you are going to have a period of becoming acquainted with the new energies, with the new higher vibrations. It is going to be a period of coming to understand what you are experiencing. What you are feeling, you see? Because you are going to be relating to consciousness like you have never done here in these lifetimes here on the Earth before, or most of you have not, anyway. There have been lifetimes for some of you where you have experienced that temporarily, here.

But you are going to come to that point where it is going to become permanent. But not all at once. You are moving through a transition now. And when you move into the higher vibrational frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, there will be a transition period there as well. So you are not going to go from (what is your saying) ‘zero to 60’ in two seconds. It may take five or six seconds, you see? Do you understand this?

Guest: Yes, I’m sure that that’s clear for the one who asked.

OWS: Very good. Shoshanna, do you have anything to add, here?

Shoshanna: We can share, and we will say that what has been given is very clear. What we will say is that challenges are tied to survival. And survival is a three-dimensional program. There is no survival program in the fifth dimension. Namaste.

OWS: Yes. Think in terms of your chakra centers. And your first chakra is that survival center, that fight or flight type of thing. And that chakra, as well as your second, and even your third chakra, are going to be greatly diminished in terms of what you are going to be focused on. You are going to be focused on the fourth chakra and above, you see. So the survival, all of that, will be a thing of the past, more and more as you continue to become acclimated. (That is the word we were looking for before.) When you become acclimated to the higher energies. Just as you are becoming acclimated to the energies now as we continue to bring them to you during these guided meditations.

You thought maybe you were just doing the same guided meditation over and over with a little difference here and there. But it is all meant for a purpose, here, to continue to bring the downloads to you, the higher energies to acquaint you and acclimate you to these energies once again. That is the purpose here for this. Would there be other questions here before we release channel?

Guest: Yes. There are two more questions from the e-mail. The second one, here, is at our Ascension, will our superpowers be automatic, or are we going to have to work to attain them?

OWS: We think we have already answered this question in terms of there will be a transition period. Just as you are transitioning now. Just as you are becoming reacquainted with some of those superpowers, or as we like to call it, ‘gifts of spirit,’ you are becoming reacquainted to them now. It is a slow process, maybe, but the more that you believe it, the more you will see it. And certainly as you move into the higher vibrational frequencies, you will see it a lot more, because you will believe it a lot more. Okay? Shoshanna, anything you want to add?

Shoshanna: We will share on this. Those that have transcended the third-dimensional consciousness that live in a higher vibrational state do not think of themselves as having superpowers. This is a third-dimensional idea. They do not think of themselves as superman, or superheroes, or superpowers. This is all from your third-dimensional ideas, here. So we will tell you that those that have ascended that live in the higher vibrations accept their consciousness and accept their ways of being. So if they wish to bilocate, they do. If they wish to levitate, they do. If they wish to read minds, they do. They do not think of it as a power. It is a way of being in those dimensions. Namaste.

OWS: And we would also add here in relation to this: to those of you that may come across those that say they are Ascended Masters and they are in physical body, and they are in the room with you, or whatever, and are touting their abilities, we would say be wary of this. Because those of us that are at the point where we have mastered the illusion, mastered the physical body, we do not come right out and say that. And certainly we do not appear to you physically. There are occasions when this happens, but we do not lead groups, and we do not do that type of thing to tout our abilities, you see? Anyone that does that, be wary of them. Okay? Any other further question, here, before we release channel?

Guest: There is one quick question. As of January of next year, 2021, will we all be microchipped?

OWS: We will say here the plan for those of the dark forces is to do so. That is what they are working toward. That is what this virus thing is all about here, to lead to the point where you are more and more controlled. And this is a process of control. It is a process of tracking people and keeping them under their thumb, you might say, and all of this is their plan. That is not the divine plan, you see?

And the divine plan is in the works and, as we have said many, many times, cannot be stopped. The path of the Light cannot be stopped. The path of the darkness is already lost. Anything to add, Shoshanna, to this?

Shoshanna: We do not add.

OWS: Very good. Then we are finished for the time. Do you have any parting message, here?

Shoshanna: We do not.

OWS: Very good. Then we will release channel with this understanding:
Continue each one of you to find that higher vibration within you. Look for it. Experience it. Make it your life that you are in more and more those higher vibrations. If it takes going out into nature, do so. That is wonderful. But you can do it right within your (inaudible). It is possible, here. And that is what you need to continue to work on as you continue to move through this transition which is taking you through the Ascension process and to your final Ascension, here.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Guest: Thank you so much for the beautiful, beautiful questions and answers. Thank you.

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Sunday Call (KaRa, OWS, Shoshanna)
James & JoAnna McConnell

KaRa (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am KaRa. It has been some time since I have been with you.

But I come now in these moments, in these opportune moments, in this great awakening that you are in now. And it is a grand awakening that you find yourselves within!

And I ask you: did you think it was going to be easy? Did you think it was going to be what you call a cake walk? No. It was never going to be that. There is a saying that the One Who Serves has. And I will use it now: “everything excellent is as difficult as it is excellence.” But the rewards of that excellence greatly outweighs the difficulties in achieving it.” Just something to think about. Something to contemplate.

When you think life is so difficult, when you think things are going so bad, when you think your life is not going as you want it to, know that in those moments you are awakened because you realize that there is so much more than what all of those that still find themselves sleeping, now they view life, and how they find themselves within the illusion of separation and not even realizing that they are in it.

Can you imagine what that would be like again for you? For you have been there so many lifetimes previous here in this Earth evolution. But you have broken away from that now. Each and every one of you on this call, each and every one of you that read these words and resonates to them, or listens to this after—all of you have awakened from the illusion of separation.

Yes, you find yourselves down there again at times. But it is in those times that you realize just how awakened you really are. Because you look around yourself and you see what appears to be reality, and is reality to so many out there. But you realize in those moments that it is not reality. It is not the reality that you want to create. Even though you have created it, or a part in creating it, it is not the reality that you want.

So therefore, if it is not the reality that you want, then why continue to create it? Why continue to ‘bash your heads up against the wall,’ as your saying goes. Why not create exactly the life that you want. Know that you have the power within you, the creative power. Each and every one of you were endowed with this power, this creative power. You have always had it—you just forgot that you had it.

But more and more of you are now realizing and remembering who you are, and that you have this creative power. And that with this creative power, you have the ability to end the separation here on the planet. Yes, you, each one of you, individually and as a whole have the power to end the separation, end the polarity, raise out of the duality that you have created here, and rise above it all.

Just as we did long, long ago here in our Pleiadian system. We went through an ascension process as well. Not the same as you are now. But we also had that awakening, that grand awakening, just as you are going through now.

It is this grand awakening that awaits each and every one of you. Or rather, the celebration that comes after the grand awakening. The celebration is waiting for you. We are waiting for you.

We are doing everything that we are able and allowed to do within the realm of Universal Law to assist and guide you through this. But as you know, we cannot do it for you. The Ascended Masters of the planet cannot do it for you. The cosmic beings that surround you cannot do it for you. Only you can do it.

And as you continue to awaken into the New Dawn that yes, is approaching. It is not far off at all, now. There are phases–stages, you might say, that you yet must go through. And the awakening process that you are awakening through now may not always appear to be easy. It may appear to be very difficult at times. But that in itself, my dear friends, is an awakening within you.

You also have a saying: ‘Break down, break through.’ So in order to break through to the other side, you first have to break down what are the old ways. And the old ways must be diminished. The old ways must be purged out. The old programming that holds you to the separation must be purged out. So that in its wake is left only the light, the light of the New Dawn.

It is as if when you wake in the morning and you go outside and you see the beginning light of the sun coming up, and how you feel within that light, within that love that is expressed by the early morning dawn. You’ve all felt it at times. And what you feel at those times is a small expression of what you shall feel after the New Dawn. The rising of the New Dawn that is approaching now.

I leave you now in peace and love, and camaraderie between all of you, knowing that the light is spreading everywhere and, the darkness of duality, a polarization of separateness, is diminishing rapidly throughout the planet.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. I am Kara.

ONE WHO SERVES (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you! One Who Serves here, Shoshanna here.

We are ready to continue this process that we started long ago here as would seem through this one, James, and now with JoAnna, bringing her wonderful perspective of Shoshanna through, here, and we continue this process.

But know that everything is exactly as it needs to be, even though at those times that you feel, and you are feeling these times because of the energies that have been coming through. We have not been speaking as much about these energies because it was left for you to feel them. Not to expect them, as we would say, ahead of time that they are coming, but that you would feel them in the moment.

And that is what is happening: you are feeling these expressions. You are feeling these energy expressions more and more. And they are helping you. Believe it or not, they are helping you to continue to awaken even further. They are bringing those downloads of DNA that have been spoken of many times. You are receiving these downloads, and at times it is difficult because your central nervous system is not quite ready all the time for these energies, these stronger vibrational energies that come from the cosmic source and that come from the Photon Belt that you are passing through at this time.

And everything, though, is exactly where it needs to be right here in this moment right now. And all of you need to feel the joy that is being expressed by all of us, all of us that are here in the ships, and even here on the planet as the Ascended Ones, you might say. And all of you are moving to become the Ascended Ones, to ascend past the illusion, to master the illusion. That is what this is all about. That is what an Ascended Master is. You mastered the illusion. You mastered the programing so that you no longer have to feel ensconced within it any longer, that you have moved beyond it. This is where you are headed, people, each and every one of you.

We are ready now for your questions, here. Do you have questions, here, for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?

Guest: Yes. Greetings to you, the One Who Serves. Oh, how we love you and appreciate your dedication to us! And I would just like to say, since I know about the Photon Belt, and was the one who was teaching it at the last Advance, could you just maybe stress a little bit more, you’re saying we’re going through it, maybe what we are experiencing? I do feel we are experiencing more light, yes. But could you maybe expound a little bit more, Sir?

OWS: We have spoken about this before, but we will expand a bit more, here. As you continue to move through this area of the galaxy, it is taking you into higher vibrations. The Photon Belt itself is higher vibration and emanates a source of energy which you will call the ‘gamma light.’

The gamma light is being brought here to the planet more and more, and it raises your brain state, or your brain wave state into the gamma waves. An in those gamma waves, you find yourself in the higher vibrations and utilizing your mind much, much more than you had previously been able to in the sense of being able to greatly visualize and create with that visualization much more than you could before when you were kept within the separation.

You are moving out of that separation, as has been said many times, and again, KaRa spoke about that greatly here during this call. You are, as we say, moving through this area of the galaxy that is raising vibration more and more. That is what it is all about. The entire solar system is moving through this higher vibrational frequency within this Photon Belt. Shoshanna, do you have something to add, here?

Shoshanna: (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)
We do not.

OWS: Not at this point? Very good.

Guest: Wow, wow. Thank you so much. That is great. Thank you.

OWS: Would there be other questions, here?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Hi, One Who Serves and Shoshanna. I don’t know if you can address this. It seems to us Lightworkers that on some level not a lot is happening on the world stage. But I think many things are happening behind the scenes. Especially the main stream media won’t share anything, so we are looking at other sources and other spiritual masters, and other videos and things to find our information on what’s going on. I heard three or four weeks go that there was a big thing happening in California, in Los Angeles, about actually big, huge cars coming up and some of the celebrities and stars being taken into custody. Is there any truth to those stories that we have heard?

OWS: What we can tell you is, and James is fond of using this phrase here from your ‘X-Files,’ ‘the truth is out there.’ It is there for you to find for those who seek it. Seek and ye shall find. This is an axiom. This is a universal law that has been given. Seek and ye shall find. If you do the research, you will find what you are looking for. It is there.

It is not there, though, for those who do not look for it, for those that become entrenched in only following what the global mass media is giving out as the truth, here. If you are following that, then you are not receiving what is happening behind the scenes.

And yes, in direct answer to your question, this is happening. And it is happening, though, without fanfare. It is happening without being brought out in front of the general public, because the general public is not ready to see some of what they would call ‘heroes,’ their movie stars, their various personalities that seem to be above the rest of the population. They are really not. They are the same as anyone else. But they are not ready to receive information that those that they have idealized are not quite the ideals that they thought they were, you see? So this is coming, though. It is coming more to the forefront.

Again, if you want to find the truth, it is there. You can find it more and more. And compare that to a few years ago, maybe five to ten years ago, and what you would find if you googled certain things, certain information. You would not find much information in this. You would certainly not find out anything about those that have been kept in the underground bases, and these types of things. But now you can.

And now you can also find information about what is occurring behind the scenes in these general arrests that are beginning to happen. They are not arrests, though, as many of you might be wanting to see, where you see them brought out in front of the public and handcuffed, and all of this. This will not necessarily happen. Some are being put on house arrest. They are being kept there, so that when the time comes, they can be brought forward and either have their trial if they wish, or to simply disappear into the background, here, in various ways. We will not go into those ways, though, at this point. Shoshanna, anything you can add here?

Shoshanna: We can share. May we share our perspective, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, Sister.

Shoshanna: Our Dear One, may we ask a question?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: Do you wish to feel safe?

Guest: Yes. And I do feel safe.

Shoshanna: Is the arrest of an individual or an exposure of those that have been called ‘dark’ a way to feel safe?

Guest: I suppose yes, for the people, the children, that they are abusing. Correct, yes.

Shoshanna: We ask these questions as a deeper perspective on what is occurring in this dimension. The interest in this that you have is for a reason that you have personally, and we must ask if you wish to share that personally.

Guest: Yes. I am a stylist who has worked with some of these celebrities throughout my career in Hollywood as a hair stylist. That’s why I think I have a close connection. I never saw it happening when I was working with them. But I do have a close feel for it, because I was in their midst in Hollywood.

Shoshanna: And, Dear Sister, do you feel in some way that you have been duped?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: And you have, as most have. In this dimension there is a great illusion, and the icons of that illusion, your stars, your Hollywood fame, your stars, is part of that duping process, you see. It is everyone. So what we would offer here is that you dismiss that now. That it is no longer important to your personal awakening to understand that or to feel that, as it is finished, you see. You are beyond it, you see. Does this make sense to you?

Guest: It definitely does. I was also wondering if the general population, who aren’t awake like we are, will they eventually know about this? Because my friends look at me like I have five heads.

Shoshanna: May we share another perspective here?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: We will say, and we apologize for this being extremely direct, we will say that those that are seeking to have agreements with others will feel what you feel. You see, it does not matter. Your growth, your light, your evolvement does not require that others agree with you. That is a mistake, you see. That is a miscreation. It is important that you hold steady and steadfast to your own truth regardless of what others believe or think, as when we (and this is common, here), when we wish to have others agree with us, we are ensconced in attachments, you see. It does not matter if they see two heads or ten heads on you. That is their issue, not yours. Namaste.

Guest: Very good.

OWS: And we would add here that the Master Yeshua, when he went about his mission, did he care about what others thought about what his mission was? No. He went and did all of those things which he knew he had to do in those moments, and was not concerned about ego or anything of this nature. Or if he had been concerned about ego, he would not have been able to perform those so-called miracles that he did.

Guest: Yes. Absolutely. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions, here? Any further question?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes?

Guest: Hi. So I went outside this morning at 5:30 and was looking up at the stars. I do this frequently. I’m a stargazer. I saw Venus and Mars were lined up. So I was just standing there admiring them. And all of a sudden I started noticing little points of light kind of swirling around them in random patterns. I told myself, “ok, I’m going to believe what I’m seeing.” I was just wondering, what was that? Is it my vision getting upgraded? (laughs)

OWS: This is what we have been speaking of for some time, that all of you–not only you who is asking this question, but all of you at one point or another are having these or going to have even more so, these glimpses that have been spoken of, of seeing into other dimensions, other realities, that would not be there if you were still kept within the duality of the third-dimension, or the illusion of the third-dimension, where at times your vibration is high.

And your vibration is higher at that point because you are looking up at the stars. You are seeing the immenseness of the universe that is out there beyond just this small planet here that you find yourselves on at this time. And you see this immenseness, and it raises your vibration in that moment.

And also, we will tell you, you are looking up at the stars because you know you come from the stars, you see? Your beginnings came from long, long ago from those very stars that you are looking up at, you see? So it is drawing you there. And you are beginning to see what others here that are kept within the illusion will not be able to see as of yet. Okay? Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We can share. May we share our perspective on this, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, we are going to reveal something that could be of interest to those that are listening. Mars and Venus, when they are aligned, they are lovers. They are offering an energetic charge and a light charge to balance the polarities of male and female, as Venus represents the female energy, and Mars represents the male energy, and they are aligning, you see. You have glimpsed that. When you see an alignment of planets, that is because they are attracted to each other, and they are attempting to balance each other, you see.

And, we will say that you already have a sense of this and, when you gaze upon the sky and see light energy, and see light brigades, and see discharges from planets and stars, it is because that is what you are suppose to see.

If you seek to find out if others are seeing it, or if this is normal, you will not find that answer, as each individual sees what they are supposed to see in that moment to enrich the value and experience of their own soul, you see. Namaste.

Guest: Awesome. Thank you. It did make me giggle (laughs).

OWS: Very good. Would there be any other questions, here?

Guest: One Who Serves?

OWS: Yes?

Guest: A few nights ago there was a clear night. It was pretty late in the night. There were little spots of clouds here and there, nothing of rain. And all of a sudden I see the whole sky light up in that area, but not a lightening bolt. It caught my attention, so I started watching it. So I thought, “woah, the sky is clear, there are only floaty little clouds here and there, why is there lightening?” And it was cool out, so it wasn’t heat lightning. So I started to watch it. It was rolling over me. It came over me, so I stood up and continued watching it. It just continued flashing every few, let’s say, 30 seconds or more. It was pretty spotted, you know? I continued watching it going South. And my Inner Being, or my Beautiful Angel Team, something came through as that that’s a ship letting itself be seen, that “We are here. We are here now. We have arrived.” Whomever it was. That’s what I felt, that oh yeah, that could be a ship just the way this lightening is just moving along and there is no storm or nothing. So anything on your end that you see?

OWS: We think you have described it exactly as it is appearing to you.

And we would say that if someone were to look up there at the same time that you are, and was not in the same vibration that you would be in, they would not see this, you see?

This is, again, what we speak of. When you are in those higher vibrations, you are seeing beyond the normal seeing ability with your physical eyes. You are using your third eye, which has become wide open in these instances. It closes down somewhat at other times, but it becomes wide open in these instances, we are saying, here.

So embrace this. This is wonderful for you, because it continues to show you that you are certainly on the path of not only awakening, but Ascension itself, here. Shoshanna?

Guest: Very good. Thank you, Sir.

Shoshanna: We can share. Do you wish for our perspective?

Guest: Yes, Shoshanna.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, Dear Commander: your fleet is beckoning you. Namaste.

OWS: Yes. Very good. And we would say your fleet awaits you, as well.

Guest: And I await them. I call them every day. Thank you.

Shoshanna: They are responding.

OWS: Yes. Very good. Are there any further questions?

Guest: I have a question.

OWS: Yes. We hear two, here.

Guest: Thank you, Beloved Brother. I also have a question about the Earth. I had read that there was a change in the Earth positioning, that it had rotated four percent by one account, and seven percent rotation on the access by another account, and that is responsible for earthquakes and weather changes, and crop changes, and those kinds of things. I would ask for a little information on that, if I could. Thank you.

OWS: We would say to you for your own benefit, here: do not be concerned about scientific aspects of what is occurring here in this great awakening. Do not think in terms of that, because that is your three-dimensional aspect of things. But you are moving beyond that third-dimensional aspect, beyond the illusion. And science, as you know it, is still within that illusion. They are coming out of it somewhat, but they are still somewhat ensconced within it. And if you allow yourself to move beyond that, then you will not need to be concerned about questions such as this.

The answers are there if you look for it. You can find it. And if it resonates to you, whatever it is that comes, then it is likely what is correct for you. But for you. Not so much for everyone else. Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We can share. May we share our perspective, Dear Sister?

Guest: Yes, please.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, the planet has a path that it follows. And it’s soul, which is called Gaia, is directing it. All that occurs on your planet is the path of that planet regardless of what science says, regardless of what you observe, as Gaia, the soul of Earth, wishes to complete its mission and, if it needs to move a degree, or two degrees, or ten degrees, or no degrees, it does that because it is its path to fulfill. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Would there be other questions?

Guest: Yes, I have a question. This is, I guess, more of a practical question. I was told by one of my mentors to watch the horrific racism videos and try to attain the state of spiritual neutrality, not necessarily the state of human neutrality, because that’s more like apathy or ambivalence. But the state of spiritual neutrality is seeing it from Creator’s perspective. So I sent this video out and I’ve been working with it. Do you have any thoughts on that?

OWS: What we can tell you is if you look at it from Creator’s point of view, as you are attempting to do here, think what neutrality really is. Neutrality is in the zero point: being completely neutral. Not gong one way or the other. So do you think Prime Creator feels sadness? No. Never, does Prime Creator, or the Cosmic Source, here, feel sadness, or feel anger, or anything of these natures, for that is not neutrality. Neutrality is just being in the moment. That is all. Being in the moment, you see? Does this answer your question?

Guest: I think it does. It’s like we can’t deny reality because that’s like teaching a cat to bark (laughs), you know, or something like that. So it’s real, it’s going on, but I was just wondering if that would be a good skill to attain, or a good venture to go on, protocol to use.

OWS: You are talking here, as we understand it, about testing yourself within some difficult situation and attempted to be neutral during that situation, is that correct?

Guest: That’s correct, yes.

OWS: Then, in that respect, that is all it is, is a test. You are testing yourself to see if you can be as Creator would be, here. And again, Creator is just simply neutral in any situation, because Creator has no purpose in anything outside of itself, you see? But everything outside of itself is part of Creator. So neutral is just being exactly that in every given moment.

For your three-dimensional consciousness to fully understand the idea of neutrality, it is very difficult. But you are coming to it, as we find it, here.

More and more of you are beginning to understand that. And if you can be in a neutral state of mind when everything is going on around, you, again: that is the calm within the storm, being within the eye of the storm. Letting everything rage around you, but you being completely in joy, in the moment that you are in. Being in love. Being in light in that moment, you see? Shoshanna?

Guest: I do.

Shoshanna: We can share. May we share our perspective on this, Dear Brother?

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, may we ask, when you provided this video to others, what was your expectation?

Guest: Actually, when I first saw it, it got me pissed off. And I wanted to raise the consciousness that this was going on. And then synchronistically, within a few hours, my mentor said we need to watch all the horrific videos we can watch, because that would move us from human neutrality to spiritual neutrality. And that is another question I have: I know that spiritual doesn’t mean metaphysics “woo woo” to me, it is scientific. So if there a difference between human neutrality, which is ambivalent (I think, that’s what I got the download for), and spiritual neutrality?

Shoshanna: Dear Brother, may we share once more?

Guest: Sure. Share.

Shoshanna: The perspective of neutrality is vast. It occurs in all life forms, and it occurs in the spiritual world. And neutrality at a spiritual level has a higher vibration than neutrality at a human level, you see, because it is on the evolutionary scale. Spiritual outlooks or spiritual perspective has a much higher vibration than a third-dimensional being’s perspective, you see, and we know you know that.

Guest: Yes.

Shoshanna: We will say that to achieve spiritual neutrality, one must view a violent video such as this, as JoAnna is showing us this video as we speak. To observe this with neutrality, one must not attempt to judge it: that it is right, that it is wrong, that it is anything whatsoever, as the beings that participated in this experience had a reason to experience what they were experiencing for their own soul growth, you see. So we cannot make a determination at any time that what is happening is right or wrong, as we do not have the back story, you see. We do not know what the being is doing there, or what their process is, and we have no right to know, as it is their story, as it is their path, you see. And we know you know that. Namaste.

Guest: I do. Thank you. Thank you.

OWS: Very good. Are there any further questions now, before we release channel?

Guest: Yes, I have a question.

OWS: Yes.

Guest: A couple of weeks ago I awoke from a dream in the night and all I remembered was I was being initiated by a large spiritual kind of group, don’t know if they were from this plane or a higher plane, and I just remembered they were working with light kind of in the middle of my forehead. And that’s all I remembered. I wondered if you have any insights on what that was about.

OWS: We can …

Shoshanna: We can share.

OWS: Yes, please do.

Shoshanna: Oh, we apologize.

OWS: No, please do.

Shoshanna: Dear Sister, may we share?

Guest: Of course.

Shoshanna: Do you know what they were doing?

Guest: Well, maybe opening my third eye? I’m not sure. I hope so. That would be great.

Shoshanna: Well, we would say, Dear Sister, Dear Goddess, that you have the answer. That you do not need our perspective, as you already have the answer.

Guest: Okay.

Shoshanna: If a light is directed into your forehead, that is for the expansion of your understanding of all that is occurring, a broader perspective occurs when your third eye is awakened, you see. So we think that you know that. Namaste.

Guest: Yes. I just wondered if you knew anything about what group was that.

Shoshanna: May we share once again?

Guest: Please. Yes.

Shoshanna: That is your soul group. That is the bigger perspective of your soul, and those that are guiding you. It does not matter what planet they are from. It does not matter what species they are from. It does not matter who they are, as they are coming to you as guides. That is all you need to know. Namaste.

Guest: Beautiful. Thank you.

OWS: Very good. Are there any further questions here? We know there is one of your e-mail question which we take here, and then we need to release channel.

Guest: Thank you. Yes. The e-mail question is a gentleman or lady had heard that the Alliance was going to take over the TV and the computer and all messaging systems to bring in messages from the Galactics about disclosure, and can you give us any comments on this? Thank you.

OWS: What we can tell you is that is certainly part of the plan. And it is an ongoing plan. In other words, there are changes that happen from time to time when there is going to be an announcement, and that announcement doesn’t come yet because it is determined that it is not quite the right vibration. Not so much the time, but the right vibration. The right frequency at that point hasn’t been reached by the collective consciousness of man. So it is felt that they are not quite ready for certain announcements to come through. So this is why the mass media has not been fully taken over at this point.

But it is moving in that direction where there are those that are becoming disillusioned, we might say, by the ones who they work for, and they are realizing that it is not the mission that they signed up for. In other words, they signed up to be those journalists that would share the truth, and they are realizing that they are not allowed, or not able to share the truth. And this goes against their inner nature, their full knowing of who they are. And some will go along with that and do as they are told, but others are starting to pull away from that. And you are going to find that that is going to happen more and more.

As to fully taking over the system: again, that is part of the plan, and will likely occur at some point. Again, when the frequencies have raised enough across the planet to be able to bring this about. We speak of many things in terms of disclosure, here, in this respect, including those of disclosure of your galactic brothers and sisters. Shoshanna?

Shoshanna: We have a perspective to share, here. Our perspective that we have to share is that those beings that you call the Galactics, that have a higher perspective than most humans do, do not wish to share with you until the majority of those beings that inhabit this planet understand that they are creating their own path, that they are creating their own lives. That a message given is not to attach to the message, not to find hope in the message, not to find faith in the message because that is a false sense of faith, and that is a false sense of hope. If the being that each of you are does not find within its internal mechanisms its own faith and its own hope, you message will give you that. Namaste.

OWS: Very good. Then we are through for the time, here. We are going to release channel. Before we do, Shoshanna do you have parting message, here?

Shoshanna: Think we gave it.

OWS: Very good. Wonderful.

And we do not have anything to share here, other than to know that you are a part of the great plan. And this plan is working out. And even though there are those times when you feel like it is not, you feel like you are ‘being led up the primrose path,’ as the saying goes.

Even though you feel like you are being led on that path, there is a destination, here. There is a result that will come about, as even all of these things that have been given over a period of time that this is going to happen, or this is going to happen, or these dominos are going to begin to fall, and you hear this over and over, or that four-letter-word, ‘soon,’ all of these things that have been said are going to take place, and are in the process of doing so. Even though much of it is yet behind the scenes, it is coming forward. You are seeing more and more, if you are looking for it. If you are looking for it, you will find it.

If you are not looking for it, then you’re still kept within the illusion of separation, here, and that is exactly where the cabal, the dark forces, want the people to be.

But you, those of you, the Lightworkers, your mission is to enlighten yourselves first, of course, and then enlighten the world. And that is what you are here to do.

Shoshanna: We have something e we wish to share.

OWS: Yes. Please do.

Shoshanna: We apologize. We wish to share that life here is so very simple, and we said on the last call to love each other. Now we will tell you the other way to find perfection is to believe in yourself. It does not matter what you believe, that you believe in others, it matters that you believe in yourself. That your creator imbued you with divinity and you must seek to find that, as that will create perfection in every moment of your life. Namaste.

OWS: Wonderful. And we release channel, now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Shoshanna: Namaste.

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Ancient Awakenings Headline News 2-10-19 to 3-3-19

Here are the highlights of the Ancient Awakenings channeling from 2-10-19 to 3-3-19.

These were fabulous channelings where we were visited twice by Kara, who is a Pleiadian emmisary and a powerful Goddess of Light. Plus we were visited by Lord Melchizedek, who is a super high frequency being, as well as Lord Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light.

We also heard from our dear brother & Ascended Master One Who Serves, who answered our specific questions after the channelings.

In these channelings we learned that….
. Our Consciousness here on Earth is raising moment by moment.
. The Prime Directive has now given way to “Prime Interference.”
. We are each making a difference with every thought we have.
. We are the new Paradigm of this New world.
. There is a pecking order to the arrests that are starting to happen.

And much more…

Here is the webpage where you can access the full channelings.
Feel free to also visit the Ancient Awakenings homepage (listed in the Header.)

Here is the link to the song I mentioned “We’re Coming Out.”

And here is the Ancient Awakenings Meetup I mentioned in the video.

To “Feel Good and Create Your Happiness” you may also apply to join my closed Facebook Group

Presented by Transformational Speaker
Lorelei Fenton, Soarwithlorelei.com

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Ancient Awakenings Headline News 12-31-18 “A Year of Great Change”



Here is the Ancient Awakenings channeling for 12-31-19

This was our very Special New Year’s Channeling where, just once per year, we are given predictions for the upcoming year by the group of Ascended Masters known collectively as “One Who Serves”.

Predictions are almost never given in our channelings because predictions are always probabilities and possibilities and they are always changeable based on our ever-changing consciousness on Planet Earth.
So New Year’s Eve is indeed very special for our Ancient Awakenings Group. And we are always cautioned to take all predictions everywhere with the proverbial “Grain of Salt.”

In this special channeling it was predicted that…
. 2019 will be a VERY special year.
. We WILL have those arrests we have been waiting for.
. We WILL have changes in the political structure.
. We WILL have more and more sightings.

And much more…

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.
Ancient Awakenings Home Page

Presented by Transformational Speaker
Lorelei Fenton
Soar With Lorelei.com (Transformational Personal Growth)

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Ancient Awakenings Headline News 11-4-18, “Know Your Power”

Here is the Ancient Awakenings channeling for 11-4-18.

This was a quite poignant channeling where we were visited by Commander Aramda, who is the Commander of the Galactic Ship the Amalia. After that we heard from our brother & Ascended Master One Who Serves, who answered our specific questions.

In this channeling we found out…

Our expedition was successful “Beyond Words.”
What occurred is beyond explanation and its enormity is beyond our 3D comprehension.
Sit back and “Savor the Flavor”
Acknowledge your power!
“Where we go one, we go all.”
Global warming is a fallacy.

And much more…

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.
Ancient Awakenings Home Page


Presented by Transformational Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach,
Lorelei Fenton
(Soar With Lorelei.com / lorelei@soarwithlorelei.com)

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Ancient Awakenings Headline News 10-28-18 “Visualize, Imagine, Create”

Here is the Ancient Awakenings channeling for 10-28-18.

This was a quite poignant channeling where we were visited by St. Germaine, The keeper of the Transmutational Violet Flame. After that we heard from our dear brother & Ascended Master One Who Serves, who answered our specific questions.

In this channeling we found out…

Create what you want.
When we participate in the 3D Illusion of fear, we create MORE
of it.
Calming the Collective Consciousness will calm even the
earthquakes & volcanoes.
The recent mail-bombs were a false flag.
Figures in dreams are always aspects of ourselves, or parts of             our personality.

And much more…

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.
Ancient Awakenings Home Page


Here is link to the documentary about the “Secret Space Program” which I mentioned in the video: ABOVE MAJESTIC

Presented by Transformational Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach, Lorelei Fenton
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Ancient Awakenings Headline News 9-30-18 "In 5D There Will Be No More ‘Storms’ "

Here is the Ancient Awakenings channeling for 9-30-18.

This was a powerful channeling where we were visited by Master Aramda, Commander of the Galactic Ship the Amalia. After that we heard from our dear brother & Ascended Master One Who Serves, who answered our specific questions.

In this channeling we found out…

. We know and have known Aramda in times gone by.
. We are preparing for the change from one paradigm to another.
. There must be utter destruction of the illusion.
. What’s up with the sealed indictments.
. The difference between the Spirit versus the Soul.
. How Creation began.

And much more…

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.
Ancient Awakenings Home Page


Presented by Transformational Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach, Lorelei Fenton
( Soar With Lorelei.com / lorelei@soarwithlorelei.com)


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Ancient Awakenings Headline News 9-23-18 “Let Go & Raise Higher”

Here is the Ancient Awakenings channeling for 9-23-18.

This was a powerful channeling where we were visited by Commander Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Fleet.

In this channeling we found out…

  • They are celebrating our great progress.
  • One day soon will be known as the day the stars fell from the sky.
  • The entire broadcast system can be overtaken at the switch of a
  • Why many of us are no longer in the 3D Illusion & Matrix.

And much more…

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.
Ancient Awakenings Home Page


Presented by Transformational Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach:
Lorelei Fenton
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Ancient Awakenings Headline News 9-16-18 “There’s No Holding Back the Flood”

Here is the Ancient Awakenings channeling for 9-16-18.

This was a powerful channeling where we were visited by Master St. Germaine, as well our beloved Ascended Master Brother, “One Who Serves”.

In this channeling we found out…

  • We can look for Confirmation of the Ascension from within, not
    from outside of ourselves.
  • The temp is rising & the pot is about to boil over.
  • We ain’t seen nothing yet!
  • Why they closed the FBI Sun Observatory Facility.
  • There are all kinds of physical appearances out there with the    Galactics.

And much more…

Here also is the home page for the Ancient Awakenings Group.
Ancient Awakenings Home Page


Presented by Transformational Personal & Spiritual Growth Coach:
Lorelei Fenton
( Soar With Lorelei.com / lorelei@soarwithlorelei.com )

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